Loyalty Knows No Bounds Year 1

Author: xoxWolfGirlxox

Rating T (to be safe)

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Summary Left at an orphanage by the Dursley's, Harry is adopted into a family whose loyalty to each other knows no bounds. What will people do when they realize that Harry isn't the Gryffindor lion they expected?

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Chapter 7: What Went Wrong

Albus Dumbledore sat alone in his office, still staring at the door through which to two of his students had stormed out of not even 15 minutes earlier. Dumbledore sighed as he thought of young Harry Potter, the main thought being what went wrong.

I left him at his relatives nearly eleven years ago but if what he says is true they abandoned him at an orphanage. What went wrong all those years ago, why did his family not keep him, love him. I guess Minerva was right; they were the worst sort of muggles. The look in his eyes was so angry, so passionate. Yet he is not always like that, he teased Ms. Alden for being a hothead when he walked in, but it appears that he is one as well. Also speaking of Kayla Alden, Harry's sister it would seem; the love between them is clear, yet it should not have been. He should be with his true family. He will know his true family, I will see to that. I will fix what went so terribly wrong.

With that though Albus Dumbledore rose and left his office, for the time being safe in the assumption that he was doing the right thing.

After Kayla got to the bottom of the stairs she set off immediately to find her brother. After a long search spanning 4 different floors she finally found him in the owlery, sitting with Artemis. With a whistle, Apollo came down and perched on her arm as she waited for her brother to notice she had arrived. After a few more moments in silence Harry noticed that he was not alone in the owlery. He looked to the door and saw his sister standing there with her owl.

Harry sighed and said, " Hey Kayla."

With his recognition she walked the short distance and sat next to him against the owlery wall.

"Hey yourself," she responded. "How are you doing?" Kayla asked.

He gave her a look that clearly said, do-you-even-need-to ask.

"Alright, alright enough with the look, I know it was a stupid question, but Harry please just talk to me, we've always told each other everything." She pleaded.

" What's there to say, he got me angry, I blew up and left, end of story." He stated dryly.

"Guess I'm not the only hothead in the family." She told him.

He cracked a small smile before shaking his head and mumbling something about sisters and their lack of any sense of sanity.

"I heard that!" she said as she glared at him.

They both smiled and spent a few moments petting their respective owls, each thinking of what to say next.

It was Kayla who spoke first, " I know its hard Harry, I was there when Mum wrote that letter about your name but few seem to care. I know it's hard to put of with that stupid git and our illustrious headmaster but you have to. I don't like them any more than you but we are Hufflepuffs, we work diligently to solve our problems and let our friends and family help guide the way. We will get through this because we are Hufflepuffs but more importantly we are Aldens. You will never be alone because you will always have me and Mum and Dad by your side." She told him.

" I wonder if there is a website where she get these speeches from," he thought aloud.

"Hurmph' she replied.

He smiled and said " Thanks Kayla, thanks for reminding me what its like to be a true Hufflepuff, and a member of a family.

He set Artemis down and gave Kayla a hug.

"What a wonderful first impression we have made and what a seven years this will be," Harry said.

Kayla smiled and stood next to her brother, "We're going to knock'em dead."

After bidding their owl's goodbye, Harry and Kayla headed back to the common room saying hi to Shayden as they gave him the password. As soon as they got inside they were nearly mobbed by the rest of the first years who wanted to know if they were all right.

After the response of "We are fine" Harry asked Susan what happened in the rest of potions class.

Susan's normally kind face turned ugly as she told him, " It was fine if you take away the pathetic excuse that is supposed to be teaching us."

Hannah agreed, " He was so rude to the rest of us for the entire period, shouting at us whether he had a reason or not.

Kayla sighed, " I'm sorry you guys, if I had kept my mouth shut you all wouldn't be in this mess."

"I don't ever want to hear you say that again!" a sharp voice exclaimed.

"Snape's behavior to Harry was appalling and my only regret is that I didn't get up and walk out after you," Katie continued.

All the Hufflepuffs agreed and decided that they would deal with Snape together.

After spending some time doing homework, relaxing, and talking Katie called to Harry " Harry we have Quidditch practice today we have to go or we will be late."

"Oh yeah I forgot,"

After some quick calls of see you later, Harry and Kayla headed for the Quidditch pitch. As they were walking they spoke about different topics blissfully staying away from the events of that day. Harry found he liked talking with Katie, her advice was great and she was really quite smart.

Finally, it was Katie who brought up a wary topic, " I know you really don't want to think about potions but I had an idea, I'm pretty good at potions, mine was exactly the right color and thickness. If we partner for potions even if Snape gets to you we should still have a good potion, 'cause we both know he will try anything to make you do the potion wrong so he can fail you. I wonder why he hates you so much?" she asked.

"Who knows, but Katie if you're my partner he will pick on you to I don't want to get you in trouble." He told her.

"Nonsense, we are friends and I wont let Snape fail you just because he was a problem with who you are. Besides, Hufflepuffs stick together" she told him with a smile echoing his own earlier words.

Harry smiled and told her, "With you as my partner we will have the highest grade in class."

She laughed and said, " Of course we will, we will show Snape what happens when you pick on a 'Puff!"

When they got to the pitch Emily was already waiting for them with a box at her feet. "All right then, do both of you know how to play Quiddicth, the basics I mean?" she asked.

"Yes," they told her.

After hearing Harry's answer she turned to him, " I though you grew up in a muggle household"

" I did but I got a book on Quidditch in Diagon Alley it looked interesting so I read it before school started." Harry told her.

"Excellent," Emily said, " That means we can get right into it."

With that she gave them two school brooms and set them off throwing a tennis ball back and forth. Gradually she increased the size of what they were throwing until they were masterfully throwing the Quaffle to each other.

"I can see what Professor Sprout meant, you two are naturals." Emily told them.

After that until it was to dark to see, anyone looking at the Quidditch pitch would have see the three Hufflepuff chasers practicing their moves together. Finally when it was too dark to see they went down to the ground.

" We need to get you guys some brooms, good ones, Cleansweeps at least." Emily said, as she grinned like the Cheshire cat.

"With good brooms we are going to murder every team in our way. Slytherin won't know what hit them" She rejoiced.

Harry and Kayla laughed as they walked back up to the school.

Before they hit the doors Emily turned to them and said, " Harry, Katie, I think this is the start to a beautiful friendship."

The walked to the Great Hall for dinner and even Snape's glare couldn't lessen their moods. After dinner they got some sleep, ready for whatever tomorrow would bring.


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