Best Friends Forever

Description: The story of how Danny met Sam and she met him. One-shot. My very first one-shot ever! Please R&R!

Disclaimer: As sad as is, I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does.

Dedication: To all the DxS shippers out there. You guys rock!

A sleek black Mercedes pulled into the parking lot of Amity Park preschool and a woman climbed out of the back seat. She was a tall, auburn haired woman with expensive looking clothes and jewelry. She picked up a little girl out of the backseat and stood her on the ground.

The child clung to her mother's skirt and looked out at the other four and five year-olds. She was small, even for her age, with shoulder length black hair in matching pigtails. She wore a pair of black overalls and a short-sleeved purple shirt under them. Her mother liked her to wear pink, but she hated pink, and told her so.

The mother finished registration and pried her daughter's tiny hands from her dress. "Bye, Sammy." She said, "I'll be back to get you after work, okay?" She got back into the car and it drove off, leaving Sammy, who preferred being called Sam, standing alone at the edge of the grass. She didn't like being in new places, why did her dad's job always have to move them around?

She uncertainly went to the empty sandbox and starting filling a big yellow bucket full of sand. A shadow fell over her and she looked up. A pretty Spanish girl wearing a pink t-shirt and blue jean skirt was watching her, with an angry expression on her face.

"That's my bucket." The girl said pointedly. Sam started to hand it to her, but she backed away. "I don't want it now that you've touched it!"

"Why?" asked Sam, curiously.

"Because," said the other girl as if it were obvious, "You're a freak!"

"Fine!" Sam snapped, her dislike for the girl growing with each passing second. She threw down the bucket and went and sat against the wall of the building.

She stayed there for the rest of the morning play time, and watched the other kids see-sawing and trying to see who could get the highest on the swings. No one came near her. The girl, whose name she'd figured out was Paulina, had told everyone that she was weird and not to talk to her. Sam didn't care; if they were all as mean as Paulina, she didn't want to be friends with them.

There were, though, two boys she was interested in. One was black and wearing a red baseball cap and the other had black hair and a shockingly blue eyes. They were playing ghosts and chasing each other around the jungle-gym. She watched them for a good part of the morning, until a teacher blew a whistle and they all went inside for snacks.

Again, during snack time, Sam was alone, sitting by herself in the corner, eating apple slices. Paulina seemed to lord over all the rest of the children and any who might've talked to her before, definitely wouldn't now. Everyone finished their apple slices and they went to nap time.

Nap time was the standard mats-on-the-floor, lights-out policy that every preschool has. They all curled up on little red and blue mats and the teachers told them to close their eyes. This worked for some, and they were asleep instantly. Others like Sam, and on the other side of the room, Paulina and her lackey, a big blonde boy named Dash were wide awake, thinking or plotting.

After about ten minutes of staring at the ceiling, Sam began to feel a little bit drowsy. She barely even noticed the white shape coming towards her.

"Boo!" it cried, jumping out from under the nearest table. Sam shrieked and jumped up, backing into the wall.

"It's a ghost!" she screamed, remembering the game those boys had been playing earlier. One of those very boys, the raven haired one, tackled the "ghost" that was trying to grab her and they both tumbled to the floor.

"I caught a ghost!" he announced proudly to the room at large. With the entire ruckus, none of the children were asleep now. The teachers, who thought they were, had gone into the other room for some coffee and didn't here all the noise.

"I'm not a ghost, Fenton!" yelled the figure, pushing the other little boy off him and pulling the sheet off his head. It was Dash. He glared at the littler boy, who glared right back; it was obvious there was some ill-will here already.

"Don't be so mean Dash!" the boy told him.

"Make me!" retorted Dash, pushing the other boy. "She's a weirdo anyway!"

"She is not!" the boy defended. Dash pushed him again and he pushed the bigger boy away, without thinking about it. In an instant, Dash had lifted him off the floor and was about to hit him. The boy kicked Dash and they fell to the ground again, hitting and kicking each other. A teacher, having finally come in to check on them, grabbed the two boys and forced them apart.

"Danny!" she scolded. "Dash. You both know better!" Danny had a bloody nose and Dash a busted lip. She sighed and put them in timeout on opposite sides of the room and the rest of the group went to indoor playtime. Sam sat down, ready to play alone again, but someone sat beside her. It was the other little boy, Danny's friend. He handed her a G.I. Joe and smiled.

"Hi." He said, "I'm Tucker. And that's Danny." He added as an afterthought, looking over at the boy, who was giving Dash angry looks. Sam almost laughed; even though she couldn't possibly realize how long lasting this feud would be.

"I'm Sam." She replied, smiling. Danny got out of timeout and came over to them.

"You want to play with us?" he asked, grinning infectiously. His bright blue eyes sparkled when he smiled. She nodded happily, somehow knowing, even at four years old, that this was the start of a life-long friendship.