Not Just some Girl

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Jack Savage is a different Jack Savage when a girl Angela San girlfriend, introduces him to a girl. He pretends to need a tutor to get close to Zoey.

Chapter One: Zoey Jamison

Jack was sitting in the living room of their – usual – messy house.

One of his younger brothers, Sam, had gone out on a date with Angela, his girlfriend. Jack was watching TV with the rest of his younger brothers, Chris, Kyle and TJ.

"Hey, kids," Nick Savage said, their dad said.

"Hey, Dad," the four brothers said.

"Jack, how come you don't have a date for tonight?" Nick asked.

"Maybe all the girls don't want him," Kyle said thoughtfully.

Jack laughed. "Yeah right. I don't want them."

"Yeah right," the three savage brothers said.

Sam walked into the house.

"How was your date?" Chris asked. "Oh yeah, we don't care."

"Well you can get upstairs 'cause I do," Nick said.

Chris, Kyle and TJ walked upstairs.

"Well, we went to the restaurant," Sam started, "and when after a while we saw one of Angela's friends. She was with her parents. And then we had a one and a half date."

"Well, I'm going upstairs," Jack said. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Sam and Nick replied. Jack had to admit he was a bit lonely on Friday and Saturday nights.

Jack was at the mall with Sam and Angela on a Saturday afternoon.

"Jack, we're just going to get smoothies, want some?" Sam said.

"I'm fine," Jack said.

Sam and Angela went to the counter. "So did you call Zoey?" Sam asked.

"She should be on her way here," Angela said. They collected their smoothies and walked back to their table.

"Hey, Angela," a black haired girl said. She had shoulder-length black curly hair. She was one of the prettiest person she had ever seen. She had a nice smile and she walked gracefully.