Love Hurts

Disclaimer: yeah yeah, you should all know that I could never own Final Fantasy and/or characters the only character that I do own is Sirea.

Now a message from Mallow64

Me: It took me a very long time but at least I finished the Sleeping Beauty-I love you Mommy saga. The story of little Iris learning of her past, her mother and her very first look at evil will open up a new saga. It will be entitled the Iris chronicles. It will be about Iris and her determination to become the most powerful fighter in the world just like her old man. The adventure itself will be like another Final Fantasy on it's own and trust me it will be VERY long but I'm determined to try something new. Also expect soon to see a sign up sheet for people to add any characters to my stories, more detail on that later. Now I want to take a small break and start writing something else.

*Just than Iris walks in*

Iris: hey Mallow! When will I get that series you promised?

Me: oh hey Iris, you'll get it very soon I promise

Iris: okay, but only cause your my friend *walks out the door and sounds of hundreds of flash photography can be heard* hey don't forget to take my good side, than again all my sides are good :)

Me: gee, give her a half an hour of fame and she acts like a star, but I don't blame her. Writing Iris in my stories has been very exhilarating, now on to this story on hand. Do you remember, the story "How Far you will Go for Her?" yes it was the story where all the Cleris fans gathered and all said at the same time said "NO Cloud don't go with Sirea, please you love Aeris" or something like that. In the end however we find out Sirea was really Aeris and we are all happy. But let's stop and think about this what would have happened if Aeris was not Sirea? What will happen if both different people? Well that idea intrigued me a lot and I did what I always do when I get an intriguing idea, I start writing. Okay this story takes place in yet another Alternate timeline, the most obvious changes is that Sirea exists and is her own person and there was never a Sephiroth so everyone lived in peace.

Now on to my new tale of spills, chills and well more spills that you can shake an Ultima Weapon at.

Love Hurts

*Scene at a church alter, Cloud is standing there obviously very nervous waiting for his bride to be. "Here Comes the Bride" starts playing as "she" strolls coolly down the aisle and takes her place next to Cloud, the Reverend Paul starts to speak*

Reverend Paul: we have gathered here today, the join the union of Cloud Strife and his beloved to be, they have went through a lot to be together they have both claimed and they each have a few words to say to each other before we begin

*Groans can be heard*

Cloud: hey it's only going to be a few words, what's so bad with that?

*The crowd all yell at Cloud to just get on with it*

Cloud: all right, sheesh...*stares at his bride* well I never thought I see myself here today on the alter. However if it was to be with anyone than I am glad it's with you, Sirea Boroughaings (pronounced Bor-row-hings)

Sirea a very beautiful girl who like Aeris is one year old than he is (what is up with Cloud going for older women?) She has long blond hair which she likes to keep flowing freely, piercing blue eyes. She was living on the streets beofre Cloud came and invited her to stay with him they eventually fell in love and she'll do almost anything for Cloud for all he's done except sleep with other men, take experimental drugs and well you get the idea nothing too crazy.

Sirea: and I am too Cloud, I can never forget the first time we met. I was an orphan on the streets and always alone. I couldn't get job or anything. I was a total stranger to you Cloud but when we met you were my knight in shining armor, you rescued me and we are always together. How long have we been together? Well I'd say around 2 years, that would make you at least 19 and myself 20

Cloud: yes I'll never forget that moment either you were there in that prison cell and I was able to release you and when you asked me why I rescued you I replied that you reminded me of someone

Sirea: Cloud that was the plot for FF3/6, just because I sorta look like Celes doesn't mean that I am her

Cloud: oh I gotta stop playing that game it's starting to take over my mind but if I recall correctly here's what really happened

*Cloud begins a flash-back but...*


Cloud: geez, these people have no decency for a romantic moment, you may continue Reverend

Reverend Paul: *fallen asleep bored* zzzzzzzzz

Cloud: REVEREND!!!!

Paul: *wakes up* huh, wha? Oh sorry, now let's continue do you Cloud Strife take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold for as long as you shall both shall live?

Cloud: I do

Paul: and do you, Sirea Boroughaings take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband to go through sickness and health till death do you part?

Sirea: I do

Paul: if ANYONE have any objections why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace

Man: *raises hand*

Paul: gee this never happened before well go on

Man: your can't marry her she's a prostitute

*Everyone gasps*

Sirea: no I'm not

Man: but you lived in the streets until you met Cloud

Sirea: okay what is it with beautiful women that they live on the streets they are suddenly considered prostitutes? I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE!!!!!

Cloud: Sirea, calm down...*whispers to her* I know your a virgin but just wait till the honeymoon

Sirea: *grins* you naughty man Cloud

Paul: okay any LEGIMATE reasons why these two shall not wed?

Man#2: *raises hand* you can't marry SIREA!!!! AERIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY CLOUD!!! DID YOU HEAR ME??!! AERIS IS THE ONE!!!!

*men in white suits than come and drag him away*

Man#2: PLEASE SIREA IS NOT YOUR REAL LOVE *gets pulled away*

Cloud: oooookay can anyone just tell me what just happened?

Paul: um I'm assuming that no one else has anything to say so Cloud you may kiss the bride

*Cloud than pulls Sirea into a passionate embrace and they kiss as the crowd applauds*

*Several months later, Cloud and Sirea is happy living in Wutai*

Cloud: are you sure you have to go? It's going to be lonely without you

Sirea: *packing a suitcase* I know but the whole modeling job on the Costa De Sol beach pays extremely well and I still need to pay you back for all you've done for me you don't need to support me all my life. I'm a big girl I need to do what I can as well to support us both

Cloud: I'm not worried about the whole money issue I'm kinda more worried about all those pervs on Costa De Sol who are going to stare at my beautiful wife in a string bikini

Sirea: okay I admit I don't totally agree with this as well but Cloud you'll always be my one and only

Cloud: and you'll be mine too

*The two than kiss*

Sirea: nothing can ruin this moment

*which is when the electricity went out, several lamps somehow fell to the ground, someone crashed their chocobo through the kitchen and some Wutaian ninjas decided to run through the living room*

Sirea: when will I learn to just keep me big mouth shut? Well I must catch my flight on the Big Bronco

*A few hours later, after Sirea left Cloud is just chilling watching TV*

Cloud: nothing good on

Sports: and we get to see some HARDCORE action in the WOF: the World Old Federation, look as The Mock is about to hit the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, but OH MY GOD he fell asleep again oh and watch Cranky MAN just hit his opponent with his false teeth!!!

Cloud: TV has hit a new low *turns the channel*

News: a terrible accident has occurred and one of the local planes: The Big Bronco has crashed

Cloud: Booooorrrring *flips the channel*

Stock Market: hair gel has gone down another 5 percent

Cloud: NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How do I keep my nice standing hair without hair gel? It's not all 100 percent natural you know, wait what was the name of the plane Sirea said she was going on? Oh no *flips back to news*

News: the plane has crashed on the side of Mt. Gaea the crash looks bad and it would look like there were no survivors

Cloud: *gasps*

News: luckily all passengers and even the pilot, Cid who admitted he was drunk at the controls were found. They will all be returning home shortly

Cloud: *breath a sigh of relief*

News: they were all found except for Sirea Boroughaings, who is still missing

Cloud: *gasps*

News: search parties searched everywhere for her and may have found signs of her

Cloud: *breaths a sigh of relief*

News: but they turned out to be wrong and were lead into a dead end Sirea has now been pronounced dead

Cloud: WHAT??!!

News: I feel sorry for anyone with emotional ties to Sirea, both family and any lovers she might have had cause you know looking at her pictures, she was hot

Cloud: SHUT UP!!!!

News: oh yeah like if she was here right now I would be on her like a fly on fly paper it would be really sticky if you know what I mean

Cloud: THAT'S MY WIFE YOU #$^$%^%$^$^

News: in fact I feel really sorry for anyone who knew her now they would have to live with the fact that they could have stopped her but didn't and...

*Cloud in his anger breaks the TV*

Cloud: Sirea...dead? I don't want to believe it...Sirea wherever you are, will I be able to love anyone as much as you if you don't come back?

*2 years pass by, in year 1, Cloud moved out of Wutai and to Nibelhaim because of all the memories of Sirea. He has now lived in Nibelhaim and he hears of no contact of Sirea, Cloud now fears she is gone. We now see Cloud sitting alone in a bar*

Cloud: give me another one Tifa

Tifa: geez Cloud all you ever do is drink and if your not doing that your at home someone like you needs to go out with a REAL woman

Cloud: no

Tifa: oh come on why, it's not like you were married to anyone special and she just happens one day to be pronounced dead in a place crash and...

Cloud: *gives Tifa a Heero Yuy death glare* I don't really want to talk about it

Tifa: oh I see, but Cloud you can't go through life like this. I know your thinking that you need to move on with your life and find someone else because that's what your wife would have wanted. Now your probably thinking you want to ask me out but you don't know what to say and now I say yes I'll be happy to go out with you, you can pick me up at eight

Cloud: wah? What were we talking about?

Tifa: you asked me out, remember? I said yes and we're going at eight don't worry my treat

Cloud: um I guess if I asked you out, I should take you out well I'll see you soon

*Cloud than can be heard as he is leaving "how did I get roped into this?"*

*Later that night at some restaurant*

Tifa: I hope you don't mind that a friend of mine and her date joins us

Cloud: *not looking up and looking very uninterested* yeah yeah sure

Tifa: now come on don't be like that

Cloud: *still not interested* yeah yeah sure

*Just than a familiar brunette enters the restaurant (we all know who she is):)*

Tifa: oh hi, Aeris I'm glad you can make it, where's your date

Aeris: *sigh* caught that jerk Zack macking off with some hussy, this time it's over

Tifa: oh come on Aeris you keep saying that

Aeris: I know but that was before I caught him cheating on me

Tifa: good point, well Aeris I want you to meet my DATE, Cloud. Cloud, my DATE I would like you to meet Aeris.

Aeris: why are you emphasizing on the word date?

Tifa: whatever do you mean?

Cloud: *still not looking up or interested* hi Aeris nice to meet you

Aeris: I like your date's personality

Tifa: he's usually not like this

Aeris: well I better be going

Tifa: oh no Aeris I wouldn't dream of it, stay please

Aeris: well okay *sits down*

*Later after they have ordered*

Tifa: well I need to use the ladies' room, I'll be back *leaves*

Aeris: so hi Cloud your Tifa's new boyfriend?

Cloud: no, I'm only going out with her because I apparently asked her out

Aeris: you seemed troubled why don't you tell me what's going through your mind?

Cloud: what are you some sort of psychiatrist?

Aeris: yes, that's my profession I'm also a part time botanist

Cloud: right...(my luck)

Aeris: so tell me what's troubling you

Cloud: well it has lots to do with my departed wife and I how much I miss her

Aeris: tell me, I'm listening

*Later, Cloud has told every detail of his wife, Aeris like an expert psychiatrist explained Cloud's problems and how he can deal with them*

Aeris: your crazy that's all stop brooding over a dead woman

Cloud: you know Aeris I think that your damned quack advice isn't helping me

*whoops wrong footage here's what really happened*

Cloud: you know Aeris I don't know how, but you've made me feel a lot better

Aeris: that's my job and always remember she'll always be a part of you and as long as you never forget her she'll always be at your side

Cloud: thank you *smiles even though his head is still facing down*

Aeris: oh come on Cloud at the very least let me see you face you've had your head downward since I got here show that you're not that depressed

Cloud: all right *looks up and for the first time he sees Aeris, needless to say he is very stunned* y-your a psychiatrist?

Aeris: yeah so?

Cloud: well I was kinda expecting the more bookworm look when I envision a psychiatrist no offense but your-your WOW.

Aeris: *blushes* thank you I'll take that as a compliment but don't judge a book by it's covers just because of what it's title is.

Cloud: you must be a very beautiful book both inside and out

Aeris: *smiles* thank you

Cloud: so you just broke up with your boyfriend? Must have been tough

Aeris: yeah he was a jerk anyway, but I should be the one feeling sorry for you with your departed wife and all

Cloud: funny

Aeris: what?

Cloud: your the only person who can mention about her and I don't enter a blue funk depression there's something really special about you Aeris is there any way I can book another appointment?

Aeris: *takes out and opens her appointment book* well I'm free...

Cloud: no not that appointment I mean a...

Aeris: a date? But you said

Cloud: I realize that I can't go through life alone and your right Sirea will always be a part of me and life is too big to let it pass by me, I know Sirea would have wanted this

Aeris: but what about Tifa?

Cloud: what about Tifa? I'm only going out with her as a friend

Aeris: well in that case, I want to meet you Cloud

Cloud: is that a psychiatrist term?

Aeris: no that's something I like to say to people like you

*As the two smile and have romantic conversation, Tifa comes back after waiting in line to go to the ladies' room she sees Cloud and Aeris and she can take a hint she sits back down a little disappointed*

Tifa: excuse me waiter?

Waiter: yes what would the madam like?

Tifa: cancel my order, give me the hardest liquor this place got

*Several months pass, Cloud learns to fall in love again. Cloud slowly develops the special feelings that he had around Sirea for the emerald green-eyed brunette. It wasn't long after that he proposed to her and she accepted. Now at the church they are about to take their final step (coincidentally by the same reverend that married Sirea and Cloud)*

Paul: do you Cloud Strife take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold for as long as you shall both shall live?

Cloud: *smiles at Aeris* I do

Paul: and do you, Aeris Gainsborough take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband to go through sickness and health till death do you part?

Aeris: *smiles at Cloud* I do now and forever

Paul: Paul: if ANYONE have any objections why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace

*There appears to be none*

Paul: you may kiss the bride

*Cloud does so filled newfound happiness and emotions for his new wife but...*

Woman: *runs into the church* STOP!!!

Cloud: too late you should said that when he was asking for objections *turns around* It's you

Aeris: huh? Who is this Cloud?

Cloud: that's Sirea my first wife

Aeris: WHAT??!! *faints*

Sirea: um Cloud who was that?

Cloud: that was Aeris my second wife, after I thought you were dead

Sirea: WHAT??!! You married again? *faints*

Cloud: man I'm bad at this

To be continued....

Next chapter we find out how what happened to Sirea during all this time and how Cloud is going to sort out this double wife problem

Oh yeah for anyone who want's to know Sirea's last name Boroughaings is an anagram of Aeris' last name, sort out the letters you'll find it.

Now lets see how the readers are going to react to this :)