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Chapter 8- Resolving

It was getting darker outside as Raven made her way outside the tower; a few more stars had started to appear in the sky. Her blue cloak was flowing with the rough wind that was going from right to left of her body, and so was her hair but blew rather more gently. Not wasting time, she stared to walk around the island trying to find her green companion. Raven needed to settle things with Beast Boy before things between the two get very uncomfortable and before other bad things might follow after.

About half way around the island, Raven spotted a figure sitting right next to the ocean; it was Beast Boy at his spot. She saw him sitting by the ocean and saw the reflection of the full moon, which was starting to make a presence in the sky, in the water. Raven figured that he would be here since this was where she found him the last time after 'The Beast' epidemic; at the same spot with the same slumping figure that he gave off.

She stood there looking at Beast Boy...think about what he's thinking about. Could it be about his past that she sort of knew, but not enough like he knew her's? Or could it be about the person who he thought he loved as she saw him looking at a small pebble he picked up with his right hand, and flung it at the ocean? Or maybe he was thinking about her? Or...

"What do you want?" Beast Boy asked a little bit coldly as he picked up another pebble and threw it harder into the ocean, not watching it skip, but still looking in that direction.

"Wha-" Raven snapped out of her thoughts, "How did you-"

"My nose is very sensitive, Raven. I can pick up a scent from very far distances, remember?"

"Oh...yeah," she said, still getting her composure back, "Sorry. Just forgot for a second."

Beast Boy sighed, "'S okay, Raven. Do you want to sit down?"

"Ye-yeah. Sure," Raven slowly and cautiously walked to the edge of the island where Beast Boy was and sat right next to him on his left; there was about a foot of distance between from each other. She turned her head to look at Beast Boy. He sat there with a hunched posture with his feet resting over the edge the island, he held his face with his hands that she realized weren't covered with his gloves that he usually wore, and had his sleeves rolled up. His face had a sad but stern look on it like he had been thinking about many things that were going on in his life. By the looks of it though, the thoughts weren't probably good ones.

"So..." Beast Boy said after he flung the pebble, "why did you come here anyways?"

"Well, I was in the common room, reading my book, and then the others were talking about how you weren't acting like yourself for the past few days. And...and I just wanted to see if you are okay. And if you aren't okay, maybe...we can kind of...talk about it?"

"I don't want to talk about it, Raven. There's too much stuff going on with me right now that I don't want to talk about."

"Oh. Okay."

There was a long pause after the small confrontation, and Raven didn't know what to do. She knew that there was something wrong with him that he wasn't saying, and she wanted to know what, but she didn't know how to get to him. About a minute went by and there was still silence between the two. Beast Boy kept on throwing a few more pebbles and Raven became more frustrated because she wanted to help, but she still couldn't think of anything. She looked down to her left and saw a pebble near by. Without thinking about it, Raven picked it up and threw it into the bay. She saw the pebble hit the water, but it sunk immediately. Raven sighed in disappointment and looked down at her feet.

"Here," Beast Boy surprisingly said as he stuck his hand out in front of Raven with a few more pebbles in the palm of his hand; Raven took the pebbles. "What you need to do is to throw it at a lower angle. That will make the pebbles bounce more." Raven watched as she saw Beast Boy throw his pebble and saw it skip five times before it fell into the depths of the bay. "Like that, got it?"

Raven nodded. She held one of the pebbles within her right fingers, brought her arm back, and flung it into the bay in the exact same way Beast Boy did. The pebble soon hit the water and then skipped forward, and then hit the water again and skipped forward, and then hit the water again and skipped forward, and hit the water again, but then the pebble slowly sunk into the water. Raven looked at Beast Boy and she smiled lightly, "Thanks."

He looked back at Raven and also lightly smiled, "Anytime."

Soon, thereafter, the two just skipped the pebbles into the bay, enjoying themselves with the company that they both gave each other.

"Hey, Beast Boy," Raven said as she flung another pebble in the water and watching it skip six times; breaking their silent enjoyment.


"Remember the time when we got sucked into the television, and we were held back by that guard, and then you took my cloak and tried to impersonate that guy from Star Wars?" Raven really didn't know why she asked that question, but asked anyways so they can talk about something.

"Yeah, I remember," Beast Boy flung his pebble and, "What about it?"

"Well...I actually...kind of found it quite funny."

"Really?" Beast Boy asked surprisingly as he merely just moved his eyes to the left to look at Raven after he saw his pebble skipped four times.

"Yeah. I found it slightly funny, while Happy found it to be hilarious and kept on rolling on the floor for several minutes. Heck, I didn't know if I wanted to beat you up first for taking my cloak in the first place or beat up Happy first for laughing like an idiot and almost made me laugh like her in front of everyone when that happened."

"Hmph," Beast Boy said through his smile, "I always knew that you thought that I was funny."

"Hey, you're not funny most of the time. Just the ones when you're not trying to be."


"Hey look, at least you made me sort of laugh."

"Yeah, but I just -"

"You will. Just...don't try too hard."

"'Kay... Uh hey, you know what else was pretty funny?" Beast Boy asked continuing this conversation.


"When we were all dressed up as Robin when he was away...that was fun."

"Yeah, I guess so. I can't believe you guys got me to do that though."

"Yeah, but it was fun...we used all his gadgets, and fought with them, and rode on the R-Cycle, and called each other 'Robin', and I think that Starfire still kept the uniform that she wore in her room."

"Well I couldn't pass that assumption."

"I bet that she still wears it at night sometimes."

"Probably," Raven slightly smiled as she giggled a little.

Beast Boy smiled back at Raven from his accomplishment, "You know you looked really good in his uniform. It fit well with your nice figure."

Raven felt herself start to blush by his compliment, "Uhhh...thanks. Y-You looked good in yours too."

"Nah, that thing was baggy on me, and I always kept on tripping on his boots."

"Oh," Raven faintly said.

Silence crept in and it took over the two again. The only thing they could do now was to throw a few more pebbles into the water and watching it skip. The sun behind them was almost gone as Beast Boy looked up and saw the sky become darker and the moon in front of him and Raven becoming brighter.

He looked back down at the water to see the reflection of the moon, and he follow the reflection until it met with Raven. The moon's light gave Raven's features something that Beast Boy hadn't seen before, and he couldn't stop looking at it. The light made the complexions of her face glow, made Raven's usual dark purple hair a few shades brighter making it look like that she had light lavender hair, and when the light hit her gemstone on her forehead, it twinkled like one of the brightest stars that had started to appear in the sky. It was something that Beast Boy truly loved about her; how beautiful she always looked in anytime of day.

All of a sudden, Beast Boy saw Raven's eyes and head moving to him. He slightly gasped and quickly looked forward, hoping that he wouldn't get caught for staring at her.

Raven turned her head and saw Beast Boy looking out at the moon, tapping his hands to his knees to some kind of beat. She swore that she saw him looking at her, but she soon let it pass and looked back at the bay; throwing another pebble into it.

For several minutes, both Beast Boy and Raven threw more pebbles and watching them skip the water, but soon Raven heard only her pebbles that she threw were only making a sound in the water and only saw her pebbles skipping in the bay. She looked back at Beast Boy and saw him looking down at the pebble that he kept in his fingers with a gloomy look on his face. His eyes had shown that he was in complete thought just by looking at the pebble.

"What's wrong?" Raven asked concerned.

Beast Boy quickly looked back up and came out of his deep thought with a little shock, "Me...? Uh...nothing...heh," his ears sagged and looked back at the pebble.

She knew he was lying, "You still miss her, don't you?"

Beast Boy sighed, Raven knew him too well, "It's just that...well...she's gone. And yeah I really cared about her, and yeah I do miss her, but wouldn't you miss someone who you cared about and who's close to you if he or she died? I mean what would happen if one of us died, Raven? Wouldn't you miss us a lot?"

Raven thought about it for a second; she had been with them for so long and been through so much that it would be completely devastating if one of them was gone. How would life be with out Starfire's happiness and jubilant attitude? Or what would life be like without Cyborg with his bigger brother comfort ness; or Robin with his companionship? What about Beast Boy? What would happen if the guy she loves was gone? She knew how it felt when she thought that he left the tower for good a few days ago, and she knew that she didn't want to feel that kind of pain again.

"Wow," she said softly, "I guess you're right."

"Yeah. But look, I've moved on, Raven. Things change, and I can't stop it; she's a part of my past now. All I can do is look ahead and hope for the best, you know? So yeah I'll always miss her, and yeah I'll still think about her sometimes, but that's not going to bring her back; nothing will. You know what I mean?"

Raven took in all of what Beast Boy said in for a few seconds, "Yeah, I do. Wow, you've really matured, Beast Boy. Is this the same Beast Boy that I used to know; who'd always told bad jokes and had a half of a brain?" Raven asked in a little sarcastic way as she glanced at Beat Boy.

Beast Boy chuckled slightly, "Yeah, well, that's what happens when you have a lot of lows in your life...you learn a lot about things that way."

"What do you mean 'a lot of lows in your life'?"

Beast Boy sighed and looked back down at his feet, "Well...let's just say that life hasn't been too kind to me."

Raven tried to reassure him, "But...Beast Boy...you always seems happy and care-free about everything around you, and you're so kind and so nice and...and umm well sometimes annoying, but you always seem like happy guy. How could your life have been that bad? My life was much worse."

Beast Boy looked back at Raven in a slightly interesting way, "Oh yeah...tell me then. Tell me about your life."

Raven sighed that she now had to tell him about her past, but she needed to; there was no way out. Raven gulped lightly, "My life...my life was an accident, and a mistake. It was started by my mother. When she was about my age, she ran away from her parents because they were abusive to her. She was alone and didn't have a home, and soon she found a church and the people there took her in as one of their own, and she was happy with them because they seemed to treat her nicely and feed her. But what she didn't know was that this church was actually a cult that served for a powerful demon, named Trigon."

Beast Boy gasped when he heard this. "Yeah...Trigon," Raven voice started to sound weary, "One day, there was a ceremony happening, and it had to with my mother. She didn't know what it was about, but she participated...thinking that it was some holistic and spiritual event; she was half right. What happened next was that the members summoned him to come and take this girl to bear a child so that this child can be used as a portal for him to fully come to Earth and control the world...and then the universe. Trigon took the girl and...," she paused herself and gave an uneven sigh, "...and he raped her. He raped her violently; implanting his seed in her. After the incident, she ran away from the cult and she was alone again, but this time...with me...in there.

"My mother tried to kill herself so nothing bad would happen, but a few priests had come into her life and had convinced her to go Azarath, an inter-dimensional world, where she would give birth to me. I had a horrible childhood in Azarath. Every day of my life there, the monks of Azarath had to train me every damn day just so I can suppress my emotions. I was taught to not to feel anything at all, so that my powers wouldn't cause any harm to anyone. What kind of life is that? Being a child and not being able to show any kind of emotion? Sacrificing feelings because you could destroy worlds with them? I never had any fun, I never had any friends, and I was never loved by anyone there. I never even spent anytime with my mother because we were always separated, so I never knew what it was like to have real parents or be loved by them," Raven felt a tear fall down her cheek, "For several years, since I was born, I have never experienced any fun...friendship...or love at all. I was all alone...by myself...day after day...night after night...and year after year.

"Then one day, I left and went to Earth to try and start to have a new life. I was always looked down upon because I was alone, hiding in the shadows. I stole stuff to live; whatever I had to do to survive. Stealing food from restaurants and stores, stealing clothes so I wouldn't have to wear the same crap everyday, and sneaking into furniture stores at night to sleep there -the owners always kicked me out of there the next day and I never used my powers on them because it would make things much worse for me-- that was my childhood. It was an accident because of my mom's decisions, and a mistake because I shouldn't have been born to begin with," Raven wiped the few tears that she had on her face, and sniffled a couple of times.

Beast Boy was silent after he heard this. He couldn't believe that Raven told him her whole life, all dark, unhappy, and full of grief, just like his life. He looked forward, staring into the now sunless starry space with the full moon above the horizon, and sighed. He knew that it was his turn.

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked.

Beast Boy still didn't say anything. Raven wondered what was going on inside in his head now since she had completely opened up to Beast Boy and told him her entire life. 'What's he thinking? Did I say too much? Does he want to be away from me now since I told my story? What-'

"It all started when I was six," Beast Boy said out of nowhere, and Raven's attention quickly went back to Beast Boy. He spoke like he was talking to no one but space. She could see how hard it was for him to say this as she saw his composure was all shaken and broken up with his hands lightly on his knees, his feet were dangling over the edge of the rock that he was sitting on, and his face looked gloomy as he looked at the moon's reflection in the ocean; his eyes looked like they were blank, "I was in Africa,...Upper Lamumba to be exact. My parents were, I think, biochemists. They were there doing research with animal or human DNA I don't remember which, but they were researching with some type of DNA. They brought me along so that they can spend some time with me also. As you can probably tell, I wasn't green back then. I was a cute kid with soft baby blonde hair, even tanned skin, and rich hazel eyes. My mom used to say that my eyes even made the sky jealous."

Beast Boy paused as he took in a few more breaths as he pushed his lips in tightly together. Raven waited to hear what he would say next.

"I loved the animals there. They always intrigued me...the different types of animals, the way they all looked, the way they all ate, the way how they all lived their lives together, and how they all dealt with the other animals there...I was fascinated by them. That's how everything bad started to happen," Beast Boy paused to take in a deep breath and held it for a second, and then he released all the air he took in and continued, "One day, I was outside. I was playing in front of some building that my parents were working in. All of a sudden, I hear a rustle in some high-pitched grassy/bush-like area near me. I walked towards it, being the curious kid that I was, and looked around the high grass to see what was there. What I found was a monkey...a green...monkey.

"As I said before, I was always intrigued by animals, and that one was no different. I walked carefully to it and stuck my hand out to try to touch the monkey and pet it. Then...the monkey bit me; in the arm," Beast Boy pointed to his right arm without looking at Raven, "right there. I cried so loud that my mom came out. She found me and saw the green monkey next to me. She had a terrified look on her face when she saw the monkey. She also said something soft that I couldn't hear, but by the way she mouthed it, I could tell it wasn't good. I blacked out right after from the pain and crying too much. I then woke up in my bed with my parents and doctors from the lab and from the village tribe in my room. I asked all of them what happened and my mom cried on my dad's shoulder. They all had serious looks on their faces. One of the doctors said that I had a rare disease that was known as 'Green Fever'. It was called that because whoever got this virus, they started to turn green; it was the physical symptom from the virus. He said that I had got that virus from the green monkey, and that it also was fatal to humans. I had about a month to live."

Raven was shocked when she heard this, "But-"

"My dad...my dad didn't want me to die. He said that I was too valuable for them to lose. He and my mom worked endless hours, days and nights, to find a cure for me. During those days, the disease started to have its effect on me. My skin started to turn green," Beast Boy picked his arms up and looked at his green arms and hands in awe as he slowly flipped them from palm up to palm down, "No more baby blonde hair. No more tanned-white skin. No more sky-jealous hazel eyes. All turned green," He put his hands back down on the rock; next to his knees. Beast Boy sighed once more, "Anyways, my parents had found out that many of the animals who got this disease didn't have the fatal effect to them. They didn't know why that they were able to be immune to this virus and survive and we couldn't, but they didn't care. My parents used their DNA and made a serum that was filled with multiples of animals' DNA, and they gave it to me. I was cured.

"Soon after, maybe a month or two, I saw my mom being attacked by a black mamba, a deadly snake. I didn't know what to do. I stood there in fear. Then, I started to feel something...something weird that was going inside my body. I was changing. I screamed in pain as my bones were shifting and my organs were moving. Soon, I blacked out again. The next thing I knew was that I was in my mom's arms, stroking my hair. She said that I had saved her. Said that I had turned into a mongoose and killed the black mamba. The next few days I was tested to see why I had turned into another animal. It turned out that from the serum that I received with all that animals' DNA had somehow made my genetics unstable. It gave me the ability to transform into any animal that had ever existed.

"Everything was going good for a while. I was getting used to all of the transformations and learned to control them -mostly small animals at the time--, and things were going well. Of course...the kids from the tribe were making fun of me for being green. Calling me 'Green Boy', 'Grass Stain', 'Frog Boy', or 'Leaf' when they tried to hang me from my feet on a tree. I always felt sad and depressed that I had to be green. 'Why me? Why was I the one who had to live his whole life being green?' I always asked my self, but my parents didn't care about me being green. They always comforted me and still loved me no matter what.

"Then life went from bad to worse," Beast Boy's voice started to shake, "On May 23rd...my parents took me on a boating trip down a river. It was for some type of scientific research. I didn't care about their research...I was just glad to be with them. The currents were really strong that day. My dad had to carefully steer the boat. Then, when he thought that we were fine, we hit something big in the middle part of the river, and...t-the boat s-started to sink...q-quickly," he was now breathing uncontrollably and his voice was becoming very unstable; he was trying so hard to hold in his pain.

"M-my da-ad...he...he told me...he told me t-to go to...to safety. To...to ch-ch-h-hange into a-a-a bird...and f-fly away," Beast Boy closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fists as he tried to keep his tears in from flowing out of his eyes, "I...I didn't want to l-leave them, Raven, I...I didn't," Beast Boy sniffled a few more times, "I said t-that I di-i-idn't want to l-leave and...and wanted to s-stay with t-them, b-but...but they-they to-o-old me to-to l-leave...r-right away," Beast Boy was losing his battle when more tears flowed out of his eyes, "Right bef-fore I ch-changed, my m-mom s-s-said t-t-that she-e-e...a-and m-m-m-my da-a-a-ad l-loved m-me a-and t-that t-they...t-t-t-they...t-t-t-t-they we-ere p-p-proud of m-m-me n-n-n-n-no m-m-m-ma-a-atter w-w-wha-at," all of a sudden, Beast Boy couldn't hold it in anymore; he cried. His tears freely came out of his eyes and he spontaneously cried into his hands. "THEY DIED!"

Raven felt a new set of tears rolling down her cheeks when she heard this, "Beast Boy, I'm...I'm so sorry."

"I-I could have s-saved them, Raven! I could've! I was able to change into a-any animal that c-could have help them a-and get them out of danger, but I didn't. I let them drown! I let them drown in that river! A-And for what? Just so I could live?"

"But, Beast Boy, your parents wanted you to live. That's why they had you to change and go to safety, so that you could live."

"But, I still could've done something. They didn't have to die! They didn't! I saw the boat submerge under water with them still on the boat! It was the most painful thing I had ever witness in my life! I cried on the way back to the village, and I blamed my self for not saving them! And still to this very damn fucking day, I still blame myself for not doing anything!" he tried to control his breathing, but he still couldn't, "I'm an awful person," Beast Boy cried out as he embraced Raven tightly and buried his face in Raven's left shoulder.

Raven quickly hugged Beast Boy back to try and comfort him, "No you're not, Beast Boy," Raven cried softly into Beast Boy's ear, "You're not an awful person. You're not. You didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't you're fault, okay? They didn't die in vain because they wanted their son to do something with his young life, and look at him now. He's now a hero to millions around the world; he's making a difference for everyone, and he's making the world a safer place to live. I bet they would be very proud of him if they saw what he had become today."

Beast Boy sniffled into Raven's left shoulder a couple of times and slightly revealed his teary eyes that were looking at her, "Thanks Raven. That meant a lot," he hid his eyes back into her shoulder and continued to cry.

Raven gently stroked Beast Boy's hair, "You're welcome, Beast Boy," she whispered. She was amazed from what he had said. It was so dark and horrible; just like hers...maybe even darker. It was amaizing that he was able to keep his happy composure for this whole time that they knew each other for the past few years with a burden to that magnitude. She looked back down to the broken boy in her arms and smiled at him when she remembered something that might help him feel better even more, "You know, I heard somewhere that there are always good things that followed after really bad events like this. Have you ever heard of that?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," Beast Boy muffled and nodded his head in Raven's shoulder.

"Then tell me...," Raven released her hug and put her right hand down on her side and her left hand on Beast Boy's right arm, "after all of the lows that has happened in your life, what was the best thing that happened after them?"

Beast Boy sniffled a few more times, and he let go of his hug and took his head off her shoulder. He put his right hand on her teary left shoulder and his left on top of her right hand. Raven slightly jumped and looked down to see his hand on hers and then looked back at Beast Boy. He slowly picked up his face and looked at Raven straight in the eyes. His face was all wet from the tears, his emerald eyes were sparkling at hers, and he gave a true happy smile at Raven.

Beast Boy sniffled one more time, "You," he delicately said.

Raven's eyes widen as she didn't look away from his, 'Did I hear him right?' "What?" Raven nervously asked.

Out of nowhere, Beast Boy moved his right hand to her cheek and brought his lips to hers as he passionately kissed Raven. Raven's reaction didn't make Beast Boy wait when she brought her left hand to the back of his head and instinctively kissed him back while their hands became interlaced with each others. The feeling was something that they never could have imagined as it felt like electricity was flowing through their bodies and also felt like they were floating on air. It was such a feeling. The grip from their lips and hands became slightly tighter and tighter as they tried to hold on to the kiss as long as they could. But, just as soon as it started, it came to an end when they both pulled away from each other. Raven's left hand slid down to Beast Boy's right shoulder as Beast Boy's right hand slid to her neck.

They both opened their mouths as they took in air. Their lips started to get a tingly warm feeling and they still felt that electricity that was going through them from the effects from the kiss. Both didn't say anything for a while; they just looked at each other and kept on taking lightly exhausted breaths.

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked weakly.

"Raven," Beast Boy said with a smile, "you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since I saw you, I knew you were something special. You had that special thing that got me very interested in you; with you being shy and always locked up in your room, it made me want to get to know you more. I always wanted to ask you if you wanted to go somewhere just to get to know each other, but I was too nervous to ask and I did something else. Then she came and I thought that I liked her because she was easy to get to know and thought that I was funny. But after her betrayal, it made me realize who I cared about more.

"I realized that it was the one who I've been with for several years, the one who I fought with side by side since I came here, the one that I wanted to know and understand in the first place, the one who cares about everyone even though she doesn't show it at times, the one who had just helped me when I truly needed help, the one who I'm love with...

"I love you, Raven."

Raven felt her insides explode with joy when she heard this. She was wrong about doubting that he didn't love her at all, but she was glad that she was wrong for once. Beast Boy loved her and she loved Beast Boy, and that's what all that mattered to her now.

Beast Boy took his right hand off her right shoulder and looked away in sorrow not even looking at the smile that Raven soon showed, "Now I know that you probably don't love me, and I probably ruined our friendship by doing that, but I had to say it. I-"

Beast Boy was interrupted when Raven brought him to her and she gently kissed him, "I love you too, Beast Boy," that was what Raven only needed to say to Beast Boy to change his self-doubt into joy.

He looked around and found a rock next to him to lean on. Beast Boy took Raven and sat on the on the rock while she sat on his lap and leaned on him. Once they got comfortable in their new positions, Raven put her arms on her belly and Beast Boy wrapped his arms around Raven and held both of her hands. Both were looking at the full moon, that was now high in the sky, and smiling realizing that they both had found some one who they can be with forever, and that truly cares about one another no matter what happened to them.

Isn't it funny how a stupid accident can lead two people towards eternal happiness? That one misconception can somehow bring love and not hate? Well that's life for you...you never know what going to happen to it next. You might think that one happening will generally lead to something that usually happens, but then something completely different happens and it leads to something better. That's what both Beast Boy and Raven had experienced, an accident in motion; a motion that completely changed the usual outcome of Beast Boy's and Raven's accidents which then finally lead them to be together.

They kept on staring at the night sky in front of them, and not worrying about anything else besides them enjoying themselves in each other's arms, "Raven?"


"You wanna' go out to somewhere tomorrow night? Maybe to dinner and then the movies?"

Raven looked at Beast Boy and kissed him again, "Sure."


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