Chapter 1: Visions of Love, the Enemy, and the Past

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Van Helsing wiped his eyes from tears as his vision of Anna faded into the light. Pulling himself onto his horse, Carl by his side, he rode through the grassy plains. Suddenly, materializing from the clouds, was Dracula's face. Fading quickly, Van Helsing shook his head, thinking he was seeing things. But yet again, Dracula's face appeared, this time in a stream.

" Now you will remember." a voice said.

A flash of images filled the stream as he rode on, each stranger than the last. Finally the visions stopped at a specific one, one that made no sense to Van Helsing. He was kissing a woman, whom at first he believed was Anna, but as the woman pulled away, he saw a horribly familiar face. Dracula's dark-haired bride, Verona. Suddenly, Van Helsing found himself falling to the ground. Everything went black.

The fog lifted from his head and he found himself facing a door. A hand went up to knock upon it, wearing a dragon ring, exactly like the one Van Helsing was wearing. The door opened, and Van Helsing was shocked to see that he was staring at himself.

" Ah, Vladislaus! Come in, come in.. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

" Hello Gabriel. Tonight is my annual All Hallow's Eve ball. Can I count on you to be there?"

" Of course...could I invite someone?"

" Of course, I encourage you to do so. If you don't mind my asking, who is it that you would be inviting? Is it perhaps that young lady I hear so much about?"

" Yes. Actually, I think I'm going to ask her to marry me."

" I can't wait to meet her. Until tonight."

Dracula turned and left the house. Within seconds, Van Helsing was transported to a new memory. This time, he was the one outside a house knocking. When this door opened, Verona was standing there.

" Gabriel, so lovely to see you. Would you like something to eat?" she asked smiling.

" No Verona. There is a Masquerade Ball being held tonight by a good friend of mine, a Count. Would you like to come?"

" Yes. Where and when is it?"

" But am I not taking you there?"

" My mother will be home. If I leave with you, she'll be furious. If I leave by myself to a Count's party, she'll be delighted." Verona replied, obviously annoyed.

" Ah, yes. Vilkova Palace in Budapest, midnight."

" I'll see you there."


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