Jack approached Epps with the coolest of ease, and in turn, she edged away slightly still clutching the detonator.

"I don't seem to be getting through to you, what I'm asking for is an exchange...this ship...for your life." Jack's piercing blue eyes bore into Maureen's.

"I want my crew back." She replied coolly.

"Sorry, once the souls have been marked...their mine."

Maureen glanced over to the side, gathering her thoughts, then she looked up and stared him in the face.

"Then I guess it's over." Her finger twitched towards the trigger-

"Wait!" Jack exclaimed stepping forward, slightly panic stricken, Maureen jerked away. "Okay, okay...I'll give you your crew back...just fix this piece of shit up!"

"What, just like that?"

"Just like that."

Epps lowered the detonator to her side, a satisfied smile playing on her lips.

"But I think I should mention the catch." A sneer slowly formed at the corner of his mouth, as he watched her smile being literally wiped off her face.

"I knew it, I just fucking knew it! what is it?" Dreading what she was about to hear.

Jack smirked, then he stalked over towards her, he placed both of his hands over her broad shoulders, and he brushed his lips over her ear. She shivered at his delicate touch. "Years from now Maureen, when you've settled down in a nice cosy little house, with a nice husband, you got a nice little family of your own building up...you must let me take your first child." He stepped back to observe her features, the smile still remained plastered on his face.

Her expression was blank, and then-"You bastard!...I think I'm doing enough for you already!" she clenched her fists.

"Is that yes then?"

"Fuck you! You really think I would hand over my child to a murdering son-of-a-bitch like you, you must be out of your fucking mind!"

"Well in that case, you're not leaving this ship alive...not to mention you won't see your 'family' for a very long time, maybe even never." Jack sighed and started to walk away from her slowly.

Maureen suddenly realised she was no longer holding the detonator, she would have blown the place up there and then if she had it. Pure hatred and anger pushed its way up from the pit of her stomach, she gritted her teeth together, lashed out. "YOU FUCKING SON-OF-A-BITCH!" She ran at him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, and jumping onto his back. He chucked evilly as he swung her across the room, bashing her against the railings on the side of the catwalk. She yelped in agony as he fell back on the stairway, with her pinned between him and cold metal steps, which were digging painfully into her back.

"I'm offering you a great opportunity for a happy life." He said pushing his weight down on her.

"Aaaaa...yeah...sure, then you'll come along and ruin my life by taking away an important thing from my life." She croaked, feeling extremely claustrophobic. Her arms tightened around his neck. Jack began to cough and splutter.

"You know Epps, if you kill someone y-you go to hell...then again you might want to go there yourself... s-s-since part of your friends are already there." He managed to get out through gasps.

Maureen still held tight, her eyes in deep concentration. "You know perfectly well I can't die, Maureen." Jack within one swift movement, yanked her arms away, forced them apart and rolled around, so his chest was pressed firmly against hers. She struggled terribly as he brought her arms up above her head and held them there. Maureen kicked and screeched in frustration, as he pinned her. His hypnotic eyes gazing into hers. She stopped struggling and relaxed, even though she was worried about what he was going to do next.

He lowered his head, his small lips getting closer and closer, until they gently brushed against hers, then his chin came to rest on her forehead with just his bottom lip grazing her head. The scent that greeted her was a mixture of peppermint, cologne, and salt. Maureen closed her eyes and took it all in. After what seemed like a minute-"You can't make me agree to your deed, Jack." She whispered, slightly disorientated.

"I know, but just think about it." He answered gently, running his fingers softly over the smooth skin of her arm. He smiled against her head as he felt the reaction he was getting off her. Goosebumps. Suddenly, without warning he got up, so he was standing over her. He offered her his hand. Maureen glanced nervously at it, 'Surely he wasn't going to suck out her soul there and then.' She thought.

Jack realising her hesitation. "Don't worry, I want you to see something." She shakily took his hand, and he helped her up. He put an arm about her back to keep her facing one direction. Jack waved his other hand in front of him, as if searching for an invisible wall. Suddenly five golden orbs materialised out of his palm. Epps was transfixed at the site. The orbs gracefully floated around the room, then came back down and circled Epps' head, then they floated away, and hovered in a group metres in front of them. Jack clicked his fingers, and the orbs suddenly manifested into non-other than-

"Murphy...Santos...Munder...Greer...Dodge!" Epps exclaimed. Her crew checked the own bodies, amazed at where they were. Then they smiled and ran out to greet Epps. She hugged every member of her crew for one minute, expressing "I thought I was never going to see you again." She said as her eyes began to well up.

Murphy held her in a tight embrace. "I would be proud to call you my daughter." Epps smiled with joy as she hugged her 'dad'. She was tapped on the shoulder, she turned around and came face-to-face with Dodge. "There is something I should of told you the day we were travelling here...and the thing is...I love you Maureen Epp." Maureen was over come with emotion, and her heart began to ache as she smiled and released tears of joy. Dodge smiled back, and pulled Epps into a passionate kiss. The rest of the crew smiled pleasantly at there friends, while Munder fake retched, Maureen and Dodge couldn't help but smile against each others lips. After about a minute they broke there kiss, and held each other in an affectionate embrace.

She looked over Dodge's shoulder at Jack, who was watching her intently, she noticed no-one else was aware of his presence. He had his arms folded and he looked as smug as ever. "So...what do you say?"

She glanced over to the side in deep thought. 'It'll be a long time till I have kids, he would have probably forgotten by then?' Her chocolate browns met up with his pale blue eyes, her lip still glistening with Dodge's Sylvia...she nodded.

Jack grinned and dematerialised.

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