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"Tatsuha, you're late!"

"Um, yeah, I kinda, uh, met a local, and, uh…"

He fell quiet, fiddling with something behind his back.

Suguru glared at him. "Spill it, Tatsuha. What did you do now?"

He stared at the ground and slowly took a little bundle from behind his back.

"What's that?"

The bundle moved and made a typical baby sound. Suguru paled.

"Is that… A baby?"

Tatsuha nodded.

"Tatsuha… Why do you have a baby? You didn't steal it, did you?"

"No! I just ran into this woman, who was screaming at me, and then I saw she was bleeding so I tried to help her, and she just pushed this thing into my arms and died! I couldn't just leave it there, could I!"

Suguru stared at him. "I suppose not… But how are we supposed to take care of a baby in the middle of nowhere and with only just enough food for the two of us!"

"Aww, it's so small, it can't eat all that much."

"Don't be too sure. Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I dunno. She pointed at it and said 'Joni' so I suppose that's it's name. It's a pretty name, don't ya think?"

Suguru nodded. "I suppose so."

Silence fell, until Joni started crying.

Tatsuha felt himself get nervous already. He was no good at all woth kids! They annoyed the heck out of him!"What do we do?"

"Maybe it needs changing."

"I don't think it's even wearing a diaper."

"Just change it already."

Tatsuha twitched. Was he supposed to take care of that thing just because he found it! "What do I use for a diaper?"

Suguru shrugged. "I dunno, a leaf?"

Tatsuha ripped a leaf off a nearby tree.

"Leaf, check."

He stood there for a while, staring at the little thing in his arms. "I dunno what to do."

Suguru sighed and took the little Joni from him. He expertly made the leaf into a diaper.


"It's still crying. You must have done it wrong or something."

Suguru glared at him. "Maybe he's hungry."

"It's a he?"

Suguru nodded. The two young males looked at each other.

"What do we feed it?"

"Well, we obviously aren't able to give him milk, so maybe we can feed him fruits or something."

"But he's so tiny, do you think he's old enough for solids?"

"The only other option is to let him starve."

Tatsuha paled. "Umm… So, did we bring any fruits?"

"Look around, idiot. There's a banana tree right over there."(are there bananas in the Amazon area? I really wouldn't know, but there's bound to be some kind of soft fruit.)

Tatsuha groaned and began climbing the tree.

As he struggled, Suguru stared at the little thing he was holding. He couldn't believe it. Tatsuha and him, a child? And it seemed they had no choice but to keep it. He smiled happily. It was his greatest secret, but he'd always loved children. He'd accepted when Tatsuha married them that he might never have any, since a gay couple was unlikely to get the rights to adopt a kid. But now, with this Joni…

He broke from his thoughts when he heard a loud crash.

"Tatsuha? Are you all right?"

"Uhn… Yeah, I'm fine… Just some scratches." He held up his hard earned bananas. "I got them."

Suguru nodded. He peeled the fruits and began trying to feed them to the baby.

Tatsuha looked at his husband and sighed. With that little brat around, his chances of bedding Suguru were slim. Damn. But Su-kun sure looked happy. The kid was making a huge mess, and Suguru would most likely end up having hell cleaning everything again, but he was smiling none the less. Tatsuha grinned. Seemed like SU-kun had a weak spot for children. Which was good, because it meant he wouldn't have to do as much. He moved over to his 'family' and sat next to Suguru.

"It's not going too well, is it?"

"Oh, it's not going too bad, actually. I think he likes it. He just doesn't know how to eat."

Tatsuha sweat dropped.

"I see. You're really good with children, aren't ya?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. I really like them as long as they're little."

Tatsuha sweat dropped. "So, then…You want to keep it."

"Keep him. And yes, I want to keep him. I've always wanted a kid of my own, and I don't think I'll get a chance like this ever again."

Tatsuha sighed. "But I'm not ready for a child, I can't handle children at all!"

Suguru looked at him. "Yeah, and I wasn't ready to get married yet, either. I think this balances it out. You get us married, so you could legally screw me, but with marriage comes a family. I have a right."

Tatsuha pouted at him. "I don't think it works that way, Su-kun…"

"Your actions have consequences."

"But taking a kid is a big decision!"

"So is getting married."

Tatsuha couldn't really stand up to that, so he just shut up. Momentarily.

"Okay, then… I guess it's a cute kid…"

Suguru smiled at him. "Yeah, he is. But you've really got to stop calling Joni-chan an 'it'."

Tatsuha sighed. "Don't go mothering me as well."

Suguru only huffed and continued feeding. Tatsuha looked at them for a while until the kid fell asleep, then pulled them into his lap and they sat in comfortable silence for a long time, watching the sun go down over the river. It was all very romantic, and Suguru eventually fell asleep, the only thought remaining in his mind was how this had been the best day in his life.

The night, however, wasn't exactly the best night in his life.

"Damn, I didn't think taking care of a baby would be so much work… I only babysat during the day and sometimes evening…Never the whole night…"

Suguru cringed as Joni started crying again.

"Man, Su-kun, make him shut up!"

Suguru grunted and picked up the screaming child, bouncing it and mumbling at it, as Tatsuha flipped onto his other side and mumbled something about Suguru being a poor parent.

Suguru punched him in the face.

Next morning found Tatsuha tired, Suguru exhausted, and Joni happily bubbling, getting everything covered in banana goo again. None the less, Tatsuha found himself optimistic and somehow full of energy.

"C'mon, Su-kun, let's go! If we take this long every morning, we're never going to make it to the ruins!"

Suguru sputtered. "You still want to go there! But, we have Joni! We can't raise a baby in the jungle!"

"Why not? We managed okay, didn't we? I'm sure he can live of fruit for a while."

"But, it's so dangerous!"

Tatsuha crossed his arms and looked at his husband determinately. "I want to continue our honeymoon. I'm not planning to ever go on one again, so I want this one to last longer that just two days. We're going on."

Suguru stared at him. "But…"

"No buts! We'll be fine!"

"How am I supposed to paddle while holding a baby!"

"Can't you just lie him down somewhere?"

"He doesn't like to be left alone."

Tatsuha rolled his eyes. "How can he feel alone when it's the three of us in a tiny canoe?"

"You really suck with children, you know."

Tatsuha shrugged. "I was never really treated like a kid when I was little."

"That's no excuse, neither was I."

Tatsuha looked at him uncomfortably. Suguru decided to take pity on the poor guy and smiled. "It's okay, Tatsuha, you'll learn." He grabbed a shirt from his bag and wrapped Joni in it, tying the sleeves around his neck and under his arms in a makeshift carrier.

"There. It'll do, but don't expect us to go as fast as yesterday, we'll probably need to stop a couple of times today."

Tatsuha nodded and they were off again.

Tatsuha was sure the bags under his eyes were so big they he was getting so top-heavy he might fall over. Now he knew why that woman had given him her child. The thing was possessed by a demon, he was sure of it. Too bad he hadn't brought any of his exorcism equipment. Then there was Suguru. Damn prude he was! How could he, throwing his finest collection of magazines down a waterfall! He was so mean! Now Tatsuha wasn't going to talk to him ever again. He pouted like the little kid he actually was.

Suguru sighed. Tatsuha was glaring at him again. Did not having porn around really bother him that much? It wasn't like he was going to get withdrawal symptoms of it or something!

"Tatsuha, you're acting as immature as Joni. And if I'm correct, you're some sixteen years older than he is."

Tatsuha continued pouting but said nothing. Suguru snickered slightly as he bounced a crying Joni. "Could you at least get some more fruit for me? It's for your own good; Joni-chan won't shut up if he isn't fed."

Tatsuha grumbled. He hated it when Suguru was right.

"Don't fall down again; you might not be as lucky as last time!"

A few minutes later found Tatsuha sporting a new bruise, and Suguru humming happily, even though he was covered in goo again. It was then that Tatsuha couldn't take it anymore. "How can you be so damned happy! The kid's a little demon, and you're humming? You never hum unless you're really happy!"

"I am really happy, Tatsuha. I told you I really wanted a child of my own. Beside, I thought you weren't talking to me anymore."

Tatsuha grumbled and shut up again.

"Tatsuha… Isn't there anything I can do for you to make you happier, y'know, when Joni-chan's asleep-

-If he ever falls asleep."

Suguru glared at him. "Shut up. I'm really trying to make this trip a good one, you know."

"If you want me to be really happy, you know what I want, Su-kun…"

He slipped an arm around Suguru's waist, and nipped on his neck. Suguru gasped.

"I… yeah, I know… I just don't think he'll be asleep long enough for that…"

Tatsuha snickered. "It needn't take that long…"

And that night, while Joni lied charging up for another day of torturing his foster parents, Tatsuha showed Suguru just what you could do with just a little bit of time.

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