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Sexuality: Happosai's Revenge
Chapter 1: Lust-Enhancing Moxibustion?

Nabiki was walking home when she heard a commotion behind her. She turned to see Happosai barreling right for her from a hoard of girls. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as she raised book bag to intercept Happosai. In this momentary acceleration of temporal perception she blatantly realized that her book bag would not make it in time. It was times like this she wished she had Ranma's speed. She began mentally bracing herself for the violation she would inevitably be feeling in less than a second. That was when she noticed a shadow fall into her vision, blocking the light out from the sky. She watched as a foot, which she recognized to most likely be Ranma's, come violently into contact with the lecher's head. Time suddenly resumed and she heard an earth shaking boom as Happosai got introduced to concrete. She found herself staring into Ranma's deep blue eyes. Her savior was right in before her and she smiled at him. Of course, she was not used to giving genuine smiles of gratitude, so it came out as her usual amused smirk. Ranma, also not used to giving genuine smiles, gave her his usual arrogant smirk.

The rest of the world came back into focus and she realized that Happosai's pursuers would trample her if she did not move quickly. Before she could react, however, she found herself in the sky via Air Saotome. She wrapped her hands around his neck reflexively for a secure hold. She took note of his titillating scent that just reeked "you wanna have my baby." She found in that moment, that she remotely regretted not taking Ranma as her inazuke. Even if it didn't work out, she would have took advantage of him fully. He was the perfect bodyguard, more capable than any known to man, and an absolute stud, probably gold metal material for bedroom Olympics. When she was done, she could have just passed him off to Akane. Of course, there would be fuss if their parents found out she had sex with him, but she was sure the continuation of the school was slightly higher on their priority list than their morals.

Nabiki found her trip with Ranma all to short as they touched down a short distance away. Ranma set her down and she landed with the dignified womanly grace expected of her. They landed facing the continued bashing of Happosai with various blunt objects. Nabiki grinned and looked up and slightly behind to Ranma from her position just in front of him. She was somewhat intimately close to him, but was comfortable with Ranma. She may not have been his inazuke but she lived with him just the same for over a year.

"That was a close one Saotome. You almost let the geezer grope me."

Ranma rested his coupled hands on his head and chuckled at her remark. "Heh, heh. As if I'd ever let the old freak touch you."

Ranma's subtly possessive sounding words vaguely stirred up feelings long buried. She was above flushing at such an innocent statement, but decided to respond to him in her own way. Nabiki may not openly express how she felt, but that didn't mean Nabiki didn't speak her mind. Often true words were hidden with sarcasm.

"I'm quite flattered that you'd save me, Ranma."


Nabiki liked this comfortable feeling she felt in Ranma's presence. They had something of an unspoken understanding of each other. They both knew how to deal with one another's antics. When Ranma says or does something amusing, I tease. When I tease he either shrugs it off or blushes and gets defensive. It's fallen into something of an comfortable ritual.

Ranma and Nabiki fell into a companionable silence as the girls finally felt their retribution fulfilled, turning their noses up and stomping off indignantly. Once they realized as one the show was over, they continued walking to the dojo side to side.

Shortly after they began walking, Happosai stood and spoke. "Ranma, this time you go to far. All I want is to indulge in my little delights, but you won't even allow me those. I'll make you understand how an old man like me that can't get anything more feels!"

Ranma just turned his head to roll his eyes at Happosai and continued walking. The battered Happosai intercepted them by jumping a long way to land in front of them. Nabiki raised an eyebrow. Normally the old man knew when to stay down.

"I'm not kidding Ranma!"

Ranma just took a half-hearted kick at the old timer to give him a clue. Happosai, however, was spryer than usual. He spun his pipe out of his robes as he landed on Ranma's extended leg. He quickly took a long drag on it to get the flame going bright and threw out the ashes just below Ranma's naval.

Ranma grimaced in pain and threw the lecher with his leg. The old man twisted in the air and landed lightly on his feet. Ranma brushed the ashes off his pants and looked down at the hole. There was some sort of Chinese kanji on him. He groaned in annoyance.

"Not again!"

Nabiki looked down at Ranma's burn and rolled her eyes. She never thought Happosai would pull the same stunt twice. Ranma muttered about having to go to the old ghoul to unlock it again. Happosai overheard him.

"No, Ranma. This one has no easy cure. This is not the same moxibustion technique I used before. If it were it'd be in the same place. No...this time I gave you the Lust-Enhancing Moxibustion."

"Lust-Enhancing Moxibustion?" Nabiki and Ranma echoed.

"You'll feel as bad as me, and we'll see how long you last like that. You'll need it so bad it hurts. But you won't get any. Then maybe you will understand how this old man feels!"(Yes, the author noticed the reasoning flaw, too; Ranma having girls galore. Let's say Happosai came to this conclusion by believing Ranma would not sleep with anyone but Akane, but she wouldn't sleep with him, which is true normally.)

Nabiki just smirked at Happosai. "So what, this'll actually give Ranma a hormone or three? Maybe it'll make him seem like a normal healthy boy for once."

Happosai cackled. "Laugh while you can." He hopped off into the skyline, never to be heard from again anytime soon.

"Stupid geezer!"

Everyone of the Tendo dojo was engaged in eating Kasumi's wonderful dinner. They listened attentively as Ranma, with occasional input from Nabiki, described Happosai's latest stunt.

"The old lech was about to grope Nabiki, so I put my foot down."

Nabiki giggled, "–On his face."

Genma piped up, "That's a true inazuke for you! Protecting his future in-laws from Master's dark deeds!"

Ranma rolled his eyes and continued. "Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I moved me and Nabiki out of the line of fire and gleefully enjoyed watching the old man reap what he sown. After that the show was over and we started walking home when Happosai stopped us. I tried to kick him to give him a hint but he burned me with some other stupid moxibustion. I don't think it worked though, cuz I don't feel any different yet. I'll probably have to beat the cure out of the old man again."

"Here, here, Son!" Soun began, "You make me proud! I know you'll take great care of Akane if you can stand up to the likes of the Master. If you can stand up to him, nothing is beyond you!"

"Shut up, daddy. I can take care of myself thank you. I don't need any perverts to take care of me!"

"Who would want to take care of an uncute tomboy like you!"

Nabiki sighed as the usual antics of the engaged ensued. Any moment now Ranma should be getting reacquainted with the floor. Ah, there it goes. Ranma grumbled as he sat back up. He muttered not so nice things about uncute inazukes, but Akane ignored his mumbling. Ranma resumed eating with everyone else.

Nabiki let her thoughts drift as licked her dry lips. She suddenly realized she felt eyes on her. She brought her eyes back into focus from her thoughts, and found out the corner of her eye it was Ranma. He was eating slowly and seemed to be looking at her lips. She put another tasty morsel in her mouth and chewed slowly and sensually, moaning her compliments to the chef in a way that was just subtle enough to fall on deaf ears, except the aroused Ranma's. She saw him visibly stiffen in her peripheral vision.

"Mmmmm. This is so good Kasumi."

The slight sensual tone was lost on Kasumi as she answered, "Why thank you. It's always a pleasure to cook for my family." Kasumi beamed.

The tone was not lost on Ranma, however. Normally he wouldn't notice something like that unless it was rubbed into his face, but now every little thing that was remotely sexual he noticed.

Ranma suddenly cleared his throat and then continued eating, avoiding looking towards Nabiki. His eyes eventually instead fell on Akane sitting beside him. He glanced at her sideways and ran his eyes down her profile, taking in her noble nose, full pouty lips, smooth curve of the neck, slender yet powerful shoulders, small, but perky breasts. He shook his head to shake himself out of his stupor.

Nabiki noticed him look at Akane instead of her and was remotely insulted. She watched him for a bit longer, waiting to see if he would look at anyone else. There was only one female left, but she couldn't imagine anyone looking at innocent Kasumi that way. Ah, she thought too soon. She watched as Ranma's eyes roamed down Kasumi's body, undressing her as they went. She shifted her gaze slightly to look at Kasumi. She seemed like she didn't notice. Then Kasumi started to fidget. Kasumi rarely fidgeted. Nabiki's older sister started to look a little flush. Her checks reddened. Nabiki kept watch on Kasumi's eyes to see if she could decipher what Kasumi felt about being looked that way. She never looked at Ranma shyly or accusingly as Nabiki predicted. It was like she didn't know on a conscious level. However, Ranma was giving a stare that could light a girl on fire, so it was no wonder Kasumi could feel it without knowing why.

Nabiki turned her gaze back to Ranma. No one else at the table apparently noticed Ranma's interest in the females, except her. Ranma shook his head as if to clear it then suddenly gasped and grabbed his head.

"Ranma?" Nabiki said, concern tingeing her voice. She was the first to notice. Everyone turned to Ranma. He started muttering.

"Stupid freak putting thoughts into my head." Ranma was sweating now, and it took a lot for Ranma to sweat. Nabiki's eyes suddenly widened as he fell over unconscious.

Nabiki looked around to make sure no one was nearby that could overhear her when she made her phone call. She stepped into the kitchen and removed the phone from its place on the wall. She dialed Dr. Tofu.


Nabiki sighed in relief when he answered the phone.

"Dr. Tofu?"

Yes, Nabiki? Something wrong?

Nabiki continued glancing around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"Do you know anything about a Lust-Enhancing moxibustion?"

Ono echoed her. Lust-Enhancing moxibustion?

Nabiki swallowed. "Yes."

Has someone been affected by one?

"Yeah, you could say that."


"I'd rather not say..."


"Do you know any treatments or cures for it?"

Um, not off the top of my head. But judging from the name of it, I'd say sexual release would help.

"So what do you recommend?"

Sexual intercourse, if possible.

"Not really... Anything else?"

Well, the person could masturbate...

Nabiki almost choked. "Masturbate?"

Well, that normally relieves sexual tension for most people, right?

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll tell the person right away."

Don't worry, I'll talk to a couple of colleagues and see if they can help. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something.

"Okay, thanks. Bye."

Nabiki put the phone back on the hook. She hoped the doctor would find something out. She did not need to ask the Amazons about this. They'd just take advantage of it. For now, she'd go talk to Ranma.