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Chapter 12

Last Chapter:

"Shall we go," Yosho asked.

"Wait," Kasumi asked while clinging onto Ranma's shirt.

"What is it Kasumi," he asked curiously.

"Take me with you," she pleaded.

Now, on with the show!

"Why would you wanna go with me," Ranma asked confused.

"You were right, I'm treated almost no better than a slave here, the only person who really even treats me as a person from my own family is Nabiki. The rest see me as someone to just keep the house running while they have their own lives," Kasumi admitted shamefully.

"If it's that bad why haven't you just left," Ryoko asked, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Where could I go? I've lost contact with the few friends I had in high school, and I wouldn't have been able to find a job without getting an apartment first, and I couldn't get an apartment without having a job first. I wouldn't have been able to have a job because father would have made me stay at home," Kasumi explained with tears flowing down her cheeks. Ranma put his arms around her seeing as she was still clutching onto his shirt. He hoped it helped comfort her, but he still wasn't used to this kind of stuff. If it were just him he would say yes in a heartbeat, but he had to think about what Sasami would feel if he brought another woman with them, and plus he was a guest at the Masaki home.

"Grandpa, it's alright if she comes isn't it," Sasami asked sweetly while giving Yosho puppy dog eyes that, while no as effective as they were six months ago, were still strong enough to melt the heart of the coldest demon in hell.

"Of course it is," Yosho answered with a smile while inwardly hoping he didn't go into diabetic shock.

"Ayeka, Ryoko, will you please help Tendo-san pack her things," Tenchi asked knowing those two wouldn't refuse him. Which of course, neither did.

"Of course Lord Tenchi," Ayeka responded with a nod before motioning Kasumi to lead the way.

"No problem Tenchi," Ryoko smirked before floating after them.

"So Ranma, what kind of family are you marrying into," Nabiki asked. If the info was good enough she'd be able to sell it for a little profit even though they were sitting comfortable right now, it was always best to be prepared.

"You wanna field that one Sensei," Ranma asked.

"Ranma is betrothed to the Royal Princess of Jurai, an intergalactic Empire, whose inhabitants are, shall we say, long lived," Yosho explained.

"Boy, you've finally done it, you've hit the jackpot," Genma yelled as soon as he had dumped hot water over his head. Which just goes to show, old pandas are just like old dogs; they can't learn new tricks.

"What happened to joining the schools," Nabiki asked snidely. Well, she needed someone to vent on, Ranma was marrying into royalty and she doubted he thought well enough of her family to help them out anymore, especially since Kasumi was going with him.

"Yosho," a voice from behind the Masaki party barked, "Aren't you ready to leave yet? We need to return to Jurai soon for Seiji and Kenji's trials. I cannot postpone them indefinitely."

"I apologize father, we are just waiting for one of the people from the house to pack her things, she requested to go with Ranma. Misaki and Funaho finally had gotten that vacation to Earth out of Azusa, but their return date was today and they couldn't postpone their leaving much longer. Ranma had begged, unnecessarily, to be there for the trial. Since he was an important witness they actually needed him to make sure Seiji was punished more harshly.

"Lord Ranma," Funaho spoke up, "I thought you were no longer on good terms with the residents of this house? Why would you allow one of them to come with you?"

"Actually, we're bringing two," Ranma replied after a moment of thought, "We found my mother, who had actually been my foster mother. Washu and I returned her memories, and she and I will go from there. She don't have anything to pack though. Kasumi I forgave a while ago, never could hold a grudge, especially against her, so when she asked to come with Sasami asked Yosho if it was alright if she moved in. Kind of pointless I guess since we gotta go straight to Jurai, but she'll need her things."

"Hold on a second, what did you mean by 'Lord' Ranma," Nabiki asked once her mind had caught up.

"Oh, did we forget to mention that part," Yosho asked with a mischievous grin, "Ranma's father was Lord Seiji, a member of the Royal family, if only 6th cousin to the Emperor, and Ranma has inherited his title, suite at the palace, any land he may own, and all liquid assets."

"How well off was Pops anyway," Ranma asked curiously. The suite he had seen was definitely decorated high class, but he wasn't sure if that came with the suite or if it had been purchased.

"Despite his distance from the throne, Seiji was the fourth richest nobleman on Jurai," Funaho answered, making Nabiki twitch, or go into convulsions it was quite a bit of full body twitching, while drooling.

"If Ranma's real father is such an honorless jerk why does he get access to all that," Soun asked with yen signs in his eyes, showing exactly where Nabiki got her greed from, maybe not her mind, but her greed at the very least.

"He is being put on trial, which is a mere formality, for attempted murder of a child. Of any child we take that serious on Jurai, but as the child in question was a member of the Royal Family and now is betrothed to the second Princess of Jurai, well, he'll be lucky to live a month after we arrive," Funaho explained.

"And you're condoning this Ranma," Soun asked in shock.

"If they ain't gonna kill him I will for what he did to my mom. I dun care what he did to me, but he tried to kill my mom, that's where I draw the line," Ranma growled while his aura flickered into the visible spectrum as he thought about it. This act was enough to bring Nabiki out of her monetary fantasies.

"Ranma-kun, could you use an accountant," Nabiki asked hopefully. Not only would she get out of this house with Kasumi, but she could negotiate a good pay out of Ranma.

"I'll think about it Nabs, I gotta find out what all I got first," Ranma told her while seriously considering it. "I gotta come back for a little bit after the trial to clear up a couple more loose ends anyway so I'll let you know."

"We're ready Lord Tenchi," Ayeka commented as she and Ryoko came down the stairs with Kasumi, each with a suitcase in their hands. It only took so long for them to pack that little because Ayeka spent most of the time telling Kasumi she needed to get more makeup and clothing if she was to fit in the Royal Palace.

"Let's go," Azusa commanded gruffly, to which everyone nodded. Ranma, Nodoka(Kaoru), and Kasumi bid their goodbyes quickly and were outside where they were quickly 'beamed' aboard the Royal Flagship. What nobody noticed was Happosai sneaking with them in the hopes of finding more 'silky darlings' to liberate and women to fondle in his golden years.

I never did say what happened to Ukyo did I? Well, after Konatsu's family died from an attack by rabid flying squirrels (really shows their skills huh?) Konatsu became the head of the family. When Ukyo's father would not let her drop the vengeance quest she married into his family and they restarted Konatsu's line and a chain of successful okanimiyaki restaurants.

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