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A Soldier's Wish

Summary: Heero had one wish and that was to tell Relena how he feels about her. But through the trials of life things don't always goes as plan. A new war is about to break out and things are turning for the worse. Will he be able to tell her in time before she gets hurt?

Chapter 1: A Simple Wish

"Good morning class." replied a tall dark hair man, who walked into the room setting his large brown briefcase on the table, "Let us begin the lesson for today."

He smiled adjusted his big square glasses. He turned to the blackboard as he began his lesson.

Heero sat silently fidgeting with his pencil in deep thought. He placed it close to his chin as he gazed at the sketch of his Gundam, the wing zero, he had created. He had not spare anytime to put in every detail of it that he could remember. His mysterious blue eyes stared at it intently as he remembered the good times he had with it. The friends he had made and the lives lost in the previous war.

He smirk a little as he remembered Relena. The girl he had grown to love so much. It had been two years since the battle with Made Maya and he had not seen her. He leaned back in his school chair barely listening to the lecture his Math teacher was giving on quadratic equations. Folding his hands behind his head he looked up at the ceiling.

'I wish I could see you one last time Relena so I could tell you how I really feel.' he thought, smiling at the ceiling.

"You don't have to wish anymore, I'm right here." a voice came from right next to him.

Heero took his hands from behind his head and turned his attention to his left to see Relena staring back at him. His eyes widen in fear as she looked at him.

"R-Relena." he coughed out almost choking, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you." she smiled slowly, getting out of the chair that was next to him.

She walked over to the classroom window gazing out of it silently. Heero immediately followed her. He smiled as she looked at him with her light blue eyes.

"It's been two years Heero, where have you been?" she asked, smiling vibrantly at him.

"I've been in school." he smirked, looking out the window, "I decided to go back to school after the battle with Made Maya because of the time of peace."

Relena sighed, looking through the window as well. She loved listening to his voice whenever he spoke. He spoke with such wisdom and understanding. Slowly, Heero reached for her right hand holding it tightly. He entangled his fingers with hers as she looked at him curiously wondering what was going on in his head.

"Relena, there's something I have to tell you." he replied, still holding her hand, "Relena I know I haven't seen you in a while…but I just wanted to tell you how much I…I really… l-love-" he started, getting interrupted by a loud bang that came from behind Relena.

The large glass window broke behind her as high wind swiftly entered the room blowing books and papers onto the floor. A small gas ball was thrown into the room and landed right in front of Heero. He stared at it, and then realized what it was but before he could react, it let loose a large puff of smoke intoxicating the room with its high fumes. Heero coughed, trying to see his way through the fumes.

Relena screamed as the wind pushed her blond hair violently in the air and at the loud sound. Covering her ears she caused Heero to lose his grip on her hand. The puff of smoke still filled the room causing a foggy mist to appear. Heero tried to shield his face with his hand as he desperately search for hers using his hand as a guide, he glided it across the window pane.

"Relena!" he yelled, waiting to hear her voice.

"Uh-Heero!" she screamed as he heard her struggling to speak, "Ahhh! Heero, help me!"

Heero opened his eyes that were tightly shut to see that the fog had cleared. He rushed to the broken window to see her being taken away in a helicopter. Two men held her tightly as she struggled to get loose.

"RELENA!" he yelled, desperately as she disappeared out of sight.

"Relena!" he whispered as he felt a small tap on his shoulder.

He quickly opened his eyes to see his teacher standing in front of him while tapping his foot on the classroom tiles. It was a dream, he sighed. He was so happy that it was just a dream. He gazed around the room to see the other students whispering something about him while others laughed in the corner. He frowned as he turned back to his teacher.

"Nice to see you return back to reality." he replied as all the students started to laugh loudly, "Since you think that my lesson is boring you, I suggest you finish the equation I was discussing on the blackboard."

Heero sighed deeply as he got up and walked to the black board. He was a Japanese descendent boy, who had brown hair, which was short in the back and long in the front extending to his eyes. He wore a blue jacket, jeans and a white shirt inside of the jacket.

He fixed his jacket as he stared at the algebraic equation hard. Holding the chalk in his hand he attempted to solve the problem. After spending five seconds on the equation he placed the chalk down in the slot. Turning around to the teacher and class he replied.

"The answer is 4x + 2x." he smirked as the other classmates gasp in amazement.

"Hmm, you see Mr. Yuy if you were paying attention to class and not sleeping you would have gotten this right." the teacher replied, looking at the board.

"Look closely Mr. Smithson." Heero replied sternly.

"Look Mr. Yuy, I know what I'm saying this is…wait a minute you are right." he replied embarrassingly while adjusting his glasses.

Heero smiled as he made his way from the blackboard to his chair. The other students applauded his achievement as the teacher looked at him in shock. Heero sat down in his chair and shuffled his books making his sketch of his Gundam, the wing zero, fall to the floor. He stared at it remembering his dream, the dream of Relena. He immediately picked it up before anyone got a chance to get their hands on it.

Within a few more minutes the bell rang loudly signaling that the class lecture was finally over. He frowned as he walked out of his classroom followed by a few of his classmates.

"So Heero, are you going to the Valentine's Day dance tonight?" a young vibrant red head asked.

"No." he replied, walking away from her but she followed.

There were walking in the hall as he made his way towards his locker. He wanted to know why this girl was bothering him so much. After all, she was the prettiest girl in school and many guys liked her. But Heero on the other hand, couldn't stand her one bit.

Her red hair extended to her lower neck and the end of it, was curled up causing it to be in a waved back motion. She wore a white pleated skirt that was above her knees and a navy blue blouse. Heero sighed as he opened his locker putting in his books that he was finished with. He was getting ready for lunch and was mad that this girl decided to bother him now.

"If that no means you don't have a date. Then you can take me if you want?" she smiled as her light green eyes stared him mysteriously, "I won't mind a bit."

Heero looked at her sternly. He couldn't help but wonder why she enjoyed making him mad. It was as if she loved doing it, just by the utterance of her squeaky annoying voice made him cringed with anger.

'Why is this girl annoying me?' he asked himself still staring at her in silence.

"Heero, I'm talking to you!" she yelled, flipping her hair.

"Look, I don't have time for a dance and I don't want to go with you, alright?" he raised his voice as he walked away swiftly leaving her standing there.

'What? He'll pay for that!' she declared to herself as she watched him disappear out of sight.


Quatre sat silently breezing through his laptop as he looked up some information on an assignment he had to do for school. He didn't go today however, he came up with an excuse that he was sick but what he really wanted was a day off. He sighed when he heard a loud roaring sound from outside.

'Probably Duo coming to annoy me.' he thought, rolling his eyes.

He got up from his office desk and headed outside of the mansion. When he got there he saw his friend, Duo who was sitting in a Suzuki red jeep. Quatre let out a deep sigh as he walked down the mansion stairs making his way towards the jeep. He looked at Duo who gave him a wide grin.

Duo was an orphan for some time until he grew up, he became a Gundam pilot. He was the talkative one of all the pilots and yet a dangerous person when he has to be, that is in battle. He wore a black suit, a white under shirt which sleeves extended to his elbow. A priest like button was at the top of the suit. His brown hair was in a rather weird style, long in the back coming into a long braid and short in the front extending over his eyes.

"Duo, shouldn't you be in school?" Quatre asked surprised to see him there.

"Yeah, but I think I need a break just like you," he smirked, leaning on the door of the red jeep, "besides I don't have anyone to hang with. It's like Heero and I aren't in the same school!"

Quatre smirked. He knew Heero would act that way, even though they were in the same school. He would rarely talk to them and just go on with his school work. Quatre had short blond flaky hair and light blue eyes. He was the heir to the throne of Sandrock City. He wore brown pants, a long sleeve white shirt and a purple vest over it to match.

"So, where are you going now?" Quatre asked, touching the red jeep door.

"I was about to go visit Relena."

"Do you think it is wise to do that?" Quatre looked at him strangely.

"We'll discuss that on the way." he smirked, getting back into the driver's seat, "Hop in."

Quatre jumped in as they both drove towards Heero's apartment instead, since Quatre had conveniently encouraged him not to go to Relena's. While on the way, they listened to the radio which was covering the latest news on an accident that occurred the night before.

"Duo, turn it up." Quatre demanded.

"In evening news, there was a small explosion on colony 552 in the Washiko area last night; causing two people to be injured." the female replied through the intercom on the radio, "Officials believe that it may be an attack by the Earth fear Alliance on the colonies but other politicians tend to disagree…"

Quatre turned it down after he had heard what he wanted to hear. He was a little shocked at the news, because none of the colonies had been attacked in a long time. He wondered if a new war was breaking out again. Knowing the catastrophic damage it would do to the nations and its people.

"So…" Duo replied, taking a quick look at Quatre and then back to the road.

"I don't know what to think." he stated, seriously in deep thought with his index finger tapping his mouth, "Maybe we should talk to Heero about this."


They remained silent as they journeyed towards his house.


Relena walked silently through the small garden behind the mansion. She had so much political work to do and yet balance school. It was a lot to take on for a young girl and she was managing great. But at times she would get so stressed out that she couldn't even think straight. She walked over to the pool that was just a few feet from her bedroom window. Today she had taken a day off from school to spend some time alone at home. Since she was such an important person it was no problem at all.

She lifted her light blue summer dress a little exposing her tan legs. Taking off her shoes she placed her feet into the cool water. She sat on the edge of the pool as she played reflexively with her long blond hair that extended to her mid back. She smiled to herself as she tried to think on the good life.

'One day I wish my life can be normal once again.' she smiled, shielding her face with her hand against the sun.

"RELENA!" screamed a young blond running steadily towards her with a collection of bags in her hands.

"Oh, hi Dorothy," Relena replied, looking at her with a large smile.

"Relena, you should see the magnificence clothes I bought at the mall today." she smiled, coming up right next to her.

"Oh really, did you buy something for me?"

"Of course not, I complete forgot about you." she gave her a daring smile that made Relena frown a little.

She let out a small laugh when she saw Dorothy pull out a small pair of golden earrings from her bag. Relena took them and instantly put them on to see how she would look. Dorothy smiled at Relena's gesture.

"I know you couldn't forget me." Relena smirked at her new best friend.

After the small war with Made Maya, Dorothy came to live with Relena in her mansion. It had become so lonely after her brother left with Ms. Noin and she missed him dearly. The two girls had become good friends ever since although they had a rough beginning. Dorothy had long blond hair that extended to her legs. She wore a light yellow floral dress that stretched out to her knees. She picked up her bags as she got ready to enter into the large mansion.

"I'll be back Relena, just got to put these things away." she replied leaving.

"Okay." the other blond girl replied to her retreating back.

Few minutes passed by and Dorothy was still in the mansion. Relena stayed by the pool and continued to enjoy the tranquility of the scene. A slight breeze blew towards her sending her golden hair high in the air. She closed her eyes trying to forget about her past, the past of wars and constant destruction.

"Miss. Relena." Pagan her butler and driver replied, interrupting her from her daydream.


"The phone, madam." he replied calmly, handing her the cordless phone, "It's your brother."

She nod silently to him and took the phone. Taking her feet out of the pool's cool water she stood up getting ready to speak to her brother. Feeling a little nervous she held her breath a little because she knew he would only call unless it was something important.


"Relena, this is Milliardo."


Heero sat silently on the sofa in his apartment staring at his text book. He was getting a little tired of school but he was managing regardless. He had an assignment to finish and he was determined to do it even though the Valentine's Day dance was tonight, he didn't care. He would only care if Relena was attending and to his knowledge she was not. Frowning he heard a loud knock echo through the room. He got up and headed towards it.

When he opened the door he stared sternly at Duo and Quatre whom he wasn't expecting to see. Without thinking he slammed the door in their faces. Upon seeing this Duo knocked violently on the door.

"Heero!" he yelled, pounding on the door, "Open this door right now; we have to talk to you!"

"Maybe he doesn't want to talk." Quatre concluded, crossing his arms.

Duo looked at Quatre and smirked, "Relena sent us."

Within an instant the door peered wide open. Heero looked at his fellow gundam pilots and sighed leaning on the door frame.

"What do you want?" he asked sternly.

"We really need to talk." Quatre replied as Duo pushed the door open wider so Quatre and he could enter.

Heero led the two boys further into his apartment even though he was angry that they were there. Duo and Quatre sat down on the long sofa while Heero sat in a small chair. He gazed at his two former friends harshly wanting to know why they chose to bother him now.

"So, did Relena send you or not?" he asked skeptically.

"Well Duo lied." Quatre replied, picking up a newspaper in front of him, "But we did hear that at the last minute she was requested to be the guest of honor at the dance."

"Really." he mumbled sarcastically.

Heero sighed leaning back in his chair, he felt a little better about the news since now he would finally be able to tell Relena how he really felt. But what made him curious was why Relena would even consider going to a school dance? Surely she had more important political work to deal with. He smirked to himself, something he rarely did unless he was thinking of Relena.

"Aren't you coming?" Duo asked moving from the couch and starting to roam through Heero's kitchen cabinets for food.

"Wasn't planning on going." he answered solemnly.

"Well Dorothy's coming with me and Hilde is going with Duo." Quatre said placing the newspaper back on the coffee table in front of him, "Why don't you come? I'm sure Relena hasn't seen you in a while."

"It doesn't matter anyway." he muttered, turning his head the other way.

While Heero and Quatre sat in silence, Duo decided to find something good to eat. He was a bit hungry and thought Heero wouldn't mind at all. He stared at the bologna sandwich wrapped in saran wrap. He continued to search for a beverage but could find none, since the refrigerator was practically empty.

'Geez, for a single man, Heero sure doesn't like to eat.' he thought, biting hard into the sandwich.

He poured himself a glass of water from the faucet and turned back to the two guys in chair a few feet from him. He stopped a little when he saw Heero staring at him angrily.

"What?" he asked, raising his hands, "I was hungry?"

Heero just frowned at him. It was the last thing he had to eat and Duo just had to come along and take it from him.

"What else did you both exactly want to talk about?" Heero asked, changing the subject, a hint of anger trailing in his voice.

"Oh, did you hear the news about the bomb attack?" Duo asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah, what's your point?"

"We think that it may be connected somehow to the recent attacks." Quatre replied solemnly.

Heero smiled a little which caused Quatre to be a little surprised. He got up from his chair holding a mysterious smirk while taking off his jacket.

"Follow me."

The two boys immediately followed their once leader. He carried them into his second bedroom which he had renovated and turned into a mechanical shop. The guys gazed around at their surroundings. Car parts and plane parts laid everywhere, it looked like a garage except a little neater. On the walls were sketches of Heero's Gundam the wing zero. Sketches of new enhancements and other features in which he thought could make his gundam better.

"I've always thought that this might happen." he replied coolly while picking up one of the parts, "Haven't you guys missed battling?"

Quatre and Duo both glanced at each other and then smiled back at him.

"Yeah, but we know it's a time for peace, so of course we wouldn't get to fight." Quatre replied.

"But if these attacks are connected somehow, who do we link them to?" Duo asked wiping away the bread crumbs from his mouth.

"I don't know yet, all I know is that we should be prepared." he stated giving them a small square communicator device, "I designed these myself. These communicators can help us keep in contact if there is a new war. I used a special material that allows us to even communicate when we are in space."

'Wow! These are great!' Quatre thought, looking to his right to see that Duo had disappeared, 'Why does he keep doing that?'

He asked himself frowning.

"Hey there's something on the news about Relena!" Duo yelled at the boys while looking at the screen.

The two guys walked out of the mechanical shop and stared as the TV screen. They remained quiet as they saw Milliardo Peacecraft speaking on the news. Something wasn't right whenever Millardo showed something was always wrong.

Well, that's it. I know it's not a good cliffhanger but I'll try better next time. Tell me what you think. This is my first Gundam fic which is re-written. I hope it's better than how it was before. Please review and tell me what you think.



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