Interview With the Winx

Summary: I interview the Winx Club girls. Fun huh? Right

Disclaimer: If I owned Winx Club, it wouldn't have been bought by 4Kids and everyone would dress better.

Me: Thank you girls for coming here today and telling me about your experiences being a fairy in Magix and having magic. I'm glad you could take time from your busy schedules.

Musa: (pulls out her iPod) Yeah, do you have any batteries?

Me: No, but I do have some Ranch Doritos and soda

Flora: Ew, gross, got any carrots?

Me: Uh no.

Layla: What kind of soda?

Me: Orange. I tried to get Coca Cola, but it wasn't in the budget.

Layla: Damn.

Musa : (Shakes her iPod) You're sure you have no batteries?

Me: (Sighs) Yes, you're here to listen to me, not music.

Tecna: Do you have any steak?

Me: No sorry, just ranch Doritos and orange soda.

Tecna: (pulls a piece of raw steak from her bookbag)

Bloom: I love orange soda. (Hugs a can of orange soda)

Stella: I love boys! Yummy, yummy delicious boys Mmm, just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

Layla: When's the last time she had her medication?

Bloom: Last Tuesday

Flora: I think she hid it from us.

Tecna: That's not good

Musa: Someone should beat her with a frying pan

Darcy: I had a yummy boy once.

Musa: Yeah you hypnotized him

Darcy: Yeah, are you jealous?

Me: Yeah okay. Anyways what I was saying….

Flora: Do you have any water?

Me: No, the pipes broke. All we have is orange soda Now as I was saying you a….

Tecna: So, there's no working bathroom either?

Me: No, the bathroom works

Flora: So there is water?

Me: No just soda.

Musa: Ew! Orange soda! (Drops a can and it sprays all over everything.

Tecna: (Takes a big bite out of her steak)

Flora: Oh yuck! Now I'm all sticky! I need to go wash up!

Me: Can't you wait until the interview is over?

Flora: No! I need to clean up now!

Me: Fine! Go. Go. Wash up!

Flora: (Runs off to the restroom)

Bloom: (Opens a bag of Doritos)

Stella: You know what I like even better than boys?

Me: (sighs) What?

Stella: Popular boys

Layla: Too bad your boyfriend's retarded

Me: Who's your boyfriend?

Stella: Stormy (Blushes)

Me: (falls out of my chair) What! What happened to Brandon! And Stormy isn't a boy!

Stormy: (Comes through the door) Yes I am baby!

Me: (Scrambles from the floor and hides behind Musa) Wah!

Tecna: After the whole stealing the Dragon Fire and trying to take over Magix scandal a local newspaper dug into her/his past and found out she was born a male. Later Stormy in a two hour long special on Dr. Phil broke down and finally admitted it all. There were many tears that day. Most of them from Carson Kressly.

Me: I never heard of this. I just saw her the second season and everything looked the same.

Stormy: I need a hug

Me: Wah! (Punches Stormy in the face)

Stella: Hey that's my boyfriend!

Flora: (enters the room) You liar! I found plenty of water! Gallons of it in the janitor's closet! (Starts throwing gallons of water)

Me: (Sweat drops) Everyone just sit down please.

Musa: Who wants pie? (Pulls out a pie)

Layla: Cheese please!

Tecna: (Finishes her steak and licks her fingers)

Bloom: These Doritos are stale!

Me: (Freaks out and runs for the door)

Stella: (Blocks the door) No one attacks my boyfriend and gets away with it!

Me: (Looks around at the angry faces)

Flora: Drown her in orange soda!

Me: (Knocks over Stella and hides out in the bathroom for the next three days)

So long and thanks for the fish .

This story was brought to you by insanity. Thank you for reading.