The Durvagorian Army: After the fateful and failed coup of July 6th (a day that would always be one of shame for the faithful Durvagorians) the soldiers were named the First Elite Army of Gondor, and were unofficially referred to as Elessar's Fist. Every single future engagement that Gondor or Rohan fought in was greatly aided by these men. They also helped other peoples, such as the Halflings of the Shire. The little people were attacked by a goblin army, but since no man was allowed in their lands, they instead called in any full blooded Durvagorian soldier to come to their aid. For the Durvagorians were not of the race of man, no matter how closely they resembled them. With their help, the Hobbits routed the goblins, and were not bothered from outside forces from that point forward.

The Durvagorian Army lasted to the end of Gondor, and even survived that, in some respects. At first their numbers stayed at only one thousand, but eventually their numbers grew. The most Durvagorian soldiers ever to serve at one time was a number slightly over five thousand. And Donovan, who remained the Army's leader until his death, never had more then one thousand bear modern weapons. And the Army itself was at times fragmented. Sometimes here, sometimes there, it was at times so widely spread that Sergeants of different units would not speak to each other for months.

But one unit was always stationed in one area for the duration of the Durvagorian Army. What used to be 1st Battalion, 3rd Company became the 1st Elite Guard. Its first commander, David Âmul, was promoted from Sergeant to Captain, officially making him minor nobility. Not that he really cared.

Elenloth and Donovan: After their (human ceremony) marriage in the official year of FO 1, Donovan moved his family out of Minas Tirith and into Northern Ithilien. After all that he did for Gondor, Aragorn gave him the title of Prince Donovan Cerridwen. Donovan, after one day of trying to maintain his position in society, gave up and kept to himself, his men, and his family. He still kept the title. He would have only two children with Elenloth: Elanariel and Durandir. Both would become rather influential in their own time.

In the end, Donovan kept his promise. After a long and prosperous time with Elenloth, he survived unto his son's ceremony of adulthood. After one hundred sixty years of pushing his dying body with his willpower, Donovan finally gave into death's calling just two days after his son became an adult. Donovan was eight hundred-four at the time of his death. Elenloth passed over the Sea less then a year after that. She left at the age of three thousand seventy-six.

Elanariel: An independent young woman, she learned expert swordsmanship from her father. She left home at the age of fifty to write out her own story, hoping to surpass even her father in ability and fame. She was always smart, though a little hotheaded at times. And she was physically matured enough at fifty to become independent, though she was all legs and arms, with barely any feminine qualities about her figure. She returned after fifty years had passed, and had inherited most of her mother's beauty. Supposedly her beauty was so potent that she caught the eyes of a certain Eryn Lasgalen Prince. Though they never openly admitted their love, Legolas and Elanariel did cross over the Sea together with Gimli. Legend has it that he married her in Valinor.

Durandir: Named after his father's first Middle Earth name, Durandir was very proud. Proud to the point where he actually fought his father for the title of the strongest. He was good with both gun and blade, but he hadn't lasted seven minutes. After all, he hadn't developed any magical abilities beyond being able to sense auras and using kenki. Donovan's repertoire was much more diverse than that.

Durandir was also often jealous of his older sister. She could use the making power, and he hated having to go beg from her for more ammo for his trademark .45 caliber Longslide Hardballers. Or, at least what he viewed as begging. After hearing about being able to use another vampire's power after drinking their blood, he tried for some four years to drink Elana's blood. Only after she nearly killed him did he stop his foolish quest.

That was another thing that differed between the siblings. Durandir drank blood as his father did, while Elana never drank another being's blood. Durandir did have one love in his life: Celebrian, the second daughter born of King Elessar and Queen Arwen. They were even more discreet about it than Legolas and Elana were about their relationship. None found out, though Arwen and Aragorn were curious as to why their daughter had suddenly chosen to follow her elven destiny rather then her human one, like she had originally planned. She became pregnant while still unmarried, and was told to become bound to the man whose child she bore. Therefore Celebrian and Durandir secretly wed under their parents' watchful eyes. It was obvious that he did love her. Yet their love was doomed to fail. When Durandir was nigh but one hundred seventy-six, he died while engaging battle against the remnants of the Mordor forces still using modern weapons. Celebrian was heartbroken, yet pushed on, raising her child to be of better mind and discipline then the child's father had. The child, a boy, was named Estel.

Matthiol: Matthiol never took a wife nor a lover. He was quoted having said 'If I wanted a wife, I'd ask Donovan to issue me one.' His entire life was a military career, and his life ended while defending the Anduin River crossing at Osgiliath after a surprise attack by the more powerful of Gondor's enemies. His last words were: 'I have not yet failed you, old friend. Men, carry the fight on, pour it into them, we have not yet lost. Reinforcements will come soon…even now, I have no regrets. Thank you, Donovan.' He was eighty seven, getting far on in his years, for the Durvagorians had the same life expectancy as normal humans.

The unit held for two weeks while surrounded by an army that outnumbered them twenty-to-one. When finally relieved by allied forces, they still had his body protected as best they could. Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers and their families showed up for the funeral of one of the best commanders the Durvagorians would ever have.

David Âmul: Later Captain of the 1st Elite Guard, also named the Black Guard for their black equipment only policy. They had nothing on them that wasn't black in color. Even the wooden stocks of their ceremonial M14s were black oak. They always had their faces completely covered, and were armored head-to-toe. Many an assassin and enemy fell to their fierce defenses. After all, the Black Guard was the personal bodyguard of the royal family. They were beyond elite, extremely skilled in both marksmanship and martial combat. One of them could easily take down twenty orcs by him or herself.

Going onto his civilian life, he immediately started courting Adra once the war was over. They both said that they wanted to take things slowly. They were married by the end of two weeks. Adra's children were delighted, of course, Hana especially. Adra gave birth to three more children while married to David, all of them strong though sometimes a little blunt with their thoughts and emotions. When David retired from the Durvagorian military, he went into the bakery business. His sourdough bread, especially when fried in vats of boiling pig fat, was said to be the best in any Gondor tributary.

Megan Dhurum: Permanently blinded, she married George Sriz, who remained in the Durvagorian Sniper Corps. She opened a school in a forest along the White Mountains just north of Minas Tirith. It was a school and home for disabled kids, as well as orphans with no other place to go. Being a sniper, Megan was quite good at achieving serenity, something she made sure to pass onto her 'children'. She did have four children with George, two female and two male. They, as well as all the orphans who were never adopted, joined the Durvagorian Army. They were mostly snipers because of what they learned under Megan's tutelage.

Final Notes: With Donovan's and Durandir's deaths and Elana's passing over the sea, there wasn't anyone left in Arda with sufficient vampire blood to claim that title. With either the deaths or passing of the remaining Fellowship, the old fear and hatred of vampires returned, and the history of those few was erased. Sauron was defeated when the hobbits Frodo and Sam completed their quest. It wasn't until Gondor was finally ended that all records of the Durvagorian army and the vampires could be erased.

When J.R.R. Tolkein found the histories of Middle Earth and wrote his books (a fascinating blend of fiction and history), he had no ideas that vampires like Donovan had existed. But notes of their existence survived through the careful plots of the remaining Durvagorians. These notes were found, and now I felt that I had to tell their story to the world in the best way I could. And so now you readers finally know the truth. The truth of the Battle for Arda, and the Dark Wanderer.