Loyalty Knows No Bounds: Year 1

Author: xoxWolfGirlxox

Rating T (to be safe)

Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form, do I own Harry Potter.

Summary: Left at an orphanage by the Dursley's, Harry is adopted into a family whose loyalty to each other knows no bounds. What will people do when they realize Harry isn't the Gryffindor lion they expected?

A/N2: This chapter has been edited and reposted (9/14/08) along with every other chapter in the story. The formatting had been drastically changed so it should be easier to read but very little of the plot has changed. Just the format and some grammatical and spelling issues I saw after reading it again. A new chapter will be coming out soon I just wanted to do this first to get back into the story. Thanks for not giving up on me you guys are great!

Chapter 1: The Great Surprise

The sun rose swiftly and silently over the small town of Little Whining. Petunia Dursley of Number 4 Privet Drive awoke as the sunlight hit her window. She got up, dressed and headed downstairs to begin cooking breakfast for her beloved family. Just as the bacon had begun to sizzle, Vernon Dursley, Petunia's husband bounded down the stairs and greeted his wife with a quick kiss on the cheek.

" Morning Dear," Vernon said as she placed his breakfast in front of him.

Petunia smiled at her husband and walked to the door intent on getting the milk so she would have it ready for Dudley, her precious one-year-old son. She opened the door completely unprepared for the sight that awaited her.

Petunia stared in shock as the tiny black-haired baby looked up at her from the doorstep. She took the letter that resided in his basket and quickly tore it open, occasionally glancing around to check if any neighbors were witnessing the scene. Her eyes grew wide as she finished reading the note. She then grabbed the bundle and headed inside keeping it as far away from her as possible.

As soon as the door shut she shrieked, "Vernon!"

As soon as he heard her shriek he came rushing towards her. " What is the matter Petunia?" Vernon asked immediately.

When she answered her voice was cold," My freak sister and her detestable husband got themselves killed and left us their freakish offspring".

Vernon's eyes widened as he looked into the basket to see his small nephew sleeping soundly.

" I don't want that, …that thing here Vernon. I won't have it corrupting my precious Dudley!" she cried. Vernon quickly agreed with his wife, also fearing for his son.

" What do we do then?" he asked his wife.

"No neighbors saw us take it in the house so go dump it at an orphanage…a hospital… wherever you want. The longer it's in the house the more chance it has of corrupting my Duddykins," she informed him.

After she responded, a cry was heard from upstairs, Dudley had obviously awoken. Petunia quickly began ascending the stairs to go see to her son.

At the top of the stairs she looked at Vernon and told him, "Go now and get rid of it!"

Vernon nodded and grabbed the bundle and after putting a sheet over it, went outside to his car. After putting his nephew in the car he turned it on and began to drive. Ideas were soaring through his head.

Where am I going to take it? He thought to himself.

Hospitals and churches would require too much information that could be easily traced back to him and his family. He decided it was too risky and settled on an orphanage on the other side of town.

15 minutes later Vernon arrived at his destination, St. Mary's Orphanage. Here was the best chance that information concerning his family would not get out. He pulled his car into the parking area and got out. Grabbing the bundle he strode hurriedly into St. Mary's and after explaining that his family couldn't take care of the baby he left and began the trip back to Privet Drive.

Two days after the Dursley's abandoned their nephew at the orphanage another family arrived at its doors. Jason and Megan Alden got out of their car and took a look around. Jason Alden was 5'8, had dark brown hair and piercing sea blue eyes. His wife Megan slightly shorter at 5'5 had long wavy black hair, with warm chocolate colored eyes. Megan was holding the newest member of the Alden family, Kayla Elizabeth Alden who was one year old. After Kayla was born, the Aldens decided they didn't want her to be an only child. Unfortunately, her first pregnancy left Megan unable to carry another child. While the diagnosis was disappointing the Aldens decided to simply adopt a child instead. They knew they would love the child just as much as they loved their daughter and set out to find their baby girl a brother.

The Alden family walked into Saint Mary's and waited for a nun to arrive. Jason and Megan had decided to come so far away from their home to adopt a child due to the reputation of Saint Mary's. Though the nuns tried hard, there were simply too many children to take care of and often the children grew up in less than satisfying conditions. They had decided to change the fate of a child from Saint Mary's and welcome it into their family. The nun who came to meet them, Sister Katherine, led them into a nursery where a single year old child lay sleeping in a crib.

" Poor dear, he arrived but two days ago. He is a little young, but he's so adorable and deserves a better life then we can offer him," Sister Katherine informed the Aldens.

Just then the baby stirred and opened his eyes. Jason looked a little skeptical but Megan took one look into the baby's emerald green eyes and her heart melted. She turned and looked at her husband who understood her "look" in a matter of seconds.

He smiled and told Sister Katherine, " We will take him, and give him the best life we can."

She smiled and retrieved the baby's limited paper work and had the Aldens sign on the dotted lines.

After everything was signed and taken care of, Megan asked Sister Katherine, " What is his name?

" "Harry," she replied glancing at the name on the papers, "Harry James Potter."

Megan's eyes widened for a moment but then returned to normal, acting like nothing had happened.

Taking the papers from the Sister and giving her husband a look that indicated she'd explain later, she said, " We will keep his first two names. He was probably named after someone in his family. However, we will give him our last name.Welcome to the family Harry James Alden," she said with love evident in her voice.

Jason and Megan kissed their new son and the now four members of the Alden family left Saint Mary's and headed home. On the way back to London Jason asked his wife, "What do you know that the Sister and I don't know?"

She sighed softly and said, "He is famous Jason, famous in my world."

Jason's eyes grew large as he asked, "Famous…how can a one year old be famous?"

"He thwarted the Dark Lord Voldemort. Voldemort killed thousands including his mother and father but he could not kill little Harry," his wife said with tears flowing down her cheeks. "That's why he's famous."

Silence followed for a few moments until Jason spoke again "Our son will be a wizard then?"

"Yes, he will," she said.

When Megan looked at her husband she saw fierce determination in his eyes. "His parents won't have died in vain. We will give him all the love and support he would have gotten from them. We will give him the kind of life his parents would have wanted for him," he told her.

Megan smiled at her husband and replied, "You're right, we will give him a great life but not let him forget his true parents. When he is old enough we will tell him what his parents sacrificed so that he could live."

There were no more words spoken for the entire car trip back to London and none were needed. With a newfound determination the Aldens silently swore they would give their children the best life they could, and raise them as best they could. They would be a family, loyal, loving, and true until the very end.


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