Lily and James have been married for a year, James is an Auror and Lily is in charge of Auror training

Lily had gotten off work early, so she was going to see James to see if he wanted go out and have dinner, because Lily had big news.

"Hey Lils what are you doing down here" asked Sirius Black, James' best friend

"Oh I came to see James" she beamed, "I've got big news. I'm gonna burst if I don't tell him soon"

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant"

"Oh my god congratulations" said Sirius hugging Lily.

"Thanks, it wasn't planned, we were going to wait a few years until we had settled into our careers. But I did the test and I'm pregnant," said Lily excitedly

"Wow so how far along are you?"

"Not long about 3 weeks"

"Oh wow I'm so happy for you both" said Sirius then he added in a mock serious tone, "wait who's going to be godfather?"

"Like you even have to ask" smirked Lily, "you of course"

"Just checking"

"Come on" laughed Lily, "lets go and tell my husband"

"Don't you want to tell him alone"

"Come on, I know you're dying to see his face when I tell him" said Lily

"You really don't mind?"

"No I knew when I married him that you two come as a set," said Lily

"Well this looks cosy," said Remus Lupin, James' other best friend as he came out of his office.

"Lily's pregnant," said Sirius excitedly

"What?" said Remus shocked, "are you?"

Lily nodded her head, "Yeah, now come on you two before Sirius tell everyone, I still have to tell James"

Remus and Sirius followed Lily towards James' office. Lily opened the door and froze. Sirius and Remus looked into the office and saw what she saw. James was kissing his assistant. James suddenly became aware that they were not alone and he jumped up.

"You bastard" whispered Lily who could actually feel her hear break in two.

"Lily, this isn't what you..." said James frantically

"Isn't it, what else could it be?" said Lily calmly, even though her eyes were filling up then she apparated away.

James just stared at where Lily had been,

'What have I done I should go after her'

"I'll go after her," said Remus

"No I'll go" said Sirius staring at James in revulsion, "if I stay here I don't know what I'll do"

When Sirius apparated away James sank into the nearest seat and put his head in his hands.

"awww baby it's alright, now we can have some real fun" said James' assistant, Louise as she put her hand on his arms

"Fuck off. I may have just lost my wife because of you" said James jerking his arm away

"So" pouted Louise

"I love her," said James

"You kissed me though"

"No, correction you threw yourself at me, I didn't..."

"Shut the fuck up," shouted Remus, "James in case you've forgotten your pregnant wife just left here heartbroken and you're standing there arguing with this whore"

"I know I..." said James, "My WHAT, she's pregnant, I'm going to be a daddy"

"She's pregnant, but I don't know about anything else," said Remus

James nodded and apparated away, Remus followed him.

They apparated into James and Lily's kitchen, Lily was rushing about, putting things into a large bag on the kitchen table.

"Lils, calm down please," pleaded Sirius

"Calm down" raged Lily throwing some clothes into the bag, "I just caught my husband getting a lapdance from a fucking Barbie doll"

Lily now threw open one of the cupboards.

"Lily, honey come on lets talk I can explain, I know you're angry" said James

At hearing James' voice, Lily spun round Livid.

"Angry" she shouted, "I'm past angry" she took her wand and pointed it right at James' crotch, "if you want to keep your most prized assets I suggest you shut up and fuck off cause I swear I'll..."

Lily trailed off and turned back to the cupboards, she grabbed a bottle of 'Firewhiskey' and took a large swig of it.

"Lily no" gasped Sirius

"The baby" shouted James

"You told him," Lily snarled at Remus.

Remus looked down at the ground and nodded looking thoroughly ashamed.

"Well none of you have to worry about my baby. It repulses me to be in the same room as my fucking piece of shit husband, the idea of part of him growing inside makes me want to rip my stomach out" said Lily, "I'm getting an abortion"

Remus gasped but Sirius and James just looked confused,

"You took muggle studies Remus you explain it to them. I'm outta here" said Lily before picking up her bag, she removed her rings and threw them at James and then apparated.

"Moony, what is an aborton?" asked Sirius

James picked up Lily's rings and just stared at them, "What is she going to do?" he asked

"Divorce you" said Sirius

James nodded sadly and sank down in a chair and started to cry, "I've lost her. How could I be so stupid? I've lost the love of my life, she's the only one for me. And our baby I love her so much. She hates me you heard her" he said in between sobs.

"Shut up. If she's serious there isn't going to be a baby" said Remus raising his voice.

"Wh-what do you mean, she's pregnant. Do you think she was lying?" asked Sirius

"Don't be so bloody stupid, she wouldn't" said James, "She's honest, kind, generous, she's perfect"

"Pity you didn't think that earlier" muttered Sirius

"Will both of you listen please. An abortion is a muggle procedure that terminates a preganancy" said Remus.

"Wh-what you can't end a pregnancy" said James

"Yeah you can I read about it." Said Sirius quietly, "she's going to kill your baby"

"Wh-what? No she can't I won't let her" said James who was now terrified

"You don't have any right to make her do anything" roared Sirius, "After what you did to her. When I came after her she was collapsed on the floor in tears. If you weren't my best friend that I've known all my life I swear I'd beat you to within an inch of your life. I'm tempted to anyway, believe me I'm tempted"

Siri" said James who was clearly devastated, "please I know, I know I'm a bastard who deserved everything I get but I've just lost the love of my and possible my baby please I need my best friend"

"Fine" snapped Sirius, "I'll help but only because I know Lily will regret it if she kills that baby"

"Stop saying kill" said Remus, "don't make her sound like a murderer"

"Okay" said Sirius, "So what do we do?"

"Well there's only one clinic that will perform a magical abortion and the earliest time will be Monday at 9am. So just give her the weekend and we'll go to the clinic on Monday" said Remus

James just nodded numbly.