Alright this is my first Fan Fic. I don't own a thing in this story except for my thoughts. I've been thinking of this story in my head for months, but i didn't know about until recently. This one is based about between the time of Slade returning and the appearance of Trigon. So im here to write up my fan fic and tell me if you like it or not i really need to know if its any good.

Chapter 1: And so they met.

"Titans go!" The Teen Titans were fighting against Plasmas once again. Robin the boy wonder, Beast Boy the shape shifting elf, Starfire the alien from a distant planet, Cyborg the half Man half Machine, and Raven the mysterious vistor from another planet. The battle was going on fiercly as Plasmis continued his attack on the Titans.

"Man he just keeps commin!" Cyborg yelled as he blasted away at Plasmis with his sonic gun just piercing through Plasmas like a hot knife through butter.

"Just keep fighting" Robin yelled as he threw a handful of grenade discs at Plasmas.

Just at that moment a strange boy in black slightly baggy pants and a green striped shirt, was flying around Jump City contemplating where to go next.

He was tired of always moving around from place to place.No one accepting his powers or him for that matter. He lost everything he had when he lost his last bit of family... when his mother died. He looked at his left arm."No time to dwell on the past. What the heck was that?" The stranger had noticed an explosion.

"Finally something to do." He then flew toward the explosion to get a closer look when he saw a giant gelatinis goop. "What in the hell is this."

He landed on the ground and suddenly was attacked by the strange creature.

"Hey dude look out!" Beast Boy yelled at the stranger.

The boy saw the odd thing approching and jumped to the side to dodge out of the way of the approaching creature. He then took his hand and threw it up as a ball of energy flew at the creature and struck it in the back. It embedded itself in the creature and then blew up reverting the creature back to ordinary man he once was.

"Well that was a little disgusting." said the stranger as he started to levitate off the ground, but before he had a chance to go anywhere he was halted.

"Hey wait a sec!" Robin yelled at the stranger to get his attention. "Thanks for the help back there." Robin said as he put out his hand in gratification.

"No problem" He then reached put and shook Robin's hand. "Just helping out when i can.

"The names Robin and these are my friends Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg. Whats your name."

"The names Kay... The names Kaiser." He said this cause he did not know them well enough to tell them his real name. "Pleasure to meet you. Well I guess I'll be going."

"Hey wait a sec. That was pretty ammazing back there. Are you a Tammarainian like Starfire."

Felling a little reluctant to answer him he responded. "No. I've always been this way, at least as long as I can remember."

"Hey well I was thinkin since you helped us out and all you wanna join the team." Robin giving an invitation to Kaiser, he figured if he can help them out he must be alright.

"What team?" Seeing as he was new around here he didnt really know much about what he was talking about.

"Well were the Teen Titans. We work together and protect the city from Criminals that ordinary people cant handle."

"Hmmmm. Teen Titans huh. I don't know, I mean, I don't know you that well. I'll need to think about it. And from what your telling me I might like to stick around for a while, see what comes up. Well, I'll probably see you around." Kaiser then lifted off the ground and flew away towards the edge of the city.

"Man that guy had some serious power." Cyborg sayed to Robin. "Hope he joins."

"Yeh me too. He might be able to give us a hand on the big missions." Robin said.

"Oh I truly hope he wishes to join our team." Starfire joyfully exclaimed.

"Can we go now." Raven already in the T Car waiting to go home.

"Geeze Raven just cant wait to get home can yah." Beast Boy sarcastically said as he jumped in the car.

Later. Around the city Kaiser thinking to himself. "Join the Teen Titans huh, Well it could help my concience out a little bit. And It seems I might be able to fit in here."

Kaiser then walked to the side of a cliff and claped his hands together. "Might as well make a place to stay for the night." He then placed his hands on the cliff and bright light engulfed the small area and all of a sudden a cave was made in the side of the cliff. He walked in and sat against a wall and slowly fell asleep. "Well I guess I'll see what happens."

Theres Chapter One hope you enjoy chapter Two.