Yeah. This is my first fic, and it's a BB X Rvn fic. Basicaly this story was thought out by the classic "Flushing-the-Tiolet-While-Someone-is-in-the-Shower" prank. If you somehow haven't heard of it, let me tell you(I think this is how it happens). This prank, of course, happens while someone is in the shower, and you know that many people take a shower that isn't too hot nor too cold. So what happens is that if someone flushes the toilet, the toilet is supposed to use the cold waterfrom the shower, making the water comming out of the how really, really hot with no way of colling it, until the the toilet stops using the water(that is if there are new types of plumbing that can stop this).

Anyways, without a further adew...lets begin.

Disclaimer: No surprise, but I don't own the Titans or some of their episodes that may be referenced in this fic. If I did, oh boy, Robin and Star would have already kissed and Beast Boy and Raven would start realizing that they like eachother.

Chapter 1-The Accident

Robin was walking down the hallway of the Titan's Tower towards his room. Today was just another normal day for the titans. They just had combat practice and everyone was now having time to themselves. Cyborg was fixing his car, Starfire was feeding Silkie, Raven was showering, and Beast Boy...err...Beast Boy was doing some type of dancing?

"Beast Boy, why are you dancing in the middle of the hallway?" asked Robin.

"Well, I'm not dancing because I'm happy," Beast Boy said as he was squirming and hopping around the hallway with his hands between his legs, trying to hold his bladder from leaking. He was banging on the locked bathroom door, "Come on Raven! Hurry up in there! I gotta go!"

"Oooookay," Robin said confused. "I'll be in my room trying to track down what Slade will be planning next."

"K," Beast Boy squirmed out of his mouth while Robin was going to his room. "RAVEN! WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG IN THE SHOWER?"

There was no answer coming through the bathroom door.

'Great! Living in a giant "T" shaped tower with multiple rooms and we only have one bathroom! Just great!' Beast Boy thought, still squirming. "Raven, hurry up in there cause I really, really gotta go. And I'm still not paper trained," he whimpered. 'Why did I have to drink all that soy milk this morning?'

Then after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, according to Beast Boy, he tries to think of a way so that he can use the bathroom while Raven is taking a shower.

'Maybe I should sneak in and go. Yeah, she won't find out that I came in cause, 1, the shower curtains would block my image, and 2, she won't hear me due to the noise of the shower, that is if I don't flush.' Beast Boy smiled when he thought of his "ingenious" plan, but then frowned, thinking of the bad sides of his plan. 'But what if she turns the shower off, opens the curtains, and sees me in there. I'm done for! Or what if I flush it...' While his conflict was taking place in his head, his bladder was making the answer the green titan. "Well, I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go. And I really gotta go," Beast Boy chuckled nervously. 'Hope I don't get caught' he gulped.

In an instant, he shrunk into a spider and crawled through the metal door and he was in the bathroom. He transformed back to himself, and he quickly looked towards the shower. Beast Boy saw the shower with its blue curtains on the right. He saw steam and water coming out of the shower and shower head. Also, he saw a small shadow like figure of Raven showering (facing away from him), and heard Raven humming some tune.

Knowing that the coast was clear, he sneaked to the toilet, to the left of the shower. Once Beast Boy got to the toilet, he was able to relieve his over-filled bladder. 'Ahhh, relief!' Beast Boy thought while smiling. After he pulled his pants up and fixed his belt, he checked the shower to see if Raven didn't notice anything.

He turned around to the shower to see if Raven had noticed anything, and he stared at the shower in shock. What he saw were the blue curtains, but that's not the reason that made him freeze. What he saw was a silhouette of Raven's backside facing him that was transpiring through the curtains. Beast Boy just stared at the silhouette, looking at Raven's slender curves around her chest and waist area and looked at her well-slimed arms while she was cleaning her body, as steam was coming up and out from the shower. Also the tune she was humming made Beast Boy go into a deeper trance.

He just stared there for a long time.

'Dude, she is beautiful.' He looks at her for a longer while in silence, and then he gets out of his trance remembering that he's not out of danger yet. 'Wait! Did I just say that? I gotta stop thinking about this and get out of here before she sees me.'

Beast Boy stopped staring and rubbed his eyes for a few seconds. When he put his hands down, he felt something being pushed down and he instantly heard a flushing sound. His widen in fear, "Oh Shit!" Beast Boy realized that he accidentally flushed the toilet.

While in the shower, Raven heard some type of flushing noise and someone speaking outside the shower curtains. "Who's thei-AHHH! HOT! HOT! HOT!" Raven screamed when she felt the shower water become very hot on her skin due to the toilet being flushed.

"Gotta get outta here, NOW!" In an instant, Beast Boy transformed into a fly and flew out of the bathroom. When he got out, he turned back into himself, leaning on the bathroom door. His heart was beating like crazy and his mind was going haywire trying to figure out what to do next. 'Wonder if Raven knew that I was in there.'

His thought was answered.

"BEAST BOY!" Raven screamed though the bathroom door so loud that everyone throughout the tower could hear her. She knew that it could only have been Beast Boy due to the fact that he is the only titan that could shrink into something small that could enter the bathroom, even if locked, plus she also heard him. And, she knew that Beast Boy like to pull pranks, but doing a prank when some one is at one of their vulnerable states wouldn't be tolerated by Raven anymore. This made Raven's eyes glow red and she became enraged.

'RUN!' And Beast Boy did that. He was running for his life, trying to get to his room. When he turned a corner in the hallway, he heard the bathroom door fly off, and out came a really p-o'ed Raven with a blue towel wrapped around her and her eyes were glowing red.


When Beast Boy heard Raven scream, a second gear in his legs kicked in and he ran even faster.

Cyborg was walking down another hallway and heard a scream coming from Raven, shouting the name of a scrawny green titan.

'What did he do now?' Cyborg thought. Then he saw Beast Boy turning a corner, running in fear. "Yo B.B., what's goi-" was what all Cyborg said as Beast Boy zoomed passed him, "-ing..." Cyborg just blinked for a few seconds. Then he saw a half-naked Raven, wrapped in a towel, turn the same corner with an 'I'm-going-to-kill-someone' look on her face. "Yo Raven, what hap-" was what all Cyborg said when Raven ran after Beast Boy, also ignoring Cyborg "-pened?" Cyborg sighed, 'Well, whatever Beast Boy did to Raven, he's going to get it very badly. Guess I gotta get the medical bed ready for him.'

After a few more turns and very fast running, Beast Boy finally made it to his room. He quickly opened the door, went in, and slid it shut. He quickly locked all of the locks on the door and put a chair in front of it in an angle. Beast Boy was shaking, and huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath. 'Whattado!Whattado!Whattado!'

Beast Boy looked around his messy room quickly trying to find a place to hide. 'The closet?' he first thought, 'Nah! She'll find me! Under the pile of clothes? Noooo! She'll get me there also!' Beast Boy was sweating like crazy and his heart still beating very fast. 'How about-' there was a knock at his door. Beast Boy's ears shot up on ends, and his heart was beating three times faster than before. He knew that it was Raven. "Eeeep!" was what only came out of Beast Boy's mouth as he shrunk into a mouse and scurried under his bunk bed.

"Beast Boy," Raven said, trying to sound nice in a malicious voice, knocking on Beast Boy's door hard. No noise was made from his room. "Beast Boy! Open the door now!" knocking harder and getting very pissed. But still, no noise came from his room. "OPEN...THE...DOOR!" screamed a frustrated Raven, banging on his door with both fists now and yet no noise. Raven, now being pissed beyond extreme levels, used her powers and blew Beat Boy's door off its hinges.

Meanwhile, under the bunk bed, a very scared Beast Boy mouse was hearing Raven knocking and screaming at his door. 'I can't out there! She'll tear me from limb to limb! If I just hide here for a few more years, then-' Beast Boy heard his door fly off into his room, crashing right into his closet, breaking the closet door in half. His mouse eyes grew wide in horror when he saw that, but thanked himself for not hiding in the closet. Unfortunately, his one second of relief quickly tuned back into fear when he saw an angry, pale, red eyes, purple haired teenager, with only a blue towel on her coming into his room. Her purple hair was all wet from the shower that Beast Boy interrupted. Water droplets dropping from her legs, arms, hair, and towel were falling onto the floor. Raven's face showed that she meant business with the anger in her eyes that could make anyone scream 'uncle' with her presence without her touching anyone. When Beast Boy saw this, he scurried deeper into his bunk bed.

Raven started to look around his filthier room, "COME ON BEAST BOY! SHOW YOURSELF!" barked Raven, "I WON'T HURT YOU MUCH!" Raven suddenly used her powers to pick up his chunk of clothes trying to find where Beast Boy was hiding, but he wasn't hiding under his clothes. She then picked up his dressers and broke them, and yet no Beast Boy. "WHERE ARE YOU?" She then went to the already broken closet and checked in it to find her prey, but she couldn't find him.

She goes through all of his room. Breaking the top part of the bunk bed, pillows and sheets cut up and gently falling down the whole room, throwing counters and shelves towards the walls, breaking into shards as they made contact with the wall, and ripping clothes in half. "UGH! YOU GOT TO BE HERE SOMEWHERE! BECAUSE WHEN I FIND YOU, I'LL-"

"Raven, stop!" ordered Raven as Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg came to Beast Boy's room to see what was happening. And what they saw was a room being massacred by the hands of Raven. Then they looked at Raven and saw that her eyes were red. This was going to be difficult, near impossible, to make Raven stop.

"Yes, Raven. Please calm down," said Starfire. "There is no meaning to your rageful ways."

"Yeah, Raven. Chill," said Cyborg.

"I am not going to chill until I find him," said Raven breathing very heavily. She looked around the room to find another hiding place that Beast Boy could be hiding. One look at the, once was, bunk bed, and an evil grin came across Raven's face. "HA! TRYING TO HIDE UNDER THERE, HUH BEAST BOY?"

Beast Boy was very scared. What he saw what Raven was doing to his room, it was horrifying. 'I can't believe what she's doing to my room! I'm dead!' he gulped. 'Someone help me! She's gonna kill me! SOMEBODY! HELP!' He had no idea what to do next. He could only just close his mouse eyes shut and hoping that this is all just a really bad dream, and hope it would go away. All of a sudden, he heard his bunk bed being picked up. He opened his eyes and saw his bed, encased in dark energy and thrown away.

Raven encased and picked up the bunk bed, and she threw it towards the already damaged closet. The bunk bed hit the closet and now a big gaping hole was in Beast Boy's room. Raven looked down and she saw a tiny green mouse. She had finally found her prey. He closed his eyes again. 'This is it! I'm done for!'


Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire just stared at Raven, shocked at what she's yelling at Beast Boy. A few seconds passed by and there was no answer. Raven, with her face all red from yelling, stared at Beast Boy, waiting for a reply.

"Raven, I don't think it was one of his jokes," Robin said in a low voice.

"What are you talking about Robin?" Raven asked still pissed, "Sneaking into the bathroom and flushing it on purpose seems like one of his immature jokes to me!"

"Raven, it wasn't-"

That's all what Raven needed to hear to interpret what Robin was saying to take it completely the wrong way, making Raven think of something worse.


"Raven! Stop all of this nonsense! I saw Beast Boy in front of the door waiting for you to come out so he can use the bathroom," said Robin "And by the way he looked, it looked like he would go any minute."

"So, it wasn't one of his jokes?" Raven asked, getting really confused, as her eyes turn back to normal.

"Not this time, Raven," said Robin

"Or not..."

"I think that Beast Boy would be respectful enough to not look in."

"Yeah. Beast Boy isn't that kind of person that would do something like that to anyone."

"Oh," Raven said in an embarrassed voice, and lowered her head. Then she picked up her head rapidly and gasped, realizing that what she had done to Beast Boy and his room. "BEAST BOY!"

Raven looked and kneeled down to see the green mouse closely. She saw his eyes shut hard, curled into a ball, and shivering like crazy. Raven had a really bad feeling in her when she saw how scared Beast Boy was. She picked up the scared mouse in her hands. She felt him shivering every other second. "Beast Boy?" Raven asked compassionately.

The green mouse opened one eye and he saw Raven. When he saw Raven, he gave out a loud high-pitched squeak, jumped out of Raven's hand, ran past Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire, and ran out of his room. He had to go somewhere else, anywhere else, so he can get away from Raven.

Raven just stared at the doorway, stunned by what just happened, and the other titans stared at the hallway where the little green mouse was running. All three titans turned to see Raven.

"Raven?" Robin asked sadly.

Raven ignored Robin and kept on staring out at the doorway. Then she looked back into Beast Boy's room. Articles of clothing were thrown everywhere, broken dressers on one side, shelves on another, ripped clothes everywhere, a huge wall where a closet used to be, and a bunk bed broke into many pieces thrown everywhere in the room.

Raven's eyes grew wide in shock, realizing what she had just done. "No!" Raven whispered to herself as a tear came out of her right eye and dropped onto the floor. "What have I done?"

Starfire walked towards Raven with concern and caution. "Raven?" She was about to put her hand on Raven's shoulder trying to attempt to comfort her, but Raven just shot straight up from her knelt position and looked at her teammates with a few more tears coming out of her eyes.

"I gotta go to my room!" Raven said quietly to her teammates as she was trying not to show that she was starting to cry. She ran right past them, running to her room, with lots of tears falling from her face.

Starfire walked back to the outside of Beast Boy's room where Robin and Cyborg were just looking at Raven running away from them. Then they turned back towards Beast Boy's room, and looked at the damage that was done. No one said a word.

Hope this chaper is a good start of things to come. I tried my best to be on-character with the Titans, or at least tried my best to show how a certain Titan reacts to a situation. I think my style of writing is sort of different, idk, but whatever. Oh, don't expect the other chapters to be as long as this one, this is probably going to be the longest chapter in the story. Hope everyone liked it.

Ch 2 is comming soon