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Summary: So far, Sin has not found her "veil" yet…


Fatale Sin

Chapter 11


Sin had decidedly given up on the search for the "mysterious veil" we don't know a damn thing about. She had spent the last hours of sun lurking about the places the veil could be. But nothing showed and she was pooped. Hey, what can she say? It's hard running in a kimono and not ruin it completely.

The sun had set and with the stars popping out, Sin could already foretell the evening's events. First would be the sudden chill in the air. Then…

Suddenly, she shuddered. She HAD to find that veil! Even if she had to tear Konoha apart! Imaginary tears ran down her face as she posed with a raised fist and shiny eyes. With a sudden renewal of hope and adrenaline, Sin prepared to jump to the rooftops when all of a sudden…

"…excuse me…" Sin screeched to a stop in mid-jump and turned to stare at the source of the voice, annoyance was all over her face, only to find the last person she thought she'd see.

"Eh? Shino?" Sin's annoyance disappeared as she came face to face with the bug boy Aburame Shino. "What a surprise to find you here!" Sin slapped down on Shino's shoulders, a little hard, too, because Shino crumpled over and his bugs began to go crazy.

"Eep!" Sin froze as the bugs began crawling everyshere in defense at the unknown dangerous attacker to their vessel. Suddenly, they were gone (back into Shino) and Shino was up. Sin frowned and placed a hand on his forehead when she saw that he was quite red in the face.

"Eh? Are you sick, Shino? Maybe you got a fever or something?" Sin asked. But instead of answering her, Shino grabbed her hand and said, not asked:

"Will you marry me?" Out of the blue. Sin dropped her mouth. Shino blushed and stuttered.

"I…I mean…Would you like to go to a party with me?" He asked slowly, his grip still strong on her hand. Sin closed her mouth, swallowed her saliva and managed a smile as she ripped her arm out of Shino's vice-like grip. Suddenly remembering that Shino doesn't know who she was (typical Naruto mistake), she managed a chuckle.

"Eh heh heh! B…But don't you think…you're going…a little…too…fast…?"

"No." He answered right to the fact. Then blushed while staring intimately at her. Sin backed away slowly. It was happening!

"Er…I have to go now…" Sin twirled around only to bump into another person. "Mmph! Oh…sorry…" Then person grabbed her shoulders and took a deep breath. Sin shuddered as she looked up into the face of Inuzuka Kiba.

"You…smell…delicious…" Kiba grinned, showing off his fangs and his face was finished as he stared down at her with a somewhat lecherous look.

"Kiba…" Shino began as he grabbed her wrist and twisted her out of Kiba's grips. "I saw her first." Shino's bugs began to react to their vessel's agitation and feeling of being challenged. Kiba growled as he haunched over, ready to attack.

"No! No Fighting!" Sin pushed them apart with the respective hands they both held. Then an idea popped up. She smiled "sweetly" at them. "Why don't we all go to that little party?" She suggested gently nudging them both.

Shino and Kiba immediately reacted and smiled at her, nodding just to turn around and glare at the other.

"You might get tired!" Kiba started. "Why don't you ride Akamaru!" Sin looked at Kiba like he was crazy. That is until she actually saw Akamaru appear from under the shadows of a tree nearby. Akamaru was completely different, he was huge and came as tall as Kiba's elbows, and now had a light brown colored fur. Then only thing that hadn't changed wast its face. It was still as Akamaru-looking as ever, only with a ninja-dog vest and cuffs on.

"Woof!" Akamaru barked in command and in greetings, obviously not recognizing Sin at all.

"Um…" Sin smiled uncomfortably.

"What are you saying!" Yelled Shino, uncharacteristically. "She shall ride on a bed of my marvelous butterflies!" Shino called out and suddenly a hundred or more butterglies cam flying over and made a floating bed just for her. Shin "oohed". She was impressed to say the least but noting the friction in the air, she grinned.

"It's okay…I'll just walk." With that she began walking. After a few steps, she paused and turned to find Kiba and Shino trailing right behind her and barely stopping in time when she stopped so suddenly.

"Well? Where's this party?"


A ghoulish-looking ghost stared at the group that entered a few minutes ago. (Just think of them typical looking Japanese ghosts with their flames). The ghost was soon joined by a mummy who was followed by a witch and a geisha.

"What are you staring at?" Asked the mummy to the ghost as rock music blasted in the background and rays of multi-colored lights twirled about the huge room.

"What do you think big forehead?" The ghost said sarcastically.

"I think she means the group that just arrived, Sakura," replied the witch.

"Oh! Ya mean the group with that Sin girl?" Asked the geisha.

"Yeah, Hinata." Sakura said. "Who invited her?"

"I didn't." Stated the ghost.

"Hey…ain't that Shino, Hinata?" Asked the witch.

"Um…I…think so…Heh! It's so dark you know, Ten Ten!" The geisha chuckled heavily to the witch.

"I understand. It'd be creepy if he was, cause that guy sure talks a lot, right Ino?" Ten Ten said to the ghost.

"Not only creepy, but the end of the world." Ino said as she stared intently on one guy in the group who was practically licking the moss green headed girl's feet. "Stringing men along like that…who does she think she is?" Ino grunted angrily.

"I'm not gonna take this anymore!" Ino stomped over to the group.


Sin sighed as she looked over and under the males all around her for any escape.

"So…what's your name?" Asked a were wolf. Sin didn't even bother to look at him and pushed past him.

"The name's Sin," she said as she moved through the small group of males. Then she added silently. "Where is it?"

Of course, having great hearing, Kiba practically threw himself at her feet.

"What are you looking for? Did you lose something? I'll help you!" As soon as he offered, the whole group went crazy!

"I…I'll help you, Sin-chan!"

"No! I'll help!"

"Whatever you're looking for I have it!"

"I love yooouuuuuu…!"

"I don't need anyone else but you!" Yelled Shino.

Sin silently shrieked as the walls of the guys closed in. She didn't want to hurt them since it wasn't their fault.

It wasn't their fault that because of a certain jutsu that she created and used to do had a side effect that caused her body to mass produce estrogen, nor was it their fault that she happened to lose the one thing that could've stopped her raging hormones from mass producing, or the fact that they just happened to be males with high stamina and small brains (basically ninjas fit here). She had to hurry before the whole village caught her and was occurred.

Sin sighed inwardly at all her troublesome worries when…

"Inuzuka Kiba! How dare you lay your hands on some other girl!" Sin knew that voice. She looked up to see Ino throw away the walls of guys. If she was with another girl, her hormones may just level out. May. But then something always go wrong. Sin knew it the moment the moment Ino pushed past her. Ino swung her fist back to punch the daylights out of Kiba. The moment Ino paused and looked back at her. Sin felt that oncoming feeling of déjà vu and shivered just as Ino spoke.



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