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Chapter 14

The owl from Hermione and Ron had just come an hour ago, saying they had arrived safely in their new house after a two-week stay in France. Ginny stood in front of the mirror trying to get one last strand of hair to curl. Tonight was her first formal date with Harry, or as the invitation had said, beginning the period of courting. She was tickled pink that Harry had sent her the invitation, she missed talking to him. Being home was wonderful, but there was a small ache in not being able to tease Harry constantly. The two of them had been going out for two months solid after Hermione and Ron had gotten married. Their trip to France was so that Hermione could get some potions ingredients, or so they claimed.

Glaring at her strand of hair that wouldn't curl, she tossed it out of her face, putting the final touch on her outfit. The necklace she had received from Harry accented her dark blue dress nicely. Slipping into a pair of shoes, Ginny dashed down the stairs.

"You heading out, Ginny?" Mrs. Weasley asked as she eyed her daughter. Stopping, Ginny sighed as she walked over to her mother. Her brothers were frequently let out of the house without a question, but being the youngest and only girl had the downside of being interrogated.

"Yes, mother," Ginny sighed. Her mother gave her a glare before looking her over to make sure the attire was appropriate for the evening.

"You're all dressed up."

"Mum, I'm going on a date with Harry. He told me to dress up. Do you expect me to wear a potato sack?" exasperated Ginny, eager to get going. Letting a gasp out, Mrs. Weasley gave her daughter a hard whack on the bum with her wooden spoon. "I'll be good I promise."

"You better be," Mrs. Weasley grumbled, "I don't want any grandchildren born out of wedlock from you. Or from the twins for that matter, heavens knows where those two are…" Giving her mother a quick kiss on the cheek, Ginny left the house before she could receive the hour long lecture on being a lady.

Once in the yard, Ginny whisked out her wand. Quickly, she made a mirror appear to check her make up one last time. Vanishing that, she apparated to the Potter Mansion where Harry was residing at.

When the smoke cleared, Ginny was at the front door of the Potter Mansion. The place was an architect's delight. Pure white ivory graced ivy graced the marble stone of the Corinthian columns. The whole house appeared to be made of some type of marble. The garden around of the grounds was purely amazing, plants of every kind were around the building.

Before she could knock on the door, Harry stepped out of his house dressed in black dress robes. He had a smirk on his face as he greeted Ginny with a kiss.

"Where are we going?" Ginny asked. She had been told to dress in her best. Her best dress robes were a soft gold color, hugging her in all the right places.

"Maybe I'll tell you, and maybe I'll just show you," Harry answered coyly. Quickly he grabbed Ginny around the waste and with a pop disapparated from his porch.

Highly surprised from being grabbed, it took a moment for Ginny's world to stop spinning as they arrived at their destination. Letting loose a squeal, Ginny was quick to recognize the restaurant, The Silver Spoon was a very hard place to get into. It was in Muggle London, frequented by wizards and Muggles alike.

"I take it that The Silver Spoon meets your fancy then?" Harry chuckled as he led Ginny inside the restaurant. Flashing something at the hostess he led Ginny through the restaurant. Vines snaked their ways across the walls on which various paintings were hung. Muggles didn't notice the slow moving ivy and if they did, they thought it was all a fancy trick with electronics. The wizarding world was permitted to go up the spiral staircase that was in the back of the restaurant, the spirals twisted slowly and an illusion charm was cast on it so no one noticed who went up it.

Admiring all the interior of the place, Ginny didn't notice Harry stopping and pulling her into a seat. Harry had led the two to a small booth in the back of The Silver Spoon that would leave the two with a large amount of privacy.

"This place is amazing!" gasped Ginny. Harry gave her a lopsided smile as he picked up her menu. "You recommend anything?" She asked as she skimmed over the large menu.

"How well do you trust me?" inquired Harry.

"Enough to let you order diner for me," Ginny responded as a light blush crept into her cheeks. She put down her menu as Harry waved over a waiter. The young female smiled as she saw Harry and took the menus without asking any questions.

Raising her eyebrow from the lack of communication that the girl gave, Ginny looked to Harry for an answer.

"Brianne normally serves me when I come here. Her cousin owns the place," Harry explained.

"You know the owner?" asked Ginny.

"Yep, Katie Bell. She went to Hogwarts for a while, hung out with your brothers. But yes, she owns this restaurant, I highly doubt she's here cooking tonight," laughed Harry. Ginny nodded as she vaguely remembered hearing about Katie from the twins.

Ginny nodded as Brianne came back with two house salads. She had two different kinds of dressing with her, too. Without a word she placed the salads and dressing down and went to tend to another table.

"Bree, do me a favor and bring out a bottle of wine," Harry requested. Bree smiled as she nodded and quickly walked away.

"She doesn't talk much, does she?" asked Ginny. She speared a tomato as she looked to Harry for an answer.

"Bree doesn't like to speak English all that much," Harry responded, "She was raised in the Ukraine and doesn't like her accent. Katie allows her wait on people who come here often and know that she doesn't like to talk. Sometimes she'll talk to new people, but that isn't often." Returning to her salad, Ginny nodded. "Any other questions?"

Ginny shook her head once again, spearing a cucumber with her fork. Her brothers had always said it looked like she was attacking her salad rather than eating it. Then again, they weren't ones to talk about table manners.

"How did you end up getting all of us slaves free?" Ginny asked abruptly. Her eyes fluttered up as Harry started to cough. Apparently he'd been chewing a rather large piece of lettuce and it was now stuck in his throat.

Once his windpipe was clear and he had a drink of water, Harry answered, "Well, in truth, Voldemort was holding control of the Ministry. All the spells and laws about Muggleborns being forced to serve purebloods and such were his doing. By killing him, all the spells lost their power. Fudge, being the coward he is, didn't want to renew the spells. Mind you, he could have and kept a lot of people in servitude. I think it had something to do with your brothers threatening him over something."

"Oh," Ginny answered returning her attention to her almost empty salad plate. "Thanks."

"All in a day's work," joked Harry. Rolling her eyes, Ginny gave him a swift kick under the table that left him cursing silently in pain.


Brianne had ended up bringing the two roasted lamb with potatoes and a bottle of complimentary wine. Ginny had to admit the food was to die for at The Silver Spoon and could clearly see why people had a hard time getting in. At the current moment, she was starting to get a buzz from the wine, but pushed that thought off as she wasn't worried about anything happening. After all, it was just wine.

"Enjoy your dinner?" Harry asked as he finished up his last bit of lamb. Wiping off a bit of the wine from her lips, Ginny nodded.

"That was heavenly. How did you find this place?" Ginny said. Harry shrugged as his cheeks flushed. He was fidgeting a bit more then he had been before and during the meal and Ginny was starting to get tired of it.

"Pure luck," muttered Harry. Raising his eyes to hers, he flushed even lighter. "Ginny… I was wondering if you'd…. give me the honor of… promising me your…hand in… marriage?"

"Wait, what!" Ginny snapped as she tried to process the broken sentence. She got the gist Harry wasn't proposing, but he was coming close to it. Taking a deep breath, Harry locked eyes with Ginny.

"I wanted to give you a promise ring. With the promise you'll wait until we're both ready to get married. I don't want to lose you and I am going to France for two years," Harry said softly.

Gasping, Ginny's eyes started to water. Without giving Harry an answer, she got up and embraced him.

"I take that as a very enthusastic yes," wheezed Harry. Ginny nodded as she squeezed him harder. "Gin, I can't breath so well. Can you let go?" Taking a step back from Harry, Ginny brushed the falling tears out of her eyes. She was gasping for breath, and trying to stay calm.

Giving her a light kiss, Harry put a few galleons down on the table, embracing Ginny. With a small pop, the two disappeared from The Silver Spoon.

The pair appeared in the front room of Harry's house. He'd moved away from his parents shortly after he defeated the Dark Lord. It was clear from the barren look of the interior of the house that it was just Harry who lived there. The furniture wasn't matching in the least, but at least it was better than nothing.

"I see Emma and Anna helped with the decorating," Ginny sniffed as she pointed to a few random splatters of colored paint. The twins were adamant about helping their brother decorate; they claimed he was like any male without knowledge of how to decorate. They were right in a way, but their way of decorating did nothing for the majestic house.

Harry laughed as he pulled her in for a kiss. Ginny responded eagerly, letting her emotions go with the wine and what was happening at the moment. Dropping her clutch by the door, Ginny ran her hands through Harry's unruly hair, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. He responded by not only doing that, but by running his hands from Ginny's chest down to her hips.

The two slowly made their way to Harry's bedroom before they knew it, taking gasps of breath in-between their heated kisses.


"Ginny?" Harry whispered softly. Ginny moaned softly as she pulled the blanket over her head. It was early morning and she was drained from the night's activities. The pair had ended up moving from the front room to Harry's room in the matter of half an hour. With all the waiting to get to the bed, the reward was well worth it.

"What?" whined Ginny. Laughing, Harry pulled Ginny up against him. Not complaining, Ginny closed her eyes and prepared to fall asleep. They'd both kept each other up until the early hours of the morning letting their need for each other to overrule the fact they were tired.

"I'm going to be leaving England for a bit," Harry said. Tensing, Ginny wasn't entirely sure she had heard him right. She had vaguely remembered him saying he was going to leave for France but now it just sounded more real. "I'm leaving the country to travel a bit. After the whole battle with Voldemort and the reaction I'm gettin, I think it's best that I get away from it all before it gets to my head."

"What about me?" Ginny asked softly. "And after what happened how can you say that!"

"You do realize I gave you a promise ring, don't you?" murmured Harry, "There is no way I'm going to leave you. When I come back, I fully intend to marry you. I wasn't expecting this to happen tonight. Not that I regret it at all. Whatever you do, don't give up on me." Harry placed a kiss on the top of Ginny's head as he relaxed. Satisfied with the answer, Ginny drifted off into a well-needed sleep.

Harry, on the other hand, was left awake, his arms firmly around Ginny. He didn't want to let sleep overcome him quite yet, he was enjoying listening to his lover's shallow breaths as she was sleeping. If Ginny's brothers ever found out what had happened, he'd be as good as dead, whether Ginny had a say in it or not. After a few moments of laying down, Harry succumbed to sleep.


Ginny stumbled into the kitchen of the Burrow. The night before was one Ginny was never going to forget, even though the wine had helped it along. She was sore from what she had done with Harry, and very grateful he allowed her to shower before she came home.

"Giverva Molly Weasley, do you have any idea what time it is?" Mrs. Weasley demanded as she looked up from her knitting. Ginny grinned sheepishly as her mother stood up. Like any good mother, Mrs. Weasley had stayed up waiting for her daughter to come home from her date. From the looks of it, Mrs. Weasley had nodded off a few times in the night, but she still wasn't happy that her daughter hadn't made it home last night.

"Harry and I got back from dinner late Mum," sighed Ginny, "I didn't want to wake anyone up when I got home because I was a bit tipsy, so Harry let me stay at his house for the night. Don't worry he was a complete gentleman and let me sleep on his bed while he took the couch on the ground level of the house." Scowling at her daughter, Mrs. Weasley looked her over. Not seeing anything amiss, she nodded as she turned her attention back to the kitchen.

Letting out the breath she had been holding, Ginny made her way up to her room. What she told her mother wasn't that far off from the truth, and she had omitted some details, but she wasn't going to be completely honest with her. After all, her mother wouldn't have taken the news she'd slept with Harry well at all, even if she did want grandchildren.

Looking at the time, Ginny decided she had time to go over her notes for the test her job required. If she had any chance to pass the test, she'd need to get some time in to study. Even though she had a few months it never hurt to start, there was a lot of information to go over.

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