Boy Wonder and the Demoness

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Chip: Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?

- Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" 1991

Beast: At least I got to see you… one last time.

- Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" 1991

Happily Ever After

The ground shook as though the whole building would come crumbling down. Beside him, Raven fell to the floor and Arella simply vanished. It took a moment for Robin to get over the shock of what was happening. He fell to his knees and tried to move Raven, desperately looking around for Arella.

Even as he searched, he could hear her voice. And he realized, with a sort of sickening pang in his stomach, that it sounded… different. And it was coming from every direction at once, chanting something in a language long forgotten. The fireplace erupted, spewing hot ash onto the floor, the books, burying the scattered chess pieces.

Coughing, Robin ducked and pulled Raven close to him. Finding her skin cold, he panicked.

"So she was born, spawn of evil…. Destined to aide him when he came to destroy this world… she became lock and key… only true love would set her free…"

Something had been birthed from the hot ash, the shadows of the room. It was a grotesque, misshapen something, with two sets of piercing red eyes. Demonic red eyes and a twisted smile. It stood, shaking out a head of shaggy, bloodstained white hair. In a fluid movement it snatched with it's torn red hand, jagged nails, snatching at the clouds of ash until it found what it was looking for.

In its grasp, Poe squawked louder then ever, choking and screeching.

"I am incomplete!" the demonic thing said. "Why have I been restored so weakened?" he thundered loud enough to shake countless books off the shelves. With a swift motion, he threw Poe against the wall and swung his misshapen head about until he spotted Robin.


That hand reached for him, to squeeze the life out of him, and Robin found himself unable to move. Something – someone pushed him aside, and he found himself trapped beneath the grandfather clock on the other side of the room.

"How dare you betray me, daughter!"

It was Raven who had pushed him aside, Raven, limp in her father's grasp. Raven, a rag doll thrown against the wall beside Poe.

She has to be okay… please let her be okay… Robin thought frantically, reaching for the communicator, only to find it broken. Cursing under his breath, he pushed the weight of the timepiece off of himself and stood shakily, facing Trigon the Terrible.

Just as nothing had prepared him for his first encounter with Arella, certainly nothing in any world could have prepared him for this. Somehow, in the past few hours, Raven had become stronger, and somehow, this meant her father was weaker. Robin seemed to understand that much. But there was no doubt that the demonic form that stood there could break Robin in two if he so desired. And unfortunately for Robin, this was exactly what Trigon's rage was telling him to do.

Perhaps if he wasn't choking on ash trapped in his lungs and his ribs were not bruised from the grandfather clock falling on him, Robin might have been faster. But it was those things, along with the sight of Raven's limbs twisted at odd angles, that affected him.

It seemed like something out of a nightmare. Raven… my Raven, was in a corner, her beautiful skin pale. I couldn't remember the last time I bled so much, or the last time someone wanted to kill me so badly. I couldn't breathe. Something slashed across my neck and I felt the blood, knew I was dying. My last thought was that maybe Arella was safe… maybe I'd been able to save her because I told her that I loved her.

"Raven… I love you."

For a moment, the eerie wail filled the air and could be heard throughout Gotham, as though an alarm had gone off that was meant to warn the entire city of some danger they were not aware of.

I woke up under that dark canopy again. I even hoped that I had been dreaming it all. Something stirred beside me, and as I turned to see what it was, I felt a thousand aches ripple though my body. And I knew it had all been real.

"Don't move, Boy Wonder. You still need time to heal."

I nearly jumped at the sound of her voice.


She appeared above me, violet eyes and moonlight skin.

"Where is Arella?"

She smiled, and then laughed. A beautiful dark laugh, low and amused. "Did you think you could have two women, Robin?" she asked once the laughter subsided.

"I just wanted to know if you were safe," I answered. Then, as an afterthought, "What am I supposed to call you now?"

"Just Raven," she replied, pulling back the hood that covered her head. Her hair was still short, but was more violet than ever. On her forehead rested a glowing red gem. "When I was divided, I named myself Arella, after my mother." She traced the line of my cheekbone, my jaw, never taking her eyes off mine.

"Trigon has been defeated," she said. "And now, Boy Wonder, I think it is time we lived 'Happily Ever After'."

And we did.

Ending note: Now that this story is finally finished, I can relax a bit before I write the last chapter of This Game. I know this probably wasn't the best ending, but there you go. I've been very happy writing this story, up until he end, even. And now it's done. I hope it didn't disappoint.


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