My not so happy family!

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"Susan, where's the remote?" Asked Ben Harper looking around the living room for the t.v remote control.

"Why do you want to know?" Susan asked from the kitchen.

"Why do you think Susan, maybe I want to dress it up in a pink frilly nappy, put it in a pink frilly pram and stroll around the park with it," replied Ben sarcastically.

"Oh, Ben don't be so stupid," Susan shot back coming out of the kitchen.

"So, where's the remote?" Ben asked again starting to get agitated!

"I've got it!" Susan said bringing the remote out of her apron pocket.

"Why do you have it?" Asked Ben, he couldn't take much more of this!

"Well I thought that perhaps you could do something besides watching t.v today, you know go out and fix something," Susan exclaimed walking back into the kitchen.

'DING, DONG!' The doorbell rang!


"Got it!"

"Hello, goodbye," said Ben to Nick, slamming the door in Nick's face!

"Ben, who's there?" Asked Susan.

"Oh, no one important," murmured Ben sitting on the couch. Unfortunately for Ben the door wasn't completely shut!

"Hallo, hallo, hallo!" a voice said.

"Oh god. I thought I closed the door in your face," said an uninterested Ben still sitting on the couch and now reading a magazine, only to have Nick bound next to him on the couch!

"Get lost,"

"Hey dad! How's it going?"

"How's it going?" Said Ben sarcastically.

"Yeah," replied Nick smiling at his father!

"Get out of her before I …" Started Ben.

"NICK, your finally here!" Beamed Susan coming out of the kitchen and hugging Nick.

"Oh, so you did invite Nick," Ben said.

"I never said I didn't," Susan shot back glaring at Ben.

"Of course you didn't," Ben muttered getting up from the couch just as the doorbell rang again.

"BEN!" Shouted Susan not even looking at her now angry husband!

"I'll get the doorbell then," Ben murmured as he walked to the door.

"Hello Ben," a voice said.

"Oh, god, not you too," Ben exclaimed with a my-life-is-over look. "I suppose you want to come in,"

"Well ok," the voice said again.

"Roger!" Yelled Susan beaming up at Roger who walked into the house.

"Uh, Susan I'm just gonna pop out to…" started Ben.

"Ben we have guests, so you're going to stay," said Susan in a matter-of-fact tone, glaring up at Ben.

"Fine," replied Ben, not at all in a happy mood!

A few hours passed and finally Roger left but Nick didn't want to so Susan let him stay!

But time passed and soon it was time for bed.

Ben & Susan's room:

"Well, goodnight then Susan," said Ben sleepily as he pulled the covers up.

"Goodnight," replied Susan.

"A few minutes later there was a knock on the door…

"Go away," was all Ben said!

"Hey, dad!" Nick said strolling into the room and hoping onto the bed between Ben and Susan!

"Didn't you hear me? I said go away," Ben said rolling onto his side away from Nick's smiling face!

"Now Ben, let Nick sleep with us tonight! It's been so long since we had one of our kids sleep with us," replied Susan happily as she let Nick get under the covers!

"But he's bound to squash us," said Ben trying to think up excuses so that Nick wouldn't have to sleep with them.

"Ben, go to sleep," Susan said simply.

"Fine, muttered Ben under his breath!

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