Snake Eyes
A Harry Potter WHAT-IF Fic

AN: YARO! J has returned, amazingly! S/He has acctually decided to acctually work on crap. Yes, yes, S/he knows that Her RuroKenGW story is not finished for those of you that read those stories, and s/he appologizes greatly. It's not her/his fault, really::coughcough: Honest! Okay, so maybe it ahd something to do with the fall semester starting up, and her/his getting into a bunch of time consuming classes, along with some RL problems. BUT! Now, J is back and s/he has started writing this. It will likely be long, and J will likely need alot of poking to make sure s.he keeps it going. S/he will also refrain from putting ANs at the beginning of the chapters from this point foreward. :bows: Thank you for understanding for now.
NOW! For the plot! I know, this will give away a large part of the story in the beginning, but it is necessary. Alright. What if Harry hadn't met Draco at Madame Malkin's? What if, he hadn't met him at all, until after the feast? What if Hagrid had acctually told Harry how to get to Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, first, Harry wouldn't have met Ron and Co, and wouldn't ahve been exposed to his opinions, second, he wouldn't have been so against being put into Slytherin, esspecially if he hadn't heard anything about it. Voila, the baisic premise of this story. Also, I'm going to leave Voldemort out of this. Because the whole thing wouldn't work if I had to follow the book plot even a little. So! First I'll gladly take OCs for DADA Profs, and Second, This fic will follow All seven of Harry's schooling at Hogwarts, with him progressing as a wizard, and dealing with life as he would have, had he not been battle Voldemort at every turn.
Now::bows: Gomen nasai (I'm sorry) for rambling so much and so long. Please coninue with the fic, even if I've given a large portion of it away.


The Hogwarts Express
(AKA: J skips ahead so s/he doesn't have to write stuff that JK already did)

Harry Potter stood before a wall, trolley before him, dark, unruly ahir falling in his eyes. He glared at the wall. The wall did nothing. The Boy-who-lived (though he had yet to know himself by this title) sighed and glared at the disturbingly solid-looking wall.

"There is no way I'm just gonna be able to walk through that." He said to himself. It would have been a hard thing to do, under normal circumstances (if they could be called that), with no one around, but now, there were people milling about everywhere, and a particularily suspicious gaurd was eyeing him...well, suspiciaouly, as though one never saw eleven year olds with full torlleys, complete with owl, glaring at deviding walls (Which one didn't.), making it doubly difficult to do this. As though walking through a wall was easy.

Finally, just after a particularly busy train left the station, Harry had his moment. He quickly pushed his trolley through the diving wall between Platforms 9 and 10, which was also, unbeknownst to the general public, the gateway to Platform 9 and 3/4.

As the bespectacled boy stepped through the gateway, his senses were assaulted by an entirely different world. It was just like Diagon alley squished into a smaller space. There were families saying goodbyes, both for the first time and not, there were students running around, finding friends, greeting relatives, and general mayhem. Harry couldn't help but stop and stare for a moment, before he shook himself from his reverie and went to find an enpty compartment, not particularily wanting to go through the same things he did in Diagon Alley.

After afew minutes of searching he had found one completely empty compartment. Harry marveled at his luck and loaded Hedwig and his trunk. Once done, he opened the cage, knowing that if Hedwig wanted to leave she would find her way back to him. He closed his eyes and leaned back into the seat, intending only nap for a minute or two. As it was, he managed to hear the whistle signaling the train's leaving the station just as he was drifting off to sleep.


It felt like only a few minutes before Harry was awakened by a old lady with a trolley at the door to his compartment. He yawned a rubbed his eyes as he opened the door for her.

"Would you like some lunch, lad? Put some meat on those bones of yours?" She asked him, a kind smile on her face.

"Ah, sure, just..Gimme a sec." He went to his trunk and dug out his pouch of Wizarding money. After paying for a few pasties and some 'chocolate frogs', whatever those were, the woman left, and Harry was left awake with nothing to do but eat his snacks and watch the scenery, which, at this point, was little more that fields, fields, and, you guessed it, more fields. Having nothing else to do at least gave him time to think and to wonder what this would be like. Would it be like his old school, where he was beat up every day? Or Would it be...well, Harry didn't know any other form of schooling really. He wasn't sure what to expect.

After a short - or was it long? - while spent mostly musing on this subject, along witht well, subjects, a knock came again to the door of his compartment. He stood up, sighing a little to himslef, and opened it. A girl around his own age with bushy light brown hair stood there. She looked him up and down, and seemed to find him lacking of whatever she was looking for. She sniffed.

"Have you seen a toad about?" SHe asked him, slightly haughtily. (1)

"No. Why?" Harry asked her slightly defensively.

"Someone lost one." She replied in the same tone.

Harry snorted. "How D'you lose a toad?"

The girl turned a scathing glare on hima nd spun on her heel, heading towards the next compartment. As the black haired boy was closing the door, he could hear her asking the same question. He shook his head, and sat back down.

Not much later, he heard a loud group of boys pass by his door, one of them, the loudest, bragging about having "Put that muggle-loving Weasly in his place". Harry had no idea, at this point, what a "Muggle-loving Weasley" was, but assumed it to be an insult. He rolled his eyes. School had't even started and already people were getting into fights.(2)

Harry turned to look out the window, noting that it was getting dark, and he might as well change into his robes. Which he did. (3) After about half an hour, the train's whistle blared and the witch who was pushing the trolley earlier came by to tell him to leave his trunk on the train. As soon as she laft, almost, the train pulle dto a stop, and Harry, along with the rest of the Hogwarst Students, disembarked.

The black-haired boy was met with a sight not much different from the one at Platform 9 3/4, only this time, everyone was dressed alike in black robes and pointy hats, and, most noticably of all, there was a giant of a man towering over the students, calling for "Firs' Years! Firs' Years, o'er 'ere!" Harry's face lit up into a grin. Hagrid!, he thought, as he headed towards the Gameskeeper.

"Hagrid!" Harry called. The Giant(4) turned around and grinned at Harry.

" 'Arry! There y'are! Now, izzat e'ry one? Yeah? Right, then, follow me." With that, he led the group of eleven year olds away from the station. After a few minutes of walking they came upon a small fleet of small boats. Hagrid sat down in one. "Right, come on, three to a boat."

Harry found himself in the same boat as a red-head in distictly worn-looking robes, and the girl from earlier with the bushy hair. (5)

"Did you ever find your toad?" Harry asked her.

She looked down her nose at him, and 'hmph'd, looking away.

After that, he didn't really have the mind for talking, as they drew up around a corner, and the most amazing sight was presented to them.

Up on a hill, the cresent moon rising behind it, stood a castle. A huge castle, looking like something out of the history lessons Harry had had so far at school, with all the lights on. Harry's mouth dropped open, though his two boat mates seemed prepared, though no less awed, in their own, less obvious ways. He heard the red-head murmur something like "Fred and George never said it looked like this".

Soon, the boats were drawing up to a dock and Hagrid was leading them up soem steps to a large set of wooden doors. Once all the first years were gathered around the landing, a severe looking woman, with her hair pulled up into a bun, and a scowl on her face came through the doors.

"I am Proffessor McGonagal, and I am the deputy headmistress here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a few moments, I will call you into the Great Hall to be sorted. You will wait here quietly until I call you." And with that she went back in through the doors, and left them standing there. Small groups of students formed, all of them chattering about the same thing: Which house would they be in? Some, from what Harry could hear, were absolutely certain of where they would be placed, most of them becasue of older siblings. Others had no idea about what was going on. (These ones, Harry guessed (correctly) were probably the non-magical children.)

About ten minutes of nervous waiting later, Professor McGonagal returned and gestured the group into a line and through the doors.



(1) - Alright, I admit, I didn't check what time Hermione came to bug everyone about Neville's toad, but in my story, which is essentially AU, she came by after lunch. :nodnod:
(2) - See, I include more stuff from teh books! Tho', I'm not sure if Draco ever calls Ron a "Muggle-lover"...He probably does. I don't know. Either way, Harry's first introduction to the calss division at Hogwarts.
(3) - Fear me and my really short sentences. And you know, amazingly, this can acctually be considered a complete sentence. :is an english major:
(4) - Okay, half, but Harry doesn't know that yet, anyway.
(5) - Look! I inlcude more from the books!


End Author Notes: Again, from now on I will try to keep these to a minimum, unless absolutely necessary. I'm sure I already mentioned this, but this story is essentially AU, so don't anybody piss at me about something not being true to the books. Chances are, if I've changed it, I meant it to be that way. Either that, or I'm a dumbass and forgot to check the books and am just playing it by ear. Now; This Fic will eventually stretch all the way through all seven years, but that may take a while. It also may take me a while to write every chapter. In between, I will try to write Snippets from later on in the story, just to givce y'all an idea of how Harry will act as he gets older. And yes, this will become an HPDM fic. But don't worry, nothing will happen until way, way later in the story. I've already got it plotted out, so don't worry. There won't be ANY sex until at LEAST seventh year. And not much if at all then. I'm also sure I already mentioned this, but there will be no Voldy in this fic. That just complicates things. Here, to make life easy is a (very) short history of the Wizarding and Witching world to this point:

Voldy kills people, war, yadda, yadda...
Voldy tries to kill Harry, Harry doesn't die, Voldy is weakened.
voldy being weak gives Order the oportunity to defeat Voldy, once and for all.
Voldy equals teh dead.
Wizarding and Witching world rejoices. Harry is clueless, as he is a baby.
Harry is sent to Dursleys.
Wizarding and Witching world does the same thing it does in the books.
Harry Does the same as in books
Everyone is happy. Except Harry. Because the Dursleys equals teh sucks.