Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Maybe he will be…oneday…

Summary: Naruto is full of surprises. And secrets.

Lots and lots of secrets. One of them being that

he is really a she….

AN: This fic is right after the Big Fight

between the two lovely rivals. So read and weep at

my poor writing. Enjoy?

Fatale Sin


Sasuke….Sasuke you bastard…Weren't we….no…not

any more. I doubt that we ever were friends. You

betrayed Konoha so you could avenge your clan. You

betrayed me. I've felt many pains in my life, Sasuke.

Many you would never understand nor feel. But you see…none

of them could compare to your betrayal. I thought we were

friends. Best friends.

Ha! I guess I was your best friend since you wanted

to kill me to achieve the Mangekyou Sharingan. Your pathetic.

I pity you. You had everything. Or at least you did.

You had a family…then you lost them to your probably

psychotic brother. You had fangirls after you…of course they

were sort of scary at the way they somehow were able to sniff

you out. You also had the great Hatake Kakashi, the legendary

copycat ninja, at your aid and service. And of course, you had me

and Sakura… Were we not good enough for you to stay? Of

course not. I mean you left us dry.

I had opted to tell my onee-chan about you you know.

To tell her how great we were. What best friends we were.

And the regular crack a joke about you…

Damn you Sasuke-teme! If I knew that you were going

to betray Konoha…betray me…I would've strapped you to your bed

and…and…What the hell…?

It was your choice, teme…Who am I to change that?

I'm nobody (Author coughs) …But not anymore Sasuke.

I won't be the quiet (yeah right) nobody who takes on the

pillaging from the villagers. I'll become stronger, faster, better so

that I can keep my promise to Sakura. I'll bring you back no

matter what because that is my ninja way!

Oh. And Sasuke. One more thing you ought to know. A

big secret I've kept from everyone except a select few. A secret

even you might find astonishing. The truth is you don't know

me at all. The secret is…that I am a girl…And you might've find

out sooner or later if you had the patience to stick around longer.

Because you see…puberty hit me two days later.

That's why I left.

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Now a preview of next time in Fatale Sin:

"…zumaki…" Naruto groaned. What happened?

"…uzumaki…." Naruto slitted open his eyes and

winced at the terribly bright light. Who's that calling him.

"Uzumaki! Hurry!"