Well here it is the much anticipate sequel to Illegal Birthday Presnet. YOU MUST read illegal birthday present before you read this or it makes no sense! So, without further adu...

They say the closest thing tied to memory is scent. If this is true, the first thing Sam would ever remember about winter mornings is the cool refreshing and invigorating smell of…recently polished leather.

Samantha shifted uncomfortably on the cold leather in the back of her parent's fancy escort car. She really could have just walked, she would have preferred to just walk…but unfortunately her parents would not have it. Even if they were thousands of miles away they could still manage to drive her crazy to no end. She supposed they were still trying to make up for their absence on her Birthday.

Before (this has happened more than once) she would get depressed and make what little support her two best friends could give her but now…since yesterday…

Nothing could ruin her week.

She had a feeling every day this week would feel like her birthday, not even this stupid squeaky sweaty leather could ruin her mood.

She shifted and the sound of popping plastic followed her.

Okay so maybe it did peeve her off a little.

"Just stop here Gerald." She called to the chauffeur. The smooth travel came to a stop and Sam looked out the window to a leaf littered sidewalk that would lead her to school. She stepped out, patting the door as a gesture for the driver to leave, in which he quickly complied his duties.

She gave a full smile in breathing in something natural and not artificial, the crisp air and smell of fall leaves filling her. She stretched with a yawn and started her trek to school, closing her jacket around her.

Her mind was empty and she could not help but let her thoughts wander to the day ahead. Would being 16 be different now? From the most recent moments in 16-hood she imagined so. Would Danny be open about his newfound affection for her? Would he publicly display their affections as strong as he had in the storage lab and in her room? Sam found her cheek warm and not from the bitter cold. What was it that made him act this way? He had said it was by simply seeing her, yet surely she wasn't that attractive!

As her feelings continued she discovered that her path had changed. She looked up to find herself looking at the cheery 'Welcome to Amity Park!' sign. Her eyes narrowed and she turned on her heel and headed back down to the High school she obliviously missed. You see what he does to me? I can't think straight when I'm trying to figure out what he means by things.

She sighed. Now if I just concentrate on something totally un-Danny…like…that science write-up due on Friday about the chemical reaction…

"Hey Sam!" A voice of pure familiarity called behind her and she stopped dead in her tracks.

The chemical reaction you get when you connect a ghost's lips with a human's…

She turned to see Danny Fenton walking up towards her, looking extremely confident. In fact she had never seen such positive looks on his face before. One fine eyebrow perched and she looked at him oddly when he stopped in front of her. He leaned toward the stunned girl, giving her a closer look at his smile. "If the winds change…your face will stay like that." He teased, quoting his mother.

Sam shook her head and smiled at him, "Sorry you just look…different."

"Oh no! I'm not still in ghost form am I?" He asked, look down at his t-shirt and jeans with fake shock. She shook her head again, his jokes always corny and yet she could never help snickering when she thought about it in privacy.

"Aren't you cold?" She inquired at his lack warmth. He stretched happily, feeling more at ease and as if he had just woken after an eternity of sleep.

"Used to it, and it's kind of refreshing." He looked at her smiling face, happy for him. Giving her a serene look they stood gazing at each other for a few moments. They both seemed to be contemplating something fidgeting and shuffling, yet still keeping eye contact. Sam was the first to move and the first to hesitate so Danny made the gap between them disappear.

Taking her face in both hands and pressing his lips against hers. The kiss was tender and soft and Sam was utterly grateful. After a night filled with passion, she didn't think she was ready for such strong emotions so early in the morning.

Before the thought completed in her head, Danny pressed in further, his arms moving slowly down to her waist. Sam's eyes shot open and she watched and felt as he pulled her in, hands somehow on her back now. She closed her eyes, giving in to him. Even though she didn't think she could handle it, she would rather make him happy, he meant too much to her to reject him. The image of his self-assured smile and happy eyes from minutes before flashed through her mind.

Danny was relieved when Sam finally responded, shyly placing her hands on his chest and tilting her head up so he could get better access.

The couple's lungs gave up their patience despite their lips protesting and the need for air became apparent. They released each other's mouths and gasped for air, Sam taking this chance to lean her head against his neck, closing her eyes. She didn't want to admit to herself that she was avoiding his powerful gaze or another frenzy of lips. She could hear his heart racing and wondered if he felt they were going to fast as well. But then if he did, he would take it slower.

She opened her eyes when she felt his breathing fall back into place. She turned her head to the side, gasping some cool air and a perfect picture of a very shocked and confused Tucker Foley.

Sam jumped out of Danny's arms like he was on fire. She immediately looked away, brushing her arm. As she jumped Danny's face took on the expression of hurt and reached out to her, until the sight of Tucker caught his eyes. He hesitated and then shoved his hands in his pockets.

No teasing ensued like some might think there would. There were no camera snaps or mock laughter from the direction of the yellow sweatshirt wearer. Had they couple been hugging or holding hands or even a small peck on the cheek; the teasing would have been unstoppable. But this was deeper, and the moment was broken and was to be left alone. "So…." Tucker murmured and shuffled his feet. "Yeah…I think we may be tardy so…we should better…keep walking."

Sam was the first to obey, walking quickly in the direction of the school, the two boys traveling behind. She could almost touch the tension it was so strong. She was flustered and nervous, Tucker seemed to be calculating what had happened and Danny was neither, he simply stood silent. What was happening lately? Since when did Danny express Public Displays Of Affection? She tugged angrily at her hair, Stupid Sam! Grow a backbone and tell him this is way to awkward! Oh boy…this week is going to be extremely odd… I just know it.

Tucker had always known that the two would end up together. He even imagined that out of all the couple's in school, he could actually seem them marry. That of course was pretty far stretched but even so, he always imagined them to be the very shy couple, the nervous and timid husband and wife. Constantly blushing and secretly moving closer to each other even if they were already publicly going out. Now that he had seen them so…well, NOT shy. He glanced at Sam's back and decided that she was the same, she was uncomfortable and trying to handle her awkward emotions while Danny was obviously the one being bold. Somehow that didn't make sense. Danny was never so… open? At least he could never imagine Danny Fenton to be…but maybe Danny Phantom

Tucker furrowed his brows. That's ridiculous they're the same person! But then again…the whole story of Danny's almost future and of how you could pull the emotionless ghost out of the emotional human, seemed pretty creepy already. Even that didn't make sense…because if the ghost half was unemotional then why was he lusting for Sam? He eyed Danny next to him, who seemed to be staring at Sam's back with heated green eyes that glimmered in the morning light. Tucker shrugged his shoulder mentally and turned back to look at the school.


Tucker did a double take, trying to 'discreetly' stare in shock at Danny's bright eyes. Something odd was going on…

Danny watched Sam tug at her hair from behind her, hurt welling up in his chest. He knew he had lost control yet again. He just couldn't help himself, and he didn't even know why. Sam's presence never affected him this way before now. Sure there had always been a lingering feeling in the back of his mind but was that it now? Was that what was making him so…for lack of a better word, insane? He sighed and brushed his hands through his hair. He promised himself to be gentler with her, to be more loving and not so forward. But that was not what hurt him, what hurt him was when she had jumped away from him after Tucker had came. Did she want their new affections to be kept a secret? Her words from the night before echoed through his mind, 'When we do…get deep in the moment…can we do so in a more private place?'

He nodded. He would respect her wishes, as much as he wanted her, he wanted her to be happy more and this was all about her.

Thank God for small mercies! Sam's mind jumped with glee as she stepped into Casper High's busy hallways. Her sigh of relief mirrored Danny's and Tuckers, all three friends grateful to be enveloped with something to do with their minds. To add to the relief the bell rang and the three went to their respective classes.

Sam dragged her bag behind her out of fourth period. Her science lab prior to the write-up had not gone to plan, and apparently, some elements do NOT mix… for instance ghost boys and perky cheerleaders. If Paulina didn't make a terrible lab partner already, the Latin girl would not stop talking about how the black piece of Rubidium reminded her 'oh so much of the sexy jumpsuit the Phantom wears,' and how the pink colored Water 'matched her personality to a T,' and proceeded to mix the two 'in a union of popular coupling.' This mixture resulted in a flame that ate away Sam's jacket sleeve, singed some tips of her hair, stung her eyes, and basically made her the testing zone of a fire works display. According to Love Doctor Paulina, this was a 'spark of true attraction that held the symbolism of true love.'

Right. That was more like an omen of death and destruction.

She opened her locker door with narrowed slits for eyes that matched her new black ash makeup perfectly. She lifted her bag and slammed it in, another slam of a locker door following it. She was about twist on her heel and storm off to lunch with venom and dramatics when two arms enveloped her from behind and a face snuggled into her neck. If she could jump out of her skin, she would have done so gladly, but instead she settled for jumping out of the arms that held her lovingly.

She turned to see Danny looking at her confused before he smiled. "Danny don't scare me like that, I thought I was going to be mugged."

He laughed, "Well I did say I would mug you last night…do you mind if my mugging includes the terrible fate of holding hands?" It was a tease, Sam knew, but still if he were to start any more passion filled proximity here in the halls, that would be torment worth being called mugging. He reached forward and caught some of her ebony hair in his hands. "You look like you've seen the end of the world."

Sam grew an irritated expression. "I have. Do me a favor and don't ever fall in love with pink colored water."

Danny looked at her with puzzlement but nodded. "Ready to go to lunch?" Sam nodded in response and started to walk past him when he kneeled down to the floor and picked up an envelope he had seen flutter from her locker. He stood with it, eyeing it carefully before holding it out to her. Sam looked at it and then back him, his eyes green instead of blue. "You dropped this."

His tone was icy and unforgiving, and made her blood freeze. Was that… jealousy? Could Danny turn that…intimidating over a letter? She was frightened of this new change…standing there with raven locks casting a shadow over his steel green eyes and cold demeanor…he looked too wicked.

She'd hate what to imagine he'd look like if another man took interest on her.

She took the note and stepped toward him, lowering the envelope so he could read it as well, showing him how much she not only trusted him, but how faithful she was. Her name was printed on the front and she opened the envelope to expose a letter of red paper, a message written in black in with neat cursive…


You obviously know more than you're willing to tell. Meet me today at lunch—alone—in the old abandoned French room. Either you come now, or I question you about your scandal with the ghost kid publicly. Remember, come alone or I'll post more pictures like this one.

That includes your Ghost lover; I have Phantom seekers you know, so no invisible tricks.


Pictures? Sam reopened the envelope and pulled out a small snapshot of the night in the government lab; with her and the infamous Danny Phantom…well…we know what happened that night.

Her face reddened and she had the distinct feeling that it would remain red for the rest of the month. She looked up to Danny's eyes, which had faded into a very worried and startled blue. "Danny…" she murmured with panic in her voice. "What do I say?"

"I'm coming with you." He answered. Sam shook her head vehemently.

"This is too close of a call Danny…I'm going alone, and don't say no!" She urged when he started to shake his head. "If you come with me then she'll be suspicious of you, your cover will be blown!"

He looked away in thought, hesitating before turning back to her. "And Danny Phantom?" he asked, a small flicker of green smashing through ice in his eyes. "Can he come with you?"

Sam resisted the urge to shiver at his passionate look and straightened her stance. "If Danny Phantom comes with me…I might lose him like I almost did last night."

Danny's face took on an expression of true sorrow, looking at her with hints of guilt. "Sam…this is all my fault…I'm sorry…I-I have been acting strang—"

She cut him off with a shy kiss to his lips, after looking around to make sure they were in privacy first. She smiled nervously and looked at the floor.

It was the first kiss she had given him and even if it was not as passionate as his own, he was touched by her innocence and smiled serenely at her. "I promise not to blow your cover. You know me better than that." She looked at him and her spunk started to flow back into her stance. She turned away from him and headed to Valerie's assigned meeting place.

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