Chapter 4:

They could tell Mrs. Weasley was eager to make a meal for all of the children in her home. Breakfast the next day was like a royal banquet for the king and his nobles. The Quagmires, who were very hungry, were very grateful. And Ron ate like a starved wolf.

"So, these Quagmires are friends that you met while at Prufrock Prep.?" Ron confirmed through a mouthful of food. The Baudelaires nodded.

"And Olaf is after both of your fortunes?" Hermione questioned.

"Was," Klaus reminded her. The Quagmires shivered. When the Baudelaires had told them of Olaf's death, while it was a terrible blessing to them, they were horrified, for losing your soul sounded horrible to them.

"Quigley, can you pass me that screwdriver?" Violet asked suddenly.

"Of course," Quigley replied. And there was something in his voice that made Harry and Duncan look up. Quigley looked back at them, and the three boys shared a look. And in that moment, they all knew the terrible truth of their love. They all loved Violet. Everyone else around them was oblivious to the look exchanged between the three, and they continued on what they were doing.

Harry, Quigley, and Duncan knew right then and there that there was now an undeclared war of love. A war to win Violet. Violet, who was also oblivious to the look, accepted the screwdriver from Quigley and continued on her latest invention. She had meant nothing by the request to Quigley, she just wanted a screwdriver. The relief to have her friends back had made her forget that she loved Harry, Quigley, and Duncan.

"Ron, Ron, you have juice dripping down your chin," Hermione said quietly. Ron quickly wiped his chin with his sleeve and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Finished!" Violet declared triumphantly and handed her invention to Hermione. "It can hold three open books at a time, so you can just spin that wheel and read a different book if you get bored with another."

"THAT'S AMAZING, VIOLET!" Harry, Quigley, and Duncan shouted simultaneously. Violet flinched at their startling shout, and everyone else paused to stare at them in bewilderment. All three boys blushed and slumped in their chairs with embarrassment.

"Um… thanks?" Violet tried. Hermione glanced between the three boys and had a hunch of what was going on, but kept quiet. Isadora also had a hunch, and she kept quiet for fear of meddling with her brothers' affairs, which could become very complicated. Klaus knew exactly what was going on and he didn't like it at all. Ron was still stuffing his face, and Sunny was looking up at Violet, wondering why everyone was looking at her anxiously.

"Um… I'll just… go upstairs now," Violet said quietly, getting up. "I need peace to think up inventions."

"I'll come with you," Isadora said.

"No, no," Violet said, who was very confused right now. "I really need a lot of time to think, so uh… See you all later." She walked upstairs, as everyone say "bye".

"What happen?" Sunny questioned.

"Probably just feminine issues," Ron replied, grabbing a spoonful of eggs. "They can be the worst sometimes. Hermione had a lot of those, didn't you, Hermione?" Hermione glared at Ron and smacked him on the back of the head.

"What?" Ron said in defense.

"Trust me, Ron," Isadora said, looking at Harry, Quigley, and Duncan. "It's not just feminine issues." Then suddenly, there was a burst from the front door. Everyone looked around to see an old, but healthy looking woman stride through the entrance. Her eyes were sharp and bright, like a cat's. And her wrinkled face was contorted in desperation and graveness. But somewhere beneath the layers of her solemnity was a joy to see her favorite students again.

"Professor McGonagall," Harry announced, standing up.

"Good to see you again, Potter, Granger, Weasley," McGonagall said, and she nodded to each of them as she spoke their names. "And it seems that we have new faces. And they are Muggles, I presume." Harry's mouth fell open in shock.

"How did you know?" he inquired.

"Oh, I have known of the Baudelaires long before you, Potter," McGonagall replied. "And of the Quagmires, and the Snickets, and VFD. Did you expect me not to, knowing Dumbledore for all these years?" And a flicker of hurt flashed through her eyes as she spoke his name.

"But how—"

"Questions later, Potter," McGonagall said. "Right now, I have some news. I have found another Horcrux."