Parallels Extra
Authors: Questofdreams and Lazuli
Huge thanks to our beta, proud snapist. Lazz and I remembered that we had written an extra, lol, and thought we should probably post it. This takes place several weeks after the ending chapter. This is indeed the final bit from the Parallels universe unless we come up with something else. Pure pwp lol.
Yep, they apply.

Naruto stared at the water dripping down the pane of his newly-repaired window. He would have left it unfixed for awhile yet, except that Sasuke always glared at it whenever he came over. So rather than having to listen to Sasuke's irritating complaints (although Sasuke would deny that they were complaints as he seemed to think himself above such pettiness), Naruto had just shelled out the money for it and had it fixed.

He reached out, his index finger lazily tracing the paths of stray rain drops on the other side of the cool glass as his mind turned inward. He hated and loved these moments, when he could lose himself in recollection of those few cherished memories he'd had with his father. Hated them because they were bittersweet and loved them for just the same reason. He sighed.

That was not to say he wasn't appreciative that things were back to normal. He was used to this life and the people and how he was treated. The old hag was seriously thinking about making him Hokage at this point and Kakashi had actually started talking to him, if only a little, about his father.

And Sasuke—well, Sasuke wasn't nearly as big a prick as he'd been before, but he wasn't exactly forthcoming, either. It was frustrating, at times.

The day he'd received that priceless gift from Sasuke, they'd taken another step towards...well, to be frank, sex, but hadn't exactly done it yet. It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to. His libido could attest to that. But he hadn't wanted to feel like he was paying Sasuke back with sex for that startling show of kindness. It was stupid to feel that way, he knew. Sasuke had told him as much, only in much harsher terms.

Naruto blew air into his cheeks absently as he admitted that he really hadn't been ready, in all honesty. He rubbed his forehead and moved away from the window, heating up the kettle for some tea. It was fairly chilly and it wouldn't hurt to have something warm to drink.

He was alone as Sasuke was off doing whatever it was that he had to do. Naruto didn't pry and Sasuke never volunteered information. As he walked back towards the living room, he absently ran his hand over his jacket, a faint smile on his face.

"You should see me," he murmured. "I've just about mastered your technique." He had made enough progress on the technique to impress Tsunade at the end of their bet, but still had a few kinks to work out—which he didn't mention to her.

He liked to imagine the Yondaime looking at the photo they'd taken together and wondering about how the other version of his son was doing. It gave him peace about everything to believe he was remembered. He had initially wished he'd written the other Naruto a note as well, telling him how lucky he was to have such a caring father. But he was fairly certain his other self already knew that.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his door and he wondered vaguely who was coming to visit. He could have sworn that Sasuke said he'd be tied up for the rest of the night. The kettle whistling made him pause for a moment.

"Hold on!" he shouted as he removed the kettle from the heat before going to receive his guest.

Sasuke was leaning against the doorframe when Naruto swung open the front door. Naruto almost laughed at how practiced the pose looked.

He couldn't help a short jab. "Sorry, none of your fangirls are here at the moment. You'll have to settle with impressing me." When Sasuke scowled, Naruto snickered. "Come inside already before you get even wetter."

Sasuke didn't seem too bothered by the rain however, nor by tracking it inside Naruto's thin carpets that certainly wouldn't absorb the dampness. Naruto frowned down at the wet footprints left in Sasuke's wake as Sasuke stepped into the apartment.

Sasuke combed his hair back out of his face, rainwater running down his neck. Naruto, quickly forgetting his wet carpet, shut the door and hurried to the kitchen so he wouldn't jump Sasuke right then and there.

He moved back to the stove, studiously avoiding the way Sasuke's shirt stuck damply to his skin. If he didn't know any better, he would swear that Sasuke was doing it on purpose. But Sasuke didn't do things like that, did he? Sometimes he wondered if his memories were still screwed up.

"I have some tea," he said quickly, pulling down another cup and trying to avoid looking at Sasuke. "I even have the kind you like..." His voice trailed off when Sasuke came to stand next to him.

Naruto couldn't help looking the man up and down and, ignoring the stirring in his pants which he was sure Sasuke would attend to later anyway, tried to sound reprimanding when he said, "Go get a towel, would you? You're dripping all over the floor."

Sasuke grunted. "We won't be staying too long. Hokage-sama wants to talk to you soon."

Naruto blinked at that. "So she sent you as her messenger boy?" he asked in disbelief. "Somehow, I can't see you running errands, Sasuke." He handed Sasuke his tea and raised an eyebrow, silently demanding an answer to what was going on.

Sasuke shrugged and sipped at his tea before saying, "I was in her office and since she knew I'd see you, she asked me to pass the message along. Don't call me a message boy, moron."

"What were you doing in her office?"

Sasuke shrugged again. "Nothing important."

Naruto's eyes narrowed briefly at that, not believing his words for an instant. "You haven't gone on a mission for about a week, so you shouldn't have anything to turn in--do you have another mission? Unless you're going behind my back to try and upgrade my living space again," Naruto said dryly.

Sasuke arched an eyebrow and refused to answer as he sipped idly at his tea. "Like I said, Hokage-sama wants to see you. She's waiting." Sasuke turned away just as Naruto made a face at him and resolved to take extra long to act on the summons just to irritate the Godaime.

As Sasuke had predicted, she'd sent them both on back-to-back missions for a good three weeks after they'd settled Naruto's 'jutsu mishap' situation. Separate back-to-back missions. Naruto was still irked. She had continued to stare at him as if she were assessing his mental state, but that had thankfully stopped when he'd completed every mission she'd given him.

Besides how exhausting the missions had been, Sasuke had been much more distant than usual afterwards, which had only added to Naruto's frustration. It took him a week to figure out that Sasuke's cold shoulder was actually meant to convey he'd missed Naruto and was upset Naruto hadn't understood Sasuke's snarled greeting after those three weeks as a plea to be kissed.

Right. Naruto understood how Sasuke was but really, the bastard was so confusing sometimes.

Of course, once he figured out Sasuke's brand of affection—well, the benefits were quite nice and even if they hadn't gotten as far as Sasuke wanted yet, it still made for some very nice, warm, un-alone type nights.

Naruto sat at his small table where Sasuke had just seated himself and sipped slowly at his tea. If Sasuke wanted to remain closed-mouthed about what he'd been doing in the Hokage's office, then fine. Let the bastard keep his secrets. Naruto didn't care.

He drummed his fingers against the table top as he glared at Sasuke calmly drinking from his cup. Ok, fine. He did care but he was willing to wait until Sasuke told him. He would tell him eventually. And why couldn't the bastard see that Naruto wanted to kiss him? Neither one of them were the type to just jump one another, not at least with some type of "do it now" sign from the other person.

Sasuke set down his tea, long slender fingers resting loosely around the curve of the cup. He smirked at how Naruto's gaze had gone from glaring to something quite different, those blue eyes staring hard at Sasuke's mouth.


Naruto blinked, raising his gaze to meet Sasuke's. His glare returned. "What?" he snapped.

Sasuke's dark eyes were amused as he said, "You have tea on your chin."

Naruto blinked and raised a hand to wipe it off, but Sasuke was faster. He leaned forward, tongue flicking out quickly to clean up the droplet of tea.

Give the bastard the idea and he is suddenly as perverted as Kakashi or Ero-sennin, Naruto thought absently, but he really wasn't complaining. He moved slightly to encourage an actual kiss, but Sasuke had already pulled away and stood up.

"Let's get going, dumbass."

Naruto's mouth opened to protest but Sasuke had already moved past him, towards the door.

"Fucking tease," Naruto muttered. Why couldn't Sasuke make up his mind with how he wanted to express his feelings?

On the one hand, Sasuke's frigid attitude could mean he wanted to be left alone. On the other hand, Sasuke's frigid attitude could also mean he was missing Naruto and Naruto needed to get his ass over to Sasuke's house pronto. And then there were these moments when Sasuke had no problem with teasing and suggestive looks or touches. He probably liked messing with Naruto's head, the sadistic jerk.

"I really hate to see what would happen if you actually got with one of your former fangirls," Naruto muttered under his breath as he shrugged on his coat and grabbed an umbrella beside the door. "They wouldn't know what to expect from you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "What are you babbling about, Naruto?"

"Nothing. Just how irritating you are."

Sasuke grunted, not at all bothered by Naruto's reply. Not waiting for Naruto, he opened the front door and stepped back out into the rain.

Naruto glanced at Sasuke, who was standing outside his door letting his clothes get soaked through again, and then back to the umbrella in his hand. Tilting his nose in the air, he opened his umbrella and followed Sasuke outside. Sasuke might think getting a cold from the rain a paltry concern, but just because he was a ninja didn't mean he had to be a cold, wet ninja. Good health was necessary when going on a mission.

Maybe Sasuke wanted to get a cold so the Godaime wouldn't give him another long mission. Naruto glanced at his umbrella, contemplating doing the same, before shaking his head. No, that didn't seem like something Sasuke would do anyway.

"If you get sick, asshole, I'm not taking care of you. And no one's going to baby you if you get hauled into another mission with a cold. And you call me the idiot."

"Naruto, I'm not going to get sick. Unlike you, my body can stand a little rain. I don't have to hide under an umbrella like a little girl."

"Tell me that when you're confined to your bed tomorrow whining for soup and hot pads like an old woman," Naruto muttered, descending the stairs leading down into the street.

Sasuke apparently didn't deem to respond because he smirked and strode past Naruto, stepping extra hard (and with just a smidgen of chakra) in a particularly large puddle and splashing Naruto.

Naruto gaped at this childish display from Sasuke, even though he was now just as soaking wet as Sasuke. Abandoning the umbrella as futile, he lowered his arm and ran to catch up with Sasuke, splashing in a similar puddle and drenching both of them.

Sasuke scowled and stepped in another puddle, this time not bothering to hold back his chakra and the water sprang up around them, showering them even harder and more thoroughly than the rain. Naruto threw his head back, unable to keep from laughing hysterically at the sulky glare Sasuke was giving him from behind soaked bangs.

"Haha, Sasuke! You're completely soaked!" Naruto couldn't help his peals of laughter at their antics. For the first time in a long time—if ever, really—Sasuke looked like he was somewhat having fun, even behind the stony glare he wore.

Sasuke pushed his bangs from his eyes with an irritated flick of his hand. He had already been pretty well-soaked through from the rain but now he looked like he'd just taken a dive into the river. He felt a smidgen of satisfaction that Naruto was equally as wet, even though he was still holding that now useless umbrella at his side.

Naruto leaned up against him, eyes bright as he kissed him quickly. "C'mon, let's get to the old hag and get this over with." He thrust the umbrella in Sasuke's hand and took off.

"Hey!" Sasuke stared at the umbrella in his hand, not quite sure what to do with it. Rolling his eyes, he closed it with a snap and tucked it under his arm, taking off after Naruto. He contemplated throwing it into an alley, but it was the only umbrella Naruto had.

Without really thinking about it, his tongue flicked out to lick his bottom lip, tasting cool rain where Naruto's wet mouth had pressed briefly. "What an idiot." Sasuke muttered, shaking his head as he caught up with Naruto, splashing in another puddle and running ahead while Naruto cursed at him.

When they reached the tower, they paused outside Tsunade's office. They looked at each other—Naruto snickering over their sorry states, Sasuke unable to help a smirk. Naruto reached out, a cool palm sliding over Sasuke's wet cheek.

"Maybe we should find some towels and dry off first," Sasuke said.

"Nah," Naruto said with a mischievous grin. "She wanted to see me right away, didn't she?" He rather liked the idea of making a puddle in the middle of her office.

Sasuke pushed back his wet bangs yet again as they refused to stay out of his eyes. "Ah, the Hokage-to-be is so special that the Godaime needs his advice at all hours," Sasuke said dryly. "Never mind the cleaning bill the idiot will receive for water damage."

Naruto gave Sasuke a blank look before his teeth flashed again in a broad grin and he cackled—cackled—in Sasuke's face. "You should say things like that in public. I'd love to see everyone's faces."

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

He wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck and leaned closer. "But I like it when you smile for me," he teased.

Sasuke turned his head away and sniffed. "You smile enough for the both of us."

"You're such a prude."

"What are you doing out there? Get in here."

Tsunade's voice cut off whatever response Sasuke was about to make. Naruto rolled his eyes and muttered, "Hag" before pushing open the door to her office.

Sasuke followed, smirking at Naruto's expression. He would never admit it, but it was actually fairly entertaining to watch the Hokage and Naruto butt heads, especially since Naruto always lost. But it was also amusing to see how Tsunade let Naruto get away with more than anyone should. Sasuke almost cringed to think about how Naruto would behave when he was Hokage.

"What did you need so badly that you had to drag us out in the rain for?" Naruto asked, eyes wide and pathetic looking. "Look at us—we're both dripping wet."

Sasuke snorted.

Tsunade looked for all the world like she could care less. "So have Sasuke light a fire and dry you off. Not my problem."

Sasuke's lips twitched, even as he pretended to glare at her for making light of Sasuke's fire techniques.

Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed, before his expression settled into something more serious. "If you're calling me out this late, it must be important."

Frowning briefly, Tsunade nodded curtly. "Sasuke, since this isn't a top secret mission and Naruto will probably tell you later anyway, you can stay." She gave him an expectant look as if he should be grateful for her consideration before addressing Naruto. "I've received a special mission I need you on. It'll require a month-long stay, at the least, in the Wave country. Starts tomorrow."

Naruto blinked, momentarily at a loss for words before sputtering, "T-Tomorrow?! A month?"

"At the least," Tsunade repeated. "Possibly longer."

Sasuke was feeling much the way Naruto looked, but he expressed it with a cool glare that Tsunade ignored.

Naruto reined in his emotion and took a deep breath. "Why do you need me for a Wave mission?" he asked carefully. Damn it, he didn't want to be away from Sasuke for a month, maybe even longer. The bastard would be so pissy by the time the mission was over Naruto wouldn't know if Sasuke hated his guts again or wanted to screw him.

"You were specifically requested."

Naruto looked confused for a moment. "Specifically requested? Who would..?" His question trailed off as he realized he probably already knew the answer. He smiled a little at that, rubbing the back of his head. "Heh, I didn't think they still remembered me from that long ago." He paused. "But why not ask for Sakura...or even Sasuke?" he asked reluctantly. "Or even Kakashi—they were there, too."

Tsunade gave a light shrug. "I didn't speak with the family that requested you personally as it doesn't deal directly with them, but I was given enough information to gather that you left a rather strong impression during your time there. And there was mention of a Naruto Bridge." This last part she said with an amused smile.

Naruto cocked his head. "Naruto Bridge?"

Sasuke was staring flatly at the Hokage, as if not sure he'd heard right.

Naruto shook his head. "I don't remember anything like that. I mean—there was the bridge that Tazuna was building and we helped and all. It was our first decent mission." His jaw dropped. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Sasuke was rolling his eyes at how slow Naruto was. "They actually named the bridge after him?" he asked, his voice just revealing undertones of disbelief.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head again, laughing nervously as a blush crept up his cheeks. "I didn't realize I'd left quite that strong an impression."

Tsunade smiled. "Well, you've got a month ahead of you to come to terms with it."

Naruto immediately frowned again, but he shook his head. "I guess there's no choice then, if you're pushing so hard to get rid of me." He grinned at Tsunade.

The Hokage just smiled fondly and gave that delicate shrug that didn't really tell him anything. "The missions don't go away just because we want them to, Naruto. Not even for the Hokage."

Naruto gave an identical shrug. "Well, do you want me to head out tonight or can it wait until tomorrow?" he asked. "I'd hate to vanish with no one knowing what's going on."

She gave him a smile that was meant to be gracious and replied dramatically, "I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to leave tomorrow. Do what you will tonight." Then she winked at him. Naruto just barely managed to suppress a blush. Sasuke shifted on his feet, not quite sure how he felt about the Hokage making innuendos about their sex life.

Naruto made a face at her and refrained from commenting about how she was becoming more and more like Ero-sennin; he didn't want his night taken away from him, after all, no matter what type of dirty comments the old hag made.

"Well then, here's the scroll. Make sure to at least look at it before you go. You can study it in further detail while you travel. It's a B-rank mission, but we don't think you should encounter any problems until you get to Wave country."

She handed him a scroll and waved him off, dismissing him. He grinned at her, caught her return smile and turned to leave, hearing Sasuke's footsteps behind him. The rain had let up, but there was no splashing in puddles on the return trip back to his apartment. As much as he liked the idea of using soaking wet clothing as an excuse to strip Sasuke, he didn't think that the excuse would be needed. Besides, Sasuke was looking pissy again. Naruto hoped it was because Sasuke wanted affection.

When they shook themselves off outside Naruto's door, Sasuke shoved the umbrella he was still carrying into Naruto's ribs and pushed past him into the house.

Naruto glared at his back, holding his tongue for only a second before he shouted, "You're not the only one upset about the mission, you know. I'm the one who's going to be gone for a month, not you."

Sasuke tossed a dark look over his shoulder at Naruto. "I'm sure Hokage-sama will find something to keep me busy."

Naruto growled and shoved at Sasuke. "Fine, then. So you won't miss me when I'm gone. I'm sure there will be lots to keep you busy and I'll be just fine in Wave Co--mpmh!"

Sasuke shoved him backward into the door he'd just shut, mouth closing over his own. Naruto stared wide-eyed for a moment before relaxing into the kiss, letting Sasuke press him into the hard wood.

"When you get back," Sasuke mumbled against his lips, hands busy with pushing up Naruto's wet shirt. "I'm going to demand a week's vacation for us."

Naruto chuckled even as Sasuke's cool, damp fingers paused to pinch his nipple before shoving his shirt over his head. Naruto had a brief flash of the other Sasuke doing this and he smiled inwardly. His other self was right—give Sasuke a little time and there was no stopping him. Of course, it was hard to tell when he wanted to start in the first place.

He moaned as callused fingertips skimmed down his side, lingering right over the waistband of his pants before moving upward again. Sasuke's hands smoothed up his chest as Naruto's fingers curled around Sasuke's hair and pressed their mouths tighter together. He opened his mouth, tongue pushing out to meet Sasuke's. Those cool hands gripped his shoulders almost painfully as Sasuke's hips jerked forward, trapping Naruto against the door.

Growling slightly, Naruto moved one hand down to cup Sasuke's ass and bring them closer together. He slowly slid his other hand from Sasuke's hair, trailing his fingers down that smooth, pale cheek, his lips moving purposefully against Sasuke's, searching for a response from Sasuke that wasn't born of frustration. The hand gripping Sasuke's backside massaged the hard muscle as he rolled their hips together.

"Sasuke," he said again, pulling back just enough to see Sasuke's face. He smiled as those dark eyes softened with lust and something else Naruto remembered from his time with the other Sasuke, a look which he was beginning to see more and more with this Sasuke.

Naruto stared almost in awe at Sasuke's face, fingers tracing over the fine, but strong masculine features. He didn't pause in his ministrations of touching the rest of Sasuke's body as he continued to watch the different moods the dark eyes presented him. Desperation, lust, caring... want. Sometimes Naruto thought it was just too surreal and that he really had been trapped in a genjutsu all this time. It would have probably made more sense.

Sasuke gripped the front of his pants and tugged him forward, away from the door. Their mouths remain locked as they felt their way across the small apartment, Naruto's hands now making quick work of Sasuke's shirt. He yanked at the garment, pulling away just long enough to pull it over Sasuke's head before he was kissing Sasuke again, both hands gripping and massaging pale skin and muscles.

"Naruto," Sasuke hissed, eyes mere slits as he looked down at Naruto between kissing. "Get out of those damn clothes before I ruin them."

He tugged again at Naruto's pants to press his point. Naruto grinned and grabbed the waist of his pants, pushing it and his boxers off his hips and lower. Sasuke spun them around and shoved Naruto backward. Naruto flailed, pants caught at his ankles before falling back into his bed.

Sasuke smirked and bent over, tugging Naruto's pants off and tossing them somewhere before doing the same with his own.

"Bastard!" Naruto shouted, but it was half-hearted and quickly melted into a groan as Sasuke crawled over him, both of them skin to skin this time. Naruto wrapped one arm around Sasuke's back, angling his head enough to move his lips over Sasuke's jaw, nipping gently as he moved down his throat.

Sasuke settled his hips against Naruto's, erections pressed together, eliciting a groan from both men. Sasuke turned his face into Naruto's hair, breathing deeply of rain and, just faintly, spiced tea. His tongue flicked out to moisten the skin just behind Naruto's ear as Naruto busied himself sucking harshly at the muscle connecting Sasuke's neck to his shoulder.

Hm, Sasuke thought. Good idea. He sank his teeth briefly into the smooth skin of Naruto's neck before sucking hard, intent on leaving his mark.

Naruto moaned and bucked against Sasuke, eyes squeezed shut. " Sasuke," he moaned. "I don't think... I... damnit, we've played enough." He managed to open his eyes to give Sasuke a fierce look. "Let's get on with it already."

Sasuke pulled back from the angry red mark he'd left on Naruto's skin,in plain view, which he'd probably get an earful for later, but at the moment, he hardly cared. He smirked and licked a wet stripe up Naruto's jaw and over those pursed lips.

"I agree," he whispered, before rising to his hands and knees, his eyes sweeping down Naruto's naked body.

Naruto marveled at the passion, so foreign and yet so fitting, in Sasuke's eyes as that dark gaze traveled the length of Naruto's body and he thought about how long they'd be apart, how much he was going to miss the normally stoic man. Naruto swallowed uneasily and lifted one hand to cup Sasuke's cheek. "I want to... I want...I want to do this."

Sasuke cocked his head, only misunderstanding for a moment before his eyes widened a fraction and he smiled. Not smirked, but smiled to let Naruto know, without words, how he felt. And then he smirked. In a very self-satisfied, predatory sort of way that made Naruto doubt the wisdom of the choice he'd just made.

Sasuke braced his weight on one bent elbow as his other hand moved down Naruto's body, slim fingers kneading the muscles of Naruto's inner thighs and watching Naruto squirm with anticipation.

"Sasuke," Naruto hissed, hand reaching out to firmly grip Sasuke's erection. He squeezed it gently before stroking, confident in what he was doing, knowing by now what Sasuke liked. Naruto suddenly grinned. "I think I want to be on top," he murmured, hand stroking expertly. "Wouldn't you like that, Sasuke? Me on top of you, hands stroking you just like this, my body pressing you into the bed with each...thrust...?"

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, forcing his hips to keep from thrusting into Naruto's hand. He leaned down just enough so that their lips touched and murmured, "You wish, Uzumaki."

Naruto smirked and ran his thumb over the slit, gratified when he heard Sasuke moan. "No, I really think you'll like it, Uchiha," he murmured.

Sasuke decided Naruto was being way too talkative for someone about to be fucked. Lowering his head, he raked his tongue over a flat nipple, biting gently before sucking hard. Naruto gasped, arching up against him.

"Sasuke," Naruto said through gritted teeth, not yet willing to acquiesce.

"Hm?" Sasuke looked up through his ridiculously long eyelashes (which, Naruto felt, should have relegated Sasuke to bottom right then and there), and smirked again, his hand finally finding Naruto's cock.

Naruto bit his lip as Sasuke stroked it firmly, thumb smoothing over the tip. He gave Sasuke a dirty look. "Cheater," he muttered.

"Just give it up, Uzumaki." He chuckled lowly, fingers moving slowly over the tip and then down again, his other hand cupping Naruto's balls. "You know you want me to do this to you tonight. Don't you want to give me a goodbye gift?"

Naruto scowled. "I'd rather top you and have you remember that for the entire month," he muttered, but his body was already arching into Sasuke's touches, wanting more.

"Stop complaining and just moan, Naruto," Sasuke said, nudging Naruto's legs farther apart and settling his hips flush against Naruto's. His hands slid across the smooth skin to cradle Naruto's hips as he thrust playfully, their cocks pressed between them.

"Pushy bastard," Naruto muttered. His fingers dug into the muscle of Sasuke's back as he pressed his thighs around Sasuke's hips.

Sasuke was the one that moaned first, a fact that Naruto would remind the stoic bastard of after, if he remembered. As it was, his own moan wasn't far off and he closed his eyes as he gave an answering thrust against Sasuke.

Sasuke's hands tightened on Naruto's hips, almost leaving bloodless imprints of his fingers. "God, Naruto," he growled. "It's about time you came around. I don't think I could stand playing anymore."

"Are you kidding me?" Naruto pressed his palms into Sasuke's sides before trailing his fingers up the hollow of his spine. "Screw playing. This is going to have to last me a month if not longer."

Sasuke snorted into Naruto's shoulder. "Maybe Hokage-sama should send you away more often."

Naruto grasped Sasuke's shoulders and pushed him up off him just enough to see his face. "Say that again and I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to take a mission for the entire time I'm gone."

Sasuke smirked. "Do you think you can?"

"Yes. And all you'll be able to do for the next month is stand around your house thinking about me and your sore ass."

Sasuke arched an eyebrow and thrust downward again, watching the way Naruto's blue eyes turned glossy and blank in pleasure. He smirked, hands shifting down to grab that particular body part of Naruto's and squeezed tightly. "Don't you want it, Naruto?" he murmured into Naruto's ear. "I'm sure you'll get lots of questions as to why you can't sit down the entire trip to Wave Country."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Oh please, I'll be healed by sunrise."

Sasuke smirked. "All the more reason for you to bottom." He leaned down, pushing his tongue into Naruto's open mouth and muffling Naruto's reply. Reaching back, he grasped the backs of Naruto's thighs and pushed his legs up.

Naruto refrained from trying to speak after Sasuke kissed him, and instead tried to regain at least some dignity in kissing Sasuke back. One hand reached out, stilling Sasuke before he went any further. He knew Kyuubi would find a great deal of amusement in not healing Naruto if they were so stupid as to forget something to ease the way.

Sasuke bit Naruto's bottom lip harder than was necessary as he drew away, wandering over to the closet where he proceeded to bend over, searching the overflowing contents. Naruto gulped as he watched Sasuke's taut backside flex and relax as he moved about, the back of his balls visible between his legs. He knew Sasuke was doing it on purpose but couldn't muster anything stronger than indignation at growing even harder at the show.

A moment later, Sasuke popped back up and turned around. Naruto groaned. Sasuke smirked, eyeing Naruto's erection, and held up the bottle of lube that Sasuke had bought weeks ago 'just in case.' Naruto had taken one look at it and turned bright red before grabbing it and throwing it into the back of his closet, insisting that it was something they wouldn't need for a while.

Sasuke leaned over him, mouth moving over Naruto's again, distracting him as his hands maneuvered the bottle of lube. "You're going to beg for this, Uzumaki," he murmured.

"Is that a challenge, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, narrowing his eyes at the man above him in defiance. Of course, the expression would have been more effective if Sasuke wasn't pushing Naruto's legs up and kneeling between them, staring down at Naruto's exposed entrance.

"Do you really want me to stop now?" Sasuke murmured, one hand reaching down and gently stroking Naruto's balls, not going any further, the touch so light as to be non-existent.

Naruto flattened his lips and curled his fists around the sheets to keep from pleading for Sasuke to continue. He'd be damned if he admitted he wanted it so badly after having held out on Sasuke for much longer than either of them would have expected.

Sasuke quickly opened the bottle and poured a bit onto his fingers. He smirked down at Naruto who biting his bottom lip anxiously. He placed two slick fingers at Naruto's entrance and Naruto tensed.

"Idiot," Sasuke murmured, hair still lightly damp hanging in his eyes as he leaned over Naruto, moving his fingers in quickly, to get Naruto used to it faster. They had done something similar before—the stretching movement, to see what it would be like—but they were both aware that this time, it was leading to more.

"I'm not..." Naruto sucked in his breath, eyes going wide. " idiot," he finished on a gasp. "Damn you, Uchiha—don't just rest your fingers in there. Move them, damn it!"

Sasuke removed his fingers. Naruto glared at him and opened his mouth to protest before promptly clamping his lips shut again.

"Beg me, Naruto."

Naruto's face turned red. "Damn it, Uchiha, I'm going to be gone for a month, maybe longer. Either fuck me into this bed until neither of us can move or get off me."

Sasuke considered. It wasn't that hard a decision. Shrugging, he poured more lube into his palm and prepared himself instead of touching Naruto again. Naruto let out a breath of exasperation.

"You prick," he grumbled. "I ought to just let you stew for a month." He smirked suddenly. "Have you realized that you'd rather be on the bottom?"

Sasuke didn't even blink. He just calmly pushed Naruto's legs up even further and pushed forward. Naruto groaned at the stinging as Sasuke stretched him.

"Asshole," he said through clenched teeth. Sasuke leaned forward and kissed Naruto's scrunched nose. Naruto eyed him warily.

"Relax," Sasuke murmured.

Naruto snorted. "Easy for you to say," he muttered, but Sasuke was in one of his rare, more tender moods and well—it was starting to feel nicer and... He groaned as Sasuke pushed forward all the way, eyes squinching shut.

Sasuke's breath came quickly as he held himself back from just slamming forward like his hips really wanted to. He rested his weight on his elbows so that he could press his lips against Naruto's neck.

"You okay?" he forced himself to ask as Naruto's thighs tightened around his hips.

If not for the discomfort, Naruto might have laughed. "I'm not a girl," he said, remembering Sasuke's words the first time they'd touched each other.

Sasuke's lips quirked at that, and he pulled out slightly before moving in again. He wanted to keep the movements careful at first—because even though Naruto wasn't a girl, it was still going to hurt.

"If you were a girl, Uzumaki, I wouldn't be doing this to you, and you wouldn't have this." He reached down and grabbed Naruto's erection, running roughened hands over it. Naruto's heartfelt groan was gratifying.

"Yeah, I'm not a girl, so fuck me like you mean it," Naruto said, reaching down and wrapping his hand around Sasuke's, guiding him to stroke him faster as he wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist, pulling him in closer. He grunted from a jab of pain but it was nothing compared to getting hurt in battle so he easily endured it, searching for the pleasure he knew had to be there.

Sasuke growled lowly and increased his thrusts, quickly losing any thoughts about going slow. The tightness and heat... Naruto arched his back, trying to push past the pain, or at least most of the pain.

"Sasuke," he moaned.

Sasuke couldn't quite manage a smirk. He panted against the damp skin of Naruto's neck, fingers curling into messy blond hair as his other hand slid from Naruto's erection down a smooth hip and thigh to hook underneath Naruto's knee. He brought the leg up even higher, nearly bending Naruto in half as he thrust even deeper.

Naruto let out a strangled cry as pleasure finally thrummed up his spine.

Now Sasuke smirked, leaning down as far as he could, dark eyes staring into darkened blue. "Better?" he rasped, thrusting more steadily now, enjoying the look of pleasure that overtook Naruto's face, even as sharp nails dug into his back.

Naruto nodded rapidly and leaned up to kiss Sasuke, no matter how much his muscles protested the unreal position his body was twisted into. Sasuke met him halfway, open-mouthed and messy.

"Damn it," Sasuke muttered, already feeling his body winding up, that wonderful burn beginning in his gut. Naruto just felt too good.

Instead of a teasing insult, Naruto breathed, "It's ok. I'm close too. Make it good, Sasuke."

Sasuke snorted. As if anything he did wouldn't be good. He met Naruto's mouth again, making the kiss as deep as possible as the one hand that wasn't wound around Naruto's thighs wrapped around his erection again, pumping with a quick, rough speed that had Naruto practically mewling underneath him, twisting into his hand and body.

Naruto arched up, hips moving to meet both Sasuke's hand and the sharp, hard thrusts that had skin slapping loudly against skin. He knew he'd be incredibly sore after this, but even if Kyuubi didn't heal him, it would be worth it. This was what they had both been working towards, after the long wait and healing and wanting and admitting.

Sasuke groaned as he felt that tight spiral cut into him, teasing the edge of his senses. As he felt Naruto tighen in anticipation, his own body gave out. He moaned deeply as he came, body jerking in as he emptied himself inside Naruto. He continued to thrust as Naruto stiffened, back arching, and came into his hand with a loud groan. Then both of them collapsed in a boneless heap.

Naruto smiled lazily, nuzzling his cheek against Sasuke's hair, enjoying the familiar weight on top of him.

"Sasuke," he whispered after several moments had passed.

"Hn?" Sasuke grunted, turning his head just enough to look at Naruto.

"We'll have to do this again at least once more before I leave tomorrow."

Sasuke managed to lift himself onto his elbow and stared down at Naruto, who was looking at him quite earnestly. Sasuke tried not to smile, but finally settled for a smirk. "And you made us wait for this long to do this."

"Hey! I was waiting until I was ready!" Naruto protested, but he really wasn't at all angry. "I thought you'd be the same, but you turned perverted after that first time on the sofa."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, still smirking. "You started it, so don't try to cast the blame on me."

Naruto actually turned pink. "Your other self is responsible for any unnatural thoughts I had about you before we—you and I—actually kissed. So it's still your fault."

Sasuke snorted. "Really," he said dryly, then yawned. "Let's not debate over this tonight, Naruto. As I recall, we have one more time at least until you have to leave tomorrow."

Naruto grinned and maneuvered until he was on top of Sasuke. "This time it's your turn to be under me."

One dark eyebrow rose before Sasuke deftly tossed Naruto off him. He tried to sit up but Naruto was faster.

"Sasuke!" Naruto shouted, sitting up with renewed energy and straddling Sasuke's hips. Sasuke blinked up at him. "Do I need to tie you to the bed and make you enjoy it?"

Sasuke tried to buck Naruto off but this time, Naruto didn't budge. "Get off me, Naruto. You're dripping on me."

Naruto was, in fact, leaking onto Sasuke's thighs, but he wasn't concerned. "And later, you can leak on me. But fair's fair."

"Who ever said that I agreed to that?" Sasuke gave Naruto a sly look. "I remember you saying to fuck you until you couldn't move. You're still moving."

Naruto crossed his arms and clamped his thighs a little tighter around Sasuke's hips so Sasuke couldn't squirm. "I'm the one leaving. I say I get to top next. Or I will tie you up."
Without giving Sasuke the time to come up with a retort, he bounded off him and the bed and strolled to the bathroom, making sure Sasuke got a good look at his behind as he left the room.

Sasuke leaned back against the pillows, a half smile on his face. He hadn't expected Naruto to act that way and he was actually a little amazed at how Naruto was practically bouncing as he headed out of the room. "Thinks he can top me, hm?"

With Naruto, it was always one interesting challenge after another. Naruto was so fun to beat, except for the times when Naruto didn't lose, which, as far as Sasuke was concerned, filtered out of his mind so that he was positive it never happened.

He frowned as he thought about the next month. Naruto was going to be gone for four weeks, possibly longer, which meant no training, no bickering, no sex.

"Sasuke! Come clean up before you stink up the sheets even worse!"

Sasuke's lip curled. No annoying idiots to pester him.

"It's your mess, idiot," Sasuke called back, but he moved out of the warmth of the bed, pondering what he could do to celebrate the fact that there'd be no annoying idiots. Training was a possibility, but there was no one to match his level like Naruto.

Sasuke sighed as he rose from the bed, nose wrinkling as he smelled himself. He supposed he'd have plenty of time to wonder about what to do with himself later, after Naruto left. After all, a month without Naruto gave him plenty of time to think of what to do with Naruto after he returned from Wave Country and that damn bridge that was named after him.

He heard the shower come on as he stepped up to the bathroom and decided to wait until Naruto was done before going in himself. Seeing Naruto naked and wet would just cloud his head with lust again and that could only end in one way.

Screw it, he suddenly thought. Naruto was leaving tomorrow and maybe at some point during the long month Naruto would be away, Sasuke might—although he'd deny it later—admit to himself that he missed the annoying ninja. He never planned the sneak attack from behind him a moment later.

It was a long, enjoyable night.

THE END… again.