Chapter 4

The first day of term loomed on the horizon. The teachers were going about their lives as usual, but this was to change. Dumbledore had called a staff meeting to announce the new teachers.

"The new Potions teacher…"

"What happened to Snape?"

"I repeat: the new potions teacher is Lucius Malfoy!"

"What, Dumbledore, you can't!"

"To continue, the new Astronomy professor is Remus Lupin, and the new DADA teacher is Matthias Gryffindor! That is all."

The hall was a riot as the Sorting finished and the last student took her seat at the Hufflepuff table. There were three new faces at the teachers table. Lucius Malfoy looked imperiously out over the students, Remus Lupin was chatting animatedly to his neighbor, Sybill Trelawney and the third figure was reading. All any of the students saw was a dark head, buried in a book. Ron took one glance at the teachers table and rolled his eyes.

"Harry, look at the staff a sec, isn't the one buried in a book a perfect match for Hermione?"

Harry looked at the teachers, then whispered back,

"Yeah, right Ron, whatever you say."

"I have three new teachers to announce. Your new potions professor is Lucius Malfoy."

Mass groaning broke out at this, the Gryffindors were outraged, Neville looked ready to wet himself.

"Your new Astronomy professor is Remus Lupin, who the older students already know, and the new DADA teacher…" Dumbledore broke off, after a spate of urgent conversation, the third figure rose.

"Hey, it, he, said in a hesitant voice, I'm Matt, just call me that, and we'll get along fine."