As Connor was watching the 11 o'clock news he was surprised to see a news report on what happened at the Hyperion.

Reporter: "Today at 3:30 P.M. right after the owners of Angel Investigations renewed their wedding vows Angel Martin and his wife Cordelia Martin , of eighteen years, were killed while greeting their wedding guests and receiving their congratulations. Mr. Martin is a well known and respected Investigator and business man in Los Angeles. Although the murderer was captured before he could leave the Hotel where they had the ceremony they were unable to question him as to why he killed Mr. and Mrs. Martin since he was killed as he was being taken down to the precinct for questioning. The assailant is unknown.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin leave behind a family of 4 children. Connor Martin, Mr. Martins son from a previous marriage, is a former police officer with the L.A.P.D., a daughter, 16 year old Kathleen Martin and two twelve year old twin boys, Nicky and Mike Martin. We have been told that the son Connor Martin will be taking over the running of Angel Investigations. Funeral arrangements have not been made yet, but we were able to find out that Mr. and Mrs. Martin will be buried at the ancestral cemetery in Ireland. Our hearts and prayers go with the Martin children and friends. The family has asked if we would put up the name of the email address that they can be contacted at if you would like to attend the funeral."

In Kathleen's room Sean stood watch over his future bride. He had given her a tranquilizer so that she could sleep a deep, restful sleep that would be void of dreams. At 4 A.M. he woke up with a jerk when he almost fell off of the chair. He got up and kicked off his shoes and lay beside Kathleen and pulled her into his arms. She started talking in her sleep and said "Daddy I missed you where have you been?"

"Kathleen I am with your mother and we are with your two Grandmothers and your Aunt Kathleen. They are just like I remember them. When your Mother and I woke up we saw them waiting for us. Best of all Kathleen, Jesus was waiting for us with open arms. It was just like in the picture that Grandma gave us and is hanging from the 2nd floor balcony. I felt so much love coming from Him Kathleen. It made everything that I went through worth while. He hugged me for a long time and I had a feeling of such peace that I no longer worried about you, your brothers and the rest. Tell everyone that I want them to be at the supper table tonight and that is all that I can tell you for now. Tell Sean that I will be with him always so that I can guide him and teach him but it is up to him to listen to me and learn. Goodbye my princes." "Goodbye Daddy." Kathleen was silent then and her breathing told Sean that she had slipped into a deeper sleep.

She didn't wake up again until 8 o'clock that morning. She could hear everyone else getting up also. Best of all she could smell breakfast. She had been surprised to see Sean by her side and with his arms around her when she opened her eyes. For some reason Kathleen felt happy this morning so she took a chance and reached up and kissed him. He opened his eyes and kissed her back. Your mighty happy today, did Angel come to see you last night?" "Yes he did and he said that they are very happy because my two Grandmothers and Aunt Kathleen came to get them when they woke up after dieing. He said that Jesus greeted him just like in the picture that hangs from the 2nd story balcony. I am going to take a shower and get dressed so that I can tell Connor and the rest what Daddy said. You better go to your room before people start talking." She gave him a kiss then ran into the bathroom.

Everyone was more cheerful as they greeted each other in the hallway and in the dinning room. Through mutual consent they left Angel's and Cordelia's chair empty. Connie had placed small bouquets of flowers in their plates. When it came time for Giles to sit down he found that his chair had been removed and his place setting was missing.

"Okay where am I supposed to sit?" "I think it's time now for you to take Dr. Martin's chair Giles." Wesley said as he stood and held the chair out for him. Giles hesitated at first then he sat down in the offered chair. Wesley sat down again.

Kathleen tapped her glass in order to get everyone's attention for the morning breakfast prayer. When everyone was quiet she started. "Dear Heavenly Father we want to thank you for this food that we are about to eat. Thank you for giving Connie the talent to make such delicious food but most of all Father we want to thank you for taking Daddy and Momma so quickly so that their suffering was so short. Amen." Everyone echoed her Amen then they started to eat their breakfast. When Kathleen could see that everyone was almost done she tapped her glass again.

"I have a message for everyone from Daddy." That got everyone's attention. When she saw everyone looking at her she said "Daddy came to visit me last night. He told me how happy they were and that Grandma Martin and Dr. Martin along with Aunt Kathleen where there when they woke up after leaving us. He told me how Jesus hugged him for a long time and how he felt so peaceful. He said all worry for us left his heart. He wanted me to tell everyone that they are to be here tonight for Supper and that is all he said, then he left me."

"You seem more cheerful this morning." Wesley said. "Yes, when I woke up I felt much better. I wasn't so sad anymore, I know that I can talk to Momma and Daddy whenever I want to and that they will hear me. When he left me he seemed to take away the sadness with him. That all consuming grief that I was feeling was gone."

"He came to me also and told me pretty much the same thing and like Kathleen I felt a lot better when he left." Connor said. Everyone else held up their hands and said "me too."

"Did anyone see Cordelia?" Fred asked. "I did." Both Nicky and Mike answered at the same time. "I did also. I mean Angel didn't come to me but Cordelia did. She told me the same thing that Angel told you Kathleen. She also told me that Angel and her were so happy that they both died together so that they wouldn't have to be apart for even a few days." Fred said. Wesley pulled her over to him when she started to cry a happy cry.

"Both Angel and Cordelia would shed a few tears whenever they would think of this time. The very thought of being separated for perhaps years would always make them cry. We are all going to miss them terribly, but at the same time we should be happy for them that they are together and that they are both in paradise with Jesus and the other half of Angel's family." Wesley said as he comforted Fred.

"Connor, Kathleen, Nicky and Mike I want you to know that I have arranged for your father and mother to be cremated already as your father requested. Bishop O'Connel will stay for the funeral mass then he will travel with us to Ireland so that we can have a private ceremony at the grave site. The funeral will take place at the church on Saturday at 6 p.m., I have it for this coming Saturday because I am getting a lot of e-mail from not only the Los Angeles area but from around the world. The date of the funeral will give everyone time to arrive in L.A.

Connor I need for you to come with me to my office so that we can establish a link between you and the Law firms that have been handling your father's money. Your father placed the care of all of his finances into my hands but he could give instructions to the Lawyers if he wanted something special done as he did before their wedding. Gunn, Angel wanted you to know that even after his death that you could continue to come to me at any time if you should need money to take care of your kids. He also wants you to know that he would send your son through college since he is destined to help the people of Angel Investigations. Nicky and Mike, Connor has been made your legal guardian. This means that you will answer to him for any trouble that you may get into either here, on the streets, or in school. Do you understand what I have told you?" "Yes Uncle Wesley." They both answered. "Since we all know what a softy your brother is when it comes to dealing with you two your sister Kathleen will have responsibility for you also and I think you remember how she is." Wesley said with a grin.

"Wesley has asked me to make the reservations to Ireland. So who is going besides Connor, Lou, Kathleen and the boys? I am pretty sure that Wesley and Fred are going but I didn't know about the children." Willow asked.

"I think that the children, except of course for Nicky and Mike, should stay here. It's a long flight and we won't be staying that long. Does everyone agree?" Wesley asked.

"I won't be going Connor and Wesley so I think that the kids will be safe here. I think that Sean and I can take care of anything that comes up besides Cylindia doesn't want to leave our son alone just yet." Gunn said.

"Can I have a show of hands then as to who is going so I can just count you?" Willow asked. Everyone but the Sanchez family, Gunn and his family, and Shawn wanted to go. "That makes 10. I'll be going so that makes 11. Okay then I'll let you know as soon as I can make the reservations. I suggest that everyone make sure that their Passports are in order." Everyone got up then and went to there own rooms or took care of the normal day to day business.

Fred and Kathleen went up to Cordelia and Angel's room to get all of their laundry that had to be cleaned. They didn't say anything as they stripped the bed of all of the sheets and took the towels down to the basement to be cleaned. As they separated the clothes Fred stopped as she stared at Cordelia's nightgown that she was going to wear last night. She had picked it up by mistake. She slowly sank to the floor and cried into the nightgown. Kathleen sat on the floor beside her as she started crying also. "She didn't even get a chance to wear it Kathleen. I went with her when she went shopping for this. She wanted a new one because she said that their wedding night would be the first as two humans. We went to Victoria Secrets to find a sexy pair of panties and bra for last night." Fred was crying so hard for her friend that she was missing already that her tiny frame shook with every sob. "Oh Kathleen, they didn't get to spend even one night together as a normal husband and wife." For thirty minutes they just sat on the floor and held each other as they cried. It wasn't so much as a cry for the death of Angel and Cordelia but that they would never see them again in a normal state. They cried for all of the good times that will no longer be possible.

Willow and Wesley were looking for Kathleen and were just starting to go downstairs when they heard Fred and her talking and crying. Willow stopped Wesley from going any further and turned and pushed him back upstairs. As she closed the door he asked her why she stopped him from going to them. "Wesley they need to be able to cry over the loss of their friend and mother. Just leave them alone so that they can lean on each other and talk about Cordelia. From now on Kathleen will look to Fred for everything that she would have normally looked to Cordelia for." "I guess your right. I'll be in my office checking on everyone's passports. I am going to call Morgan to see if any of them are going to go to Ireland with us. There aren't enough rooms at the house so I have to rent enough rooms for everyone. I'll see you later." Wesley went into his office and closed the doors. He stayed in there for the rest of the afternoon and came out only to get some hot tea to take back into his office. Connie made sandwiches for the boys and anyone else that came to the dinning room for lunch.

That evening she made a light supper of rice, chili beans, salad for anyone that wanted it and as usual plenty of tortillas. Everyone showed up as Angel asked. As they all sat back in there chairs drinking tea or coffee they felt a light breeze go through the dinning room. Connie and Joaquin came into the dining room when they felt the breeze. When they heard familiar footsteps coming down the stairs they all turned towards the lobby. Just as though nothing had happened Angel and Cordelia came walking towards the dinning room just as though they were coming down for Supper. Kathleen went running to her father and mother. Angel and Cordelia both raised their hands and told her to stop. "You cannot touch us because we are no longer alive and what you are seeing is more or less our spirits or souls." Kathleen sat down again next to Sean and he held onto her.

"We came to tell you how happy we are and to tell you not to be so sad over our death. God granted each of our prayers and allowed us to die together. Although we died a violent death neither one of us suffered since he shot us directly into our hearts." Angel said as he stood by Cordelia holding her hand all of the time.

"I didn't know what hit me because the blood supply to my brain was cut off so quickly. If I had continued to live though, I would have been in a lot of pain from a heart attack that I was having."

"Giles, Dr. Martin told me to tell you that she will see you soon but that Tom is to be sent to England so that he can learn about the Watchers Council. One day Tom you will take over from Giles and Wesley and head the Watchers Council. Wesley I have to tell you that your Father was killed by Wolfram & Hart last year because he failed in the mission that they hired him for, which was to kill me. He is paying now for the way that he treated you and your mother. He will not be punished for doing what he did when he came here and tried to kill Kathleen and I the first time because he was already starting to become unbalanced." While Angel was talking Cordelia had gone to her daughter and whispered something in her ear that was apparently very private.

Angel called Nicky to follow him over to the Lobby so that they could be alone. When Nicky came back he told Connor that their father wanted him to go and be with him for a few moments.

Connor went into Angel's office and sat down next to him on the couch. "This is your office now son, make it your own. I have complete faith in you that you will take care of everyone and your brothers. I wanted to talk to you because I believe your brother Nicky will give you a lot of problems as he grows up. I know this because he is just like me when I was young. My mother reminded me of all of the things that I did when I was young and compared them to what Nicky does now. The only advice that I can give you in handling him is to spare the rod, so to speak, because he doesn't respond well to scolding. Remember what Grandma said so often?" "Yes she said that you don't respond well to scolding and that she had to reprimand you differently." "Yes and she was right. At first when she would scold me it would remind me of when my father used to yell at me and I would automatically shut her out. But when she spoke to me with a calm voice I heard every word she said. Don't forget this Connor because you'll go a lot further with Nicky if you use Grandma's tactics. Let's go back now." Connor and Angel rejoined the others and Angel called Cordelia to his side.

"We have to go now, Wesley I know that you will take care of the family. We will count the days for you and Fred to join us. I can't begin to describe how happy we are here. I think Buffy has an idea as to what it is like. She had a small glimpse of it when she died. I'll be with you always Sean, take care of my princes. Goodbye everyone. Don't cry anymore just remember that we are very happy and be happy for us."

Everyone was more light hearted when they left. As Angel and Cordelia asked there weren't anymore tears. Kathleen got up and started picking up plates. The rest of the women did the same while the men went outside to the garden area. Toby, Vicky and Angus followed them. Even the dogs felt like playing now. They had been quiet ever since Angel and Cordelia had been killed. The men all took seats outside. Connor went over to Angel's desk and pulled out the Jack Daniels then returned to the rest of the men. For the first time since Connor first got drunk and swore off drinking, he took a long swallow from the bottle and passed it on to Wesley. By the time they all had a drink the bottle was empty.

"I tell you one thing, Angel is dead but he still continues to pull rabbits out of his hat. I am going to miss him but I am envious of his happiness. He even gets to have the love of his life with him, the lucky bastard." Wesley said. They all started laughing then and talking about things that they all did together or individual experiences with him.

"Tomorrow Wesley I am going to ask Kathleen if she would like to go riding tomorrow. We haven't been riding for a long time plus I have to make arrangements for Santana to be cremated. Vince called me this morning to let me know that he died of an apparent heart attack during the night. I think that since Angel died Santana followed him." "How is Aunt Bee?" Wesley asked. "He said that she is okay and seems to have accepted Santana's death without any problem."

Kathleen came running to the back with a piece of paper in her hand. "I guess the PTB doesn't intend for us to get rusty. They sent me a vision and here is the address." Connor and everyone else except Wesley and Giles jumped and ran to the weapons cabinet. Both Toby and Angus jumped into the van also. Angus had been watching Toby to see how he killed the Vampires and he was starting to do the same thing. Vicky of course stayed home with Fred when Kathleen told her to stay.

By the time they returned they all felt better. They had been able to take out all of their anger on the Vampires that they encountered. None of them realized it before but they had all been angry about not being able to do anything about the man that had killed Angel and Cordelia. They all slept more peacefully that night.

For the next several days Kathleen had them busy with her visions. It seemed that everyone was having a try at taking over L.A. since Angel was gone but Connor and the rest of the team were setting the record straight.

On the fifth day since Angel's and Cordelia's death Wesley was called and told that their ashes were ready. The funeral Mass was to take place the next day so Wesley and Connor went to pick them up. When they brought them home they were placed on the alter of their private chapel until the Mass and then to Ireland and their finale resting place.

The next evening they all dressed in their best dark clothes. Kathleen and Fred had almost dragged the boys to the mall to go shopping for black colored suits, ties, and shoes during the previous days. All of the men came down stairs and patiently waited for the ladies to come down. As it got close to 5 o'clock Connor finally got up and yelled loud enough to reach even the 5th floor. "You ladies had better be down here in 10 minutes or we are coming up to get you." Within the next few minutes they heard doors closing and the elevator opening and closing several times.

As soon as they were down stairs the men all got up and rushed them out the door. Just as Connor started up Cordelia's van Kathleen asked "Where is Momma and Daddy?" They all looked at each other and laughed. Kathleen and Connor ran back into the Hotel and grabbed the urns containing the ashes.

When they finally arrived at the church there were so many cars in the parking lot they thought their must be something else going on. The cars were parked up and down the streets by the church and had even overflowed into the parking lots of stores around the church. As they entered the church they saw so many people that they were standing around the inside and had even spilled out into the surrounding grounds. Fortunately the church had speakers on the outside of the church for special occasions.

Connor and Kathleen looked at each other. "Their must be close to a thousand people here." A Sister approached the Angel Investigation group and guided them over to several pews that were reserved for the family. Connor and Kathleen stopped at the front of the alter to place the urns on a small table that sat in front of a large picture that Cordelia had paid a professional photographer to take of them at the renewing of their vows. White flowers of all kinds surrounded the table and picture. A small bowl placed towards the front of the table contained 2 deep red roses surrounded by 4 white roses and baby's breath. As soon as they sat down the bells started ringing and the Mass began.

Sean had been apprehensive about coming to church with the rest but Kathleen promised him that nothing would happen to him. It was his demon that was afraid that he would be burned but Sean the man, would be alright. As they had walked into the church Spike had walked with him to show him that everything would be alright.

The Mass lasted almost two hours. The eulogy that Wesley gave lasted more than 30 minutes. Morgan had asked if he could speak also and by the time he was done their wasn't a dry eye in the church. When Spike got up though and remembered Angel he had them all laughing so hard that many were pulling out handkerchiefs and Kleenex as well. In finishing he turned to the table where Angel and Cordelia's ashes were and said.

"Goodbye my Father, my Teacher, my Friend. I will miss you."

As Spike walked back to his seat the whole church was quiet. Jack got up then and continued on with the Mass.

Only a private reception was held for a few close friends afterward. Everyone was already tired, physically and emotionally. They were leaving the next night and they all wanted to be well rested since it was a 10 hour flight. Connie had laid out all kinds of meat to make sandwiches with along with peanut butter and jelly for the kids. People went to make sandwiches as they wanted to. Lorne had provided the liquor for the bar and Joaquin was the bartender for the night. Morgan had brought several gallons of blood from his prize cattle. Most of the women along with the children had gone to bed early while the men and Buffy stayed up talking about previous battles that included Angel. Morgan and Marissa were staying the night so Marissa was already upstairs while David tied one on with the rest.

The next morning the women came downstairs to find the men lying down in various places on the first floor. Connor was the only one to make it to his own bed since he wasn't drinking very much. The ladies let them sleep through the day but got them up and bathed and dressed for the trip.

When they all came downstairs with their luggage they found 4 limousines waiting for them along with Gunn's and Joaquin's truck

"Are we going to go to the airport in style Wesley? It seems rather extravagant for just a short ride." "I arranged for the limousines Connor." Morgan said as he stepped forward to defend Wesley. "Wesley and I have gone in together to arrange for a private jet to Ireland. Nether one of us could find an adequate amount of seats to accommodate every one that was going so I called him and asked him if he wanted to go by private jet. I told him how much it would cost and that if he wanted to we could go half and half. I told him that if we didn't do it this way then we would have to deal with the problem of sun light for those that couldn't go out in it. By hiring a private jet we could layover in Boston until the night then continue with the rest of the flight to Ireland. We would make it to Ireland in plenty of time to make it to a Hotel before the Sun came up the next day. We've also made reservations at the Hotel that Angel and the rest would stay at while visiting his ancestral home."

"Once of our many clients just happened to own just the type of jet that we needed. I called him up and explained our problem. Without hesitation he offered us the use of his jet if we would pay for the fuel. The jet is kept at the Ontario Airport so it's going to be a rather long drive." Wesley said.

"Well I guess we better get going then. Let's load up everyone." Connor said. "Everyone put their luggage in the back of my truck and Joaquin's truck. We will follow the limousines to the airport." Gunn shouted.

It was now 6 P.M. and they were scheduled to take off by 8. Throughout the whole trip Connor carried Angel's ashes while Kathleen carried Cordelia's. The funeral had been on a Saturday and they arrived in Ireland early Tuesday morning. Everyone but the Martin family and the Prices stayed at the Hotel in the nearest large town. Connor let everyone know that they would lay Angel's and Cordelia's ashes to rest in the family cemetery at 6 the next night.

When the Martins and Prices arrived at Angel's boyhood home they found lights on. As Wesley pulled up to the front door Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins came out to greet them and give them their condolences. Since no one had been at the home since the renovations were made Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins showed everyone around. Although the house looked old from the outside it was completely modernized on the inside. The old wood stove looked the same but in actuality it had been turned into an electric stove. The refrigerator was now a large two door refrigerator on the top and a freezer on the bottom. A dish washer and washer and dryer had been installed and the hand pump was replaced with the latest in kitchen fixtures. Electric lights ran through the whole house along with a gas water heater and a heating system that ran through the whole house also. When they were through checking the house out Wesley told them why the house had been renovated.

"When Angel, Cordelia and Dr. Martin first came here with Connor the house was still run by a wood stove, hand pump for the kitchen and oil lamps provided the light. Angel didn't realize that the vacation that he was on wasn't the same for Dr. Martin and Cordelia. Their work had increased instead of decreasing. When it got through your father's thick skull that the women had to work twice as hard he promised Cordelia that he would have the place modernized. They only came here twice after that."

Wesley turned to Connor and said "As the new leader of Angel Investigation Connor you and Lou should take the Master bedroom." Connor looked at Kathleen. "Go ahead Connor it's your right now." Kathleen said with a smile that reminded them of Cordelia's. Connor picked up their luggage then and took them up into the master bedroom and closed the door. Everyone else went to bed then. Wesley and Fred took one room while Kathleen took Angels old bedroom.

Nicky and Mike chose to sleep out in the barn so they took some pillows and quilts out with them. They still had a lot of energy so they changed to wolves and went out by the house and started howling. Kathleen heard them and opened her window. "Nicky and Mike you get back in the barn and change back. This is sheep country and some farmer will mistake you for wild dogs and shoot you." The two young wolves looked at each other and went running back into the barn. What their sister had said scared them but good. They didn't hear a peep out of them for the rest of the night.

The next morning Kathleen went for a walk around the grounds. Eventually she found herself at the cemetery. She went in and read the marble gravestones that Wesley had made for her grandparents and Aunt. She ran her hand over the lettering and knelt before the gravestone. "Hi Grandma and Grandpa I'm Kathleen your grand daughter. I hope your all having a great time now that my Daddy and Momma are with you. As the saying goes 'Our loss is your gain'. Daddy has been missing you and Aunt Kathleen for so long Grandma. I'm happy for him that he has finally gone to be with you again. My Daddy is a good man Grandma, please take care of him and every once in a while before you all go to bed sing him the lullaby that he likes. Momma says it always helps him to go to sleep. Every night would you give him a kiss and hug from me." She kissed the gravestones and then left to return to the house and the living.

Everyone was sitting at the table and eating breakfast when she came back in. "Where have you been missy?" Connor asked. "I went for a walk around the grounds and I went to visit Daddy's family and Grandma. Its beautiful there Connor, Momma and Daddy are going to like it there." The rest of the day was spent exploring the house and the barn along with the grounds. Wesley pointed out to them how much property came with the house and the sheep that kept the lawn and the grass covering most of the property well trimmed.

By 5:30 that evening everyone arrived at the house. The sun was starting to go down so the Vampires in the group could safely come out. At 6 they all gathered at the cemetery where they held a brief ceremony and Jack blessed the cemetery so that it would now be hallowed ground.

Just before they placed the urns holding Cordelia and Angel's ashes in the ground Fred asked them to wait. She pulled out 4 crosses with tiny globes of glass at the top and the bottom of the crucifix. Just as Cordelia had done for Angel and Giles Fred did for the Martin family. When she was done placing their ashes in the crucifix's Connor and Kathleen covered the urns again. Nicky and Mike came over and helped them push the dirt in over the urns after Connor placed them in holes that he had dug earlier in the day. When they were done Fred asked them all to stand up. "Connor, Kathleen, Nicky and Mike Cordelia came to me and told me where to find these crucifixes that she had made some time ago. She told me what to do with them and to give each of you one of them." Fred put one around each of them then said "Now you will always have a part of Cordelia and Angel with you." Kathleen took the cross and kissed it then put it under her blouse and held her hand over it.

Kathleen then kneeled on the ground. "Momma and Daddy we have to go now. Connor has Angel Investigation to lead now and his own family to take care of. In a few years Sean and I will be getting married and creating our own family. I think Jesus chose a good man for me Momma. With Daddy's help he will be almost as good as he was and one day I'll place his own daughter in his arms that he can call his princes, but I will always be your princes Daddy." She kissed the gravestone then and got up. They all left then to return to the house for Supper.

The following week they returned home to begin their lives again in Los Angeles. The City of Angels.


I hope everyone enjoyed my stories. The PTB's Sends Help, The Gift, and Redemption.

I wanted my story to not only entertain but to teach a lesson also. Although the character Angel is fictional I used him to show how Christ can help you. All you have to do is meet him at least half way and ask for his forgiveness and mercy. Many of the things that happened in my story I took from my own experiences and beliefs. Many religious references are based on fact. I don't know why I started to reference God the Father as Angels benefactor, shall we say, but I decided to stay with Him since St. Michael is His Champion in the war against the devil.

Sometime in the future I may write a story about the next generation of Angel Investigation, but for now I am going to be concentrating on trying to get my first story published. I have half of it done so far. The hard part is yet to come from what I've heard about the publishing world.