Author's Notes:

That turned out somewhat wholly unlike the way I wanted it to be. I wanted this to be a serious fanfic where it shows the complication sex causes in relationships...but this turned out to be somewhat of a sex Ranma except with sex. Heh. Perhaps with a sequel I could get it back on track? You tell me.


Roughly 18800 words in 39 Pages in MS Word with Times New Roman, size 10.

4 days with somewhere between 10-20 hours writing time. At least another 5 hours musing, not including dream-musing which I do sometimes
(I have no job or life and wasn't allowed an hardly any web time to read fanfics so I resorted to writing.)

First fanfic ever completed before publishing.

One of my largest Fanfictions as of date posted
(I also have another Ranma fic that's already 49 pages and 26,000 words that isn't yet complete or posted. My first largest being "Complicated Feelings" which was blackballed and flamed to hell for my useful criticism of a crappy writer that apparently had many friends in the Eva fanfic branch of I don't know if I'm going to touch Eva fanfiction again. I might create a re-release the story to see how it goes this time around because despite my growth as a writer, my general genre of writing is the same as it was then.)

Good Points:

1) I found that my writing improved astoundingly in some scenes, like the first few.

2) I was in the zone when I started this fic because of temporarily losing my disability of recalling words I want, causing the intro to be, in my opinion, marvelous.

3) My first ever completed Fanfiction.

4) My ending had quite an artistic humor.

5) I seemed to finally achieve the ability to stretch and deepen scenes giving my stories volume without losing purpose or using pointless scenes.

Bad Points:

1) This story got off track from where I intended it to go.

2) It wasn't as long as I'd like, but realized that if I forced it, it would ruin it.

(I might write a sequel for those who wish, and because I want to see how much I could add on to this. However, I will not ruin this one by forcing it into this. It will be separate.)

3) Planned scenes got changed and scrapped causing others to get scrapped and the story to end early.

(This is why no Ryoga. He was the last planned scene I had, and more scenes were going to grow from it.)

4) The scene changes also caused the story to fall from its original purpose. Akane was never supposed to sleep with Ranma, and thus the story ended early.

Specifics on what went wrong

This story was meant to originally be a serious drama stemmed from introducing sex to the "sex comedy" of Ranma ½ as proposed by the preface. It's first twitch at divergence from it's purpose occurred when Nabiki walked in on Kasumi and then Akane walked in on them. Originally, Nabiki was supposed to find out about Kasumi...just not so soon; possibly after where this story ended. Akane was supposed to bust one of the sisters, and I was leaning towards Kasumi. The reason why this scene started the divergence is because it ended up leading to Kasumi and Nabiki sharing Ranma, and that's something I don't think would happen when you turn the "Reality Factor" near max. It makes this fic come off as a "what if Ranma sleeps with all the sisters" fanfiction. Basically seem like one for kicks or to knock your rocks off to. A fic like that doesn't attract many female readers. That was far from my intention. I like Nabiki Ranma pairings, they are very interesting and are fun to make work, but I couldn't seem to bring myself to do Kasumi wrong. I was going to make Nabiki get Ranma, leaving Kasumi in the cold. I originally started this story intending Nabiki to help, and only her, but I thought about Kasumi. Doesn't Kasumi love Ranma like family and is so caring she would sacrifice like that? I thought that was an interesting angle on Kasumi's character.

Eventually Kasumi goes to Akane to comfort her, but she denies it from her "traitorous" sister. That scene still happened mostly on cue. But later Akane was supposed to come to realize her feelings and ask Kasumi for Ranma back. At the time I couldn't figure out how I was going to have Kasumi turn down her sister after she seemed to apparently learn her lesson. On one hand, Kasumi said she wasn't going to give him back. On the other, Kasumi might want Ranma, but she loved her sister and would give Ranma back probably. This was somewhat of a conflict. Kasumi is breaking a promise, or Kasumi is denying her sister's love. I couldn't bring myself to do either.

The final thing that derailed the whole story was when Akane slept with Ranma. She was supposed to attempt to seduce Ranma (deciding to do this with her infinite childish logic), but not actually have success at it. After Ranma flinched away from her, she was supposed to realize how much of a monster she'd been, saying sorry and running out.

That was where Ryoga got cut out. He was supposed to show up that night and Akane pour her heart out to P-Chan. P-chan hops off after he hears Ranma cheated on her, and made her cry, even though it was because she hurt him. (Stupid pig) P-chan then goes to the furo to change and storms into Ranma's room to fight. Akane hears the commotion and follows them until they end up over the Koi pond. Of course, they fall into it, Akane discovering Ryoga's p-chan. From this Akane explodes, etc, etc. I had no idea of what to do after that, but I'd probably have continued with resolving who gets Ranma. I'd tell you how it went here, but even I don't know. Perhaps with a sequel we could find out? Eh?