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Chapter One On the Stage

Inside the auction hall the air was filled with calls of buys trying to get the goods that were being bartered off. The building had not been spelled to keep cool. The wizards in charge had told the slaves that they were not permitted the luxury of such things.

Ginny huddled up against the mass of people she had been thrown into earlier in the day. Sweat trickled down her face as she sat, straining to hear who was coming and going. Her last owner had gotten rid of her when she had attempted to kill him with his own wand. Considering the fight she had put up before being rudely dragged to the auction. The traders had blindfolded her.

Her fellow slaves were whispering around her. Unlike Ginny, most of them had not been deprived of seeing. They were able to see who was bidding on them. Most of the girls that surrounded her were chattering softly about a 'cute white haired boy' in the crowd. They were all hoping that if he was as kind as he was handsome then they might be able to earn their freedom.

A slave being freed was very rare. Only one slave had earned such been able to break through the bonds of slavery. All Ginny knew was the slave had been female, and it had happened just shy of twenty years ago. Slave rumors had never been of concern of Ginny's until she had been sold five years ago when she was twelve. Her family had fallen on hard times. And in the whorl wind of activities that had happened Ginny and three of her older brothers had been taken in the middle of the night. What had happened to her brothers, Ginny didn't know.

"Get up you," a gruff voice commanded Ginny. Struggling to get to her feet Ginny felt her chains being tugged at. The trader was having problems disconnecting her bonds from the girls around her. Given the moment of distraction Ginny took it to her advantage. Pulling the chains around her wrist closer to her causing the trader to trip over the chains that were by his feet.

The girls who surrounded Ginny stifled their laughter. If she hadn't been blindfolded Ginny knew the man would be sending the girls glares. The tough men hated to be made fools of especially by what they considered weak female slaves.

"Fucking whores," the trader mumbled under his breath. Quickly he got to his feet and ever so gently dragged Ginny towards the auction stage. As she tried to dig her feet into the wood floor of the auction building the rusted chains dug into Ginny's porcelain skin. The traders were never gentle when they were getting a slave to the auction stage.

Ginny knew she was on the stage when she heard a slight murmur of male voices. The female slaves were kept separate from the male slaves. Not like it made a difference when they were all chained up. There was a slight smell of smoke in the air. The auctioneer had the tendency of smoking a cigar as he rattled off bidding prices. If Ginny remembered correctly the man was a fat, timid man who had was good at talking quickly.

"All right," droned the auctioneer, "Here we have a fine specimen, lively young girl not a day older than seventeen. She's a natural redhead men, got a temper to go with her. Behind the blindfold are coffee colored eyes, just in case you're wondering. Bidding starts at 25 galleons."

As the men started to call out prices Ginny blocked out the voices as tears started to form in her eyes. In the past five years she had been up on the auctioneer's block six times. With her temper she had never managed to stay in one place for more than a year.

"One hundred galleons," a voice called out. The room went dead silent as the bidding stopped. "Final offer," the man snapped.

"Sold!" declared the auctioneer without another word spoken. Ginny guessed the man who had bought her was someone not to be dealt with. Probably some pureblood wizard who was used to having everything handed to him on a silver platter.

As she was dragged off the stage and to her new master Ginny shivered. She did not have a good feeling about who had just bought her. Then again, all the owners Ginny had previously were abusive. A hand made its way onto Ginny's back causing her to jump a little.

"I see you didn't manage to escape slavery," a soft voice hissed in her ear, "I always knew you Weasels would never amount to anything. Now look they have to sell off their only daughter to make ends meet."

"You," Ginny gasped.

"Yes me. How are you dear Ginvera?" the man asked in a sugarcoated voice. Started to struggle a bit more, a strong hand grasped the back of Ginny's neck. "If I were you I wouldn't make any sudden movements. Wouldn't want to hurt yourself quite yet."

"Let go of me Draco," Ginny snarled as she struggled against her new owner.

"I don't think so my dear. After all I do own your sorry ass my dear," chuckled Draco, "Well technically my dearest father does, but since you're so young and pure. I don't think my father would mind me taking advantage of you."

"Still the same egotistical, sex crazed bastard that I remember from childhood," snapped Ginny. Draco tensed at what Ginny said. He hadn't expected her to remember that far back. Most slaves lost parts of their memories due to beatings. A majority of the pureblood's found it necessary to beat their slaves using magic. Most of the time the Crucio curse that was used on slaves. Ginny had the pleasure of experience the curse first hand and on several occasions.

"What's wrong with that?" Draco demanded. Groaning Ginny winced at Draco's stupidity. In response to her wordless comment Draco's hand tightened around the back of Ginny's neck.

"Who really wants to be in the same room as a man who cares only about himself? And if he's not talking about himself, he's talking about sex. It's a total turn off," Ginny explained, "It's not even like you're good looking."

"Well Weasel at least I can say I look better than you ever will. Red hair is not something you can easily get rid of," sneered Draco. Knowing it was best not to say anything else to Draco, Ginny stayed silent for the rest of the way to the Malfoy Manor.