It was an understatement, to say that sports played a crucial part of Tim's life.

Sport's was the thing that took his mind off his father's death, it was what brought him and his brothers that much closer together. Even now, he still watched or played sports frequently, it was just another passion, and he had felt safe in assuming that all his kids would feel the same.

Brad did. Brad loved the footy, the wrestling, and the boxing. The contact sport's was what got his eldest revved. Nothing like it really.

Mark did too, but he liked the different sports. Basketball, swimming, baseball...grumble ballet (thanks to Jill). But that was alright, after all, the other sports were good.

But Randy wasn't all that passionate about sports. In fact, Randy really didn't give a damn. The middle boy was far more engrossed in environmental issues and social justice. No spark for sport's there.

And that was what really got Tim's chagrin. It wasn't only sports either, Randy didn't like building things, or blowing stuff up, or tools or cars. Randy was Jill's boy through and through, and that just added fuel to the fire.

Jill liked it, and got mad when Tim told her his feelings on it. It just wasn't fair. He wanted all three boys to be his boys. But that only seemed to set Jill alight, she claimed that he had Brad and Mark, the least he could do was leave her Randy.

But when Tim was clearly upset with her response, she softened, like she always did. She told him he just needed to find something he could talk to him about. After all, when they were dating, he had said that those qualities were what he loved in her.

"Yea, but that's you. You're not one of the boys."

She had ignored him, and somehow, he'd ended up downstairs in the basement, sitting on his middle child's bed. Eyeing the wooden pieces that Randy fumbled with.

"What's that?"

"Hm?" Randy looked up from the box in front of him, "Ah, it's a chess set."


"Yep. Good game, you know how to play?"

"Sure do."

"Want me to teach you?"

Tim eyed him sceptically, hadn't he just said he knew how to play (even if he didn't). Besides, the game looked dull, and the wooden pieces were old.

"Maybe later."

"Aw, c'mon, Dad."

Remembering his wife's 'wise' words, Tim resigned himself, sitting opposite Randy's desk, as his son set up the game.

"Ok, this piece is a pawn, they're the commonest piece, and worth the least, but if they make it to the other side-"

Randy frowned as he saw his Father's eyes glaze over. Lifting his brow silently, he opted to take a different approach.

"Y'know, chess is actually considered a sport."

That got Tim's attention.


"Yep, supposedly it's gonna be a part of the Olympics in the years to come. It's a game of skill and strategy and thinking ahead. Just like any other sport really."

"Really?" Tim grunted happily, picking up one of the small pieces that Randy had held before.


"And this is porn, right?"

"A pawn, Dad."

And at that moment, Tim couldn't help but think that maybe there was hope for his son.

What was funny, was at that exact same moment, Randy was thinking the same thing about his Dad.

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