Ed stood at the window. Looking out he saw the rolling hills, and field, and all those familiar faces. He missed this place a lot, being out on the road most of the year. It always felt good coming home. On the desk was a box filled with pictures. Al walked in and saw it. "Brother! Where'd you find that?"

"I didn't." Ed replied. "Winry found it out by our house."

Al peered inside. "Hey look!" He pulled out a picture. It was of the pair maybe ages 5 and 6, they were both running down the hill Ed had tripped and was in mid fall, Al was laughing, and there was a bit of Winry's head in the corner of it. "I remember this…"

Ed walked over and looked at the picture. "Yeah that was your birthday."

"And mom had made a huge cake with chocolate icing, and whipped cream."

"And we both ate too much and got sick, and Winry threw up… Twice." They laughed, and put the picture back.

"Those were the days." Al said setting the box down on the bed. He left the room and Ed walked over to the box.

He remembered ever picture, every stone, every tree in those pictures. Digging deeper in the box he found a picture of him and Al as infants. They were asleep and curled up together, with their thumb in their mouths. Ed smiled and put it back. He turned and walked to the door, when suddenly the box fell to the floor scattering pictures. Startled he turned. On the floor at his feet something made him stare. Looking out from a small photograph was his mother, still as young and beautiful as he remembered. He looked at the picture for a long time before picking it up. He walked outside and down the road towards his house. The ashes were still there, as was the tree, still scorched. He sat below the tree, and looked at the picture. Then as a strong wind blew from the hills he let it go. He sat and watched the wind play with it for hours.

He chuckled to himself, "That wasn't so hard, Ed. See, now why was that so hard when you were ten?"

Ed saw Winry walking up the road just as the sun was going down and he waved. She stopped in front of him and looked just in time to see the photo disappear over the next hill. "Now, Ed, what in the lord's name are you doing?" she said with her hands on her hips.

"Marveling at how liberating it can feel to say goodbye." he replied. They watched the sun set, when it was below the horizon he got up, and they walked back to the house.