AN: Chapter 1 has been adapted from the original. This will make more sense as the story continues.

Pairings for the entire story, though I'd much rather just let you find out.

Aang/Toph; Zuko/Katara; Sokka/ (surprise); Azula/Jet; Haru/OC; several OC/OC


brief Aang/Katara moments

some graphic battle violence

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The story itself is a little confusing. I'd suggest writing things down.

Some basic info:

This story is adapted from an original story I was writing. I thought I'd adapt it into fanfiction to see what people thought of the general plotline.

There are a total of Four Arcs, repeat, Four Arcs, to this story. Kinda like Seasons.

ARC 1: The Prophecy

ARC 2: The Mark of the Four

ARC 3: Back to Origin

ARC 4: The Last Line

So don't freak out if you see me say it's nearing the end of the Arc. Unless it's the end of Arc 4. Though there is a sequel to this.

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CONTINUOUS DISCLAIMER: The story, the plotline, and 90 percent of the people in it are mine. Zuko, Katara, Aang, Sokka, and all the other canon characters belong to Mike, Bryan, and Nickelodeon.

Chapter 1

A long time ago…

Corry stood there. She couldn't believe this was it. The end. Nothing more. Nothing left. She'd never see them again. But then again, she'd made her choice.

Then why did it feel like her heart was breaking?

They were all there. Coal, with Niga by his side. Irma and Moru, still rivals but somehow they'd formed a truce. Asa was standing next to Coal with her sister. Nika and Akia stood side by side, unlike their husbands, Irma and Moru, the two were never closer.

Moru carried the old ornate box that they'd nearly given their lives for. It was this simple antique that offered them so much hope. They'd been through so much. Fighting the Sorcerors, learning about the magic they were gifted with, trying to show the others the way. That box that the Earth Elemental carried contained the five orbs, the Spirits of the Elements that the Sorcerors had stolen.

Now they stood before her, the only Elementals from the Origin that believed.

The Seer had told them there was nothing that they could do to save their people, nothing they could do to save this world doomed to die. The Last Elemenatals made their choice. They would take their elements and create a new Origin, a new center world for the millions of parallel universes that existed. It would be this world that kept existence from collapsing in on itself, for every universe relied on the others for stability.

Corry couldn't take much more of this.


His dark red eyes flicked to meet hers as Niga turned away. She reached up one final time to wrap a strand of his silky black hair around her finger.

"Corry," his voice was warning and full of grief, and her eyes hardened. She knew this wasn't any easier for them, but God, it hurt so much!

"Coal, the Seer said that if you don't return here, you will forget."

"We cannot return, but we will not forget."

She stared up at him, willing there to be another way, willing that perhaps somehow they could use her home universe to create another Origin, but the Seer said that they had to start from nothing.


"…will follow us, but we will be ready for him. Don't worry."

His voice had softened but still left no room for discussion. Corry nodded, turned, and walked away. She knew she could not sway him.

But she didn't see the tears in his eyes.

Before Coal turned back to the others, he opened the small paper that Corry had given him just after leaving the Seer's. It was very simple,a poem titled The Prophecy of Four.

Deny not the truth

Open to the light

Fear not the passage

Hold back not the rage

Dream for one forgotten

Pray for one whose time has come

Hold not to the times

Take what must be taken

Give not what cannot be lost

He sighed and turned back to his friends and family...soon to be his children.

And so the last Elementals took the Five Elements of their people and created a new world for a new people. The Elements continued to give their gift to the people of this new world, this new world called Aye.

As time passed, the Elementals forgot where they had come from, who they had been. The Elements they harbored took place within them and they gave new names to themselves. They forget their names, their families, the places they had been and the battles they had fought, but somehow, they still remembered what was important.


The water sparkled in the evening sun, and the soft sounds of nature settling down for the night were broken by a woman's laughter.

She ran through the ankle-deep water, the waves rushing up around her feet, and never once did she lose her balance.

A man was chasing after her.

As she turned back to face him, she drew up a stream of water, which she cast at him. He blocked the water with an arc of flame, a look of excited determination on his face. She shrieked as he gained a few feet on her and turned to run further.

All this, Sokka of the Water Tribe took in wordlessly. But he was tense, club at his side, ready for use.

He tackled her, driving them both into the water, and they rolled, getting thoroughly wet in the process. He stood, picking her up as he did so. She struggled and screamed. A blue light erupted in her palm and she slammed the hand against his shoulder, forcing him back several feet. Landing on her feet, she was running once more. A few yards away, she stopped and smiled at him tauntingly. Water ran off them both.

Sokka ran out from his hiding place and between the two.

"Run lady, I'll hold him off!"

There was complete silence as they both just looked at him. Sokka was surprised when the man did not attack. After a few moments, he relaxed and looked back at them.

The woman looked to be about 17, 18 years old while the man was about 20. But their eyes showed age beyond their bodies.

She smiled at the young warrior.

"It's alright Sokka. He and I were just playing." She moved to stand next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"But he's a fire-bender!"

"I know that. Say, don't you have a sister named Katara?"

Sokka looked puzzled. "Yeah, what of it?"

The man spoke, in a gentle yet firm commanding voice. "Take us to her."

Sokka spun around to face him. "I will not! If you want my sister you'll…"

The woman spun him back around to face her and tilted his chin up so their eyes met.

Sokka's words died in his throat as he looked into the deep mysterious blue eyes. His club hit the sand as his grip loosened, and his will succumbed to hers.

"Right. Katara. This way."

He turned, his club dragging the sand as he walked, and disappeared into the trees.

The woman flashed a brilliant smile at the man as he walked over to her, and he rolled his eyes and placed an arm around her shoulders. They followed Sokka.

At the camp, Aang and Katara immediately took a liking to the man and woman and invited them to stay in the camp and travel with them. They took up the offer and settled down. Sokka was the first to sleep, the woman's spell taking a toll on him.

Long after the others were sleeping, the man and woman were still awake.

"Can we pull it off my heart?" The man looked at her after she spoke.

"I believe so. The girl will be no trouble, she already has feelings for the prince."

The woman turned her head to gaze on a sleeping Katara, and reached a hand to brush a strand of hair from her face.

"She is the last remaining female descendant of Nen. After her, the blood will be lost."

The man nodded.

"And now for the second piece of the plan."

He stood, and she started to stand as well, but he pushed her back down with a look.

"Perhaps it is best if I go alone."

She pouted, and he bent to brush a chaste kiss across her lips, but she grabbed his neck and forced him back down, pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss.

Around the world volcanoes trembled deep within their hearts, and the waves rolled erratically. Sailors and villagers alike were frightened of the earth and its sudden shockwaves.

They parted.

The earth stopped its erratic quaking.

"Agni…" she whispered.

"I will return my Shasa."

He pulled away from her once again, and she sighed.

"I wait for the day that we may once again cease to concern ourselves with the world and return our attentions to each other."

He smiled and chuckled lightly. Fires everywhere danced with his mirth.

"You are not the only one my goddess of the seas."

She smiled at him, and he left her with her distant niece as he himself sought the Fire Prince.

To save life...we must take what must be taken.