Final book in the 'The PTB's Boss Sends Help' Trilogy

(I don't own Angel I'm just borrowing him and all of the Angel characters from Joss Whedon.)

Chapter 1

The Portrait

"Cordelia did you find a photographer that would take our pictures that I can use to do our portrait?" Angel asked her as he sat in his favorite chair making sketches of her as she did different things around their suite of rooms. He had already done a sketch of her nursing Kathleen and of her just sitting in the rocking chair as she rocked their daughter to sleep.

"Not yet Angel. I want to get back into shape before we have that done. I only started exercising last week. I have 10 pounds more to lose and I refuse to have the pictures taken until I lose those 10 pounds and can get into my wedding dress again. I don't want to hear any arguments either."

Angel jumped up and took his shirt off and started to flex his muscles. "Hmmm, having a baby didn't seem to affect me. I am as slim and trim as usual." "Angel go and get the pants from the Tux that you wore on our wedding day and see if you can get into them easily." Cordelia said as she put Kathleen to bed.

"I don't have to Cordy, I know I haven't gained any weight." Cordelia went to the closet and took the Tuxedo pants off of the hanger and went over to Angel.

"Take your pants off Angel and lets see if you can get in these." Angel looked at her and was going to argue with her but decided it would be easier to just put the pants on and prove it to her that he could still get into them.

Angel took the pants he was wearing off and slipped into the pants from his wedding day. They went up all the way easily but when he tried to zip them all the way to the top and button them he turned away from her and sucked his stomach in then closed it. He turned towards her then. "See I told you they still fit." Without warning Angel let out the breath he was holding, the button popped and went flying across the room. Cordelia busted out laughing.

"I don't understand, I've never gained weight before. How can you gain weight from drinking blood. I never did before." Angel sat down and the zipper went down on its own.

"Angel don't forget that you've been eating regular food and you've also suffered the 'Got to Have it Cravings' right along with me. Plus you haven't noticed it to much because I've been buying you pants that are one size larger then you used to wear. So I guess this means your going on a diet along with me."

Angel jumped up and said 'Come on lets go to the basement now. Put your workout clothes on. I can hear Fred and Wesley in there room so I'm going to ask them to watch Kathleen while we are down stairs.' Angel called Wesley's room and asked them to babysit for a couple of hours. "Sure Angel. We'll come down to your room so you don't have to disturb her." "Thanks Wes, give us five minutes and we'll be out of here, we are just going to be downstairs working out." Angel hung up and changed into his sweat pants and a sleeveless T-Shirt. Cordelia did the same. They waited until Wesley and Fred came down to their room then left. "Thanks Fred. She shouldn't wake up, I just changed and fed her." "Okay." Fred said as she went to check on Kathleen.

Cordelia and Angel spent the next 3 hours working out in the basement. Actually though Cordelia collapsed from exhaustion after 2 hours and Angel continued for one more hour. To finish off his session of exercises Angel put 6 cement blocks together in 3 equal columns. Cordelia watched him as he got onto the blocks and did push ups. She started hurting just watching him. After he did 25 of these push ups he dismounted and collapsed on the floor next to her. He was breathing heavily and perspiration was falling off of him and onto the floor.

"You are out of shape my dear husband. Either that or else along with the gifts that God has given to you, your body has to be exercised more often to keep it in shape." She wasn't sure he heard her since he was on the floor and breathing hard. Cordelia leaned over on Angel and looked him in the face and said 'It looks like you have to exercise more just to keep in shape.' Cordelia got up and put her hand out to her husband to give him a lift up. Angel took her offered hand and stood up. They both slowly made their way back up to their bedroom.

Angel made it up the last few stairs by crawling on his hands and knees. Cordelia wasn't doing much better but she was still walking. The door to their bedroom was still open so she just walked in and collapsed on the bed. Wesley and Fred were kneeling on the couch and looking over the back at them as they came in. Two minutes later they watched Angel come crawling in on his hands and knees. He made it to the middle of the room and collapsed.

Wesley and Fred just watched them then turned back to the TV. "I guess Angel is having to deal with the side affect of one of his gifts. I hope we don't have to deal with anything until he can get himself in better shape. I think we better work on building a better gym for all of us. Remember when Dr. Martin was helping Cordelia and Angel to work through one of her bouts of depression and she described a scenario that suggested that we had an inside swimming pool?" Wesley asked Fred. "Yes." "I think we had better actually build that and make a real gym also. What do you think?" "I think that is a very good idea." Fred answered. Wesley and Fred turned around and continued to watch TV.

Cordelia was still laying on the bed when Fred came over. Fred put her hand on Cordelia's shoulder and gently shook it. "Cordelia, wake up." Cordelia opened one eye. "Fred I am so tired and hurting so bad that I think that even my hair hurts. Is Kathleen okay?" "Yes she is fine. She's been sleeping all of this time. I woke you up because you and Angel have been sleeping for an hour now. It's 5 o'clock now, I thought you would probably want to take a bath so I have the whirlpool bath filling right now. We'll wait here while you and Angel take a bath and soak a little. Then I'll go down and start dinner." "Okay, thank you Fred, you're a gem."

Cordelia got up slowly and woke Angel up. "Angel get up and come and take a bath. Fred has the water already going into the whirlpool." Angel got up slowly and walked over to the bathroom and started to take his clothes off before Cordelia could even close the door. Wesley and Fred could hear both of them getting into the whirlpool and slowly descend into the water. They sat in there for the next thirty minutes just soaking after they had bathed.

Kathleen finally woke up and started crying. Fred went over to her and changed her then brought her over to the couch. Wesley and Fred were having fun playing with her when Cordelia and Angel finally came out. Cordelia went to Fred and sat down at the end of the couch and next to Fred. "I just changed her so she is okay for now." "Thank you guys. Especially for letting us rest after our torture session. That was the first time I did such an intense exercise session since Kathleen was born. Poor Angel is feeling it almost as much as I am since this is the first exercise session where he is learning what it is like to feel human again. It looks like Angelus is going to give him what he needs only when he is going to be in a fight."

Cordelia handed Kathleen back to Fred and bent forward while holding her head in her hands.

"Angel, Cordelia is having a vision." Wesley yelled.

Angel came running over to the couch. He had been shaving and had only done half of his face when Wesley called out to him. He knelt by Cordelia's side and waited until the vision passed. After a few minutes passed she reached for a pen and paper and wrote down the address of where she saw a group of demons attacking a couple of teenagers. Angel took the paper from her and read the directions.

"Let's go Wesley you get Gunn and I'll meet you at the back as soon as I finish dressing." Wesley left the room and went running down to Gunn's room. Then they heard them running down stairs. As soon as Angel finished dressing he left also. "Lock the doors ladies and put the security system on." He said as he ran out of the room.

As soon as Cordelia was able to she grabbed Kathleen, went downstairs and locked the doors and put the security system on as Angel had said. Fred went to the kitchen then to start dinner, Cordelia followed her and took a seat at the table while she prepared to feed Kathleen.

"Do you have any suggestions as to what I should fix for dinner?" Fred asked Cordelia.

"How about hot dogs and chips and maybe a side of cole slaw." Cordelia said. "That sounds good to me." Fred said. "Please make the chicken hot dogs for Angel and I with no bread and no chips." Cordelia was playing with Kathleen as she was nursing. She talked baby talk to her and tickled her round little cheeks. Kathleen rewarded her with a giggle then went right back to her dinner. Fred was listening to Cordelia playing with her daughter. She came and sat down at the table with a couple of cups of hot tea for Cordelia and herself.

"It looks like my little munchkin here needs to start on solid food. She isn't satisfied with just nursing anymore. Do we have any applesauce Fred?" "Let me see, I think we have a jar in the basement." Fred ran downstairs to check for the applesauce and was back in a few minutes.

"Got it." Fred showed the bottle to Cordelia. "Would you hold her while I go and get her silverware set that Mom gave her." Fred took Kathleen from Cordelia. Cordelia was back in a few minutes with the set. She washed them with hot water and dish soap then opened the bottle of applesauce and put a small amount in a small bowl. While Fred continued to hold Kathleen her mother introduced her to solid food. She took to solid food without any problem and when she was done she was ready to go to sleep.

"Well that went pretty good considering that was her first time. I'm going to have to start shopping for baby food now I guess. That will be fun watching Angel trying to feed her."

"How are you feeling Fred? Do you think Wesley's boys made contact with your eggs?" Cordelia asked.

"I have no idea Cordelia. It's kind of early for me to feel anything don't you think?"

"No, I don't think it's too early. After Angel and I had sex I felt a tingling feeling like. Something inside me knew that we had made our first baby. I don't know why or how I knew it but I was 100 certain that we had successfully made contact and that my egg and his sperm had already started to multiply itself many times over. I don't think that I will ever forget that feeling." Cordelia picked up Kathleen's hand and kissed it over and over again.

Kathleen had enough to eat so she started grabbing for her mothers mouth that was showering kisses on her little hand. She looked at her hand as though she had all of a sudden figured out that she could do things with this thing that was attached to her. The first place she put it was in her mouth to see how it tasted. Her whole hand didn't fit in to well so she tried putting in only her 2nd and 3rd fingers. She seemed to decide that it fit just right and started to suck on them.

"Look Fred she has found she has two fingers to suck on. Here why don't you get her to burp and I'll start cutting up the cabbage." Cordelia gave Fred a cloth to put over her shoulder and then gave her Kathleen. She cleaned herself up then started to shred the cabbage.

After she burped Kathleen Fred put her into her bassinet and went back into the kitchen and started to fix the hot dogs and take the buns out of the bags so she could put them on the big griddle.

"When will you be missing your next period Fred?" Cordelia asked as she continued to make the coleslaw.

"I'm due next weekend."

"Well I'll be counting the days with you girl friend. It would be nice if you are pregnant then Kathleen will have a playmate that won't be too much younger then her."

Cordelia was done making the coleslaw so she started to take the silver ware out to set the table. "You know Fred I think it would be better if we shortened the table again now that everyone is gone and were back to the original crew."

"Yeah, I think your right. We might as well do it now." Fred said as she came over to help Cordelia take out the 2 extra leafs. They pushed the two sides together then Cordelia finished setting the table.

"Fred Angel just told me that they are on their way back and should be here in about 30 minutes." "Okay Cordy, thank you."

The girls sat down and turned the TV on while they waited for the men to come back. Just as Angel told her they were back in 30 minutes. Dirty as usual from their encounter with the Vampires. They went upstairs right away to clean up and while they were up stairs the girls finished cooking dinner and putting it on the table.

Angel, Wesley and Gunn all came down at the same time. "Where is dinner women. Your men have returned from the battle field and are hungry." Angel said out loud.

In answer Cordelia and Fred came out with a platter of hot dogs and buns and a bowl of coleslaw and chips. Cordelia had a plate over by her and Angel that had 4 chicken hot dogs on it.

The girls brought out the drinks and put them in front of the men.

When Cordelia sat down she put 2 of the chicken hot dogs in front of Angel and 2 in her plate. She served him a large spoon full of coleslaw and his mug of blood then started in on her own plate.

Angel just sat there and looked at his plate then at Gunn's and Wesley's plate. Gunn had made up 3 hot dogs with buns and piled high with onions, relish and chili peppers. The rest of his plate was taken up by coleslaw and chips. Wesley had 2 hot dogs piled high also.

Angel just looked at them and then at his plate then at Cordelia. He continued to look at her until she looked up.

"What's wrong?" Cordelia asked Angel.

"Is this all that I get? Doesn't your hard working husband get more then this?" Cordelia put her hand on Angels cheek and gave it a little pat. "This is what they call a diet my dear. Like any other man who's wife is on a diet after being pregnant for nine months you get to be on a diet also. Before you know it though, because of your diet and exercising, you'll be back in your smaller size pants and looking just as sexy as ever. Then we can have our pictures taken so that you can start on our portrait."

"What's this? Has Angel gained weight and is having to wear larger size pants? No wonder he was breathing so hard when we were fighting those young Vampires. I'll help you out Angel and take you over to the warehouse that my boys live in. It has lots of stairs and it's big enough for us to run 10 or 15 miles in." Gunn was having fun with this information.

"Laugh it up Gunn, don't forget that you are expected to produce a couple of kids also, then I will be the one laughing when your wife puts you on a diet also." Angel said. Then he looked at his chicken hot dogs and coleslaw and decided that it would be less painful if he drank his blood first then ate the hot dogs and coleslaw.

For the next five weeks the AI team became very busy with clients. Cordelia had only one or two visions a week though and that was enough to help her to learn to handle the visions and Kathleen at the same time. They both continued to exercise and Cordelia made sure that they stuck to their diet. After five weeks Cordelia gave Angel an older, smaller size pair of pants to put on with out saying anything. They had just come back from an exercise session and were getting dressed after taking a shower.

Angel slipped the pants on and zipped them up and buttoned them without any problem. He noticed that they were a little loose though and said something to Cordelia.

"Don't you think that it's time for me to start wearing my smaller pants now. These are too loose now." Cordelia stood at the closet then started to walk around her husband and took a good look at him as though he was a construction worker and she was a girl on the sidewalk admiring his physique. Then she let out a loud whistle. "Angel those are your old pants. The size you used to wear is now too big." Angel let out a loud Tarzan yell.

"Tarzan is back. Come Jane let Tarzan see how good Jane look now." Angel pulled off Cordelia's robe that she was wearing and she did a few turns and posed for him. Both Angel and Cordelia's heart started to beat faster as they looked at each other. Cordelia went to Angel and ran her fingernails lightly over his chest and then to his back. Angels stomach muscles were more cleanly defined now and she couldn't see even a wrinkle of fat on him. She put her hands down to his pants and started to unbutton and unzip them. Angel looked down into her eyes as she pushed her hands into his pants and felt his cheeks and found them to be more firm.

Angel grabbed Cordelia at the back of her head and pulled her up to him where he could more easily reach her mouth. He put his arms around her then and kissed her passionately. She pulled away after a while and put her hands down his pants again and started to push them down. After he lifted his feet out of the pant legs she tossed them to the side then starting from his knees she ran her hands over the bulging muscles in his legs and started kissing them and running her tongue along the lines of each muscle. For a short time she played with his boys and Junior, then she left them and continued up his body.

As she reached his chest and arms she walked around to his back and did the same thing when she came up to his back again she put her arms around him and said "I never realized that I could get so turned on by your body Angel. Your magnificent looking. I didn't think that you could get any better looking but I was wrong." As she said this she stood at his back and reached her hands around to his stomach and constantly ran her fingers over his six pack.

"Do you think I am ready to be photographed so we can have our portrait painted?"

"No I don't think we better do that. Your too beautiful for the camera to catch the real you. You'll cause the lens to melt." She said with a smile in her voice. She could feel her body getting ready to take him. She was so primed for sex that he could feel the warmth coming from her body already.

Angel turned around and pulled her down to the floor with him. For the next two hours they made love on the floor. They reveled in the sight and feel of each others body and when they were exhausted from their love making they slept.

Kathleen's crying woke Cordelia up. She disentangled herself from her husband and went to check on her daughter. She was just wet so Cordy changed her then took her over to the floor where Angel was still laying. Kathleen was able to hold her head up by now and was able to sit up if she was held up with pillows. She also stayed awake for longer periods of time.

Cordelia grabbed several pillows and used them to prop up her daughter in front of her Daddy. She shook Angels shoulder. "Angel wake up and take care of Kathleen while I get dressed."

Angel opened his eyes and started to play with her. "Well hello. Where did you come from?"

Angel started talking to her as though she could understand everything he said. While Cordelia was dressing she was listening to them. Angel would say something then Kathleen would say something back but in a language only she could understand. Angel acted as though he could understand everything she said which encouraged her to continue. Cordelia went into the bathroom laughing at them.

When she came back out she grabbed Angels shorts and pants and put them in front of him. She picked up Kathleen then and placed her and the pillows on the bed while Angel put his clothes on.

They heard a knock at the door. "Come in Wesley." Angel said.

Wesley opened the door and came in. "Angel can I speak with you out here for a minute?"

"Sure I'll be there in a second." Wesley closed the door and Angel finished dressing then went out to the hallway to join Wesley.

"What's up?" Angel asked him.

"Did you have the oysters delivered to Giles today?"

"Yes, they are supposed to be delivered to him at exactly 8 p.m. tonight."

"Are you still going tonight?" "Yes but I haven't told Cordy yet. I don't know what I'm going to say but just try to play along." "How long do you want to stay?" "Just two nights then we better get back?"

Angel went back into his suite. "Cordy Wesley wants to go to Sunnydale tonight so he can talk to Connor about some of his classes that he signed up for. Do you want to go?" "Yeah it will be a nice little holiday. You guys have been pretty busy for the past 5 weeks, besides I want to show off my magnificent looking husband off to all of the girls." Cordelia came over to him and gave him a kiss. "Just remember though it's look but no touch or Jane will kill Chetah." Cordelia made a mock cut across her throat. She turned then to start packing.

Angel grabbed her arm then and pulled her back to him. "Don't forget that, that goes for you also. You look just as good as you did before you got pregnant." "What do you mean I look just as good as I did before I got pregnant." Cordelia started crying. "I thought I turned you on even more when I was pregnant. I knew it, I just knew you were lying. I was so big and fat that towards the end I could hardly get up by myself. You lied to me just to make me feel better." Cordelia threw herself on the bed and continued to cry.

Angel went to the bed and laid down beside her and Kathleen.

"Cordelia look at me." She didn't want to look at him so she just kept her face hidden in the pillow and continued to cry.

"Cordelia Chase-Martin look at me." Cordelia turned her face towards him. Angel had his Vampire face on. "What do you see when I have this face on Cordelia? Do you see Angelus or do you see your husband that loves you?"

"I usually don't even notice it, all I see is my husband." "When I look at you Cordy it's the same thing. I don't see your body for what it looks like. I only see the woman that I love. The woman that I love is incorporeal. She has no form that justifies her existence. Your body just gives me a solid point of reference that I can make love to. So it wouldn't matter if you were fat, thin, bald, or disfigured with leprosy because all I see is Cordelia Chase-Martin, the woman that I love. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I'm sorry Angel. A woman just needs constant reassurance that her husband still loves her no matter what she looks like. I guess it will take me awhile to get over feeling like a whale during the last few months of my pregnancy. Please just continue to be patient with me." She reached up to him and kissed him. "I love you Angel." "And I love you Cordy. You better start packing now and I'll go and tell Wesley and Gunn that we are going to Sunnydale tonight for a couple of days." He got up from the bed then and went down to Wesley's room and knocked on the door.

"What's the word, are we going?" Wesley asked when he saw Angel at the door.

"Yes we are going as soon as everyone can pack up. I told her that we were going because you needed to talk to Connor about his classes. I'm going to tell Gunn also."

Thirty minutes later they were packing up Cordelia's mini van. The last item to go in was an ice chest full of blood for Angel. Fred and Wesley rode with Angel and Cordelia. Gunn took his truck so that he could take all of the stuff that Cordelia needed for Kathleen along with their suitcases. After the men got through loading up his truck they just stood there looking at it.

"Why do tiny little babies need so many things?" Gunn asked. "I asked Cordy that once and I was told 'It's not what the baby needs it's what the mother needs in order to take care of the baby'. She said once she starts walking I'll be more then happy to lock her up in a playpen. So that is another item we'll have to look forward to carrying around. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when each of us has one?" Angel said.

"Lets go men, I don't want to think about that until I have to." Gunn closed the gate of his truck and got inside. Angel and Wesley got into the van and they took off.

They arrived at the mansion at 7:30 and unloaded Gunn's truck as fast as they could. Angel gave Cordelia an excuse of going to pick up something to eat then the men jumped into the van and headed over to Giles apartment. Wesley called Mike, who was at Hunters for the week, to meet them over at Giles apartment. He told them that the Oysters were supposed to be delivered at exactly 8 p.m..

They all waited in the mini van until they saw the delivery boy deliver the Oysters. As soon as he left they went running out of the van and crossed the street over to Giles apartment. They split up so that they didn't all try looking through the same window.

They didn't see Dr. Martin but they could hear her.

"What's in the package Rupert? If you don't mind my asking that is." "No it's quit alright. It doesn't have anything on the outside that says who it's from. It just says that it's from the local fish market." "Fish market?" Dr. Martin said as she tended to the dinner that was on the stove.

"I guess I better open it right away since it's from the fish market." Giles grabbed a knife from the kitchen and sliced open the box. On the top of the contents their was a letter from Angel.

To: Ruper Giles

Eat all of these tonight Giles. You're going to need what they will give you for tomorrow.


Giles opened the package and found 2 dozen fresh Oysters. Dr. Martin came over to see what was in the package. Giles closed it up right away so that she couldn't see the contents.

"What is it?" Mary asked. "Oh just some fish I forgot that I have a standing order on." Giles made up some story to go along with his 'fish' story. "I am going to just put it in the bottom of the refrigerator and separate it later, and wrap it up for freezing. Is the soup ready yet?" "Yes. Why don't we take it upstairs and relax in bed. I can put it into the big soup cups that you have and it will be easy to eat it from there." Mary said. "That sounds good to me."

Giles put the bag of so called fish in the bottom of the refrigerator and helped Mary to take a tray upstairs to the Master bedroom. The men that were outside watching went back out to the street and the van. They were laughing so hard that they didn't notice a police car pulling up behind them.

Angel looked up and had two words to say. "Ohhhh Shit!"

The officer left his lights on and pulled out his baton and placed it in the holder in his belt. He looked at the men carefully and decided that they weren't dangerous. He still approached them cautiously though. He kept his hand on his gun at all times.

"What are you gentlemen up to tonight?" "Nothing much officer. We were just watching a friend of ours to see how he would react to a couple dozen raw Oysters being delivered to him."

Spike said.

"And what would your friends name be?" "Rupert Giles." "Mr. Giles that used to be the Librarian at the old High School?" "Yes Sir that's him." "So I take it that they delivered it already." "Yeah when they delivered the Oysters they were just going to sit down to have dinner, so Giles put the bag of Oysters into the refrigerator. We were going to give them enough time to have their dinner and then go and see if he was going to come down and eat the Oysters. Angel here had a note put in with the bag of Oysters that told Giles to eat them tonight because he was going to need them tomorrow."

"This is 'THEE' Angel?" The officer said with surprise showing on his face. "I didn't ever think I would get to meet you Mr. Angel. I've heard about you from my daughter that went to High School with the Slayer. We also know about all of the good work your doing in Los Angeles. We don't talk about it in the open at the precinct but we know about Sunnydale being on the Hell Mouth and about the people that fight the Vampires and Demons." The officer was shaking Angels hand for so long that he had too ask him for his hand back.

"It's Angel officer, just Angel. I take it that you know Spike here then?" Angel asked. "Oh yes, Spike has helped me several times.

Their conversation was interrupted then by the police officers radio calling him. He walked away from the group and answered the call. In a few minutes he came back to the men.

"I'm sorry guys but I have to leave now, I have to check out a domestic dispute call. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting you Angel."

"I hear Giles coming down stairs, lets go watch." They all went running across the street and over to Giles apartment. They took up the positions that they had before. At first they didn't see Giles but heard some noise in the kitchen. In the next minute Giles was seen carrying a tray with a knife, a bowl of water, and a towel then he went back into the kitchen and brought out the bag of Oysters, some lemons and a bottle of beer. They watched as he cut up the lemons then started to shuck the Oysters and eat them. It took him an hour to eat the whole bag of Oysters. Then he just leaned back in the chair and rubbed his stomach. They could hear him say "I hope it's true what they say about these." Then he let out a loud burp.

The men started to leave the windows when Spike caught something out of the corner of his eye. He looked at the window by the door and saw something that wasn't there before so he went over to check it out. After he read the paper that had just been taped to the window he went running out to the street and called the other guys back. Angel was the first one to come back.

"What's up?" Angel asked. "Giles put a piece of paper in the window by the door and it's addressed to you." Spike told him then he lead him back to Giles apartment. The others joined them within a few seconds.

Spike lit his lighter for the benefit of Mike, Wesley and Gunn.

"To Angel:

I know you're out there. If these work and you find the house a rocking tomorrow, don't bother knocking.


PS: Thanks."

The men all ran back to the van where they started laughing so hard they had to sit down on the grass. When they were able to stop laughing Angel stretched out on the grass with his hands behind his head.

"Spike." "Yeah." "Do you know of any one here in Sunnydale that is real good at taking pictures? You know, someone like a professional photographer."

"What kind of photographer are you looking for?" Spike asked. He propped himself up with his elbows.

"Someone that can take pictures in all types of light. Someone that can be discreet. Someone that won't try to keep copies of pictures to sell later."

"I don't think so, all the guys I know would run home to the computer and try to sell them on E-Bay. Why are you asking?" Spike said.

"I want to paint a portrait of Cordelia and she wants me to be in it also. I need a photographer that will be discreet and a professional because we will be posing in the nude and I will need many pictures in different poses, close ups, and close ups of different parts of our bodies. I need all of this because I will be using the pictures to draw the portraits and paint it according to the photos. At least I am going to try to do it like this. Cordelia wanted me to have someone else come and paint my portrait because she said I would probably try to take away some parts and enhance others."

"I really don't think you'll have a problem with having to take away or enhance anything. I heard she has the two of you on a diet and you two have been exercising every day." Spike said as he walked around Angel looking at him.

"Yeah, since I started eating regular food and going through her 'Got To Have It' stages of our pregnancy I gained enough weight to need a larger size pants. It only took us five weeks though to get back into shape and I even lost enough to fit into one size smaller. In fact I'm looking so good now that when I tried on my tuxedo pants from my wedding they were too big. Cordelia looks just as good as she did before she had Kathleen, but when she saw me with my shirt off and my six pack stomach muscles she got so turned on that she practically tore my clothes off. We were steaming up the windows we were creating so much heat in that room."

Mike was sitting on the grass and leaning against the van. "Angel will you please shut up. Every time you start talking about your sex life I start getting a hard on and I can hardly wait to get Hunter in a secluded place where we won't be interrupted. In fact haven't you noticed that you never hear my pager going off. That's because I have it on vibrate instead of ringing and I only started doing that after I saw the famous movie. If one of your stories gets me going I can always check my pager and say 'Come on Hunter I have to go to the hospital to deliver another baby.' She knows that, that is a signal that I need her now." The guys were all laughing at Mikes problem.

"Mike are you following my advice and are trying to get to know each other as friends?"

Angel asked.

"Yes we have. I found out that what you said about her being stubborn was true, and just like you, she thinks she knows everything because she has lived for so long. When we were working on a formula for a serum that would prevent Buffy from losing any future babies we got into it big time and if it wasn't for Mary making us calm down and discuss it like two mature adults we might have still been at it." Mike said. He was getting angry just thinking about it.

"What was the argument about?" Spike asked.

"Well, let me just say that I won, or rather you and Buffy won. I suggested a combination of basic drugs that have been around for ages and she said that it wouldn't work because she said she had tried it many times. I argued that we should try it with the addition of this simple drug that had been developed by the Chinese. Anyway it went on and on until Fred did it while we were arguing and the formula worked. Fred showed her why it didn't work before and why it worked now."

"Did she apologize?" Angel asked.

"Yes she did, she apologized to both Fred and Mary and then a special apology to me and then another apology later the next night." Mike said. "Of course I excepted both of her apologies."

"I can tell you from experience Mike that Hunter has changed for the better. You must be just what she has been waiting for all of these years. You've been real good for her. I honestly hope and pray that Hunter gets her wish that you two grow old together." Angel said. He stood up then and brushed off his pants.

"We better get going, and we have to stop for pizzas or something." Wesley said as he got up and brushed his clothes off.

The next day Wesley went over to Buffys and Spikes house where Connor was staying. When Wesley saw Connor he told him that he didn't really need to talk to him he was just here to back up an excuse they gave Cordelia for coming out here. He told him the real reason they were out here and what had happened at Giles last night.

"You know Wesley I haven't seen Grandma very much but when I have seen her she always looks like she is real tired and sick. I tried asking her what was wrong but she always says she is okay and changes the subject right away."

"Yes I know, Angel felt that something was wrong also but since she didn't want to share it with anyone, that we know of, your father has decided to respect her right to privacy. Do you know if Giles has been going into the Magic Shop very much?" "No I don't think he has."

"Well I promised Angel that I would go and check out the local photographer to see how good he is and see if he would come to the mansion to take a series of photos of Cordelia and him so that he could use the pictures to paint a portrait of Cordelia and himself. You want to go with me?" Wesley asked Connor.

"Yeah, lets go." Connor said as he jumped up. They got into Wesley's SUV and took off for the local mall first to check out the photographer their first. Looking for a photographer kept them occupied for the next four hours. Wesley didn't find anyone that would come out to the mansion until they went to a small shop down by the warehouse section of Sunnydale.

Wesley and Connor opened the door to the small shop that was wedged between two large warehouses. There was samples of the owners work all over the walls and several stacks of photo albums. There was also a sign saying that passport pictures were taken here. No one was present at the counter so Wesley rang the bell on the counter. A tall, middle aged man came from a back room wiping his hands with a paper towel.

Wesley and Connor stayed for an hour talking to the photographer. Before leaving they made an appointment with him to come out to the mansion that evening after he closed the shop.

"Well it looks like we will probably be here at least one more night if Angel and Cordelia pose for a photo shoot. They probably won't be doing it until tomorrow evening though. Do you want to go with me back to the mansion? We can help you patrol tonight on your way back."

"That sounds good to me." Connor said. "Oh wait a minute, I better not go to the mansion with you. You better drop me off back at Buffy's house."

"Why?" Wesley asked. He was curious as to why he changed his mind so fast.

"Fred told me that Cordelia said she could always tell when I was lying because I did the same thing that Angel does when he lies. So I better not go because when she asks me if we got everything straightened out with my classes she'll know that I'm lying." "Yeah your right, I don't know what it is about her as to why we men are always afraid to get her mad at us or to catch us in a lie. Remember how Angel was feeling the morning after we took you out for your first encounter with a woman?" "Yeah, that was so funny he thought she knew what we had done just because she left a note telling where they had gone and what she wanted us to do that day. He was ready to cash in his chips already." Connor said as he remembered that day.

Wesley drove Connor home then returned to the mansion. When Wesley entered the mansion he could hear everyone out on the back patio so he went out and found that the ladies had set up a buffet style lunch. He found Buffy, Spike, Gunn, Willow, Tara and Xander along with Angel and Cordelia. "Hey Wesley, make yourself a sandwich and pull up a chair." Cordelia said after everyone greeted him.

"You ladies have surpassed yourselves today. It's to bad Connor had to get back to Toby, he would have been in hog heaven." Wesley fixed up a plate and everyone moved over to give him room. Fred got a chair from the side of the patio and put it next to hers. Angel gave him a few minutes to eat before asking him about the photographer.

"How did your search go Wes?" Angel asked him after a few minutes. "Very good, I found a photographer and he will be coming over tonight after he closes shop at 6 tonight. You can talk to him and tell him what you want. I told him that if you wanted him to do the photo shoot that you would probably want to do it tomorrow."

"Thanks Wesley, how is Connor doing?" "He seems to be doing very well. I think that getting him Toby was the best thing that you could have done for him. He is one very happy camper. He said that he has even started taking him out on patrol once in a while so that he can become familiar with what goes on."

"Well how does he do that without being distracted?" Angel asked.

"Tara and I go out patrolling with them occasionally and we put a protective spell around him that can be raised with just one word and it prevents him from leaving my side. You should see him Angel he is learning who is bad and who is good. I told Connor that Toby seems to be able to tell the difference between someone that has a soul and someone that doesn't." Willow said excitedly.

"You mean he can smell a persons soul?" Angel asked.

"Yes, at least that is what it seems like to me. Oh and I have to tell you that you better brace yourself when he sees you. He has almost doubled in size so he is going to be throwing quiet a bit of weight at you when he greets you. Connor has told us how much Toby loves you. He's still all legs right now but he is quickly growing into a handsome dog." Willow said.

Cordelia pulled out a large cardboard envelope from Federal Express and gave it to Wesley.

"Here Wesley, this came for you today."

Wesley opened the Federal Express envelope and reached inside where he found another envelope. He pulled it out and looked at it, it had the words 'Order confirmation' on it. "Order confirmation, I haven't ordered anything, did you Angel?" "Not me." Angel answered with a grin on his face. He had already guessed at what it was.

Wesley opened the envelope and pulled out a paper and started to read it.

To: Mr. Wesley Wyndham Price

We received your order sent five weeks ago. Although we had the item we have only recently been able to confirm your order. In eight months we will

be delivering the item you ordered. We hope that you are pleased with the item.

Please be advised that coloring of eyes, hair, sex, and general complexion was all determined at time of union. Duplication of item is highly probable. Care of container should be a high priority.

Yours Truly

Order desk Manager

It took Wesley a few minutes to realize what the letter said. He looked up at Fred. She saw the question on his face. So she just nodded her head yes. "Now you will have your own personal toy or toys to play with and you won't have to borrow Angels."

Wesley grabbed onto Fred and kissed her over and over again.

Everyone congratulated them. Buffy whispered to Cordelia, "men all act like they are the only ones that create a baby." They had a good laugh over that because it was so true. Both human and Vampires thought the same way.

After a few minutes of dancing around the patio with Fred in his arms Wesley put her down and looked at her. "Fred, it just dawned on me that the letter states that extra special care should be taken of the container. Does this mean that your going to have a hard time with the pregnancy?

Fred led Wesley back to their chairs. "Wesley, Dr. Thompson told me that because of my families medical history I could loose the baby if I am not very careful. During the first 4 or 5 months it will be okay for me to do all of the regular things that I do, except for fighting, but after that he said that I will probably have to spend the rest of the time in bed. If we find that I am carrying twins then I will have to spend almost all of my pregnancy in bed if they are to survive." Fred turned to Cordelia and Angel. "That means we are going to need help. Either all of the men have to start helping a lot more or we need to hire someone because I know that you, Cordelia, just won't be able to handle it along with having to take care of Kathleen."

Cordelia was quiet for a while then she turned to Angel. "We are just going to have to hire someone Angel. When Fred and I are in top condition we can take care of this place but now it's a lot harder. We are going to have to think about this. With Fred and I working on the next generation of Angel Investigations we just won't have the time or energy to take care of this place by ourselves." Cordelia looked down the table at Gunn. "By the way Gunn when are you going to bring someone into the family?"

"Funny you should mention that Cordelia, I was going to bring someone to dinner when we go home. I met her at the hospital when Dr. Martin was in there."

"Is she a Doctor or a Nurse?" Cordelia was excited.

"She's an RN that works in the ICU." Gunn answered with a sheepish grin.

"What's her name?" Fred asked

"Cylinda Roberts, she is an African American and she is 25 years old. She was born here in the United States but she has traveled a lot because her Father made a career of the Air Force. Best of all she is 6'1" tall. She is very light skinned and could be mistaken for white."

"How long have you been dating her?" Angel asked.

"I asked her out the day after I met her. She was one of the nurses taking care of Dr. Martin."

Gunn said. He was literally beaming. You could tell that he had already fallen hard for this woman.

Fred reached over to Gunn and hugged him. "I am so happy for you Gunn." "Thanks Fred, I think you'll like her. She's a lot like you, she's smart and chatters just like you when she is nervous. It will be interesting to see you two meet."

A knock on the front doors was heard. Wesley stood up and went to the back doors and looked through the windows. "Angel and Cordelia it's the photographer." Angel and Cordelia followed Wesley into the mansion.

"Mr. Granger thank you for coming, let me introduce you to your two subjects. Mr. Granger this Mr. Angel Martin and his wife Mrs. Cordelia Chase-Martin. Angel and Cordelia this is Mr. George Granger." Angel and Cordelia shook hands in greeting Mr. Granger.

"Mr. Martin, Mr. Price tells me that you need a series of pictures taken so that you can use them to draw and paint a portrait of yourself and your wife." "Yes, I am sure that you can understand that when you have a baby to take care of you really don't have time to pose in one position for any length of time plus we are only going to be here one more day and I want the pictures taken here and in a certain light." Angel said.

"Well Mr. Martin I can do that right now if you like or we could at least get some of the shots done tonight and I can finish the rest tomorrow." "Lets go into our bedroom where I want the shots taken." Angel said. They all went into the bedroom then and Angel showed him where he wanted the shots taken. Mr. Granger looked around the room and saw a divan that he moved over in front of the French doors. He then opened the doors and backed up, took his camera out and started taking pictures. Everyone backed up to give him room because he was walking all around the divan and taking different angles and positions. When he was finally done with the divan he must have taken several dozen pictures.

"Would you and Mrs. Martin sit on the divan in the position that you want to be in for the portrait?" Mr. Granger asked them.

"Well were really not ready for this yet. I am sure my wife will want to do something special with her hair and makeup."

"Do you know what position you are going to pose in yet?" Mr. Granger asked.

"We haven't discussed it yet." Angel said as he looked at Cordelia.

"Well why don't you think about it tonight and tomorrow and I will be back at about the same time so that we can get the same light." "That sounds good, we'll be ready for you tomorrow." Angel said as they all started to walk out of the master bedroom and to the front doors of the mansion.

As they walked back to the rest Angel stopped and asked Wesley and Fred to come into the master bedroom with them.

When Cordelia, Wesley and Fred joined him they found him just staring at the Divan.

"Well what do you think?" Angel asked no one in particular.

"What are you talking about?" Cordelia asked. "How shall we pose for the pictures?" Angel asked. No one said anything so Fred went to the divan and called to Angel and Cordelia.

"Cordelia come and lay down lengthwise on the divan and Angel come and sit on the other side. Let your arms go limp so that I can position them." Angel and Cordelia did as she said.

When they got into the position she had told them to Fred told Angel to hold Cordelia's upper body with his right arm around her but she didn't want him to hold her all the way to his chest. She then positioned Cordelia's right hand up on his neck and her left hand on his chest. The position would show just the bottom portion of her breast. Fred stood back then with Wesley and looked at her handy work.

"Well what do you think?" Wesley didn't answer right away, he just stared at them and turned his head this way and that way, trying to get a better view from different angles.

"I guess it's okay, at least I can't think of a better position. What do you guys think?" Wesley asked Cordelia and Angel.

Angel was quiet while he thought about it then he picked Cordelia up and positioned her with her back against his chest. He put his right leg so that it hung over the left side of the divan. "Cordelia put your right leg up and over your left leg while your left leg hangs over the side of the divan." Cordelia did as he said then he took her hands and crossed them over her chest while continuing to hold on to them.

"How's that?" Angel asked everyone.

"Oh yes that will be beautiful, especially in the nude." Fred said.

"What do you think Cordy?" Angel asked. "Yes I think that will be beautiful, but I would like to do it also with me turned so that we are looking at each other. That way you can have two different positions to consider, but I think I will like your way better." Cordelia turned around and gave Angel a kiss then got up.

Cordelia gave Angel a hand up and pulled him to the bedroom doors. "Come on Wesley I am kicking you out also then Fred and I are going to have some serious girl talk time." She pushed them both out then closed the door. Angel and Wesley just looked at each other as the door was closed.

"Well my fellow Daddy, what do you say about us men going out and celebrating. We can call up Connor and then all of us men can go out and paint the town red. I wonder if Giles has the strength to come with us." "I don't know but it will be interesting to hear his story. I'll call him and tell him well pick him up if he wants." Wesley said as he went to the phone while Angel went outside to get Spike and Gunn.

"You two want to go and celebrate Wesley and Fred's pregnancy?" Both Gunn and Spike jumped up and they both said yes at the same time. Spike turned to Buffy and gave her a kiss and said "the boys are going out to play Luv. Why don't you call Willow and Tara over and you girls can have your own little party here." "Yeah I think I'll do that. But Spike you can include yourself in that celebration. I didn't want to tell you until I was further along but I am 7 weeks pregnant also. I guess we were not the only ones having fun the morning after the Baptism." Buffy wrapped her arms around Spike and kissed him.

"This one will be a keeper Buffy." Spike said as he responded to her. "You better go now before you start having a hard time getting out of here and I'll call Willow and Tara." Buffy said. Spike gave her one last kiss and then went into the house to join the others.

Wesley hung the phone up and went over to Angel. "Giles said that he will come over here with Dr. Martin and then we can all go and pick up our designated driver." "That sounds good to me." Angel said. He went over to his bedroom door and knocked on the door. "Can I come in Cordelia?" "Come in Angel."

Angel told them what they had planned for the men and the women.

"Do you think we should let them go and play Fred?" "Yes I think we can let them go out to play. Besides we know that they will have Connor with them so they will have someone more mature that will be watching over them." Cordelia and Fred had a good laugh.

"Hey! I think I'll go outside with the guys and let them abuse me instead." Angel closed the door then and went to sit and wait with the others on the patio.

Twenty minutes later Giles showed up with Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin was wearing her usual long skirt and white blouse and carrying her usual black doctors bag. She went to Angel first and they greeted each other with a hug and kiss. Angel held her at arms length and looked at her face carefully. He could see the dark circles under her eyes and how they appeared sunken further into her eye sockets. She also appeared to be thinner. To see how thin she was Angel reached down and put his right arm under her legs and picked her up. He took her to the couch and sat her down then sat down next to her.

"Mom you are as light as a feather. I want you to tell me what is wrong." Angel asked. "Why don't you call the rest over Angel and I'll tell you all that has been happening." Dr. Martin told him. Angel called everyone over to the couch. Cordelia and Fred came out of the bedroom and greeted Dr. Martin but they didn't ask any questions.

"Okay everyone is here now so lets have your explanation young lady." Angel sat down then and waited for Dr. Martin to give him an explanation.

"When I was in the hospital and they removed my uterus and ovaries they were sent to a pathologist, this is a normal procedure. Just before I left Los Angeles to come to Sunnydale with Giles Mike called me to let me know that they had found something in the uterus. The pathologist had found a small patch of cancerous tissue." Dr. Martin leaned forward and took Angels hands in hers and looked at everyone.

"Remember Angel when you were crucified I told you that sometimes God takes bad things and uses them for good?" "Yes I remember." Angel answered. When the word cancer is used it always tends to make people nervous and that is what he was feeling right now.

"Mike said that the Pathologist told him that I was lucky that this happened at this time because the cancer was just starting and after thoroughly examining the ovaries he said that he couldn't find cancer any place else so that it seems it was caught before it had time to grow to far. Mike and I discussed my options and we both agreed that if I had chemotherapy that I should be able to come home cancer free. I was told about this the morning we left L.A.. Mike made an appointment for me with a specialist in treating cancer. I started on the chemotherapy just one week after arriving in Sunnydale. As you know chemotherapy is very brutal on the human body. I know I look kind of scary right now but with Rupert's tender loving care I am surviving. I have several more weeks to go then my Doctor will do a final test for the presence of cancer cells. I am confident Angel that they will show that I am cancer free."

Dr. Martin had put her arm through Angels while she was telling her story. Angel put his hand on her arm then and said "I am confident also Mom that you will come home cancer free. Like you said God takes bad things sometimes and makes something good out of it."

"Now I have some good news to tell you all. Rupert Giles has asked me to marry him and I have excepted." Dr. Martin said with a smile. She sat back then and waited for their reaction.

Buffy was in kind of a state of shock. Spike was the first one to step forward with congratulations.

"Well it looks like we all get to call you Mom now. Congratulations Giles." Spike went to Giles and shook his hand. Then he went to Mary and gave her a kiss on her cheek in congratulations. "He couldn't have chosen a more ideal woman. I just hope that he will prove himself to be worthy of you." Spike took her hand then and gave it a kiss.

Wesley came over next and congratulated both Giles and Mary. Everyone else followed then in giving their congratulations.

"Well lets go men, it seems that we have a lot to celebrate." Angel said as he got up from the couch. He gave his mother a kiss then the men all left to go and pick up Connor.

Angel was quiet most of the way to Buffy's house. Wesley decided to just let him keep his thoughts to himself. He knew Angel had a lot to digest for now, especially with Mary's cancer news. Angel pulled up in front of Buffy's house and went inside to get Connor and Willow and Tara.

As he walked up to the front of the house he could hear children and a young dog playing and barking once in a while. He knocked on the door and Willow answered.

"Come in Angel Connor will be down in a few minutes." Angel stepped in and went to sit on the couch. "What's taking him so long I called him to let him know we were going out a long time ago." "One of the kids threw up on him. He had to go and change. Tara and I are babysitting for the Hendersons next door. They are late getting back but they called and said that they would be back in 30 minutes so as soon as they pick up the kids we will be going over to the mansion."

Toby was having a ball chasing after the kids and the kids chasing him. The next time they went around the hallway and living room he spotted Angel and came with a leap into Angels lap and started licking his face. The three kids followed suit and jumped into Angels lap also. They all started kissing his face like Toby was. Angel got on the floor and protected his face and head from all of the little faces trying to lick his face like Toby was doing. Willow came over and rescued him by pulling them off of him one by one. She could see that Angel was having fun also. He sat up on his heels and grabbed Toby and tickled his tummy then let him go, then he grabbed each child one after the other and did the same. They were all giggling and Toby was barking. When he tickled the last one they quieted down and just stood looking at him.

"Who are you?" The little black haired girl asked. They seemed to be all within one year of each other. The little black haired girl seemed to be the oldest and around 7 yrs. old.

Angel sat back down on the floor and leaned against the couch. "I am Angel Martin. I'm Connors father, who are you?" "I'm Debbie, this is my sister Jane and my baby sister Barbara. She's the one that threw up on Connor." "She did, is she sick?" Angel asked. He acted as though this was the most important conversation he could be having right now and it made Debbie feel very grown up.

"I don't think so. Sometimes Daddy picks her up and pretends she is a plane, just like Connor did, and she sometimes throws up on Daddy just like she did to Connor." "Oh, well I hope she feels okay now. Why don't you all go and play now and try not to make so much noise or you might make Willow and Tara's head explode from all of the noise." They all left him then and proceeded to play quietly for about 2 minutes then it was utter pandemonium again.

Connor came running down the stairs just in time to see the gang go running around the living room again. He waited until they came around again and caught the leader, which was Debbie, around the waist and pulled her to his chest. "Let me go Connor, I'm the engine in the choo choo train and if I don't keep going then the train will get into a wreck." "Wait a minute now I have something to tell you. You know Tara is up stairs with a headache so why don't you go upstairs real quiet like and give her kisses to make her feel better. Don't forget to hold onto Barbara's hand when you go up and down the stairs." He let go of her then and watched as they went up the stairs. He said goodbye to Toby and told him to be good and then he ran out of the house with Angel right behind him.

"Wow that is an active house right now. Toby seems to love them though, he must spend a lot of time with them." "Yeah he loves the girls. Mr. Henderson asked if he could buy Toby from me and of course I turned him down. I told him that Toby was a special dog that was chosen because of the work he was going to be trained to do with me. That satisfied him and neither the girls or their father have bothered me about him again. I did give him the name and address of where we got him though. They're going to miss him when I go back to L.A." Connor said. They got into the van and just before Connor closed the side door he turned around when he heard Tara yell at him. "I'm going to get you for this Connor Martin." Connor was laughing as he closed the door.

"What was that about?" Angel asked as he started for the bar.

"I sent the girls up to Tara because I knew she was watching a movie where it was getting to the good part." "You mean kid, you love being with them don't you. You sound like you three are getting along about as well as sisters and brother." Gunn piped in. "Yeah I am having a ball. It's just what I need before I have to become immersed in school."

The next six hours were spent celebrating Wesley and Spikes impending fatherhood and Giles future wedding of which Angel insisted that it take place at the Hotel. It took Wesley and Giles at least an hour before they were able to make Angel understand that all of Giles friends were here in Sunnydale and it would be easier to have it here instead of everyone having to go to L.A..

It was midnight by the time the men came back from the bars. Connor dropped off Gunn, Spike, Wesley and Angel then took Giles and his Grandmother home. Willow and Tara had driven their own car over to the mansion so they drove home as soon as they helped Fred and Cordelia put the men to bed.

The next day the men dragged themselves to the kitchen very late in the morning. After having some toast and coffee Wesley, Spike, and Gunn dragged themselves back to bed and Angel did the same.

"Angel, get up it's almost five o'clock and the photographer will be here pretty soon. I've already fixed my hair and makeup so get in that shower right now so I can clean up in here." Cordelia said as she came into the bedroom. She waited for Angel to move but when he didn't she grabbed a towel and used it like a whip and smacked him right on his left cheek so it wouldn't show. That got a reaction.

"OWW! What did you do that for I was getting up." Angel yelled as he jumped up.

"Oh gee I am sorry. I didn't know you had that terrible disease called TURTLEITIS." Cordelia yelled and smacked him again with the towel. "Now get in there mister and get busy."

"Yes mam." Angel said as he ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Cordelia made the bed then and put everything away that had a place where it was supposed to be. Since they were going to be taking their photos in the nude today she just had a bathrobe on. While the men were sleeping Fred and Cordelia had gone out and looked for a fancy robe with lots of ruffles. She had also had her hair worked on at the beauty shop that she used to go to when she was in high school. Some of the women that she used to know back then were still working at the shop so they all had a good time playing with Kathleen who was staying awake for longer periods of time now. Cordelia had her hair made up with a lot of soft curls and they also did her makeup and nails. In other words she was in seventh heaven all day.

Angel was out of the bathroom in 20 minutes. His idea of getting ready was a shower, shave and brushing his teeth. He had his bathrobe on and went to Cordelia and presented himself.

"Do I look okay to you?" Cordelia looked at him. "Let me see your hands." Angel showed his hands. Cordelia just looked at them and said "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Come over here and let me give you a manicure." Angel didn't think it was necessary but in order to save time he just did as she said, besides he liked it when she gave him a manicure.

Mr. Granger, the photographer, was knocking at the door when Cordelia was just finishing with Angels nails. He had several poles with lights which Wesley helped him in with. Angel opened the door and let them in.

"Spike would you come and join us?" Angel asked when he saw him in the living room.

"Sure what do you need?" "We need your valuable opinion." Angel answered. "Where is Buffy?" He asked.

"She went shopping with Willow and Tara." "You know what we are going to be doing here don't you?" "Yeah you're having pictures taken of you guys posing so you can paint a portrait from them." Spike said as he took a chair. "Yes and I wanted you here to see if you thought the way we were posing was good or not."

"Okay Mr. and Mrs. Martin if you would take your positions we can start." Cordelia let her bathrobe fall to the floor and put her fancy robe on. They got into their position and Cordelia let the gown hang down just right. That's when Angel asked Spike what he thought.

"Beautiful Angel. You and Cordelia are just right I wouldn't change anything."

"Okay Mr. Granger you can proceed." Angel told the photographer.

Mr. Granger started to take pictures. His camera advanced the film automatically so he was able to fire off the pictures one right after the other. He was almost constantly on the move also and in total he must have taken at least 50 shots.

"Okay Mrs. Martin didn't you want to try another position?" "Yes I do, just stay there Angel and I'll move." Cordelia got up then and turned around and sat so that her back was towards Angel. She positioned her hands so that they were between her breasts then told Angel to place his hands over hers. She then bent her right leg then asked Spike how it looked.

Spike walked around them a little then went to Cordelia and told her to put her other leg up then used her robe to drape over her lap. He turned her head a little and arranged her hair then backed up and took another look. "Angel don't press your hands to her breasts so tight let the fullness of her breasts show." Angel released some of the pressure on her breasts and moved his hand down slightly. He looked up at Spike then to see if he approved.

"Perfect now don't move." Granger started to take another 50 pictures. By the time he was done he had taken another 50 shots of Angel and Cordelia by themselves and in various lights. It was nine in the evening when he finally left.

Angel had thrown some clothes on and helped Granger take his equipment out to his van. He told him to give him a call when the pictures were ready. He then gave him his Angel Investigation business card.

Granger had thoughts of selling some of the photos to pornographic web sights but thought twice about it when he saw that Angels business card. Wesley had helped with the equipment also and was standing beside Angel when he gave Granger his card. As Granger excepted the card he became very quiet and still as though he was in a hypnotic state, then he heard Angel say 'You're going to make just what I ask for and then turnover all negatives and developed pictures to me, is that not correct Mr. Granger?'. "Yes Angel, I will call you as soon as I have them developed. Thank you for your business." Granger then got into his van and left. Angel followed his van to the gate, closed and locked it then returned to the mansion.

"What did you do to him?" Wesley asked as Angel returned. "Remember when I explained to Mom how I hypnotized her?" "Yes, don't tell me you did the same thing to Mr. Granger?" Wesley asked. "Yes but in a modified way. I let my eyes go red and glow just slightly, it was enough for me to get his full attention and to scare him just enough. When he was packing up his camera and used film I could smell fear in him which led me to believe he had other plans for the film. I believe he will be an honest business man now."

The men walked back into the mansion and found all of the women fixing dinner. Angel had just thrown on a pair of pants to help Granger with his equipment so he didn't even have a t-shirt on and he didn't seem to be in any hurry to correct that. As he walked over to Kathleen's bassinet he heard a low whistle. He looked towards the girls and walked over to them.

"Did one of you call me?" The girls all just said 'No, not me.' "You mean no one was gazing at my beautiful physique, my bulging muscles or the way I can make my chest muscles jump."

All the women turned to look.

Angel was just standing there and looking at them. "It's nice to know that I can still make the girls look twice." Cordelia threw a tomato at him. "Go and get a shirt on and stop being such a tease." Angel caught the tomato and went to Cordelia and put his arms around her. Fred and

Buffy were watching them as they pretended to continue cutting up various vegetables.

"You know this tomato reminds me of something." Angel said as he had his arms around Cordelia. He put it to his mouth and lightly licked the bottom of the tomato and bit it just lightly then sucked some of the juice out.

Cordelia grabbed the tomato from him and slapped his arm. "Get out of here before you make someone cut themselves. Why don't you go and play with Kathleen I hear her waking up now."

Angel left then before the ladies threw him out. When he left Buffy, Fred, and Cordelia looked at each other and grabbed something to fan themselves with. Angels demonstration had them all hot and ready to go.

The next morning Angel and Cordelia started their day like they did every day since Dr. Martin had told Angel and everyone else about her visit from Sr. Margaret. As soon as the sun was high enough in the sky to shine on the edge of the patio on the back of the mansion Angel and Cordelia would go out and perform what had become a ritual for them.

They used the quiet time to pray the rosary first then they would both go to the edge of the patio. Cordelia bought a stop watch for this very purpose, she pulled out her stop watch and then they joined their hand together. Angel let Cordelia control the motion of their hands.

Cordelia kissed Angels hand then pulled it into the sun light at which time she would start the stop watch. After five seconds Angels hand would start to smoke, before his hand became engulfed in flames the ten second limit would be reached and she would pull their hands back. Cordelia had brought out a wet towel with them and she would immediately put this on his hand.

They would never say anything afterward. Cordelia would take the towel off of his hand and check it to make sure it was alright then she would turn over his hand and kiss the palm of his hand where his mother had pressed her ring to it.

Angel usually sat out on the patio for awhile while Cordelia would go in and start their breakfast.