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Chapter 7 Thank you for being a friend.

The Teen Titans woke up that morning feeling really good. Everyone was smilling, you could even see a smile on Raven once or twice. Kaiser even made breakfast for everyone again.

"Man Kaiser these pancakes are amazing." Cyborg said.

"What is your secret man." Beast Boy asked.

"Well, I add a little butter in the mix to make them extra creamy, and then when there hard enough to pick up with a fork I dip them in eggs to make the a little like french toast. Then I add cinnamon and powdered sugar." Kaiser explaing his unique touch on the pancake.

"Man you are like the best cook ever." Beast Boy.

"Yes this food is most enjoyable." Starfire said as she ate 3 more pancakes.

"Nah, my mom was way better than me." Kaiser said. He did'nt really mind talking about his mother around his new friends. He just did'nt like talking about his past.

"Man If your this good I would've loved to try your mom's." Robin said.

"Yeah. She was a great person. I really miss her though." Kaiser said tilting his head down.

"You all right man?" Cyborg asked in a wanna talk about it tone.

"Yeah I'm all right. I just miss being around her. She was the only reason I was still liveing at my house." Kaiser said a little depressed.

"You ran away." Raven said.

"Yeah. When my mom died I did'nt want to live at my house with my brothers." Kaiser said.

"You have brothers." Beast Boy said. Everyone was a little surprised at this. Thinking If Kaiser is this strong, what were his brothers like.

"Yeah. But I hate them so much." Kaiser makeing a fist. "They were always mean to me. I don't even consider them brothers any more. As far as I'm concerned I don't have brothers." Kaiser said with a lot of hate in his voice.

"Wow. That bad huh." Cyborg said.

"Yeah. They made my life a living hell. There basically the reason everyone hated me." Kaiser even more hate in his voice this time.

"What kinda powers do they have?" Robin asked.

"I don't really wanna talk about them right now. It will just ruin my day." Kaiser resumed eating his spanish omelet. Just then The alarm went off and everyone got up. Robin went to check out what was going on.

"Looks like Cinder Block is terrorizing the town." Robin said.

"Cinder Block?" Kaiser not knowing who or what he was.

"He's a giant rock golem." Cyborg said.

"A golem aye. This should be interesting." Kaiser said with a smirk on his face.

The Titans arrived at the scene where Cinder block was destroying a bunch of cars. He was wielding a giant stone hammer. Kaiser looked at the golem in wonder, thinking how was this made.

"Titans Go!" Robin yelled as all the Titans sprung into action. Cyborg ran up to Cinder Block and bunched him right in the chest. Cinder Block fell backward a little bit as Starfire kept throwing starbolts at him continuesly. Kaiser then leaped at him doing a spinning hook kick finnaly knocing him down. Beast Boy then turned into a Gorilla picking him up by his feet and spinning him finally letting him go into a wall. Then Raven picked up two cars with her telekinesis flattening him. Then Robin took three grenades chucking them at him finally knocking him out.

"All right we got him." Kaiser said as he jumped into the air throwing his fist up. "Mess with the best, die like the rest."

"Good work team." Robin said. "Well lets get the cops to pick him up and throw him away."

When the Titans arrived back at the Tower Kaiser was feeling really happy.

"Hey guys. I just wanna say thanks for everything. You know letting me stay here. Being my friends. When I'm around you guys I fell happy. I feel like I finally have a new home. Thank you for being a friend." Kaiser said.

"Hey man no problem. You help us out we help you out." Robin said.

"Hey do any of you guys know what time it is?" Kaiser said with a big smile on his face.

"Uh yeah its like 12:00." Beast Boy said.

"Nope. I think it's Party Time!" Kaiser yelled.

Everyone cheered at the thought of a party, well except for Raven. The Titans got there friends from Titans East to come down and throw a party to celebrate there new friend and teammate. Everyone was having a blast. They were listing to a cd that Kaiser got of a band called 'The Pillows'.

"Man this is a pretty good band." Beast Boy said.

"Yeah there a J-Rock band, but there really good." Kaiser said as he started to dance, break dance that is. He was doing head spins and flips like no ones buisness. While listing to the song "Little Busters". Everyone was having a great time just chilling and dancing. Kaiser was even singing to some of the lyrics. "When the kids sing out the future. Maybe kids don't need no masters. Just waiting for the Little Buster's Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Man this song is awsome."

"So what kinda powers do you got?" Aqualad said.

"Well I can manipulate energy." Kaiser then makeing an energy ball.

"Oh, like Starfire." Speddy said.

"Well not quite. Watch." Kaiser then used a little more manipulation makeing the ball grow twice its size.

"Cool man." Bumbble Bee said.

"Thanks. I can also do this. Now lets see here, this should do it." He then took an alluminum chair, clasped his hands together and placed them on the chair. A bright flash of light filled the room and the chair was turned into a tiny statue of Raven.

"Wow thats awsome!" Speedy said. "But why did you make a statue of Raven. Do you like her?" Speedy said raising his eybrows a little.

"No it's not like that I just could'nt think of anything else. So I made a statue of her meditating." Kaiser scratching the back of his head.

"Ok. Whatever you say pal." Aqualad said.

After everyone left and everyone was cleaning up from the mess they made. Everyone thought it was getting pretty late so they started to head to bed. Kaiser waited in the hall for a little bit waiting for Raven. Then she turned around the corner.

"Oh hey Raven. I uh, wanted to give you something." Kaiser then showed her the statue he made at the party. "I thought, you know, you would like a gift. I made it at the party." Kaiser lifting up the statue showing Raven.

"Um. Thanks thats..nice." Raven said as she took the statue.

"You don't like it do you." Kaiser said a little dissapointed.

"No its not that it's just I don't get presents very often." Raven said in her usual monotone. "Really. It's nice." Raven said holding the statue surprised at the detail of it.

"Thanks. I thought you know a gift for being a good friend." Kaiser said as he started to walk away.

"Kaiser, Really thanks." Raven said as she actually smiled.

"Thank you. Well I'll see you in the morning. Good night." Kaiser said.

"Good Night." Raven replied as she walked into her room.

When Kaiser got to his room he was very happy. He thought to himself this is great. I got new friends, a new home, and maybe a special friend. He then hoped into bed and slowly fell asleep ready for whatever came his way.

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