Screaming in Silence

By: The Steel Quill

I don't own this series, naturally.

Serve, honor, obey, rage.

These were my four drives.

These were my four thoughts.

These were my life.

And now they aren't.

Papa, father. He killed you. He destroyed you. But I saw your copse. You were smiling. You never smiled.


Muteo grasped the massive navy-blue beast, as she petted his hair in the shaded island with palm trees. Muteo looked up at the dusky sky. The artic wind blowing calmly through her skin, making her breathe in a little.

She let go of Verg, and let him relax onto the sand.


I must find him, I have lost my rage.

That disgusting vile creature, the little one clinging to her. Hayami.


Verg opened a lazy eye to the swaying palm, while the sun blazed above and the silhouette of a gull floated across, giving a weak hoot into the wind. The vibrant imperial topaz eyes moved down, looking to Muteo lying in the water, flapping her pectoral fins and hissing in delight. He frowned, and closed his eyes. Thinking of Hayami, he needed to know where that human was. He needed to know why Papa died with a smile. Feeling the hybrid's clothes on him, he looked down at his baggy human-like clothes. The comforting sea-smelling cotton wrapped around him, he felt no more rage compelling him to kill.

He wanted peace. He wanted peace of mind and soul. He wanted to know why Papa died with a smile.

"Muteo." His calm voice resonated from his throat. Muteo's head picked up, and looked over.

"Nyu?" Her common response came.

"Hayami, where is he?" Verg said, looking back to the swaying palm.

"Ha-ya-mi..." Muteo replied, looking up to the clouds in the sky.


Tetsu Hayami down at the green-colored sea lapping at his apartment building, feeling agitated that he had stopped smoking.

After things have calmed down when Zorndyke had died, and his paperwork was completed, Hayami left the Blue Fleet. Kino had tried to stop him, but he could only give the response that the Blue Fleet dug up some memories, thousands upon which he would have liked to keep, but most of them he would want to be gone. Kino, not really taking this lightly, understood that it was for the better of him.

With the untimely death of the Captain by a growing cancer formation, Kino had assumed the title of Captain of the Blue Sub Six, further glorifying her role in the war.

Hayami wandered back inside, laying down shirtless on his couch, sighing deeply. He looked out to the window, at the purple-red hue sky. The yellowing sun reminded of those eyes.

'Shark boy,' He thought, looking at the outer rim of the sun. 'Why did you think I was lying?'

Looking now at the slowly circulating fan on his ceiling, he felt the cool breeze gust slightly over his tanned skin.

"He's such an idiot."


Verg walked about the village, nodding to the inhabitants that looked at him and bowed their bodies.

He was regarded as some sort of god, with Muteo at his side. The villagers continued on with life, as they have for the longest time. 'They miss Papa, as much as I do. But not one of them wants to know why he was smiling. All they want is a dead human washed up on shore.' Verg thought, 'Not that I wouldn't mind that, but I don't have to kill anymore. Why should I have to?'

He walked, with his sandals flopping against his feet, into the house that Zorndyke himself used. 'Why did you have to die, Papa?' Looking to his right, he noticed Muteo had stayed at the doorway. She nodded, smiled, and left. 'She has been good to me. Does she know more than I do?' Wondering what she might have thought, he wandered through the house, his bare feet stepping softly on the wooden floors to the bedroom.

Lying down on his bed, across from Zorndyke's, he looked out to the window, watching the red-purple hued sky with the yellowing sun. Looking to the sky, he saw the same purple on that human.

"Hayami..." He thought, relaxing to sleep.


The sun peeked over the dark-watered horizon, making the waters shimmer with an ethereal light.

Verg was awake, and eating fish out at the beaches.

" Hmm.." He wondered, while he bit the small fish.


Tetsu Hayami sat in his kitchen, slicing open a fresh orange.

"Shark boy..." The man was on his thoughts, all morning. Though it was only nine AM, he still thought of the beast more intently than ever.


He could take one of the Spiders, thought the humans could find it easily. They patrolled their borders now, looking for any and all intrusions in the small treaty that was signed.

'Humans are malicious things...' He thought, washing his face in the lukewarm water.

Speaking up with a small "Nya," Muteo appeared from the path to the village.

"Ha-ya-mi?" She said, looking at Verg with a pleased face.

"Soon." He said. Breathing in, and breathing out his name, he repeated again, "Soon."


Walking out, clad in a white shirt and a brown jacket, Tetsu Hayami walked the windy catwalks of his town, looking at the meager re-construction of the town. Looking back to the walkways, he continued on to the grocery store.

People nodded to Hayami, and looked at him with a hero's appraisal. he looked back at them, saying "No." with his eyes. He didn't like recognition, nor did he like his name being glorified as "the man who shot Jung Zorndyke."

He hated any title, or any honor. Because it was an empty honor, a wrong honor for giving an old man rest for a lifetime of pain and destruction. The Old Man with No Heart, he thought of him. Which was wrong, since he had more heart that most humans did when it came to caring for his own people. Zorndyke loved his children, his creations. Hayami had cached a glimpse of his creations mourning and crying over the only human that gave them life, and allowed them to keep it.

Walking through the dearth markets, he picked up a few items. Vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, tea, he ran through his mind.

He felt common in the markets, because none of the owners actually looked at him like a hero, they looked at him like a customer, and that was it.

Walking back through the catwalks, he noticed a sort of bent shape to them, then again, these steel walks were under strain a lot.

His second surprise was the sudden glistening outline in the hallway of the apartment building. Thinking it was probably a child that had gone swimming, he shrugged it off. Why should it bother him.

Entering his apartment, with the grocery bag in hand. He entered, turned, and closed the door. Hearing nothing behind him besides the occasional gull caw, he turned around to see the back of a sanguine-haired body. Shock and amazement gripped him, as he saw the blue body shift on the couch.

Turning it's head, it smiled with white lips.