I know its been a while since I even updated but after Ami's little comment about not updating and asking why I bothered writing if I wasn't going to update I decided it was time to put up another Author's Note. The reason I haven't updated is not because I lost interest in writing or because I wanted to leave you guys hanging but when my computer crashed I lost a good amount of work on not only this fic but a lot of others that were in the process of being worked on or started and what was backed up was also lost due to the fact the USB drive it was on locked up.

I have done some writing on this fic but I haven't been able to write a suitable chapter that I even wanted to post. I have worked on it little by little but I keep getting finding myself distracted with other more recent stories that once again became epic stories... and Real Life. I switched jobs which cut out two hours of writing from my day.

As for why I haven't posted new stories... I decided to go back to what I had planned with Destined... finish a fic before posting... but Destined grew into a bigger fic than I had planned. I'm actually thinking I might revise it and cut it down to a smaller fic because how I want the story to go isn't working the way I want it too.

So if any of you want to whine about the fact I haven't updated or anything save it because it bugs the hell out of me as much as it does you!

Inquisitive One