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"Come on, Dory," Draco demanded. "Take me back to my mother."

"Dory is doing so," she murmured nervously. She walked up to Draco and seized his hand. They disappeared with a loud crack.

When they reappeared, Draco nearly fell to his knees and gasped for breath. The elf's apparition had been harder on him than it had to be. Draco of course had expected the sensation of being squeezed through a tight space but it felt like someone had accidentally dropped a rock on his ribcage. His feet had slammed so hard into the ground that the soles were smarting also. That house elf did that on purpose! He exclaimed to himself when he saw that the elf's face was unusually blank and that she stood perfectly still. She asked for no more orders.

"I didn't expect you to be back so soon," an amused voice said from the corner of the room.

Draco turned quickly and resisted the urge to glare at her. "Do you know anyone besides you that I can talk to about this?" he said quietly.

Cara shook her head. "I'm sorry, but royals do not associate with commoners or scholars about such petty issues. It makes us seem weak."

Draco narrowed his eyes suspiciously. He knew that she was hiding something from him. Almost subconsciously, he made a vow to find out what.

Harry Pov

Harry was still staring at the letters in his hands. The parchment rasped against his hands as he clenched them. He felt both extremely relieved and more than a bit annoyed. This apparent inheritance wasn't something that he could go around talking about and expect it to be all fine and happy. Besides, people stared at him enough. He couldn't imagine what would happen if he had to go walking down the streets of muggle London with wings folded upon his back. On the other hand, he felt annoyed because the letter told him next to nothing about what he was. Would he be able to fly on his wings? What would happen if he never found his mate, or if they both hated each other. Why did he need a mate in the first place?

Another small part of him thought that it was some kind of joke. Somebody had sent the letter to rile him up. But what else could explain the changes? Lily and James were both normal in that respect as far as he knew. He yawned feeling tired. The questions swirling in his head were tiring him out. His eyes drooped slightly and he swayed backwards. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep.

It was dark when Harry opened his eyes. He glanced worriedly at his watch hoping beyond hope that he hadn't slept too late. The little watch face lit up under the pressure of his little finger. It was 11:30. Harry swore and hastened to turn on his bed lamp.

The soft glow of the lamp lit the room as Harry began to scramble around picking up all of his belongings. He tossed them into his trunk working swiftly. It was amazing how his things seemed to have migrated during his stay with the Dursleys. It took all of the time that he had before he had found everything. Glancing at his watch again, he saw that he had used the last half hour remaining before the sound of apparition sounded outside his door.

Harry sighed and ran his fingers tiredly through his hair. "Finally!" He exclaimed through the series of indignant yelps of surprise from his family. A broad grin flashed across his face as he heard somebody moving outside of the door.

A low voice rasped. "Alohomora!" and with many hisses and clicks, the locks on his door came undone. It than swung open almost silently revealing a man in shabby robes and prematurely greying hair.

"Lupin!" Harry exclaimed delightedly. He looked around and noticed that there was no one else there. "No one else came with you?"

"No," the man replied. "Dumbledore deemed it wise to come up with a new strategy for transporting you to Grimmauld place. He believes that your movement to the headquarters of the Order would be less notable if there's just one person accompanying you. If several people that are known to be connected to you disappear on the same night traveling to the same place, it wouldn't be hard to find you."

Harry nodded quietly. He briefly debated telling Remus about the changes in his appearance. It was going to be extremely difficult to find his mate without help. It took him only a few seconds to discard the thought. He knew that Ron and Hermione would be able to help him some how even if they hadn't written to him with any useful information over the summer.

"So are we traveling by apparition?" Harry asked curiously.

Lupin shook his head. "No," he said. "I wouldn't be able to take your trunk with us."

He pulled out a ratty old cap that looked like it had been rescued from a dumpster. Which it probably has, Harry thought dryly. "We are traveling by portkey. It should be activating within the next ten seconds. Grab on!"

Harry did so and there was a brief pause before there was a jerk behind his navel and his world dissolved into a swirl of colours.

Harry's feet slammed onto the floor and he nearly fell to his knees. With an effort, he caught his balance. He heard a delighted squeal and was immediately attacked by a mop of bushy brown.

"Hermione," he gasped. "You're squishing me!"

She immediately released him looking a little guilty. "Sorry," she murmured.

Harry glanced around her shoulder and spotted Ron who was staring back at him with an odd expression on his face. Nonetheless, he came forward and clapped his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Good to see you, mate," he said.

Harry winced slightly at the word 'mate', but smiled back at him. "Don't worry," he said quietly. "I'm not trying to steal Hermione from you."

Ron blushed red to his roots at the comment. His face and hair combined to mimic the look of a rather read cherry.

Lupin smiled at them all before taking his leave without a word.

"What's his problem?" Harry murmured.

"Didn't you hear?" Hermione gasped.

Harry looked at her incredulously.

She blushed slightly. "No, of course you haven't. Tonks and Remus are in a relationship together! They are both staying here at Headquarters!"

"That reminds me," Harry said. "I have something really important to tell you both. I came into an inheritance of a sort this summer."

With that, he began to tell them all about the letter and his changed appearance.

Draco's pov

Draco turned and walked out of Cassandra's rooms feeling very frustrated. He wandered the tunnels aimlessly. There was nothing about the Anethystosians written anywhere! The worst thing was that no one would tell him anything! He'd tried to approach a few people in the hallway. To his disappointment, they would begin to look nervous the moment he opened his mouth and rush away. By the end of the day, Draco decided that it was because it was somehow obvious that he was a submissive and therefore strange that he was asking those questions.

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