Author's Note: Each chapter is a different drabble or short story based on a set theme, written for 30shards at LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

Theme: Victory

Genre: Humor

Victory is Sweet

Sesshomaru watched the epic struggle disinterestedly from afar.

Jaken was in the fight of his life.

He had his victim firmly in his grasp now. Nothing would stand in the way of success.

Grunting, he performed a series of complex maneuvers that had his victim in agony no doubt.

"Ah!" His fingers slipped. His prey had almost gotten free. This was tougher than he'd thought it would be. He'd been in these sorts of situations before, but this particular opponent was tougher, hardier, unbending.

"Almost got him . . . ."

Jaken had him in his clutches. He had mastered his opponent. Escape was futile; victory at hand.

"Daaaah!" With one final motion, Jaken finished him off. His victim fell to the ground, motionless.

"Yay Master Jaken!" Rin ran up to him. "You did it!"

She bent down and picked the origami swan up off the floor, admiring it in her hand. "This is your best one yet! Thanks!"

Jaken huffed and puffed, trying to catch his breath. "Heh, that was nothing. I used to be known as the best origami master in my tribe!"

And Jaken stood there triumphantly with head held high and chest puffed out, savoring the sweet taste of victory.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.