Doing Chores

A little glimps into the childhood of Merlin

I don't like doing chores at all. But Mother tells me to do this or do that and I have to do it. The sky turns red and I have to weed the floating gardens in the back of her Ways. The sky turns purple and I have to do the dishes and clean out the deamon den. Always doing chores. Jurt doesn't have to. He is her favorite son and he can go and play and do everything he wants, but I am stuck with the chores.

When the chores are done I have to go to lectures. They want me to shapeshift but I don't know how to and I am scared. What if I get stuck half human and half deamon and can't turn to any of them properly? I cry and don't want to but I have to and without really knowing how I manage. Of course, my deamon form is not very nice. I will have to add spikes and tails and so on afterwards, and i am proud and Mother says that I have done well. But then there is the chores again. There are the blood to clean up, there are the shadows to polish. Doing chores.

But the sky turns green and then I can go play. I run with my friends to the rim of the abyss, staring down in the depth. We go explore the shadows beyond Mothers Ways and we dance the bone dance and giggle. It is not like the chores takes forever to do, and it is actually quite fun to shapeshift, once you know how to do it, and Jurt has to do some cleaning as well, sometimes.

The sky turns pink and starts revolving once again, and my mother tells me to come back home for dinner. We eat the flesh she has brought home and then I have to do the dishes. I go to sleep and think of all I have done today and what I will do tomorrow. I will try to shapeshift again, I think, and I will doing chores.