I take credit for the plot, the style, and word choice. Everything else is Rumiko Takahashi's.

Rin is Bored

It was a cold windy day; the clouds hung heavy with the waters of an imminent storm… and our favorite, fluffy demon lord was concerned. Of course, you would never know he was concerned from his appearance- his cold amber eyes held the same supremely disinterested expression they always held, his stride the same as ever. But Lord Sesshoumaru was concerned. He would be just fine walking in the rain, as would Jaken (not that he cared), but his young human ward was another matter.

We will have to find shelter for the night. Rin will catch a cold if we continue like this.

"Master Jaken, Rin is cold."

"Stupid girl, what do you expect me to do about it?" Rin was about to reply, but stopped, noticing her Lord stop ahead. His back was turned, so she could not see which of his expressions he held. His eyes had narrowed slightly, but other than that, it was the same default expression. He could see, in the distance, a soft glow in the shadowy edge of the mountain, and that scent…

Inuyasha. And that cave is likely the only decent shelter for miles. He made his decision.

"There is a cave up ahead. We will set camp there."

"Yay! Rin will be warm!"

In the cave…

"SIT BOY!" An adorable Inu hanyou did a face plant.


"Serves you right, Inuyasha!" Shriek Shippo. The sweet little kitsune kid sported a large lump on his head.

"Keep it up runt! See what-" Inuyasha sniffed the air intently, before growling.

"What is it, Inuyasha?" Asked Kagome.

"It's Sesshoumaru, he's near by. And he's got his little fan club with him."

At that moment, Sesshoumaru strode in. Inuyasha quickly unsheathed his Tetsuiga. "What the hell are-"

"Put that away, little brother. There's no room in here, and there's a storm outside. I will not stand out in the rain like a fool on your account."

"You can't stay here!"

"I did not ask for your consent."


"Inuyasha, SIT!" At that moment, Rin had entered the cave, along with Jaken and AhUn. "Oh, I see. You don't want Rin to catch cold out there. Lets call a truce for now. Here, come join us, it's warmer here by the fire."


"SIT!" AhUn walked over the campfire and the group and made themselves (Itself? Himself?) comfortable. Rin sat between Kagome and Sango by the fire while Jaken sulked in a corner, muttering about stupid humans and irritable dragon demons. Sitting nearby, but far enough to be separated from the group was Lord Sesshoumaru, leaning against the wall looking pensive and introverted.