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Jack had finally given her something of use, a Nintendo DS. Though it wasn't quite a book, or a sketch pad, she would have to make do with Mario, and Sudoku electronically.

But she craved a sketch pad. It was kind of funny asking him, he would give her this rather dubious look and retort- "You are not drawing me like one of your french girls." That had been a hilarious day. She had laughed till she cried, scaring the shit out of him. So much for trying to win him over, you can't flirt if you laugh at them like a spaz. Well she couldn't flirt anyhow.

Catrina was on a very good level on Mario when she realised she was supposed to be plotting instead of wallowing her hours away on some stupid toy. She shot a meticulous look over to the man at the bar, it wasn't Jack, she frowned. Catrina hadn't been careful enough in suppressing her surprise, she had moved- triggering a look from 'not Jack'. A male ghost was looking right back at her, well she could only assume he was a ghost. The figure was neither misty nor floating, but he was pale and he wore smart but dated clothes.

"Are you my watchdog?"

The way he raised his head, and had no slouch suggested he had been a wealthy man, she noted that what she thought was a dinner jacket was a uniform, so he had been a member of the crew. "I'm just in visitation, I do that." He shrugged in a rather ordinary manner, it took the edge off him slightly. "Forgive me, it's rare occasions I'm actually seen, I don't like to bother the living. Please continue to amuse yourself with that plastic remote."

Catrina hadn't expected that. Not only no sly remarks, but manners- and no begging. The younger woman hadn't realised she sought more information till the silence consumed the room. She smiled politely. "Where do you go when you're not in visitation?"

"The same place Katie goes, into the darkness, we stop existing in that place." He appeared comforted, perhaps it was the whisky he was managing to hold and drink?

"How are you doing that?"

He knew instantly what she was referring to. "It's just a memory, I can hold onto items that I used quite often in life, especially if it took place on the ship." His next gulp was a demonstration. "Don't you recall Katie brushing your hair?"

She nodded in acceptance. "Right, how silly of me. " There was an awkward pause between that her next question. "Do you associate with other ghosts you never met in life?"

"Yes, only ones on the boat, I can't meet and greet relatives, sadly." And on that sombre note, he appeared to flicker, she didn't want to question this. It was obviously a regular occurrence, there are probably so many questions a ghost can take. "I must take my leave, I don't like to be in one place so long." His flickering accelerated, and he disappeared in a pattern of white noise. The lights in the room came on brighter, she wasn't aware they had dimmed in the first place.

Jack came into the room in a dramatic fashion, perhaps this was the cause of the ghost's haste. Catrina forced on a smouldering look, it can only be achieved after something as sombre as that. He nearly missed it, but his double take acknowledged her. "I have a drawing pad for you, if that's what you were working for?"

"Give it to me." She drawled, flexing her hand. Jack eyed it and then plonked the item firmly in her grasp. There was a funny sort of retreat, he didn't seem to like the air. He took his seat which the ghost had vacated. Catrina had two objects of amusement in her lap, she flicked her gaze over the edge of the pad."You're being a bit scatty, aren't you?"

His whisky had gone down, he swished what was left and signalled her with the bottle. "Didn't think you liked this stuff."

"I haven't touched it." She retorted simply.

"I doubt that, there're only so many you things you can get your hands on, I bet in your boredom you're bound to knock back a few." He emptied the dregs into his mouth. He coughed. She hadn't heard him emit this sound before- it was too human even for him.

"Are you alright?"


She blanched. "Sorry I asked." She stifled her glee, she sensed a disturbance within his demeanour, it had been like this since they had got back from land. Catrina noticed she was watching him a lot more than he was watching her. It felt like the barb wire in her prison had been removed, and she was on the verge of freedom, hence her glee. And probably why Jack was so irritable with it. He must have known he no longer posed as a threat to her anymore.

She pushed her hair back, allowing her fingers to linger on her scalp, the strands of hair fell back into place, her face was very open- and used the opportunity to take a breath.

"Must you breath so loudly?" She heard him rumble.

"Yes, I'm of the living." She didn't take her eyes of her sketch pad. A smirk threatened to crawl onto her face. "I sometimes worry for you, you take on a lot of responsibility, it seems your work doesn't give you any time to reap the benefits."

She sensed him pivot on his stool. "What are you getting at?"

Catrina began to fill in the outline she had begun of him on the stool, though she didn't look at him full on- she used what she could make out in the corner of her eye to amuse herself. "You were pulled from hell, and rewarded with a job, a new purpose- and this reward is giving you nothing back in return. You seemed to be giving them more of your time."

"I say that to myself everyday, hell is hell, you're not supposed to enjoy it. But the freedom I get is better than nothing." The whisky bottle was empty, but he still held it in order to gesture. "Don't see what that's got to do with you."

"It has everything to do with me." She imagined his harsh features searching her, so she drew them in. "I have to live with this, watch you make the stupid decisions." Some details she couldn't really put down through guessing, she would have to look at the origin. She looked up at him, his flesh was pale, and his steel blues eyes looked a lot livelier than she had imagined. "Oh." She mouthed, and corrected her mistake.

She was met with confusion, from him. "Well these stupid decisions have kept you alive, and in existence." It was a rather redundant comeback.

Catrina vaguely knew the back-story and rolled her eyes. "Right, but what's the point of living if you can't enjoy yourself." She was moving onto very thin ice, she wasn't sure if she was gutsy enough to say the rest. She prepared her smoulder. "Imagine what we could be doing right now." Don't lay it on too thick. The look he gave her spurned her.


Jack was so human right now, it was unbelievable. She was beginning to add depth to her drawing, he was becoming a very good subject. "Anything could happen." She quirked a brow at him. "But it won't will it? Because you're not willing to trade it all in." She left that hanging in the air like a fog.

It appeared to have a profound effect on him, he stared her down dubiously, before his thoughts consumed him so much he had to turn away. "Who are you, and what have you done with Catrina?"

She should have expected this. "I'm in a better place than what I was."

"Does that mean you're not Catrina?"

Great, her technique had been to come on strong, now she had to prove her identity. "I am myself, after what we've been through; I've had a change of heart."

"Okay, fine." He couldn't hide the doubt from his voice. "But what does this mean exactly?" His dark voice cut up by this high pitch of curiosity. "You are open to the idea, you wouldn't be repulsed by it- you would be up for it?- If I wasn't an incubus?" The young woman continued to sketch, prolonging his agony. "You know I can take that pad away…"

Catrina placed her chin on the edged of the propped up pad. "You won't, it'll keep me occupied until then…" She might as well hold the smouldering look since she was using it quite often, she was turning it on and off at a ridiculous rate.

If he hadn't been sitting down, he probably would have fallen down. "What?"

She stifled a laugh, you couldn't laugh at a man's sensitivity- it was a turn off- for him that is. That's when the lip biting came into play, it had been an accident, but it was a lot more effective she found than the smoulder. "You're being so coy."

"-Yeah, well right back at yah." He jibbed, turning away from her to search the counter for more whisky. "I don't need this shit."

She could have added. 'I know what you need.' But it would be overkill, she didn't need to turn into a nymph to get things to go her way. Hopefully everything shouldn't backfire and he won't just pounce and kill her in the process. "You have given too much of your time to hell."

"It sounds like you are giving up." He suddenly stopped looking for the whiskey. "You have a death wish, that must be it." He leapt up from his stool as if he had the answer to the whole universe."You want me to end you, you don't want me at all, you don't want to be a prisoner anymore."

Catrina's pad was flat on her lap, revealing the picture she had drew, Jack merely glanced at it, before his eyes glared at her again. "Sure." She chided. "If I want to shed my mortal coil; I would want to go in style, fucked to death. Though I have many easier options available- stab myself, drown myself- No, that's not good enough for me, I want-" She seemed to forget the reason she was doing this. She should have cut this short, instead of going off on a sarcastic rant, now he must know everything before had been insincere. Catrina had to recover. "Or maybe I wish to set you free." She mustered with all the honesty she could. "Maybe I'm just telling you I'll be right here when you get back?"

That had stumped him. Jack looked the opposite of imposing. "You did drink the whisky, didn't you?"