Snake Eyes
Chapter Three
Life Goes On


After being shown to their dorms, and introduced to the other first years (Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle (Who insisted they call him Goyle), Millicent Bullstrode, Tracy Davis, Daphne Greenglass, Theodore Nott and Pansy Parkinson), Harry, Draco and Blaise fell into their beds, and were out before their heads even hit the pillows.


The next morning, the first years were awakened by a knock at their door, and Max's voice telling them to "get up or be slapped with a carp" (1). With this threat they were up and out of bed. Max and Jaye led them to the Great Hall, telling them what they could expect for the day. Once they arrived, Jaye and Max started handing out timetables, and left the first years to fend for themselves.

Harry, Draco and Blaise sat down in the same seats they had last night, and Harry felt that this would probably become tradition. A few minutes later, Jaye flounced by, dropping their timetables on their plates.

Harry picked his up and looked at it. This morning, he would be starting with Defense Against the Dark Arts. As nine o'clock (2) rolled around, Harry, Draco and Blaise headed off to the room indicated on their timetables.

All the way there, and into the room, and as they sat down, Blaise was trying to figure out what the professor would be like.

They sat in their seats quietly for a few minutes, trying to decide what this would be like. Everyone in the room was unprepared when a woman walked to the front of the room. She wore typical black robes, but underneath, one could see hints of a black and white striped t-shirt. She smiled at the Class.

"Well, Welcome to yoiur first year of Defense Against the Dark Arts! I'm Professor Bogen, and I'll be the one beating some knowledge into your little skulls. First, I'd like to do a rollcall, so If you could just say 'here' or whatever when I call your name that would be great. Bullstrode!"

When Professor Bogen reached Draco's name, he grinned at his two friends and said "Here, or whatever." The professor had grinned at him and gone back to the names. When she reached Harry's name, her smile widened, if at all possible. "Well, well, well! Look at that! A celebrity, right in my own class."

Harry smiled weakly, and muttered a quiet "Here," before she could humiliate him further.


The rest of the week passed similarily for Harry, with almost all of his teachers paying him special attention. The two exceptions were Professor Snape, who had already had his words with Harry, as he was the Slytherin Head, and Professor McGonagal, who taught transfiguration.

On Thurday afternoon, however something interesting happened. The Slytherin first years had Double Potions with the Gryffindors.

Harry and Draco sat down together at teh desk they had claimed their own on the first day of potions, earlier in the week. Blaise sat directly behind them, with Theo. Up to this point, the Slytherins and Gryffindors had had little to no contact outside of the Great Hall. However, once Ron Weasley entered the room...

"I can't bloddy beleive it. The bloody Boy who Lived is in Slytherin. I guess You-Know-Who had more of an impact on him than anyone expected. " The other Gryffindors nodded with him.

Harry and Draco decided in that moment that they would get revenge, somehow, some way, for that insult. Neither of them wanted to be connected to Voldemort, Draco by House, Harry by his past, and they would make Weasly regret that comment. Blaise leaned foreward to say something to the pair, but backed away when he noticed the twin glares being sent towards Weasley.

"Intense..." he muttered.


Other than that one episode, and a few others over the week, where Draco and Harry ended up glaring at Weasley, after another studpid comment. It probably didn't help that the older Slytehrins were also constantly getting into fights with the Gryffindors. There ahd been one incident in the Great Hall at lunch when, barely two days into the school year, Max had been forced to pull Jaye off the Redheaded Gryffindor Prefect (Who looked eerily like Weasley. Draco and Harry would find out later that Percy was indeed Weasley's brother) in a fight over some slight about Jaye's parentage.


On Friday night Draco and Harry were in the Slytherin Common Room, trying to figure out how to get back at Weasley. The others had already gone to sleep and the only reason the fire was still burning was that it was charmed that way.

"Maybe we should ask Professor Snape about a potion that would work?" Harry suggested.

"Nah, he wouldn't take the hint. Maybe a charm?"

"But we would have towait a while before we would know any charms that could do anything worth while."

"Or we could read ahead. Wouldn't it be worthwhile though?"

"Watchaupta being up so late, boys?"

The pair started at the voice of the Prefect behind them. "Ah, uhm" were the only "words" they could get out as Jaye looked them over.

A slow grin spread across her face. "I get it. I've herad the rumors about what Weasley has been saying to you and about you. You boys want revenge, right?"

At the look on their faces, she grinned even wider. "Can I help?"


They spent the weekend with Jaye, studying different charms that they could use on the read headed nitwit. Though they didn't find any good charms, not ones that HArry or Draco could cast, they did find out a lot more about Hogwarts, like the resident Poltergeist, Peeves, who wouldn't do a thing to Jaye, due to the Bloody Baron, the Slytherin ghost, being on her side.

They kept this up for a week or two, every other night getting together with Jaye in the Library to study charms. While they didn't find anything in those first two weeks, Professor Flitwik noticided their quick improvement in Charms class and quickly adopted them as his two favorite students, above even Granger, the frizzy-haired toad girl. This irked her to no end, and earned Harry and Draco another "admirerer". And anotehr reason to figure out how to Charm Weasley.


(1) - "Get up or be slapped with a carp", this is something my DM does to people who aren't paying attention, although, in the wizarding and witching world, I'm sure Max acctually could slap them with a carp.


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