A/N: This was my first post. It's rather amazing to think that it was nearly one-and-a-half years ago that I began my writings for fanfiction dot net and even more to think of how my maturity has progressed. Which is why I changed this author's note. It was causing me undue indigestion.

Too Many Questions


I've been singing 'bout

80 hours in this

Locked, bouquet-stuffed

Dressing room for two

Just stuck inside with you.

Two more minutes 'til

Raoul comes looking, but

I am tempted to leave the prat behind

(I bet anything he'll cry)

'Cuz I wonder sometimes

About that girl-hair

Is he man or pansy (who cares?)

Am I singing this right?

Wow, my mirror—you're there inside!

And there's mist and it's dark as night


Why, Angel, why?

(guitar break)

Well, you're in my room now and

I am speechless—just

Hold your hand out and I'll come

Gliding along

(And sing a silent song)

You might be an angel from heaven

(Or just a perverted lonely soul)

Either way

I'm digging that mask

(You're quite attractive)

What's behind it?

(I don't think I'll ask)

Well, we're in a boat now

And that steel door just opened—how?

And…who tans when they live underground?


Why, Angel, why?

(guitar break)

So what, so I'm kinda turned on—

Your hands are

Getting too touchy for an angel


Don't believe me

Don't believe me

When I say I'm your dad!

(guitar pick)


Whoa, that mannequin's

Kind of scary—I

Think I'll faint now—you can carry me

To that big red bed and let me sleep it off

Hey, everything happens for a reason

(For a reason)

Guess we just weren't meant to get

Friendlier tonight

(next morning)

Wait a minute, this just ain't right

My stockings have gone from sight!


Tell me why—


Why, Angel, why?...