Title: Parallels
Authors: Questofdreams
and Lazuli
Huge thanks to our beta, proud snapist.
Yep, they apply.

Chapter 1

Naruto woke up slowly, nose wrinkling at the unfamiliar smells around him, one hand rubbing at his eyes. The sunshine fell in an unfamiliar slant across his bed, the shadows of the room strange. Brow furrowing, he uttered the only phrase that came to mind at the moment.

"What the hell?"

Still disoriented with the last traces of sleep, he kicked the thin sheet off his legs. He pushed himself up, bleary eyes squinting as he raised his face into the sunlight. His forehead creased, his mind fumbling to organize the scattered images of his memory. His concentration was broken when a soft knock sounded at the door.

Who'd be knocking at my door? he wondered vaguely. Sasuke rarely came to visit--he was too much of a prick to do so, Sakura-chan would never...Has to be because of a mission. His brain wasn't entirely functioning yet, and it took him a moment to realize they were knocking on a bedroom door. He didn't have a bedroom door.

He glanced around the room. Neither did he have a five drawer dresser like the one nestled against the far corner, nor a beaded lamp like the one set beside the large bed, which he noted with growing unease, was also certainly not his. Another gentle knock startled him and he took a deep breath before calling out, "Come in."

He wasn't prepared for the older man with a disturbing resemblance to him to open the door, but his foggy mind couldn't quite grasp who he really looked like. He determined he was dreaming, but that didn't excuse the stranger-familiar person.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

The older man lifted a blond eyebrow curiously. "Ok, you didn't hit your head that hard yesterday," he said with a chuckle.

The warm sound startled Naruto, his laughter resonating through Naruto's chest. A sharp pang of something not quite pain twisted in his gut as those familiar blue eyes continued to watch him. He had the sudden urge to pinch himself, just to check if he really was dreaming.

Instead, he continued to stare at him suspiciously, leaning back and one hand tensing at his side. It... there was a sense of familiarity there that was almost painful, and he distrusted it immediately. How could anyone look like him, how could anyone (besides a select few) look at him and not be angry? Especially adults.

"Are you going to keep staring at me or are you coming down for breakfast?" the man asked, his voice hinting at a sudden uncertainty as Naruto remained silent. He sighed and stepped into the room.

Naruto leaned back into the headboard, eyes narrowing as the man approached him. A large hand lifted, reaching out, seeking contact. Naruto's hand grappled at his thigh, mentally cursing when he realized that he had no idea where his weapons holster might be.

"Naruto." The older man's brows drew in, perplexed at the way he was acting. "What's wrong?" He tilted his head, his movement an exact copy of what Naruto did when he was puzzled. "Did you have a bad dream or something?" Naruto shook his head, eyes narrowed and his heart speeding up faster in his chest.

"Who are you?" Naruto repeated, more forcefully this time. "And where am I?" He scooted to the opposite side of the bed and stood, putting as much space between himself and the overly familiar stranger as possible. The man was frowning now in confusion, unwittingly mirroring the exact expression on Naruto's face. He could feel the sun warm against his back and he briefly considered fleeing through the window

The man sighed in exasperation, shaking his head. "It gets less funny each time you do it." His eyes suddenly narrowed and without Naruto being able to follow the movements, he was next to the bed, a strong hand grasping his chin, his gaze searching Naruto's. "Well, it's all you," he said in surprise. "Kyuubi giving you trouble again?"

Naruto gaped at him in shock, and he shook his head dumbly. The name Kyuubi coupled with the sudden up close features made it all click in his head. "Yon... yondaime."

A smile softened the features of the man who, by all rights, shouldn't have been standing less than a foot in front of him, peering into his face with obvious concern. "You're not on duty, Naruto. You know you don't have to call me that."

Naruto shook his head, breaking free of the yondaime's grip. "This...this isn't possible," Naruto muttered. His eyes suddenly sharpened on the older man. A henge...it had to be. He was fairly certain now that someone was playing a very twisted joke on him. It was the only explanation.

He straightened, his anger almost visible as he glared at the man. "If you're one of Konoha's shinobi," he murmured. "You should know better than to do that type of henge." His fists clenched at his side and he was vaguely aware of tapping into Kyuubi's chakra. It had become second nature to him. "The Yondaime was my hero and you're not going to..." He took a gulping breath.

"Naruto," the man said gently, as if addressing a child, "listen to what you're saying. Why would someone even think of pretending to be me? Impersonating the Hokage is a serious offense." Naruto opened his mouth to argue when the door was pushed open even further and another man entered. Naruto gaped as Sasuke stood in the doorway, arms crossed and light frown marring his brow.

"What's taking so long?" he asked.

"Sasuke?" Naruto glared at him. "What are you doing here? And supporting... supporting that!" He pointed a finger at the man. "Tell him he shouldn't be looking like the Yondaime! Where's the old hag?" he demanded.

Sasuke glanced between Naruto and the supposed yondaime but other than an arched eyebrow, he didn't register a reaction to Naruto's outburst. "What's he talking about?" he asked, addressing the yondaime.

The older man shrugged, and turned away from Naruto, who was practically clinging to the window (presumably b/c it was his only escape route).

"See if you can talk some sense into him," the yondaime said, leaving the room with a puzzled frown.

Naruto's frown grew deeper as he stared at Sasuke. "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded. He and Sasuke had grown closer in the years since Sasuke came back from what Naruto termed his 'hissy fit', and he could generally trust him. Naruto was already searching throughout the room for his uniform, and continued to speak to Sasuke. "Where the hell am I?"

Sasuke watched Naruto pull open the drawers of his dresser, poking through its contents as if he hadn't a clue where anything was. He muttered something under his breath as he withdrew a pair of black pants from a drawer. A moment later, he threw open the closet doors and shouted, "Ah ha!" as he discovered a familiar black shirt and vest.

Sasuke, impatient with Naruto's peculiar behavior, marched up to the frazzled blond and gripped his chin in the same gesture as the Yondaime had only a moment before. "What's wrong with you?" he demanded.

Naruto jerked away, scowling. "What's wrong with you?" he shot back. "You're not upset at all that there is some moron pretending to be the Yondaime!" His hands gripped the fabric of his clothing, almost ripping it in his frustration.

Sasuke pulled the cloth free of Naruto's grip and clasped their hands, trying to calm him. "Naruto, I know you couldn't have hit your head so hard yesterday that you can't even recognize your own father."

Naruto's head snapped up to meet Sasuke's gaze, his eyes wide with disbelief. "My... what?"

His hands tightened on Sasuke's, as if searching for some type of stability. "My... you're... that's..." His words tumbled over one another, his brain trying to process the statement. "I don't know who my father is." His eyes searched Sasuke's for confirmation. "You know that, Sasuke."

Sasuke watched the emotions move unchecked over Naruto's face and he felt a sudden weight jerk inside him, as if his heart had suddenly plummeted into his gut. Naruto, he realized with a faint trace of horror, wasn't pretending.

Naruto had released Sasuke's hand and begun pacing. "This...but..." He turned sharply and grabbed Sasuke's shoulders, his gaze searching again. Sasuke wouldn't lie to him, not about something like this.

He released Sasuke's shoulders again, resuming his pacing and not noticing the look that crossed Sasuke's face. "Something went very wrong," he murmured to himself. "First of all, having the Yondaime alive raises some very interesting questions." One hand went to his stomach, tracing the invisible lines of the seal. "And... my father..." He felt dizzy at the implications of it, and all the attempts to blandly analyze it were going straight to hell.

"Sasuke?" he whispered.

Sasuke caught him in mid-fall and he lowered them to the floor, Naruto cradled in his lap. Naruto pushed Sasuke's hands away, vaguely embarrassed at the brief loss of control.

"Naruto," Sasuke asked carefully, "what's the last thing you remember?"

Naruto rubbed his temple and closed his eyes in thought. "Let's see...yesterday I was with Shikamaru. And then..." his brow furrowed as he dug through the haze in his head.

Sasuke frowned at that. "Is that when you hit your head?"

Naruto frowned, glad his eyes were closed so he wouldn't have to look at Sasuke's face in his embarrassment. "Er...no. I tripped outside and hit my head on the door." The door of my apartment, he added to himself.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and tapped his fingers on his thigh, trying to figure things out. He absently reached for Naruto again, trying to calm him down. "And you don't remember that the Yondaime is your father?"

Naruto didn't bother to shake his head at Sasuke's question. My father, he thought, his mind still stumbling over the concept. He looked at Sasuke, who didn't appear to be any different than he had been the day before. Except, Sasuke still had his arms around him and didn't seem inclined to let go. Normally, whenever Naruto showed any signs of physical weakness, Sasuke would smirk and call him an idiot.

But Sasuke wasn't letting go of him, and it was starting to weird Naruto out as much as seeing the Yondaime again. He didn't know which was more surreal--a concerned Sasuke, or the Yondaime alive and apparently his father. Both were equally off balance in his book and didn't make a great deal of sense. "I think I'm going to bed," Naruto muttered. "When I wake up, things will be normal."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and muttered, "Idiot." Naruto couldn't decide whether or not to take comfort in that small familiarity. "Tell me what happened yesterday on your mission."

Naruto blinked. He had been on a mission the day before, and Sasuke's reinforcement of that fact was just enough to temporarily assuage Naruto's concern that he was having a delusional episode.

He concentrated, absently swatting at Sasuke's hands. "I was partnering with Shikamaru, 'cause you were being a stuck up ass again and wouldn't come near me." He smirked briefly. "And we had just captured the target and ... man, was he ever a moron." Naruto rolled his eyes as he explained. "He tried to attack us, when he obviously wasn't prepared. He did some half-assed jutsu that almost nailed Shikamaru. I intercepted it and we went home."

Sasuke stared blankly at Naruto. "That's it?"

"Yes!" Naruto finally wrestled free of Sasuke's grip and stood, picking up his jounin vest which he had dropped upon hearing that the Yondaime was... He felt that flutter in his stomach again and decided to avoid that knowledge for the time being. He shrugged it on and turned to Sasuke. "Now, where am I?"

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest and rolled his eyes. "You're home," he said slowly, watching Naruto carefully. "Where you've lived your entire life with your father." He blocked Naruto from leaving the room. "Where do you think you're supposed to be?" He was determined to get to the bottom of this. "You haven't stayed at my apartment since you had that hissy fit about 'what people would say' and you moved out."

Naruto eyed his friend, unable to recall a single argument between them concerning 'what people would say' nor did he have any idea exactly what they would be referring to. "We've never lived together, Sasuke. And..." He looked around the room, suddenly feeling boxed in. "I've never seen this place before. Now get out of my way so I can find out what the hell is going on here."

Sasuke smirked at him. "You're going to make me?" he said. "I really don't want to get in trouble from your father for beating the shit out of you so that you stay here. He told me to get things figured out."

Naruto gave him a look, eyes darkening with his anger. "You don't even have until the count of three to get the fuck out of my way, Uchiha," he snarled. "I don't like being messed with and I am going to find out what is going on."

Sasuke crossed his arms and gave him a bored look. "Where are you going to go, Naruto? The best person who could help you out is sitting downstairs in the kitchen." From what Sasuke could tell, Naruto was confused and angry, for reasons he had yet to figure out, but until then, he knew it'd be best to keep Naruto from wandering too far.

Naruto looked horrified at the thought of talking to the Yondaime. Sasuke sighed. "Fine, you want to go somewhere? I'll come with you." He wasn't completely unreasonable.

Naruto clenched his jaw, then a smirk slowly spread across his features. He would talk to the Yondaime... or whoever this person was calling himself the Yondaime, and straighten a few things out. Cracking his knuckles, he plotted on how to best shock this imposter.

Sasuke saw the gleam in Naruto's eyes and knew immediately that Naruto was up to something. But since Naruto didn't seem inclined to tell Sasuke what was going on in that thick head of his, the next best person to talk to was Naruto's father. "Ok, but no fainting." And this time Sasuke smirked and muttered, "Idiot," if only to cover up his growing concern for Naruto's state of mind.

Naruto glared at him. "Bastard." It was familiar and comforting and for once the insult didn't bother him. He finished pulling on his clothing, ignoring Sasuke completely before heading out the door.

He peered down the hallway where a set of stairs led to the lower level. He could feel Sasuke's gaze at the back of his head, but ignored it. If someone really was trying to pull a stupid prank on him, then Sasuke was obviously playing along. The thought infuriated him and for a moment, he considered stopping and kicking Sasuke's ass first.

He took a deep breath, reassuring himself that he could always kick the jerk's ass later--and have fun while doing it. That was more normal, too--them beating each other up until both of them couldn't move--but he didn't want to waste any time at the moment. He had to confront this Yondaime-wannabe. He followed what he felt was the normal pathway in the house, getting turned around only once. Arriving at the bottom of a set of stairs, he came face to face with the fake Yondaime.

The blond man was sitting at a table sipping tea. Three full plates sat untouched in front of him. He looked up when Naruto and Sasuke entered the room. He smiled again and Naruto felt his chest tighten at the warmth in those eyes. A very convincing actor, he thought, swallowing back the bitterness.

"Did you guys get things straightened out?" he asked, extending his hand to indicate that they should sit.

Somehow, the kind way he was being treated infuriated him even more. Someone knew his dreams and what he always wanted and was taunting him with it. He was waiting for the other shoe to fall, for the man to taunt him and hurt him even more. "I believe we did." He kept his voice casual and calm--but this Yondaime just gave him a look.

"Don't lie to your father, brat. I know you too well."

At this, Naruto's eyes blinked red and the marks on his cheeks darkened. "Who the hell do you think you are, not only pretending to be the yondaime, but my father. My..." He felt Sasuke's hand on his shoulder and jerked away, unable to stand that his best friend would participate in such a cruel joke.

The man who claimed to be the Yondaime moved to his feet.

Naruto cupped his hand in front of him, the swirling blue-white energy of the Rasengen forming without any strained effort on his part, its strength increased by his anger. "I don't care to play nice anymore," he said, his voice deepening and the kyuubi's chakra flicking about him in little waves.

Teaching this man a lesson was supposed to give him pleasure, but Naruto could only feel the heat of the perfectly controlled chakra in his hand and the burning urge to destroy that lingering wish that his father really was standing in front him.

The man before him had suddenly gone white, his wide eyes staring fixedly at Naruto's palm. Naruto smirked, feeling the smallest bit of satisfaction at the man's expression.

He tilted his head to the side, carefully holding the energy as if it wasn't at all dangerous. "This is a relic from the real Yondaime. Ero-sennin taught it to me." He could feel Sasuke startle next to him, but he didn't know why he would be surprised. Unless he was worried he would turn it on him next. Which wasn't a bad idea.

The imposter's blue eyes suddenly darkened and Naruto sensed a change in his demeanor. "Jiraiya-sama taught you the rasengan? When?" he demanded, voice low but somehow thunderous all the same. "He hasn't been in Konoha for years."

Naruto glared at the man, wondering with burning fury why he no longer seemed concerned that he was about to be attacked.

"When I was... thirteen," he said after a pause. It had been five years since that pervert had taken him as an apprentice and he saw him a great deal since then. He was the one that had taken him off for training for almost three years while they also searched for Sasuke; he was the one that had taught him most of the Yondaime's moves.

At Naruto's reply, the other man's lips thinned in displeasure. "I will have to talk to him very soon. And you," he said, expression stern, just as Naruto might have imagined a father's to be when reprimanding his son, "put that away before you hurt someone. We will have a talk later about why you never told me this sooner and whatever else that old man taught you."

Naruto was so surprised, he let the energy dissipate, staring at the man with wide eyes.

He had turned away, then suddenly paused, a wide grin on his face that was identical to Naruto's. Which creeped Naruto out even more. "You said when you were thirteen?" he asked eagerly. "You mastered it that young?"

A little dumbstruck at the turn things had suddenly taken, he nodded absently.

The man looked inordinately pleased with himself at Naruto's affirmation. "How long did it take you?"

Naruto swallowed, wondering why he was even listening to the man talk. "The days all kind of blurred into each other. I don't know...a month? Maybe two."

The blond man was visibly startled. "It took me 3 years!" He reached out to ruffle Naruto's hair. Naruto stepped back, staying out of reach.

"Show me the rasengan," Naruto said, his frown returning.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and hit Naruto hard upside the head. "I really don't want to see either of you accidentally blow up your house." He scowled. "And why didn't you tell me that you could use that?" he demanded. "And why haven't you ever used it before?" He still looked vaguely startled, but Naruto ignored him, continuing to stare at the stranger.

"Maybe I'll be more inclined to believe you. Ero-sennin said that only he, the Yondaime and now I could do it."

The other man gave him a smile that said he was merely humoring him and raised his palm. Immediately, chakra swirled into a perfect glowing orb. Naruto was struck dumb.

The man chuckled at Naruto's expression and glanced at Sasuke. "Look after him, would ya? I have to get to the tower before my assistants come hunting for me."

Sasuke nodded and Naruto watched mutely as the Yondaime left.

He sank into one of the kitchen chairs, head buried in his hands. "This isn't real," he mumbled. One hand picked at the food in front of him, noting in a detached part of his mind that it was better than anything he ever had before. "Ero-sennin said that only a few people knew that. And he did it so easily... and..." He's nice. A part of his mind taunted him. Someone is treating you like you've always wanted.

Why are you fighting it? he asked himself. Because, he thought, jaw tightening, it isn't real. How can it be real? He heard Sasuke take a seat beside him and he looked up into dark eyes still clouded with confusion.

"Naruto," he said. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Naruto blinked at him in confusion. "Huh? Tell you about what?"

Sasuke smacked his head again. "About the rasengan!"

Naruto blinked at him, face twisted in confusion. "Um, I did tell you about it. Or at least showed you." That had been one of their first real fights, Sasuke so consumed by the desire to attain power that he wanted to test his chidori against Naruto's rasengan.

And of course, the second and third times Sasuke had seen the rasengan weren't fond memories either. He frowned at the man now that he should even ask.

"When was that? And why wasn't I there?" Sasuke asked, clearly not believing him.

Naruto glowered at him. "What, you're telling me you forgot?"

He stood up, his entire body tense from the memory. He had forgiven Sasuke--had forgiven Sasuke the moment it happened, but the memory wasn't something he wanted to relive--ever. "You're talking about me acting weird and forgetting things like the sudden appearance of a father I never had before, but you forgot when you nearly killed me?" His voice was rising in disbelief with every word.

Sasuke's eyes widened before he stood as well. "What the hell is wrong with you? I've never tried to kill you!"

"Right, and you never tried to betray the village by running off to Orochimaru either," Naruto spat, disgusted and exhausted by the day's unending surprises. And it was still morning!

Sasuke's eyes darkened even further, a low hiss of breath escaping. "What did you just accuse me of?" he asked, gripping Naruto's chin and making Naruto face him. He was about to go on when he saw the real pain in Naruto's eyes, real confusion as to what was going on.

He sighed, reigning in his anger. "Naruto, I don't know what's going on here. But...I promise you we'll figure it out." He hugged Naruto to his chest and felt Naruto stiffen.

Naruto went rigid in shock, trying to pull away but Sasuke's arms tightened around him. Ok, he thought, this is just getting weirder and weirder. Sasuke did not hug.

At that point, Naruto wanted to scream at all the weirdness that was going on. "Um... Sasuke?" he asked tentatively. "Since when did you start hugging people?" It was unusual and it made his brain hurt to think of what else could be going on. "And... you're hanging around me and being nice and..."

Sasuke pulled back just enough to stare hard into Naruto's eyes. He could tell Naruto was serious. "Oh, fuck," he muttered, his arms dropping to his sides. "Don't tell me you don't remember us either!"

Naruto resisted the urge to step back from Sasuke's mutinous glare. "Us?" he ventured to ask. He considered for a moment. "As in... best friends?" he said tentatively. He would leave off that he had been falling in love with Sasuke for at least a year now, probably longer. "We're not friends?"

Sasuke's nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed. "I don't know, Naruto. How about later, I show you what we are?"

Naruto lifted an eyebrow hesitantly. "Well, what is that supposed to mean?"

Sasuke continued to glare. "You'll find out."

Naruto swallowed, convinced that he probably didn't want to find out, and moved past Sasuke towards the front door.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke asked, following closely.

"To find out what else has gone totally insane over night." He frowned at Sasuke. "And you're acting like some damn watchdog. The last time I checked, Uzumaki Naruto didn't need anyone following him." His expression darkened and Sasuke almost didn't catch the next words. "Not that anyone would have bothered." He quickly shook his head free of the depressing thoughts; he just wanted to concentrate on the moment and figure out what was going on. "I don't suppose we have any missions?" he asked, just to be sure.

Sasuke, deciding to keep his thoughts on Naruto's bizarre behavior to himself lest he accidentally strangle Naruto in frustration, shook his head. "Not for a few days at least. But you should check with your father to be sure."

Naruto flinched at Sasuke's comment. "Could you not say that? At least until I get used to the idea."

Sasuke ground his teeth and didn't reply.

Naruto's gaze shifted away. "I... I just don't know what it's like, Sasuke. You should know and... it hurts that you don't." His hands gripped the edge of the doorframe, head hanging down as if trying to memorize the pattern on the floor. "It .. it's weird and unusual. Next thing you're going to tell me is something silly like 'girls love me' or something."

Sasuke debated telling him that it was true, just to be sadistic, but decided Naruto was confused enough as it was. Naruto would get the idea soon enough anyway, once he decided to move past the front door.

Naruto, however, was staring at the street outside, familiar with this part of town, which was no where near his little apartment. He watched people pass by, going about their
daily business as if nothing was amiss. He took a deep breath and stepped out into the street.

He was immediately aware of the looks people gave him--he had noticed his entire life--but he was baffled at the feeling he got from it now. People actually looked at him and smiled; he gulped and debated going back inside, but Sasuke blocked the entrance.

He turned, letting out his anger at Sasuke, because he couldn't direct his confusion any other way. "Why are you following me?" he demanded. "Did the Hokage assign you as a bodyguard to me or something?" He refused to refer to the Hokage as his father, or that fake-Yondaime as the Hokage.

"You might trip on your feet and hit your head again. I can't have you forgetting your name next."

Naruto glared at him before turning away and marching down the street.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I want to find out what's going on just as much as you do," he said, allowing himself to give Naruto a straight answer.

Naruto just shook his head at that. He supposed he'd been hoping for too much that Sasuke would just let him leave him behind. "You seem to have all the answers," he said bitterly. "Just leave me to figure things out on my own for once." He glared. "Or don't you think I'm smart enough for that?"

"Would you rather I accompany you or pretend to leave and follow you anyway?"

Naruto clenched his fists, knowing that starting a fight wasn't worth the aggravation. Although it could perhaps relieve him of some tension.

"Fine," he bit out, "but stay out of my way." He turned, completely ignoring Sasuke as he continued down the street toward his apartment. He kept his chin level and his eyes forward despite the overwhelming urge to duck his head at the friendly smiles the villagers were giving him. In a way, it was almost worse than the glares.

Are they being nice because somehow they were all brainwashed into thinking that I'm the Yondaime's son... and he's still alive? he thought angrily to himself. It was hypocritical and he realized with a shock that that was how Sasuke had been treated all his life. They never knew the hurt, angry and lonely boy beyond the clan name.

He sighed, not wanting to apologize but realizing one was in order. "Look, I'm sorry," he said, not looking at Sasuke, his back still stiff. "I'm just... confused." More than confused.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted, stepping up beside Naruto, letting their arms brush momentarily.

Naruto let the smallest of smiles curl his lips. It was Sasuke's roundabout way of accepting his apology.

They walked on in silence, Naruto studiously ignoring the looks the villagers were giving him. Some, though, he couldn't help taking note of. One villager--a man carrying a large box--looked at both him and Sasuke and shook his head, a disapproving frown on his face. Naruto couldn't decipher what that look meant.

He looked at Sasuke, bewildered. "What's with him?" he asked. Things around town looked the way they always had; there wasn't anything amiss that he could tell right off, at least. "You'd think that he never saw us walking next to each other before." Sasuke had more openly become his friend after he returned, not caring or ignoring the dirty looks that got thrown Naruto's way. He more often than not glared at the offending party and they scuttled away.

Sasuke glared after the man Naruto referred to and shook his head. "You said you didn't remember your hissy fit about 'what people would say', right?"


"Then forget it. It's not important anyway."

Naruto sighed and let it pass. He didn't need more things to confuse him anyway. They passed a street that opened up to reveal a clear view of the Hokage mountain. Naruto cast it a cursory glance and looked away...and then did a double take, bewildered at the absence of the fifth's stone visage.

"Her.. it.. the old hag's face is gone." Naruto shook his head, completely confused by the loss. He turned to Sasuke. "Okay, now I know I've lost it." Without any warning, he passed out.