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Summary: WARNING: Character Death! Donatello feels lonely and depressed. Then one day hedecides togo Central Park when to reflect on his thoughts,when he spots a girl that is blind and well... is she really what she seems?

Up on the roof tops were the turtles watching out for any Foot activity. "This is getting boring! Can we go home now?" Michelangelo complained.

"No! We are going to be here until I say so! Now be still and STOP COMPLAINING!" Leosaid quite irratedly(A/N: I think that's how you spell the word. LOL!)by Mikey's annoyance.

"Aww, man!" Mikey pouted. He then spotted Donatello sitting on the other side of the roof by himself. "Hey, Don, why the long face?"

Donatello didn't answer.He just shrugg his shoulders.

"Come on you can tell me bro!"

"Mike, don't you have someone else bother?"

"No, not really." He smiled broadly at Donatello. "Hey! Where ya goin'?"

"Nowhere that concerns you." Donatello said sharply, as he disappeared into the shadows.

"Whoa! Where did that come from?"

"Aww! Ya know 'im. He gets like dis an' he... well... ya know. Whateva genius' do." Raphael pointed out.

Leonardo stepped into the conversation,"Well, for the past few months he has been acting strangely. He doesn't act the way he used to." The past few months Donatello has not gotten out his lab for hours except when he needs things for whatever reseason. The only thing they hear coming from the lab would a pounding sound, of what it was they had no idea. They tried to get him say what he was doing being in there, but he refused to say what it was. Except that it was something important.

Then one day he disappeared from the lair for almost three days. Where he was no one knows. They think it all started when April announce that her and Casey were getting married but that was over two years ago. So what can it be that Donatello is hiding from them? All they can do is wait for him come out tell them himself.

After walking almost an hour in Central Park, Donatello sat down at the rivers edge as he watched the river's flow. He always care to Central Park whenever he felt sad or depressed. He was there for a good while, he was about to leave and take the long way home when he heard somthing. He quickly jumped into the trees and saw that there was a girl running very quickly. He saw how the girllooked scared. She was very pretty. Long, straight strands of red hair flowed over her face. She turned around to see if anyone was there. Doing so she tripped, and yelped out in pain as she landed.

Donatello was about to go help the girl out when three purple dragons came up to her. "A'ight there girly. If ya jus' tell us where ya put da damn thing an' den we'll leave ya alone... if not you'll have ta pay da consequenses." He and the other gangsters pulled out crude weapons. This made Donatello's blood boil, and before the first dragon was going to hit her with the pipe Don attacked him and the others. Holding back no mercy.

"It's one of them turtles!" One of them shouted. "Let's get outta here!" He and the others ran like the cowards they really were.

Donatello looked down on the girl he rescued. She was on the floor looking for something. "Are you all right?" She stopped and looked up, but she did not look striaght at him.

"Yes, but I think that I sprained my ankle." She then continued to move her hands against the grass, looking for something. "Look. I can't see a thing. Can you help me look for my cane?" Donatello then noticed her eyes were white.

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't know that you were blind."

"Yeah, I get that alot. By the way thank you for saving me. From what I can tell you gave those bastards a beating that they deserved.

"Here you go." Don found her walking cane. "My name's Donatello but you can call me Donny for short."

"My name is Kairi. Nice to meet you Donny." She stuck out her hand. "Now that we are introduced can you help me up?" Donatello was nervous, but he helped her from the ground. Luckly for her, her ankle was fine.

"Would you like me to take you home? It's not safe for a girl like you to stay out this late at night, especially with the purple dragons trying to get you."

Donny made his point. She couldn't go home right away because they might follow her home. "Hmm, you're right, Don. It is not safe at all. How 'bout I come home with you?" This was a surprise to him. She was willing to go to his home after they just met two minutes ago!

"Umm, do you think that's a good idea? I mean... we just met. How do you know that I'm one of the purple dragons and this isn't a plot to hurt you?"

She laughed at his thoughts, "That's funny, Don. I would know if you were. They already tried that and it did not work at all. I am very certain that you are not part of them. If you where I would have pelted you." She giggled slightly. Donatellochuckled, she did have apoint.

"Okay, I will take you to my house, but your'e gonna have to hop onto my back. I've decided to take the long way home to day."Donatello led her tohis back.

"What is this?" She asked as she rubbed Donny's back.

"I'll tell you later. Now here." He leaned down a little bit so she could climb on."Now hold on tight."

"Why would I...ahhhhh!" Donatello jumped off the roof and landed onto the next one. He ran as fast as he could, dodging everything that was in his way. He lept, jumped, ducked, and flipped as he made his way through New York City.

He then paused for a break, "You okay back there?"

Kairi was panting, "You could have... at least... warn me... that you were... gonna do that."

"Sorry. I'm just in a hurry."

"No..." She said catching her breath. "Take your time. There is no need to rush. I'm enjoying myself."

"That's good. Cause were here."

"We are?"

"Yeah, hold on." Kairi jumped of his back and held his arm. She then heard some gears turning.

"Where are we?"

"Where almost at my 'house'." He explained. "Here. Follow me." She took his and followed him.

"Are we there yet?"

"No, we have to down the elevator first."

"I WIN, YOU LOSE!" Mikey yelled excitedly.

"Agh! Best two outta three!" Raphael said angrily.

"Sorry, Bro. No matter how many times you try you can never beat the Battle Nexis Champion!" He then immated a roaring crowd.

"I'll give ya 'Grand Nexis Champion' my ass!" Raphael got up to pound his younger brother.

"AHH!" Mikey gave a shrilly screach. He quickly got from the floor and ran.


"I don't think I will." Mikey ran for the elevator door. "COME ON OPEN UP!" He said as he banged on the door. Mikey turned around and saw that Raphael had lept to pounce him. Mikey ducked, but as the elevator doors opened Raphael missed and landed on Kairi.

"Got'cha!" He then looked down and saw that it wasn't Mikey but some one else.

"I think you got the wrong person."

"Ah! What da shell are ya doin' here!" Raphael then got into a fighting postion.

"RAPH, STAND DOWN!" Donny stepped in front her.

"Don! I was wonderin when ya gonna get here. Now can ya move?"

"No, leave Kairi alone. I brought her here." He then helped her up. "Here, Kairi." He handedher the walking cane.

"Thanks, Don." Raphael stared at her for a minute then noticed something.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't..."

"That's okay!" She said with a smile."I consider it a compliment."

"Name's Raph."

"Kairi." She stuck out her hand. He took it. "Hmmm... interesting?" She then started playing with his hand.

"Would ya let go now?"

"How come you have three fingers like Donny?"

"Ya didn't tell her?"

"Well, he didn't get the chance. He was to busy jumping from rooftop to rooftop." She then traced his body with her hand. "What are you guys? What is this thing?" She placed her ear against Raph's shell and knocked it a couple times.

"Hey whose the pretty girl?" Kairi quickly turned around and smacked Mikey with her walking cane. "OW! Why'd ya go and hit me for?"

"Sorry, but you scared me.Who are you?"

"I'm Michelangelo! But you can call me Mikey!" He said as he shook her hand wildly.

"Hey, Mikey, where's Leo and Master Splinter?"

Later that afternoon Kairi meet the other memebers of Donny's family, he even told her about who they were and about their transformation. "That is so cool! Well, my life isn't that interesting."

"You may tell us your story in the morning. Right now I believe it is getting late. Would you like one of my sons to take you home?" Splinter offered.

"Actually, Master Splinter..." Donny was about to explain that he told Kairi that it was okay that she stayed.

"Donny said that I would be able to stay here. That is... if that is all right with you Splinter?" Everyone looked at Donatello.

"Is this true, my son?" Donatello nodded. Splinter then faced Kairi. "If you wish to stay. Then you may stay."

"Thank you ,Splinter." Later that night everyone went to there regular rooms, that is except for Donatello; he slept on the couch while Kairi slept in his room.

Again that night Donatello could not sleep at all. He went to his lab to finish off his secret project. About an hour later he heard a slight tapping noise. He turned around to see Kairi standing behind him. She looked beautiful in that night gown. The night gown was left behind when April moved out of the lair when her apartment was fixed. "What are you doing?" Kairi asked sleepily.

"Working, you should be asleep, Kairi."

"You should be sleeping as well, Don. So. What are you doing?"


"It doesn't look like 'nothing'." Don laughed. "What?"

"You said, 'look'."

"Ah, I see." Don laughed again. "You think that my choice of 'words' are interesting becauseI'm blind?"

"Yeah, basically."

"I want to do something."Kairi carefully walked up to him. "Please don't be affended. I'm just curious." Sheput her cane down and brought her hands up to his face. Donatello never felt such soft hands before. Kairi moved her hands over his eyes, "What is this?"

"It's my bandana, me and my brothers wear one. Mine's purple."

"That's cool, man do miss seeing color, peolpe, the sky...hehe. My favorite thing to do was to watch the sunset on a cool night by the beach." She closed her eyes as she remembered the all the different types colors that would paint the sky.

"What happend?"

"I thought that i was going to tell everyone in the morning?"

"You could tell me now if you want to."

She thought about it for a moment. "Okay. I'll tell you. You see it started about a year ago before I lost my sight. I was about to go out with my dad to the near by second hand store. He loved to make stuff! He used to make things from everything that people threw away. Then one night it all changed, I remember it like it was yesterday."

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