Well…yeah I know. Magical Creatures fics aren't the most original so whatever. Before I start this fic, I have got to make a few things clear. One, this is an alternate universe okay? This means that some of the characters will be out of character. Two I will be switching POVs very often between Draco and Harry so tell me in your reviews if you want me to slow down on that. And finally….Number three. This is a slash fic. This means that there might be explicit content in here so don't like don't read. Okay I lied. I have one more. My muse will do the honors now. By the way, I have discontinued my Harry Potter and the Triwizard tournament fic for now. I don't know when I'll continue it. Personally I didn't like it all that much.

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The Woes of Magical Creatures.

Draco POV

Draco snapped awake with a choked off scream of pain. His shoulders burned as he writhed in agony. After all, Malfoys don't scream. Black spots began to take over his vision as he raised his arm to check his watch. 12:01 am Great. Just great. All coherent thought left him as he plunged into complete darkness.


Draco snapped awake again. This time he remembered to keep his mouth shut as a loud tearing was heard. Two silver wings tore from his back glistening with blood. The Slytherin permitted a tiny whimper to escape his throat and nothing more. He felt the wings shift on his back automatically. At least the pain's stopped he thought with a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, a terrible yearning washed through him. Draco's hearing, thought, smell and sight vanished. All that mattered was following that urge. The newly transformed Slytherin grabbed his wand and crept downstairs and out the front door. He knew instinctively that he couldn't fly yet.

The Malfoy Manor's various protections and wards seemed to shatter as the blonde left the grounds. Draco didn't take any notice as he took off running towards the tree line of the nearby forest.

Across the countryside he ran with his feet hitting the ground in perfect rhythm. With each step, the yearning grew stronger. The Slytherin finally collapsed from exhaustion underneath an oak tree and fell into a restless sleep.

Harry's POV

Harry moaned feverishly. Sweat dotted his brow as he thrashed uncontrollably in his sleep. Voldemort loomed up in his mind cackling insanely. Then the Dark lord morphed into Malfoy, then Ron, Hermione, and Sirius. Harry cried out and snapped back to reality panting.

"That was an odd dream," the Gryffindor muttered under his breath. The Boy-Who-Lived crept silently down the hall into the washroom. Harry turned on the lights and nearly screamed in shock as he looked in the mirror but at the last second turned it into a choked cry. He took a deep breath before daring to look at his reflection again.

His normally tanned skin had gone as pale as the moonlight. Harry's cheekbones were more prominent and his lips were both much fuller and redder. It was the last feature that really freaked him out. Long, black, feathered wings now protruded from his back. "Why does everything strange and disturbing always happen to me," he muttered under his breath. He padded down the hallway to his room. "I have a lot of explaining to do in the morning," he groaned. The Gryffindor collapsed on bed due to his sudden exhaustion and fell back to sleep.

Sunlight filtered through Harry's blinds as he woke up. "Bloody hell," he cursed under his breath when he realised that his wings were still there. "Someone up there must really hate me," he muttered as he sat up. The wings shifted on his back as he got out of bed. Hedwig screeched as a wing whacked her cage and sent it flying.

"Hedwig! I'm so sorry," Harry gasped. After checking that the owl was all right, he turned and rehung the cage. She glared at him reproachfully through the bars before turning her back to him. The Gryffindor sighed and got dressed for the day. It was his sixteenth birthday. As usual, he didn't expect his muggle relatives to do anything.

Draco's POV

"Master Draco! Master Draco! You is needing to get up Master Draco! The queen is wanting to see you master Draco!"

Said Slytherin grabbed his wand from within the pocket of his…boxers? "What the fuck?" the blonde said opening his eyes and looking around him confusedly. "Where the hell am I?"

"You is underground in the tunnels sir! In the tunnels! The queen…she be the one having all the answers for you master Draco," the house elf said. "Your new clothes is being on the dresser Master Draco." The blonde tried to get some answers out of the elf "Master Draco must hurry up," it said and vanished with a loud crack.

"Just my luck. Stupid vermin," the Slytherin muttered under his breath. "I thought horrible things only happened to Potter. Why didn't I change into my robes before leaving last night? Well asking myself all these questions isn't going to help me at all. I must go ask this 'queen' what she wants. He searched desperately for the bathroom and found that a second door in his room led to one. But first I'm taking a shower and somehow I have to get these wings to retract. As he thought this, they retracted. Well…that's one less thing to worry about.

After his shower, Draco took a critical look in the mirror and almost fell over in shock. How in seven hells did I wind up looking like this? If anything, I am even hotter than ever. I should look like shit after last night, he thought as he recalled what he had done. In addition to the more prominent cheekbones, longer hair and darker eyes, he noted that he had also grown several inches. Instead of the five foot seven he had been, the Slytherin now was at least five foot eleven.

The blonde searched the entire bathroom over twice. No gel? He mentally complained when he came up empty handed for the second time. That is so not fair. Giving up his search for the moment, Draco got dressed and combed his hair before leaving his room.

The house elf reappeared with a loud crack before it said, "Master Draco must follow Dory!" As it finished saying this, it took off running down the hall towards where the queen was supposed to be. "This way!" it yelled and flung open a door.

A blonde woman sat a chair in what seemed to be a living room with a roaring fire. She turned as Draco and the elf walked in. "This is where I be leaving you!" it squeaked before disappearing with another loud crack.

"Welcome Draco. I am Cara queen of the Anethystos and you my dear son are next in line for the throne."

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