Okay, so I posted it a day early. I wasn't sure I'd remember to do it tomorrow through all my excitement. ;) I know what ever I write will probably be totally different from the real stories of HP and SOUE. But I'm not really supposed to write what the authors will truly write, am I? So here it is. The sequel has finally arrived.

Chapter 1:

"So… we have to destroy four more Horcruxes?" Klaus said. "This sounds like it will be a dangerous journey."

"Oh, it will be," Harry assured them. "Which is why I suggest you stay put."

"Harry, we've already decided we're going," Violet said. Harry sighed.

"I know," he said. "It just seems like every time someone tries to help me, they end up getting hurt or killed."

"Sympathy," Sunny said sadly, which meant, "We know the feeling." There was a silence. But Ron soon cleared his throat and broke it.

"Which Horcrux will we look for first?" he asked.

"I think we should look for the locket first," Hermione suggested. "I mean, we already have the initials of the person who has it."

"What?" Klaus asked in confusion. Harry pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to the Baudelaires.

"I found it with the fake locket," Harry explained. The Baudelaires quickly read it, except Sunny who was not old enough to know how to read. As Violet's eyes reached the initials, she frowned. She had seen those initials before. They were R.A.B. She stared hard at the paper as Klaus looked up at Harry.

"Do you have any idea of who this person is?" Klaus asked. Harry shook his head with a sigh.

"We've been trying to figure it out," he said.

"I think I know who this is…" Violet said slowly.

"Who?" Hermione asked. Violet thought very hard.

"Those initials… they're so familiar," Violet said, and without realizing it had already started tying up her hair. She closed her eyes and searched through all her memories, trying to find the right person. She had obviously seen whoever it was sign things if she recognized the initials. As she thought, the answer finally came to her. Her eyes grew wide as she realized who it was.

"Violet?" Sunny asked uncertainly. Violet looked up at everyone and then turned to Klaus.

"It's our father," she said quietly. "It's our own father. Richard Albert Baudelaire." Violet buried her face in her hands. "But he can't have the locket because he's dead." Klaus thought for a minute.

"Maybe it's still at the mansion," Klaus said. Violet looked up.

"You think?" she asked. Klaus nodded.

"Where else would he put it?" he said. "And I think I know exactly where he put it too."

"Where?" everyone asked in unison.

"Violet, do you remember the place the books that they didn't want us to see?" Klaus asked. "The ones up high in the corner?" Violet nodded.

"But they moved them," Violet pointed out.

"But I saw where they replaced them," Klaus said. "I just never tried to read them again. I bet that's where they're hiding the locket as well."

"Good thinking," Violet said with a smile.

"So what are we waiting for?" Ron said excitedly. "Where's your mansion?" The Baudelaires' smiles faded. They hadn't thought about what it would be like going back. Back to where so many good memories were made and kept. Hermione gave them a small smile of understanding and held their hands.

"We're here for you," Hermione said. The Baudelaires gave small smiles as well and nodded. "Now tell me where it is, and I'll Apparate us there."

"It's -------- (we will never know)." Hermione nodded and stood as well as everyone else. They all held hands, and with a turn of her foot, they all Apparated to the Baudelaire mansion. The Baudelaire's slowly opened their eyes. Memories flooded back so fast. Too fast. The Baudelaires held back tears as they, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stepped inside the charred ruins of what they once called home.