Disclaimer: I don't own Gormenghast, or any of it's characters.


Lost inside a world of tyranny

A failure through fault of gender,

A soul in need of a knight.

A Steerpike,

One who shall lift you from your woe.

Courtly love is what you desire

A desire never met.

Only frustrated,

And lamented.

Your knight

Your Steerpike

Too exotic for your world.

Kitchen Rat,


And Tyrant.

All the things you shouldn't love

But do.

Your ruin,

Your failure

Is your Steerpike

Your day dream

Your adventure

Is your Steerpike

Your lost inside a world of tyranny,

No kitchen rat,

No Dispenser

No Tyrant,

Or Steerpike can save you.

Lady Fuchsia

Your drowning!