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Cast no Shadow

This summer was a strange one indeed. The hot humid air could be felt but you rarely saw the sun anymore. A clear day was a rare treasure for the people of Surrey, and many had taken the opportunity to go out and enjoy a nice walk or picnic, or to have a quick game of football in the park. However while most people brushed the strange weather off as global warming, some people recognized it as something else, something worse.

The war in the wizarding world was still beginning and Voldemort was still at large and gaining power and Harry Potter had disappeared for a couple of weeks only keeping in touch with those close to him.

Now Harry lay motionless on his bed at number 4 Privet Drive, letting his mind wonder. Keeping his promise to Dumbledore he had returned to say goodbye to the Dursley's until his seventeenth birthday, which happened to be tomorrow. And tomorrow was the day he would leave his cold hearted relatives for good because he was going to Godric's Hollow to meet Ron and Hermione and from there they would continue their search for the horcruxes. Harry wasn't sure where he would start but hoped to figure out some sort of path where Dumbledore might have left off.

' What am I gonna do' he thought to himself as he turned to face the window.

It still seemed surreal, everything that had happened just weeks before. Professor Dumbledore had met his end, Severus Snape showed where his true loyalties lie, and Draco Malfoy had royally screwed up.

'I wondered whether or not Malfoy got away, if Voldemort had gotten a hold of him he would have been mutilated, that's for sure.' Harry thought to himself.

'Good' he added angrily.

Harry sighed heavily, he had yet to find the rest of the horcruxes and he was worried that he wouldn't be able to find them in time. He still had yet to know of this unknown power that was supposed to help him defeat Voldemort.

Harry snorted when he thought of the explanation Dumbledore had tried to give him, he was quite skeptical that all he had was Love; it seemed kind of ironic that he was supposed to fight with an emotion that had been void from his life for ten years. No, Harry hoped that Dumbledore had more to tell him, and that he would have more that just an emotion he could barely recognize.

A sudden knock at the door ripped him from his thoughts.

Groaning in annoyance he got up and walked over to open the door.

Aunt Petunia was standing there with a grave look on her face. She briskly walked into his room and looked around at his belongings with distaste, mostly everything of importance was packed away into a trunk which he planned on shrinking before he left, the rest of the room was littered with rubbish and old parchment.

She walked over to his bed and smoothed out the covers while dusting off some imaginary dust before sitting down.

"Shut the door" she snapped in a harsh voice.

"I have something to tell you and I don't want Vernon or Dudley to hear incase they come home early from the rugby game" she said playing with the lid of a box that she carried in her hands.

Curiosity got the best of him, so he shut the door and sat down on the opposite side of his bed staring at her with question.

"Now listen here Potter I have some very important information that I have yet to tell you about you and your mother and I doubt any one ever would if I didn't, so listen carefully. Don't interrupt and don't ask questions until I finish, besides some of this will probably be useful on your little adventure" she said mockingly.

Harry was about to retort on her use of the phrase 'little adventure' but thought better of it so instead he just nodded.

"Now it all started with Lily's …strangeness. When Lily and I were younger, she would do the strangest things with her hands, she would talk to animals and she would always be outside. When I was about 8 years old, Lily had turned 5. Our parents were extremely worried about her sanity; she would always claim that she could do magical things with flowers and plants. Now we knew about magic and all that because mother's best friend was a witch, but even she said that was unusual for magical people." She paused her story for a moment to open the box, she pulled out a beautiful blood red rose that looked fresh and new as though it were just cut from its bush.

"She would save all the flowers in our garden from dying, I don't know what she did but she always managed to make it look absolutely gorgeous, that flower was the one she gave me before she left for the first year at that school. It never died" Petunia said bitterly referring to Hogwarts.

"Why are you giving this to me?" Harry asked in a puzzled tone when she placed it in front of him.

"Let me finish, boy there's much more to tell you" Petunia snapped.

"Now as I was saying, she had turned five and had these strange powers. It was beginning to frighten me because she started setting things on fire by looking at it or touching it when she was angry. One time when we were fighting she accidentally burned me. My parents got extremely worried and sought for help. It was then that I found out that Lily wasn't really my sister at all. Our parents sat us down and told us that they had found Lily when she was a baby in the forest by our house. They had waited for someone to come looking for a baby girl but no one ever showed up, so they decided to keep her." She stopped to take a breath.

"What do you mean she was found, who left her? Why was I left with you if you aren't really my blood relative?" Harry was angry now; he had endured 16 years of hell for nothing.

"Because child I was the only one left alive that really knew what you were going to grow up to become, and I told that old man that she wasn't my sister but he insisted that I take care of you" Petunia said in an angry tone that shushed Harry for a moment, but didn't subside his anger.

" What is it that I will grow up to become then? If it has anything to do with the prophecy I already know." Harry said in a repressed voice.

"It has nothing to do with that silly prophesy, it has to do with your heritage, and now can you let me finish. The sooner the better" Petunia retorted.

"Be my guest" Harry replied sarcastically but Petunia ignored his tone.

"As I was saying, she was not my blood sister, but we still treated each other as usual. Airen, our mother's friend tried searching for a family that lost their child in the magical community. She was surprised to hear from her cousin in America who had found a strange little boy wandering the streets saying that he needed to go home; she took him in and cared for him. She then told Airen about this little boy's strange powers and connections to metal and the air. She swore that the weather mirrored the child's moods." Petunia paused to catch her breath.

"Airen sent for the boy, her cousin happily obliged, saying that the sunny rain was getting to be a little too much. It was after this that Erik Banes came. He was your mother's best friend and he would be the one to help her through everything seeing as how he was the same kind of creature as she. He was actually the person to tell her what she was, apparently they were part of a magical science experiment, He told us the head person in charge of the experiment. Airen got in contact with him ad found out what Lily was." Petunia stopped talking to regain herself

"Well what was she?" Harry asked impatiently.

"An Elnarie" she said glaring at him. Harry looked at her with question but she interrupted him before he could say anything.

"As I was saying this man, I forgot his name, but apparently he was extremely relieved to find Erik and Lily because they needed special training with the other three children. She was supposed to go to Japan because that's where the special training place was for Elnaries." Petunia sighed as she opened her box again and pulled out another flower except this one was pink and had little cuts in the petals, like the rose it was in perfect condition.

"Well what exactly is an Elnarie?" Harry asked

" I understand that she was part of a group of 5, they were all created from a mixture of blood of Elves, Nymphs and Fairies giving then striking power and amazing strength both mentally and physically. They also used a witch and wizards blood to make each of them unique. Apparently her guardian died and that is how she ended up with us." Petunia paused to get out an old muggle photo from the box. She handed it to Harry.

Harry stared at the picture; it was of three children, all around 7 years old. They looked like they were wearing robes, and they had swords at their sides. Harry immediately picked out the child version of his mother; her unnaturally blood red hair was put into two buns that sat on top of her head and her emerald green eyes, exactly like his own stood out among the white snowy background. She was smiling merrily, and holding onto the arm of a boy around her height. He had black hair that had a dark blue tint to it and he had pale gray eyes that had a clear and airy tone to them, he was giving the camera a toothy grin and had his other arm around a petite little blond girl.

Harry puffed out a breath; the little girl was a miniature version of Narcissa Malfoy. Her huge sapphire blue eyes glowed against the white snow and her golden blond hair curled perfectly around her smiling face. It was hard to recognize the icy wife of Lucius Malfoy in this angelic child.

"Is that Narcissa Malfoy?" Harry asked himself forgetting momentarily that his aunt was in the room.

"Yes, that's Narcissa Black, as I recall I believe it was her father who led the experimentation, He had made her using he and his wife's blood, that's why he took custody of her. She was part of his project. She was a nice little girl, she and your mother were extremely close, and those three would cause havoc wherever they went. However Lily did say that she couldn't publicly be friends with her at that school because of some stupid thing about blood, I don't really remember. All I know is that they had to stay friends in secret, I think Petunia told her husband about Erik and Lily and made him understand, Lily did the same with that Potter fellow, Erik never had a problem, his lovers were never around long enough to know." Petunia answered.

Harry looked at her slightly alarmed. He never thought Petunia and his mother were that close, it was more disturbing to think that his mother was a good friend with Narcissa.

"Well if she was an Elnarie, what does that make me?" Harry asked slightly fearful of the answer.

" It makes you half, Lily had explained to me what her children would be when she found out that she was pregnant. She said that you would have all of her powers, but you wouldn't get a true form like she had until you turned either sixteen or seventeen, and well obviously you didn't go through any big changes last year, so I assumed you would this year. Well more importantly tonight." Petunia said getting out another picture from the box and handing it to Harry.

This picture only had Lily, she looked about 15, but she looked different. Her hair was extremely long and looked like a river of blood, her face had two green stripes on each side and her eyes practically glowed. Her features seemed sharper and she had wings! Her wings were a swirl of reds, oranges, and yellows making it seem as though she had flames spewing from her back. She was wearing a long black dress that looked like shreds of fabric floating above her skin. She was smiling and you could clearly see the fangs that protruded from her mouth. She looked like she was holding a flame in one hand and a flower in the other. On her arms were black markings that resembled vines.

"Was this her true form" Harry choked out. His mother looked absolutely beautiful, it was shocking to know he would have a form similar to that.

"Yes that was her true form, another thing you should know is that each of those kids got two certain elements that they could manipulate. Your mother had Fire and earth. That is why she is holding a flower and a flame. I remember that Erik had air and metal, and Narcissa had water and ice. The other kids were a girl who was cobwebs and poison and a boy who was both broken glass and insomnia. I'm not sure what they did, But they don't really matter they disappeared after a while. You will inherit either fire or earth, I'm not sure, it all depends." Petunia said trailing off as she reached into the box and pulled out more photos handing them to Harry.

The first picture was of Erik in his true form. His Blue-black hair was longer and cut in a choppy fashion just above his shoulders. His eyes looked like swirls of silver and black. He had wings too, they had whirls of silver and white with black shards in them and his bare chest had strange markings. Harry blushed at the sight of a half naked man, he knew he was attracted to males, he figured it out when he was dating Ginny, he just couldn't tell her. Harry set aside Erik's picture and looked at the next one

It was a picture of Narcissa. Her golden white blonde hair hung in loose curls down her back. Her dark blue eyes almost looked black and her flawless skin had what looked like diamonds encrusted into her arms and hands. She had a strange symbol on her forehead and she was wearing flowing iridescent white robes that were flying around her. Her wings looked almost translucent except for the glitter blue diamonds that showered over them. Her pale pink lips formed a cunning smile that allowed some of her long fangs to show. Her arms were positioned in a graceful pose and water was pouring from her fingertips.

" Does this mean that Draco Malfoy will inherit the same kind of powers as me?" Harry asked bitterly.

"Oh is that Narcissa's son, yes I d believe so, however he will inherit both of Narcissa's powers and his powers will be ice and water." Petunia said matter of factly as she stared out the window.

"Why will he inherit both of her powers and I will only inherit one?" Harry asked suspiciously. Petunia sighed and looked at him warily.

"Because…" She looked back out of the window and paused with her eyes shining with tears.

"Why?" Harry demanded once more, not liking the fact that his aunt started to cry.

"Because your twin sister will inherit the other power" she choked out.

"WHAT?" Harry shouted.

"What sister, no one ever told me I had a twin sister," he said angrily standing up and pacing his room.

"That's because we don't know where she is," Petunia said looking at him.

"What do you mean? What happened to her? What was her name? What did she look like? Where can I look for her? Is she still alive?" Harry asked not being able to control the questions emitting from his mouth.

" She disappeared the night you were left at my doorstep. Your professor told me they couldn't find her and that Lily and James probably sent her away before anyone could find her. I personally think that she is with Erik seeing as how no one has seen him since before that night. I only saw her once, when I visited Lily the last time before she died, that was when she told me about that stupid prophesy and she said that she thought she was going to die, I got angry at her for being so foolish and told her to put a stop to it, she refused and tried to explain but I left, from what I remember Ianne looked exactly like you except she had a bow in her hair and she looked more feminine. The only way we can see if she is till alive is if you only inherit one power. If you inherit both she's dead." Petunia said in a rushed voice.

Harry just stared at her for what seemed like hours.

'How could this be happening now.'? He thought angrily

It was all too much. His mind tried to process everything his aunt was saying but he just couldn't, he passed out before Petunia could say another word.

Harry tried to move his arm but he couldn't. Everything felt so heavy and his head was murdering him. He decided to open his eyes. He realized his glasses were off and that he was tucked into his bed. He tried to move his arm again and lazily reached for his glasses.

Slowly he climbed out of bed, the sky was pitch black and everything seemed silent. He turned on his lamp and saw that Aunt Petunia had left her box of goodies on his empty desk, with a note. He looked around and saw that his room was spotless.

'Did she really have to clean my room' he thought to himself as he stumbled over to his desk. He picked up the note and read it

I took Dudley and Vernon out to dinner when they came home from the game, and then we plan on going to the cinema to catch a late movie. I left you water by your bedside and I strongly advise against eating anything because you will just throw it up when you transform. We shouldn't be back until well into the night after you go through your changes. I remember when Lily transformed when she was 14, it was extremely painful for her and she screamed in agony for about twenty minutes, that's why I took my family out, and try not to be too loud I don't want the neighbors to hear. We will finish our discussion in the morning before you leave because I have a few more things that I need to tell you.

Your Aunt Petunia

Harry stared at the letter and looked at his wristwatch, it read 11:32 pm. He had about half an hour until he was supposed to transform. He set the note aside and picked up the lid of the box. It looked like a child had decorated it, obviously not Dudley it was too girly and too complex even at his age now. He turned it over and saw a picture of young Petunia and his mother waving at the camera. He smiled and put it on his desk. He reached into the box and pulled out the stack of photos. He then saw a letter at the bottom that was addressed to Aunt Petunia, it looked fairly new and it hadn't been opened. It was written on parchment in purple ink.

Harry couldn't help himself; he pulled apart the potter seal and pulled out a thick piece of parchment.

The writing was graceful and loopy and was written in the same purple ink as the envelope. He unfolded it and started reading.

Dear Petunia,

Oh how I'm going to miss you. You didn't let me finish explaining so I came to your house and stuck this note in the box of me, I know you will look in here soon, you always do and when you do I know that you will understand and that you will be able to answer all the questions my son asks you. First off I wanted to tell you that I cannot die, and I will not die. Neither will James, or Erik or Cissy either. In fact I think that their mates will be put under the same spell as us. You see when we were created we were created with a chance to be immortal. Our creators didn't want to impose immortality on us so they made a spell that can only be used by Elnaries. It allows us to live through anything including that killing spell that I told you about. Unfortunately we will be put under a different spell; it's sort of like a deep sleep. I already worked it out with Narcissa and Erik. We set up a special hiding place where our bodies will be safe from harm, I already put the spell on James and I, unfortunately I cant put it on Ianne and Harry yet. About Ianne, I will be sending her off with Erik and he is going into hiding so he can protect her until Ianne and Harry are old enough to come wake James and I. Cissy knows what's going on, but we cant let her do anything because of her husband, but she will help out when that oaf Voldemort is defeated. I do hope that you are not angry with me for not telling you where I am going to be after this, but I will see you again don't worry, I wish you a good life and I love you. See you again my sister.

Love, Lily Evans-Potter

Harry stared at the letter for a good while.

"What the hell" He asked himself.

He looked at the date of the letter on the envelope; it was written the day before that faithful Halloween night.

It just seemed weird, he read the letter again trying to break some sort of secret code he wished was there.

"Are you really still alive?" he asked the picture of his mother. She just kept smiling at him and he found it unhelpful.

He stared out the window into the starry night. Trying to process everything and make some sense of it all. First off he was some sort of odd creature that he knew nothing about, he could possibly have a twin sister, his parents are still alive but somewhere unknown and unconscious, and Draco Malfoy has the same possibility of being this strange creature, and to top it all off He still had to find the rest of the horcruxes and play savior of the wizarding world.

'Great' he thought to himself, 'everything just got ten times harder with one conversation.'

'Note to self: never have another long talk with aunt petunia, it can only end in disaster' he silently laughed at himself as he placed everything back into the pretty box and sat down on his bed.

He stared at his watch again; it read 12:01.

"Oh well" he said to himself, 'maybe it was all a joke' he mused.

Suddenly he got a gut wrenching pain in his stomach. He felt as though someone pierced his abdomen with a scorching sword. He let out a cry of pain and fell to the floor grasping his stomach. Then the pain stopped.

Harry looked around before falling to his knees again, this time feeling like someone was hitting his shoulder blades with a blunt ax, letting out a suppressed yell he grinded his teeth as his head started pounding. He removed his glasses and threw them to the floor while the assault on his body continued. After a while he couldn't take it anymore, he passed out again.

"Potter get up. Up up" Aunt petunia said while prodding him awake.

Harry mumbled something incoherently and swatted her hand away.

Petunia sighed and reached for the glass of water she had brought with her.

She lifted his upper body and slowly poured the glass of cool water on his face. Harry immediately jerked open his eyes with a yelp and glared at his aunt.

"I feel like hell" Harry said rubbing his eyes, he could see a little more clearly than he used too but he still needed his glasses.

"Here, wipe yourself off and put these on," Petunia said tossing him a towel and his glasses.

'Thanks" he mumbled through the washcloth.

"Potter I suggest you go look in the mirror" Petunia said sighing.

Harry slowly got up and walked over to his wardrobe. He opened the closet door and revealed the mirror, what he saw made him jump back in shock of his own reflection.

There he was. His true form, it wasn't a joke it was reality. He fingered his long somewhat messy hair while inspecting his reflection.

"Wow" he breathed as he let his multi-green and black wings flutter. They came out from his back and swooped in graceful arcs.

His skin glowed slightly gold and his eyes looked like actual shards of emeralds. On each side of his face came two long black stripes and his arms had the same vine like markings that his mother had donned in her photo. He vaguely realized that his shirt had been ripped off as he inspected his lithe form. Everything else was the same except his two fang teeth had grown exceptionally long and pointy and he had grown a few inches making him look like a waif.

"Well potter, I think you need to learn how to change back," Petunia said as she watched him from the window.

"How?" he asked as he turned around.

"Well you cant necessarily go to Godric's Hollow looking like that can you? Now picture yourself normal and close your eyes" she said picking up the box Harry had left on the floor.

Harry closed his eyes and remembered his old reflection. He felt a slight tug at his wings and he opened his eyes to look in the mirror. You could defiantly tell he was different, but his wings and markings were gone, only leaving his longer hair and taller form

"Um Aunt Petunia, you said that I would only inherit one power if Ianne is still alive right…well how do I know?" Harry asked as she opened the box.

"Oh yes well you obviously only inherited Lily's earth power, look at yourself, Ianne must be still alive with the power of fire" Petunia said, picking up Lily's letter with confusion.

'I don't remember this being here' she thought to herself as she read it.

"That's a lot of help," Harry mumbled while he scrambled to get another shirt.

"How do I figure out what powers I hav…" Harry was cut off in the middle of his sentence when he heard a loud thud and he turned to see his aunt on the floor unconscious with a piece of parchment in her hand.

He walked over and looked at her stony horse face. He prodded her awake, after a few shoves and smacks, even a kick, Petunia finally awoke with a shriek.

"Where is she?" she yelled dramatically, before calming down.

"What" Harry asked but then noticed the purple writing of his mother's clutched in her hand.

"Potter, do you have any idea where Lily could be?" she asked him frantically.

"What? … no, I was going to ask you that" he said.

"Well go find her and wake her up, do it, hurry boy I want to speak to my sister, and if you want to find out how to control your freakish powers you need to find her" she said getting up and ushering him out the door.

"Wait Aunt Petunia, where do you suppose I look? And stop shoving me I need my things" Harry said getting annoyed.

"Look anywhere, just go. Find Erik, go to Narcissa. Anyone!" She shouted.

"Okay, okay, its not that simple" he shouted shrinking his trunk.

"Hurry up Potter" she snapped, he just sighed and apparated to Godric's hollow.

" You better find her soon" Petunia mumbled to herself after he disappeared.

Petunia took her letter and shoved inside her apron. Walking downstairs she decided to make Vernon a nice dinner tonight and Dudley's favorite desert.

Making her way to the kitchen she passed by the cupboard where she had kept her nephew. She unlocked the door and peered inside letting the guilt sink into her pores.

"I'm sorry Lily" she mumbled, straitening out, she closed the door and turned right into something that poked her throat. She looked up to see a girl around Dudley's age pointing a wand at her.

Petunia gasped unable to believe her eyes. The girl had long silky black hair and pale creamy skin. Her side swept bangs brought attention to her dark green eyes, and on her neck was a mark that suspiciously resembled the lightning bolt scar that Harry donned on his forehead.

"Ianne?" Petunia asked uncertainly.

"Where is Harry Potter?" the girl demanded.

"He just left to Godric's hollow" petunia squeaked. Suddenly the girl smiled brightly and lowered her wand in relief.

"Thanks Aunt Petunia" she said before disappearing completely with a pop.

'What a pretty little girl' Petunia thought to herself before her mind just went off and she hit the ground with a thud.

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